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Continued Chap. 14. Retirement of Civil-Service Employees. 14A. Retirement of Citizen Employees of Alaska

Railroad. 15. Compensation for Injuries to Employees of

United States. 16. Subsistence Expenses. 17. Preference of Veterans in Government Em

ployment. 18. Federal Employees Pay Provisions. 19. Administrative Procedure. 19A. Review of Orders of Federal Agencies. 20. Compensation and Benefits of Student

Employees of Hospitals.

Classification of Civilian Positions. 22. Performance Ratings. 23. Annual and Sick Leave.



TITLE 1.-GENERAL PROVISIONS Chap. 1. Rules of Construction. 2. Acts and Resolutions; Formalities of Enact

ment; Repeals; Sealing of Instruments. 3. Code of Laws of United States and Supple

ments; District of Columbia Code and Sup

plements. TITLE 2.—THE CONGRESS 1. Election of Senators and Representatives. 2. Organization of Congress. 3. Compensation of Members. 4. Officers and Employees of Senate and House

of Representatives. 5. Library of Congress. 6. Congressional Investigations. 7. Contested Elections. 8. Federal Corrupt Practices. 8A. Regulation of Lobbying. 9. Office of Legislative Counsel. TITLE 3.—THE PRESIDENT 1. Presidential Elections and Vacancies. 2. Office and Compensation of President. 3. Protection of the President; The White House

Police. 4. Delegation of Functions. TITLE 4.-FLAG AND SEAL, SEAT OF GOVERN

MENT, AND THE STATES 1. The Flag. 2. The Seal. 3. Seat of the Government. 4. The States. 5. Official Territorial Papers. TITLE 5.-EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENTS AND

GOVERNMENT OFFICERS AND EMPLOYEES 1. Provisions Applicable to Departments and

Officers Generally. 2. Department of State. 2A. Department of Defense. 3. Department of the Army. 4. Department of the Treasury. 5. Department of Justice, 6. Post Office Department. 7. Department of the Navy. 8. Department of the Interior. 9. Department of Agriculture. 10. Department of Commerce. 11. Department of Labor. 11B. Department of the Air Force. 11C. General Services Administration. 12. Civil Service Commission and Classified Civil

Service. 13. Classification of Civilian Positions.

1. Commodity Exchanges.
2. Cotton Standards.
3. Grain Standards.
4. Naval Stores.
5. Importation of Adulterated Seeds.
6. Insecticides.
7. Insect Pests Generally.

Golden Nematode. 8. Nursery Stock and Other Plants and Plant

Products. 8A. Rubber. 9. Packers and Stockyards. 10. Warehouses. 11. Honeybees. 12. Associations of Agricultural Products Pro

ducers. 13. Agricultural and Mechanical Colleges. 14. Agricultural Experiment Stations. 15. Bureau of Animal Industry, 16. Bureau of Dairy Industry. 17. Miscellaneous Matters. 18. Cooperative Marketing. 19.

Cotton Statistics and Estimates. 20. Dumping or Destruction of Interstate Pro

duce. 20A. Perishable Agricultural Commodities. 21. Tobacco Statistics. 21A. Tobacco Inspection. 21B. Tobacco Control. 22. Agricultural Marketing. 23. Foreign Agricultural Service. 24. Perishable Agricultural Commodities. 25. Export Standard for Apples and Pears.

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TITLE 10.-ARMY AND AIR FORCE Continued Chap. 23. Enlisted Force. 24. Civilian Employees. 25. Pay and Allowances. 26. Retirement. 27. Military Academy. 28.

Service Schools, Post Schools, and Military

Instruction in Educational Institutions. 29. Supplies, Stores, and Services. 30. Military Posts and Camps; Quarters and Bar

racks; Training Stations. 31. Transportation of Troops and Supplies; Army

Transport Service. 32. Uniform of Army. 33. Military Decorations and Badges. 34. Desertion. 35. United States Disciplinary Barracks. 36. Articles of War. 37. Disposition of Surplus real Property. 38. Women's Army Auxiliary Corps. 39. Organization of the Air Force. 40.

Settlement of Maritime Claims.

26. Agricultural Adjustment.
26A. Agricultural Marketing Agreements.
27. Cotton Marketing.

Tobacco Industry. 29.

Potato Act of 1935. 30. Anti-Hog-Cholera Serum and Hog-Cholera

Virus. 31. Rural Electrification and Telephone Service. 32. Peanut Statistics. 33. Farm Tenancy. 34. Sugar Production and Control. 35. Agricultural Adjustments. 35A. Price Support of Agricultural Commodities. 36. Crop Insurance. 37. Seeds. 38. Distribution and Marketing of Agricultural

Products. 39. Stabilization of International Wheat Market. 40. Halogeton Glomeratus Control, TITLE 8.-ALIENS AND NATIONALITY 1. General Provisions. 2. Elective Franchise. 3. Civil Rights. 4. Freedmen. 5. Alien Ownership of Land. 6. Immigration. 7. Exclusion of Chinese. 8. The Cooly Trade. 9. Miscellaneous Provisions. 10. Alien Registration. 11. Nationality. 12. Immigration and Nationality. TITLE 9.-ARBITRATION TITLE 10.–ARMY AND AIR FORCE 1. Organization and Government of the Army

Generally. 1A. Composition of Army and Air Force. 2. Chief of Staff and Army Staff. 3. Adjutant General's Corps. 4. Inspector General. 5. Judge Advocate General's Corps. 6. Quartermaster Corps. 7. Army Medical Service. 8. Finance Corps. 9. Corps of Engineers. 10. Ordnance Corps. 11. Signal Corps. 12. Chemical Corps. 13. Chaplains. 14. Cavalry. 15. Field Artillery. 16. Mine Planters Service. 17. Infantry. 18. Air Corps. 18A. Women's Army Corps. 19. Philippine Scouts. 20. Reserve Forces. 21. Commissioned Officers. 22. Warrant Officers.

TITLE 11.–BANKRUPTCY. 1. Definitions. 2. Courts of Bankruptcy. 3. Bankrupts. 4. Courts and Procedure Therein. 5. Officers, Their Duties and Compensation. 6. Creditors. 7. Estates. 8. Provisions for the Relief of Debtors. 9. Composition of Indebtedness of Local Taxing

Agencies. 10. Corporate Reorganizations. 11. Arrangements. 12. Real Property Arrangements by Persons

Other Than Corporations, 13. Wage Earners' Plans. 14. Maritime Commission Liens. 15. Railroad Adjustments. TITLE 12.--BANKS AND BANKING 1. The Comptroller of the Currency. 2. National Banks. 3. Federal Reserve System. 4. Taxation. 5. Crimes and Offenses. 6. Foreign Banking. 6A. Export-Import Bank of Washington. 7. Farm Credit Administration. 8. Adjustment and Cancellation of Farm Loans. 9. National Agricultural Credit Corporations. 10. Local Agricultural-Credit Corporations, Live

stock-Loan Companies and Like Organizations; Loans to Individuals to Aid in

Formation or to Increase Capital Stock. 11. Federal Home Loan Bank. 12. Federal Savings and Loan Associations. 13. National Housing.

Federal Credit Unions. 15. Federal Loan Agency. 16. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.


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1. Bureau of the Census.
2. The Decennial Census.
3. Collection of Statistics.

Fifteenth and Subsequent Decennial Cen

suses. 5. Census of Governments. TITLE 14.-COAST GUARD

PART I.-REGULAR COAST GUARD 1. Establishment and Duties. 3. Composition and Organization. 5. Functions and Powers. 7. Cooperation with Other Agencies. 9. Coast Guard Academy. 11. Personnel. 13. Pay, Allowances, Awards, and Other Rights

and Benefits. 15. Discipline and Related Matters. 17. Administration.

PART II. —COAST GUARD RESERVE AND AUXILIARY 21. Coast Guard Reserve. 23. Coast Guard Auxiliary. 25. General provisions for Coast Guard Reserve

and Auxiliary. TITLE 15.-COMMERCE AND TRADE 1. Monopolies and Combinations in Restraint of

Trade. 2. Federal Trade Commission; Promotion of

Export Trade and Prevention of Unfair

Methods of Competition. 2A. Securities and Trust Indentures. 2B. Securities Exchanges. 2C. Public Utility Holding Companies. 2D. Investment Companies and Advisors. 3. Trade-Marks. 4. China Trade. 5. The Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Com

merce. 6. Weights and Measures and Standard Time. 7. The Bureau of Standards. 8. Falsely Stamped Gold or Silver or Goods

Manufactured Therefrom. 9. The Weather Bureau. 10. War Finance Corporation, 10A. Collection of State Cigarette Taxes. 11. Caustic Poisons. 12.

Discrimination Against Farmers' Cooperative

Associations by Boards of Trade. 13. Textile Foundations. 13A. Fishing Industry. 14. Reconstruction Finance Corporation. 15. Economic Recovery. 15A. Interstate Transportation of Petroleum Prod

ucts. 15B. Natural gas. 16. Emergency Relief. 17. Production, Marketing and Use of Bituminous

Coal. 18. Transportation of Firearms. 19. Miscellaneous. 20. Regulation of Insurance. 21. National Policy on Employment.

TITLE 15.-COMMERCE AND TRADE_Continued Chap. 22. Trade-Marks. 23. Dissemination of Technical, Scientific, and

Engineering Information. 24. Transportation of Gambling Devices. TITLE 16.-CONSERVATION 1. The National Parks, Military Parks, Monu

ments, and Seashores. 1A. Historic Sites, Buildings, Objects, and Antiq

uities. 2. The National Forests. 3. Forests; Forest Service, Reforestation; Man

agement. ЗА.

Unemployment Relief Through Performance

of Useful Public Work. 3B. Soil Conservation. 3C.

Water Conservation. 4. Protection of Timber, and Depredations. 5. Protection of Fur Seals and Other Fur

Bearing Animals. 5A Protection and Conservation of Wildlife. 5B. Wildlife Restoration. 6. Game and Bird Preserves; Protection. 7. Protection of Migratory Game and Insectivo

rous Birds. 8. Upper Mississippi River Wildlife and Fish

Refuge. 9. Fish and Wildlife Service. 9A. Preservation of Fishery Resources, 10. Northern Pacific Halibut Fishing. 10A. Sockeye Salmon Fishing. 10B. Fish Restoration and Management Projects. 11. Regulation of Landing, Curing, and Sale of

Sponges Taken from Gulf of Mexico and

Straits of Florida. 12. Federal Regulation and Development of

Power. 12A. Tennessee Valley Authority. 12B. Bonneville Project. 12C. Fort Peck Project. 12D. Columbia Basin Project. 13. Regulation of Interstate Transportation of

Black Bass and Other Fish. 14. Regulation of Whaling. 15. Predatory Sea Lampreys in the Great Lakes. 16. Tuna Conservation. 17. Northwest Atlantic Fisheries. TITLE 17.-COPYRIGHTS 1. Registration of Copyright. 2. Infringement Proceedings. 3. Copyright Office, TITLE 18.—CRIMES AND CRIMINAL PROCEDURE

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PART II.-CRIMINAL PROCEDURE—continued Chap. 211. Jurisdiction and Venue. 213. Limitations. 215. Grand Jury. 217. Indictment and Information. 219. Trial by Commissioners. 221. Arraignment, Pleas and Trial. 223. Witnesses and Evidence. 225. Verdict. 227. Sentence, Judgment, and Execution, 229. Fines, Penalties and Forfeitures. 231. Probation. 233. Contempts. 235. Appeal. 237. Rules of Criminal Procedure.


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PART 1.—CRIMES—continued Chap. 17. Coins and Currency. 19. Conspiracy. 21. Contempts. 23. Contracts. 25. Counterfeiting and Forgery. 27.

Customs. 29. Elections and Political Activities. 31. Embezzlement and Theft. 33. Emblems, Insignia, and Names. 35. Escape and Rescue.

Espionage and Censorship. 39. Explosives and Combustibles. 41. Extortion and Threats. 43. False Personation, 45. Foreign Relations. 47. Fraud and False Statements. 49. Fugitives from Justice. 50. Gambling. 51. Homicide. 53. Indians. 55. Kidnaping. 57. Labor. 59. Liquor Traffic. 61. Lotteries. 63. Mail Fraud. 65.

Malicious Mischief. 67. Military and Navy. 69.

Nationality and Citizenship. 71. Obscenity. 73. Obstruction of Justice. 75. Passports and Visas. 77. Peonage and Slavery. 79. Perjury. 81. Piracy and Privateering. 83. Postal Service. 85. Prison-made Goods. 87. Prisons. 89. Professions and Occupations. 91. Public Lands. 93. Public Officers and Employees, 95. Racketeering. 97. Railroads. 99. Rape. 101. Records and reports. 103. Robbery and Furglary. 105. Sabotage. 107. Seamen and Stowaways. 109. Searches and Seizures. 111. Shipping 113. Stolen Property. 115. Treason, Sedition and Subversive Activities. 117. White Slave Traffic.

PART IV.—CORRECTION OF YOUTHFUL OFFENDERS 401. General Provisions. 402. Federal Youth Corrections Act. 403. Juvenile Delinquency. TITLE 19.-CUSTOMS DUTIES 1. Collection Districts, Ports, and Officers. 1A. Foreign Trade Zones. 2. The Tariff Commission. 3. The Tariff and Related Provisions. 4. Tariff Act of 1930. 5. Smuggling. TITLE 20.-EDUCATION 1. The Office of Education. 2. Vocational Education. 3. Smithsonian Institution, National Museum. 4. National Zoological Park. 5. Government Collections and Institutions for

Research, and Material for Educational

Institutions. 6. American Printing House for the Blind. 6A. Vending Stands for Blind in Federal Build

ings. 7. Instruction as to Nature and Effect of Alco

holic Drinks and Narcotics. 8. Howard University. 9. National Training School for Boys. 10. National Training School for Girls. 11. National Arboretum. 12. Foreign and Exchange Students. 13. Financial Assistance for Areas Affected by

Federal Activities. 14. School Construction in Areas Affected by

Federal Activities.


201. 203. 205. 207. 209.

General Provisions.
Arrest and Commitment.
Searches and Seizures.



1. Bureau of Indian Affairs.
2. Officers of Indian Affairs.
2A. Indian Claims Commission.
3. Agreements with Indians.
4. Performance by United States of Obligat.

to Indians. 5. Protection of Indians. 6. Government of Indian Country and Reserva

tions. 7. Education of Indians. 7A. Promotion of Social and Economic Welfare. 8. Rights-of-Way Through Indian Lands. 9. Allotment of Indian Lands. 10. Descent and Distribution; Heirs of Allottee. 11. Irrigation of Allotted Lands. 12. Lease, Sale, or Surrender of Allotted or Un

allotted Lands. 13. Ceded Indian Lands. 14. Miscellaneous. TITLE 26.-INTERNAL REVENUE CODE

TITLE 21.-FOOD AND DRUGS Chap. 1. Adulterated or Misbranded Foods or Drugs. 2. Teas. 3. Filled milk. 4. Animals, Meats, and Meat and Dairy Prod

ucts. 5. Viruses, Serums, Toxins, Antitoxins, and

Analogous Products. 6. Narcotic Drugs. 7. Practice of Pharmacy and Sale of Poisons in

Consular Districts in China. 8. Narcotic Farms. 9. Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Regula


COURSE 1. Diplomatic and Consular Service Generally. 2. Consular Courts. 3. United States Court for China. 4. Passports. 5. Preservation of Friendly Foreign Relations

Generally. 6. Foreign Diplomatic and Consular Oficers. 7. International Bureaus, Congresses, etc. 8. Foreign Service Buildings. 9. Foreign Wars, War Materials, and Neutrality. 10. Hemispheral Relations. 11. Foreign Agents and Propaganda. 12. Claims Commissions. 13. Service Courts of Friendly Foreign Forces. 14. Foreign Service. 15. The Republic of the Philippines. 16. Greek and Turkish Assistance. 17. Relief Aid to War-Devastated Countries. 18.

United States Information and Educational

Exchange Programs. 19. Foreign Assistance Program. 20. Mutual Defense Assistance Program, 20A. Mutual Defense Assistance Control Program. 21. Settlement of International Claims. 22. Mutual Security Assistance. 23. Protection of Citizens Abroad.

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6. 7. 8. 9. 9A. 10. 11.

12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

Capital Stock.
Tax on Transfers to Avoid Income Tax.
Alaskan Railroads Tax.
Employment Taxes.
War Taxes and War Tax Rates.
Admissions and Dues.
Documents, Other Instruments, and Playing

Safe-Deposit Boxes.
Circulation Other Than of National Banks.
Cotton Futures.
Tobacco, Snuff, Cigars, and Cigarettes.
Oleomargarine, Adulterated Butter, and Proc-

ess or Renovated Butter. Filled Cheese. Mixed Flour. Retailers' Excise Taxes. Diesel Fuel. Coconut and Other Vegetable Oils. Fish, Animal, and Vegetable Oils. Narcotics. White Phosphorus Matches. Firearms. Liquor. Occupational Taxes. Wagering Taxes. Provisions Common to Miscellaneous Taxes.

TITLE 23.-HIGHWAYS 1. Federal Highway Aid. 2. Miscellaneous Provisions. 3. Defense Highway Aid.

17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 27A. 28.


TERIES 1. Navy Hospitals, Naval Home, Army and Navy

Hospital, and Hospital Relief for Seamen

and Others. 2. The Soldiers' Home. 3. The National Home for Disabled Volunteer

Soldiers. 4. Saint Elizabeths Hospital. 5. The Columbia Institution for the Deaf. 6. The Freedmen's Hospital. 7. National Cemeteries. 7A. Private and Commercial Cemeteries. 8. Gorgas Hospital.


29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 33A.

Manufacturers' Excise and Import Taxes.
Transportation and Communication.
Documents and Other Instruments.
Bituminous Coal.
Use of Motor Vehicles and Boats.

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