Small Business Investment Act -- 1960, Hearings Before ... 86-2, Review of the Operations of the Small Business Investment Act, February 23, 24, and 25, 1960

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253. lappuse - ... necessary or appropriate in the public interest and consistent with the protection of investors and the purposes fairly intended by the policy and provisions of this title.
286. lappuse - A majority of the directors, after executing the articles of association and the organization certificate, shall have power to execute all other papers and to do whatever may be required to make its organization perfect and complete as a national association.
280. lappuse - After consideration of all such relevant matter as was presented by interested persons regarding the rules proposed, the following amendments are adopted.
283. lappuse - In the performance of, and with respect to, the functions, powers, and duties...
286. lappuse - Board such corporation shall have its corporate existence for such extended period unless sooner dissolved by the act of the shareholders owning two-thirds of its stock, or by an act of Congress or unless its franchise becomes forfeited by some violation of law.
391. lappuse - In determining whether dominance exists, consideration is given to all appropriate factors including volume of business, number of employees, financial resources, competitive status or position, ownership or control of materials, processes, patents and license agreements, facilities, sales territory, and nature of business activity.
288. lappuse - States; and, by its board of directors, to appoint such officers and employees as may be deemed proper, define their authority and duties...
297. lappuse - Nothing in this rule shall be construed to imply authority for the omission of any procedure which independent accountants would ordinarily employ in the course of an audit made for the purpose of expressing the opinions required by paragraph (c) of this rule.
261. lappuse - Describe briefly, and where practicable state the approximate amount of, any material Interest, direct or indirect, of any of the following persons in any material transactions...
263. lappuse - If any dealers are to act in the capacity of subunderwriters and are to be allowed or paid any additional discounts or commissions for acting in such capacity, a general statement to that effect will suffice without giving the additional amounts to be so paid.

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