Decisions of the Commissioner of Patents and of the United States Courts in Patent and Trade-mark and Copyright Cases

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1889
"Compiled from Official gazette. Beginning with 1876, the volumes have included also decisions of United States courts, decisions of Secretary of Interior, opinions of Attorney-General, and important decisions of state courts in relation to patents, trade-marks, etc. 1869-94, not in Congressional set." Checklist of U. S. public documents, 1789-1909, p. 530.

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96. lappuse - ... not known or used by others in this country before his invention or discovery thereof, and not patented or described in any printed publication in this or any foreign country before his invention or discovery thereof...
489. lappuse - ... in public use or on sale in the United States for more than two years prior to this application...
567. lappuse - ... is entitled, according to law, to receive a patent for his invention, as specified in his claim, or for any part thereof, as the facts in the case may appear.
181. lappuse - ... first inventor or discoverer. But in every such case in which a judgment or decree shall be rendered for the plaintiff, no costs shall be recovered unless the proper disclaimer has been entered at the Patent Office before the commencement of the suit. But no patentee shall be entitled to the benefits of this section if he has unreasonably neglected or delayed to enter a disclaimer.
643. lappuse - ... no civil suit shall be brought before either of said courts against any person by any original process or proceeding in any other district than that whereof he is an inhabitant, but where the jurisdiction is founded only on the fact that the action is between citizens of different States, suit shall be brought only in the district of the residence of either the plaintiff or the defendant...
59. lappuse - ... tried: provided, that in actions by or against executors, administrators, or guardians, in which judgment may be rendered for or against them, neither party shall be allowed to testify against the other as to any transaction with or statement by the testator, intestate...
223. lappuse - ... the decree of the circuit court must be reversed, and the case be remanded to the circuit court for the Northern district of California, with a direction to dismiss the bill.
416. lappuse - What we claim as our invention, and desire to secure by letters patent, is — " The combination, with the notched bung-bushing a, of the wrench, consisting of the bar E having the slotted plate e and angular projection I, and the removable core F, substantially as specified.
572. lappuse - That he was not the original and first inventor or discoverer of any material and substantial part of the thing patented; or, "Fifth.
362. lappuse - Manufacturing of fat acids and glycerine from fatty bodies, by the action of water at a high temperature and pressure.

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