AEC Authorizing Legislation: Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Legislation. 84th- Congress, 1. daļa

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67. lappuse - Each Party to the Treaty undertakes to take appropriate measures to ensure that, in accordance with this Treaty, under appropriate international observation and through appropriate international procedures, potential benefits from any peaceful applications of nuclear explosions will be made available to non-nuclear-weapon States Party to the Treaty on a nondiscriminatory basis and that the charge to such Parties for the explosive devices used will be as low as possible and exclude any charge for...
61. lappuse - Fourth International Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy to be held in Geneva, Switzerland, in September 1971.
67. lappuse - Non-nuclear-weapon States Party to the Treaty shall be able to obtain such benefits, pursuant to a special international agreement or agreements, through an appropriate international body with adequate representation of non-nuclear-weapon States. Negotiations on this subject shall commence as soon as possible after the Treaty enters into force.
68. lappuse - Tenn., are expected to obtain $622,000 and $760,000 respectively, in financial assistance for schools from the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare under the provisions of Public Law 81-874 thereby reducing the amount of AEC assistance required by these communities. The estimate also provides $208,000 in costs at Los Alamos principally for fire protection.
202. lappuse - Highlights of operating programs There follows a brief description of each of the programs set forth in the summary on page 2 : 1.
200. lappuse - ... $10,000. 2. For all other programs, the maximum currently estimated cost of any project shall be $500,000 and the maximum currently estimated cost of any building included in such a project shall be $100,000.
469. lappuse - We must -realize that space activities will be a part of our lives for the rest of time. We must think of them as part of a continuing process — one which will go on day in and day out, year in and year out — and not as a series of separate leaps, each requiring a massive concentration of energy and will and accomplished on a crash timetable.
469. lappuse - ... new information about the universe, the solar system, and even our own planet During the next decade, we will also launch unmanned spacecraft to all the planets of our solar system, including an unmanned vehicle which will be sent to land on Mars and to investigate its surface. In the late 1970s, the "Grand Tour" missions will study the mysterious outer planets of the solar system — Jupiter, Saturn.
459. lappuse - ... Apollo lunar landing, it is clearly appropriate for the new Administration and the Congress to take a fresh look at long-term US goals in space. President Nixon has asked me as Acting Administrator of NASA, the Secretary of Defense, and the President's Science Adviser, each to develop proposed plans on the direction the US space program should take in the post-Apollo period...
456. lappuse - NERVA nuclear engine development program, presendy underway and included in all of the options discussed later, provides the basis for this stage and represents a major advance in propulsion capability. c. Advanced Technology Development — In addition to the major vehicle developments listed above, a continuing program of investigation and exploration of new technology that can serve as the foundation for next generation systems is an essential component of the DoD, NASA, and other agency programs....

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