Quality of VA Care: Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Hospitals and Health Care of the Committee on Veterans' Affairs, House of Representatives, One Hundred Second Congress, First Session, April 24, 1991

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85. lappuse - Administration is simple: affording the veteran a much higher standard of medical care than could be given him with a wholly full-time medical service.
83. lappuse - Association of American Medical Colleges / One Dupont Circle, NW / Washington. DC 20036 / (202) 828-0525 Mr.
186. lappuse - ... take appropriate steps to assure that any work performed by non-Federal auditors complies with the standards established by the Comptroller General as described in paragraph (1).
221. lappuse - As used in this section— (1) the term "questioned cost" means a cost that is questioned by the Office because of — (A) an alleged violation of a provision of a law, regulation, contract, grant, cooperative agreement, or other agreement or document governing the expenditure of funds...
33. lappuse - I would like to thank the Chairman and the Members of the Subcommittee for the opportunity to appear before them today in support of HR 394.
90. lappuse - Again, thank you for the opportunity to share my views with you. I will be happy to answer any questions or expand on my remarks.
90. lappuse - ... world. America's allies and friends welcome this treaty, too. We consulted them fully during its negotiation. We made clear that we would never put their security or their interests at risk, that on the contrary we would sign a treaty only if it enhanced their security, as this one does. And finally, if I may, I would like to take a moment to thank the United States Senate for their work on this treaty. The way of democracy is sometimes a complicated way and sometimes trying, but it is a good...
68. lappuse - Mr. Chairman. I am pleased that the Subcommittee is holding this hearing today to examine the nursing shortage in the United States and how it is impacting federally-funded health care programs.
221. lappuse - ... means a questioned cost that management, in a management decision, has sustained or agreed should not be charged to the Government...

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