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Pasted to the foregoing cover are mileage slips or mileage coupons, each coupon being for five miles and containing five miles on each coupon, numbered from 1 to 1,000 inclusive. Thus the last coupon contains in figures, printed both upon the left and right side of said coupon, the following numbers: 996, 997, 998, 999, 1,000.

Pasted also upon said cover is a slip containing the following:

[blocks in formation]

File claim for refund by filling out the following spaces. The cover may be surrendered to a ticket agent of any line named thereon for transmission, or it may be returned direct by Mail or Express, to L. P. Farmer, Commissioner, 143 Liberty Street (Room 106), New York.

Signature as signed by me to Contract and Identification Slips:

[blocks in formation]

for transmission to L. P. Farmer, Commissioner, 143 Liberty Street (Room 106), New York.


(a) The time limit of a mileage ticket will not be extended, nor can a mileage ticket partly used by one person be transferred to another for use without forfeiture of refund.

(b) Unused mileage remaining in ticket will be redeemed upon application of lawful owner and delivery thereof to the Commissioner at the office of the Mileage Bureau, upon the basis of charging first class tariff fares for transportation obtained with use of ticket, but should the difference between the sum of such fares and the price ($30.00) paid for the ticket be less than ten dollars ($10.00) the latter amount ($10.00) will be refunded, provided the ticket has been used only by the original purchaser and in accordance with the contract, and is delivered at the Bureau within eighteen months from date of issue.

(c) In cases of unexpired partly and properly used tickets left in possession of employer by a retired employe, apply to the Commissioner for instructions how to obtain redemption value.

(Agent must stamp and sign on reverse side.)

Pasted also to said ticket cover when sold is a slip containing the following:

[blocks in formation]

(Agent must write purchaser's name and business address on above lines and stamp date of issue below.)


Stamp Here.

(Agent must detach this check and send it to Auditor of Passenger Receipts with Daily Mileage Report.)


Issued by the




The contract and conditions under which this ticket is issued and sold are as follows:

1. The original purchaser, whose signature and business address are affixed to the Contract, bearing the same form and number as this ticket, and who is therefore the only lawful owner hereof, is entitled to receive one thousand


(1,000) miles of transportation over the following lines, under their local regulations and subject to all the conditions of the Contract:

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company.-Ticket will be accepted between all points east of Ohio River and between Pittsburg and Kane. Also for continuous passage only on Royal Blue Line trains of Central Railroad of New Jersey and Philadelphia and Reading Railway in either direction between Philadelphia and New York, Philadelphia and Elizabeth, and Philadelphia and Newark.

Coupons of this ticket will be accepted by agents of Baltimore and Ohio Railroad at Washington or Baltimore and by agents of Lehigh Valley Railroad at Rochester or Buffalo in exchange for continuous passage ticket between Washington or Baltimore and Rochester or Buffalo.

Buffalo and Susquehanna Railroad.-Ticket will be accepted between all points.

Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad.-Ticket will be for passage only east of and including Huntingdon, W. Va., and actual mileage detached, with the following exceptions: between Washington and Orange, and between Glasgow and Loch Laird and intermediate stations locally, mileage sufficient to equal in value two and one-half (22) cents per mile will be detached; on all branch lines in West Virginia and on the Warm Springs and Craig Valley Branches, mileage sufficient to equal in value three (3) cents per mile will be detached; between Washington proper and Charlottesville proper one hundred and fortyone (141) miles will be detached; and between Norfolk or Portsmouth and Newport News thirteen (13) miles will be detached.

Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad.-Ticket will be accepted between all points.

Erie Railroad.-Ticket will be accepted between all points east of and including Oil City, Meadville, Dunkirk, and Suspension Bridge, except that it shall not be used for strictly local passage on ferries between New York and Jersey City.

Lehigh Valley Railroad.-Ticket will be accepted between all points.

Competitive mileages between local points will be used by conductors, as per distance tables furnished.

Coupons of this ticket may be accepted by certain agents of the Lehigh Valley, Philadelphia and Reading, or Baltimore and Ohio Railroads in exchange for through tickets under established rules.

Pennsylvania Railroad.-Ticket will be accepted between all points, except that it shall not be used for strictly local passage between any stations on the line between and including Broad Street Station and Fifty-second Street, Darby, Forty-ninth Street, or North Philadelphia; or locally between and including Camden, N. J., and South Camden, City Line, Dudley or Pavonia; or locally between and including Pittsburg and Wilkinsburg; or locally between Calvert, Union, Pennsylvania Avenue, and Biddle Street Stations in Baltimore; or locally between Washington and Navy Yard; or locally between Jersey City and Marion; or on the New York and Long Branch Railroad; and shall not be good for passage on any train for which an extra fare is charged, except at the option of the Railroad Company.

One (1) mile shall be detached for each mile or fraction of a mile traveled, and three (3) additional miles for passage over Columbia Bridge, and one (1) additional mile for passage over Selinsgrove Bridge, and if used between Philadelphia and Atlantic City, N. J., via Delaware River Bridge Route, seventyfive (75) miles shall be detached. Also, when used to or from Jersey City, New York distance shall be detached.

If the coupons remaining attached hereto at any time are insufficient to carry me to destination, such coupons will be good only for the distance which they represent, and for the remainder of the journey fare at three (3) cents per mile will be paid, except that on the Kinzua Branch four (4) cents per mile, on Low Grade Division (between Red Bank and Driftwood) three and one-half (32) cents per mile, on West Jersey and Seashore Railroad, and between Camden and Amboy, Trenton and Bordentown, and on accommodation trains between Trenton and New Brunswick, two and one-half (2%) cents per mile, and on Northern Central Railway (Canandaigua Division) two (2) cents per mile will be paid.

2. In selling this ticket over the line of any other company, the selling company acts as agent only and assumes no responsibility beyond its own lines. 3. If this ticket is used exclusively by the original purchaser and lawful owner for his or her personal transportation within twelve (12) months from date of issue stamped hereon, and that fact is established by the record pertaining thereto, a refund of ten dollars ($10.00) will be paid, provided the cover is returned to L. P. Farmer, Commissioner, 143 Liberty street, New York, accompanied by the Refund Application Blank attached to cover, properly filled out, within eighteen (18) months from date of issue stamped hereon.

4. No refund will be paid if this ticket, or any portion of it, is used by other than its lawful owner or in any other manner than is provided by this Contract.

5. This ticket, if lost, mislaid, or stolen, will not be replaced, nor will any refund be made of such account, neither will notification of its loss be given to conductors.

6. In consideration of the refund to be paid to the original purchaser and lawful owner of this ticket, such purchaser and owner agrees to sign his or her name, in same manner as written in Contract, in the presence of the conductor or agent, upon prescribed Identification Slips, also to show this ticket to conductor or agent whenever requested so to do.

7. Refund on this ticket will not be paid to a person who refuses or is unable to sign his or her name to the conductor's Identification Slip.

8. This ticket entitles the owner to passage only on trains advertised and designated to carry passengers, and only to and from stations at which such trains are scheduled to stop.

9. The conductor will detach in consecutive order one coupon for each mile, or fraction of a mile, traveled, and no portion of the mileage strip will be accepted for passage if detached by any other person than the conductor, or if presented without the cover bearing the same consecutive number, subject to the exceptions in Clauses 1 and 10.

10. This ticket is not valid for distance of less than five miles, except that if the purchaser desires to use it for a shorter distance, a detachment of five miles will be accepted.

11. One hundred and fifty (150) pounds of personal baggage of the original purchaser will be checked free on this ticket. The station baggage agent will cancel with BC punch the right hand margin of the coupon representing the distance baggage is checked, and no further baggage will then be checked on this ticket until the mileage up to and including such coupon has been used for passage.

12. The further stipulations and conditions printed on the cover of this ticket constitute and form a part of this Contract.

13. This ticket is valid for one year from date of issue stamped hereon and will be void for passage after date punched in margin of cover.

I am the original purchaser and individual owner of this 1,000 Mile Refund Ticket, and hereby agree to use it subject to the foregoing contract and conditions.

Sign in Ink.

(Original Purchaser and Individual Owner.)

Business Address.

(Street and Number.)

(City or Town and State.)

Manager Passenger Traffic.

(Selling agent must stamp this Contract on center of back and send it with Daily Mileage Report to Auditor of Passenger Receipts, who will forward it to Commissioner.)

V. (a) That the last quoted slip, or Agent's Stub, is signed at the time of purchase in his own proper handwriting by the original purchaser and individual owner in ink, with his business address, containing street and number and name of city or town and State. It is torn off and taken up by the duly appointed ticket seller at the time of sale, and is retained by the selling railroad company, which thus becomes possessed of the signature of the owner of the mileage books to all of the conditions of the contract.

(b) That the next to the last quoted slip, or Refund Application Slip, is not intended to be signed by the original purchaser and indidividual owner and until application is made for the refund and is not to be detached from the cover of the mileage book.

(c) That upon presentation of the mileage book for use by the purchaser and individual owner to the conductor of the train, the conductor detaches the mileage coupons corresponding to the number of miles travelled as near as may be, (no fractions of miles being allowed and no distance for less than five miles being allowed for), and presents to the passenger for signature by him identification slips, which must be signed by the passenger in a manner corresponding to his signature upon the Agent's Stub in the possession of the company. These identification slips, when signed, are taken up by the conductor, and returned by him to the selling company. An identification slip must be signed at the request of each successive division conductor on the same main road, as well as upon connecting roads, and should the journey be a long or continuous one, the signature may be exacted several times. Refusal on the part of the passengers to comply will render his mileage coupons valueless for use pro tanto, and he must pay his fare or be ejected from the train. (d) No provision is made for the name or address of the purchaser or individual owner upon any part of the mileage book, and the book, as received by the purchaser after the Agent's Stub is torn off, gives

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