The enterprise

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Ronald Press Company, 1921
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214. lappuse - The manner of using the name is all that would be enjoined ; not the simple use of it, for every man has the absolute right to use his own name in his own business, even though he may thereby interfere with or injure the business of another person bearing the same name, provided he does not resort to any artifice or contrivance for the purpose of producing the impression that the establishments are identical, or do any act calculated to mislead.
208. lappuse - An Act to authorize the registration of trade-marks used in commerce with foreign nations or among the several States or with Indian tribes, and to protect the same...
214. lappuse - A person cannot make a trademark of his own name, and thus obtain a monopoly of it which will debar all other persons of the same name from using their own names in their own business.
208. lappuse - An applicant or an assignee of the entire interest may prosecute his own case, but he is advised, unless familiar with such matters, to employ a competent patent attorney, as the value of patents depends largely upon the skillful preparation of the specification and claims.
188. lappuse - To promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing, for limited times, to authors and inventors the exclusive rights to their respective writings and discoveries; 9 To constitute tribunals inferior to the Supreme Court; 10.
202. lappuse - The combination with a road locomotive, provided with suitable running gear including a propelling wheel and steering mechanism, of a liquid hydro-carbon gas engine of the compression type, comprising one or more power cylinders, a suitable liquid-fuel receptacle, a power shaft connected with and arranged to run faster than the propelling wheel, an intermediate clutch or disconnecting device, and a suitable carriage body adapted to the conveyance of persons or goods, substantially as described.
205. lappuse - Hence the trade-mark must, either by itself, or by association, point distinctively to the origin or ownership of the article to which it is applied.
183. lappuse - The methods under which this dumping policy was conducted, and its extent, may be illustrated by a few specific instances. Most of these occurred in branches of the chemical industry other than the manufacture of dyes, for the simple and sufficient reason that in this country, at least, the dyestuff industry never reached a point where it required much discouragement. When, however, in 1910 the first determined effort was made in this country to establish the manufacture of an important intermediate,...
147. lappuse - the people" is so complex that the value they will place on a new article is absolutely unpredictable ; the public buys because a new device or a new toy takes its fancy, whether it be autographic cameras or automobiles. The best that the promoter can do is to distribute his risks by...
190. lappuse - There is a popular impression, for which there is a good deal to be said, that a man who is his own lawyer has a fool for his client.

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