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“Francis Cooper.” The reasons that required this nom de plume -for nom de plume it was no longer exist, and the author, under his own name, very willingly assumes the responsibilities that such authorship involves. The fact that a work on practical finance has achieved a fair publishing success under the heavy handicap of anonymous authorship seems to indicate that it does meet some need.

The author trusts that these gleanings from experience will prove helpful to those into whose hands these volumes may come and save some of them at least from the costly and disastrous mistakes so common when enterprises are to be financed. He may add in conclusion that while he is not now engaged in promotion work, either directly or indirectly, he is still much interested in promotion problems and is desirous of making the present volumes of the greatest possible assistance to those who must solve these problems. He will therefore greatly appreciate any criticisms, suggestions, or experiences from those "in the field" which may help to make future editions more complete and more generally useful.


New York City,

May 15, 1921.

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