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lowed by manufacturers in establishing and maintaining such records, including procedures to be followed by distributors and dealers to assist manufacturers to secure the information required by this subsection. Such procedures shall be reasonable for the particular type of manufactured home for which they are prescribed. (g) A manufacturer required to furnish notification of a defect under subsection (a) or (e) shall also bring the manufactured home into compliance with applicable standards and correct the defect or have the defect corrected within a reasonable period of time at no expense to the owner, but only if—

(1) the defect presents an unreasonable risk of injury or death to occupants of the affected manufactured home or homes:

(2) the defect can be related to an error in design or assembly of the manufactured home by the manufacturer.

The Secretary may direct the manufacturer to make such corrections after providing an opportunity for oral and written presentation of views by interested persons. Nothing in this section shall limit the rights of the purchaser or any other person under any contract or applicable law.

(h) The manufacturer shall submit his plan for notifying owners of the defect and for repairing such defect (if required under subsection (g)) to the Secretary for his approval before implementing such plan. Whenever a manufacturer is required under subsection (g) to correct a defect, the Secretary shall approve with or without modification, after consultation with the manufacturer of the manufactured home involved, such manufacturer's remedy plan including the date when, and the method by which, the notification and remedy required pursuant to this section shall be effectuated. Such date shall be the earliest practicable one but shall not be more than sixty days after the date of discovery or determination of the defects or failure to comply, unless the Secretary grants an extension of such period for good cause shown and publishes a notice of such extension in the Federal Register. Such manufacturer is bound to implement such remedy plan as approved by the Secretary.

(i) Where a defect or failure to comply in a manufactured home cannot be adequately repaired within sixty days from the date of discovery or determination of the defect, the Secretary may require that the manufactured home be replaced with a new or equivalent home without charge, or that the purchase price be refunded in full, less a reasonable allowance for depreciation based on actual use if the home has been in the possession of the owner for more than one year.


SEC. 616. Every manufacturer of manufactured homes shall furnish to the distributor or dealer at the time of delivery of each such manufactured home produced by such manufacturer certification that such manufactured home conforms to all applicable Federal construction and safety standards. Such certification shall be

in the form of a label or tag permanently affixed to each such manufactured home.


SEC. 617. The Secretary shall develop guidelines for a consumer's manual to be provided to manufactured home purchasers by the manufacturer. These manuals should identify and explain the purchasers' responsibilities for operation, maintenance, and repair of their manufactured homes.


SEC. 618. Nothing contained in this title shall be deemed to exempt from the antitrust laws of the United States any conduct that would otherwise be unlawful under such laws, or to prohibit under the antitrust laws of the United States any conduct that would be lawful under such laws. As used in this section, the term "antitrust laws" includes, but is not limited to, the Act of July 2, 1890, as amended; the Act of October 14, 1914, as amended; the Federal Trade Commission Act (15 U.S.C. 41 et seq.); and sections 73 and 74 of the Act of August 27, 1894, as amended.


SEC. 619. The Secretary, in exercising the authority under this title, shall utilize the services, research and testing facilities of public agencies and independent testing laboratories to the maximum extent practicable in order to avoid duplication.


SEC. 620. In carrying out the inspections required under this title, the Secretary may establish and impose on manufactured home manufacturers, distributors, and dealers such reasonable fees as may be necessary to offset the expenses incurred by him in conducting such inspections, and the Secretary may use any fees so collected to pay expenses incurred in connection with such inspections except that this section shall not apply in any State which has in effect a State plan under section 623.


SEC. 621. Any person, other than an officer or employee of the United States, or a person exercising inspection functions under a State plan pursuant to section 623, who knowingly and willfully fails to report a violation of any construction or safety standard established under section 604 may be fined up to $1,000 or imprisoned for up to one year, or both.


SEC. 622. The rights afforded manufactured home purchasers under this title may not be waived, and any provision of a contract

or agreement entered into after the enactment of this title to the contrary shall be void.


SEC. 623. (a) Nothing in this title shall prevent any State agency or court from asserting jurisdiction under State law over any manufactured home construction or safety issue with respect to which no Federal manufactured home construction and safety standard has been established pursuant to the provisions of section 604.

(b) Any State which, at any time, desires to assume responsibility for enforcement and manufactured home safety and construction standards relating to any issue with respect to which a Federal standard has been established under section 604, shall submit to the Secretary a State plan for enforcement of such standards.

(c) The Secretary shall approve the plan submitted by a State under subsection (b), or any modification thereof, if such plan in his judgment

(1) designates a State agency or agencies as the agency or agencies responsible for administering the plan throughout the State;

(2) provides for the enforcement of manufactured home safety and construction standards promulgated under section 604;

(3) provides for a right of entry and inspection of all factories, warehouses, or establishments in such State in which manufactured homes are manufactured and for the review of plans, in a manner which is identical to that provided in section 614;

(4) provides for the imposition of the civil and criminal penalties under section 611;

(5) provides for the notification and correction procedures under section 615;

(6) provides for the payment of inspection fees by manufacturers in amounts adequate to cover the cost of inspections;

(7) contains satisfactory assurances that the State agency or agencies have or will have the legal authority and qualified personnel necessary for the enforcement of such standards;

(8) give satisfactory assurances that such State will devote adequate funds to the administration and enforcement of such standards;

(9) requires manufacturers, distributors, and dealers in such State to make reports to the Secretary in the same manner and to the same extent as if the State plan were not in effect;

(10) provides that the State agency or agencies will make such reports to the Secretary in such form and containing such information as the Secretary shall from time to time require; and

(11) complies with such other requirements as the Secretary may by regulation prescribe for the enforcement of this title. (d) If the Secretary rejects a plan submitted under subsection (b), he shall afford the State submitting the plan due notice and opportunity for a hearing before so doing.

(e) After the Secretary approves a State plan submitted under subsection (b), he may, but shall not be required to, exercise his authority under this title with respect to enforcement of manufactured home construction and safety standards in the State involved.

(f) The Secretary shall, on the basis of reports submitted by the designated State agency and his own inspections, make a continuing evaluation of the manner in which each State having a plan approved under this section is carrying out such plan. Such evaluation shall be made by the Secretary at least annually for each State, and the results of such evaluation and the inspection reports on which it is based shall be promptly submitted to the appropriate committees of the Congress. Whenever the Secretary finds, after affording due notice and opportunity for a hearing, that in the administration of the State plan there is a failure to comply substantially with any provision of the State plan or that the State plan has become inadequate, he shall notify the State agency or agencies of his withdrawal of approval of such plan. Upon receipt of such notice by such State agency or agencies such plan shall cease to be in effect, but the State may retain jurisdiction in any case commenced before the withdrawal of the plan in order to enforce manufactured home standards under the plan whenever the issues involved do not relate to the reasons for the withdrawal of the plan.


SEC. 624. (a) The Secretary is authorized to make grants to the States which have designated a State agency under section 623 to assist them

(1) in identifying their needs and responsibilities in the area of manufactured home construction and safety standards; or (2) in developing State plans under section 623.

(b) The Governor of each State shall designate the appropriate State agency for receipt of any grant made by the Secretary under this section.

(c) Any State agency designated by the Governor of a State desiring a grant under this section shall submit an application therefor to the Secretary. The Secretary shall review and either accept or reject such application.

(d) The Federal share for each State grant under subsection (a) of this section may not exceed 90 per centum of the total cost to the State in identifying its needs and developing its plan. In the event the Federal share for all States under such subsection is not the same, the differences among the States shall be established on the basis of objective criteria.


SEC. 625. The Secretary is authorized to issue, amend, and revoke such rules and regulations as he deems necessary to carry out this title.


SEC. 626. (a) The Secretary shall prepare and submit to the President for transmittal to the Congress on July 1 of every other year beginning with calendar year 1978 a comprehensive report on the administration of this title for the two preceding calendar years: Such report shall include but not be restricted to (1) a thorough statistical compilation of the accidents, injuries, deaths, and property losses occurring in or involving manufactured homes in such years; (2) a list of Federal manufactured home construction and safety standards prescribed or in effect in such years; (3) the level of compliance with all applicable Federal manufactured home standards; (4) a summary of all current research grants and contracts together with a descritpion of the problems to be studied in such research; (5) an analysis and evaluation, including relevant policy recommendations, of research activities completed and technological progress achieved during such years; (6) a statement of enforcement actions including judicial decisions, settlements, defect notifications, and pending litigation commenced during such years; and (7) the extent to which technical information was disseminated to the scientific community and consumer-oriented information was made available to manufactured home owners and prospective buyers.

(b) The report required by subsection (a) of this section shall contain such recommendations for additional or revised legislation as the Secretary deems necessary to promote the improvement of manufactured home construction and safety and to strengthen the national manufactured home program.

(c) In order to assure a continuing and effective national manufactured home construction and safety program, it is the policy of Congress to encourage the adoption of State inspection of used manufactured homes. Therefore, to that end the Secretary shall conduct a thorough study and investgation to determine the adequacy of manufactured home construction and safety standards and manufactured home inspection requirements and procedures applicable to used manufactured homes in each State, and the effect of programs authorized by this title upon such standards, requirements, and procedures for used manufactured homes, and report to Congress as soon as practicable, but not later than one year after the date of enactment of this Act, the results of such study, and recommendations for such additional legislation as he deems necessary to carry out the purposes of this title. Such report

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