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(Public Law 90-448; 82 Stat. 476, 601; 12 U.S.C. 1701t and 42 U.S.C. 1441a)


Sec. 2. The Congress affirms the national goal, as set forth in section 2 of the Housing Act of 1949, of “a decent home and a suitable living environment for every American family."

The Congress finds that this goal has not been fully realized for many of the Nation's lower income families; that this is a matter of grave national concern; and that there exist in the public and private sectors of the economy the resources and capabilities necessary to the full realization of this goal.

The Congress declares that in the administration of those housing programs authorized by this Act which are designed to assist families with incomes so low that they could not otherwise decently house themselves, and of other Government programs designed to assist in the provision of housing for such families, the highest priority and emphasis should be given to meeting the housing needs of those families for which the national goal has not become a reality, and in the carrying out of such programs there should be the fullest practicable utilization of the resources and capabilities of private enterprise and of individual self-help techniques.



REAFFIRMATION OF GOAL SEC. 1601. (a) The Congress finds that the supply of the Nation's housing is not increasing rapidly enough to meet the national housing goal, established in the Housing Act of 1949, of the “realization as soon as feasible of the goal of a decent home and a suitable living environment for every American family”. The Congress reaffirms this national housing goal and determines that it can be substantially achieved within the next decade by the construction or rehabilitation of twenty-six million housing units, six million of these for low and moderate income families.

(b) The Congress further finds that policies designed to contribute to the achievement of the national housing goal have not directed sufficient attention and resources to the preservation of existing housing and neighborhoods, that the deterioration and abandonment of housing for the Nation's lower income families has accelerated over the last decade, and that this acceleration has contributed to neighborhood disintegration and has partially negated the progress toward achieving the national housing goal which has been made primarily through new housing construction.

(c) The Congress declares that if the national housing goal is to be achieved, a greater effort must be made to encourage the preservation of existing housing and neighborhoods through such measures as housing preservation, moderate rehabilitation, and improvements in housing management and maintenance, in conjunction with the provision of adequate municipal services. Such an effort should concentrate, to a greater extent than it has in the past, on housing and neighborhoods where deterioration is evident but has not yet become acute.


SEC. 1602. Not later than January 15, 1969, the President shall make a report to the Congress setting forth a plan, to be carried out over a period of ten years (June 30, 1968, to June 30, 1978), for the elimination of all substandard housing and the realization of the goal referred to in section 1601. Such plan shall

(1) indicate the number of new or rehabilitated housing units which it is anticipated, will have to be provided, with or without Government assistance, during each fiscal year of the tenyear period, in order to achieve the objectives of the plan, showing the number of such units which it is anticipated will have to be provided under each of the various Federal programs designed to assist in the provision of housing;

(2) indicate the reduction in the number of occupied substandard housing units which it is anticipated will have to occur during each fiscal year of the ten-year period in order to achieve the objectives of the plan;

(3) provide an estimate of the cost of carrying out the plan for each of the various Federal programs and for each fiscal year during the ten-year period to the extent that such costs will be reflected in the Federal budget;

(4) make recommendations with respect to the legislative and administrative actions necessary or desirable to achieve the objectives of the plan; and

(5) provide such other pertinent data, estimates, and recom

mendations as the President deems advisable. Such report shall, in addition, contain a projection of the residential mortgage market needs and prospects during the coming year, including an estimate of the requirements with respect to the availability, need, and flow of mortgage funds (particularly in de clining urban and rural areas) during such year, together with such recommendations as may be deemed appropriate for encouraging the availability of such funds.

PERIODIC REPORTS Sec. 1603. Not later than March 15 of each year beginning with calendar year 1981, the President shall transmit to the Congress a report which

(1) reviews the progress made in achieving housing production objectives during the preceding year, and in the event that proposed objectives are not achieved, identifies the reasons for the failure;

(2) projects the level, composition, and general location of production and rehabilitation activity during the current year and sets general objectives for such activity during the next year, and reassesses the availability of required resources;

(3) specifies Federal programs and policies to be implemented or recommended in order to achieve the objectives;

(4) updates estimates of the housing needs of lower income families, analyzing these needs, insofar as possible, by type of household, housing need, including households with specialized needs, and general location, and in addition, reassesses the capacity of each Federal housing program to serve the needs identified;

(5) reviews the progress made in achieving goals of conserving and upgrading older housing and neighborhoods, expanding homeownership and equal housing opportunities, and assuring reasonable shelter costs;

(6) reports on progress made toward developing new methods for measuring and monitoring progress in achieving these goals; and

(7) identifies legislative and administrative actions which will or should be adopted or implemented during the current year and, as feasible, the next year to support achievement of the goals.

Approved August 1, 1968.

36-210 0-84-2





(Public Law 93-383; 88 Stat. 633; 42 U.S.C. 5301)



SEC. 101. (a) The Congress finds and declares that the Nation's cities, towns, and smaller urban communities face critical social, economic, and environmental problems arising in significant measure from

(1) the growth of population in metropolitan and other urban areas, and the concentration of persons of lower income in central cities;

(2) inadequate public and private investment and reinvestment in housing and other physical facilities, and related public and social services, resulting in the growth and persistence of urban slums and blight and the marked deterioration of the quality of the urban environment; and

(3) increasing energy costs which have seriously undermined the quality and overall effectiveness of local community and

housing development activities. (b) The Congress further finds and declares that the future welfare of the Nation and the well-being of its citizens depend on the establishment and maintenance of viable urban communities as social, economic, and political entities, and require

(1) systematic and sustained action by Federal, State, and local governments to eliminate blight, to conserve and renew older urban areas, to improve the living environment of lowand moderate-income families, and to develop new centers of population growth and economic activity;

(2) substantial expansion of and greater continuity in the scope and level of Federal assistance, together with increased private investment in support of community development activities;

(3) continuing effort at all levels of government to streamline programs and improve the functioning of agencies responsible

1 Part A of title I of the Housing and Urban-Rural Recovery Act of 1983, Pub. L. 98-181, approved November 30, 1983, extensively amended sections 101-108 and 116 of this title. Section 110(b) of such Act, as amended by section 101(bX1) of the Housing and Community Development Technical Amendments Act of 1984, Pub. L. 98-479, approved October 17, 1984, provides as follows: "The amendments made by this part shall apply only to funds available for fiscal year 1984 and thereafter.".

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