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First Liberty loan of 1917....

Second Liberty loan of 1917..

Treasury certificates of indebtedness.

Loans to foreign governments.

War-savings certificates.

Federal Reserve System...

Amendments to Federal reserve act.

Stock of gold......

Conversion of 34 per cent bonds of the First Liberty loan..

Deposits of public funds...

Exports of coin, bullion, and currency, and trading with the enemy.

War insurance..

Division of Military and Naval Insurance..

Division of Marine and Seamen's Insurance..

Payment for the Danish West Indian Islands.

Auditing of Government accounts abroad...

Federal Farm Loan System...

International High Commission.

Internal Revenue..


Public Health.

Public buildings.


Interior Department building.

New Patent Office building.

National archives building.

Additional legislation..

Coast Guard...

Ice patrol to promote safety at sea.

New ships.

Coastal communication.


Patrol of the St. Marys River, Mich.

Clerical force...

Retirement of civil-service employees

Government coal yard..

General Supply Committee.

Panama Canal..

Contingent fund.

Condition of the Treasury.

Estimated disbursements for war purposes..


Receipts and disbursements.

Fiscal year 1917...

General fund...

Summary of general fund transactions.

Postal Service.

United States notes (greenbacks)

Gold reserve fund..

Trust funds...

Sinking fund.

Condition of the Treasury June 30, 1917.

Cash in the Treasury June 30, 1917.

Comparison of receipts, fiscal years 1916 and 1917.

Comparison of disbursements, fiscal years 1916 and 1917..





Estimated receipts, fiscal year 1918..

Estimated disbursements, fiscal year 1918..

Postal Service, 1918.....

Estimated receipts and disbursements, fiscal year 1919.

Summary of estimated results to lose of fiscal year 1919, beginning with balance

in general fund of Treasury June 30, 1917...

Estimates fiscal year 1919 as submitted by executive departments.

Postal Service 1919

Statement of estimates of appropriations for 1919 increased over appropria-

tions for 1918.

Exhibit of appropriations for 1918.,

Exhibits accompanying the report on the finances.

Exhibit A: Act of April 24, 1917, authorizing an issue of bonds..

Exhibit B: Department Circular No. 78, Liberty loan..

Exhibit C: Act of September 24, 1917, authorizing an additional issue of bonds..

Exhibit D: Department Circular No. 90, convertible gold bonds..

Exhibit E: Department Circular No. 94, war-savings certificates.

Exhibit F: Department Circular No. 93, conversion of bonds..

Exhibit G: Department Circular No. 81, deposits of Government funds in con-

nection with the Liberty loan....

Exhibit H: Department Circular No. 92, special deposits of Governemnt funds.

Exhibit I: Regulations governing the exportation of coin, bullion, and cur-


Exhibit J: Act of October 6, 1917, amending act establishing War Risk Bureau.

Exhibit K: Bulletin No. 1, War Risk Bureau.

Exhibit L: Bulletin No. 2, War Risk Bureau.

Abstracts of reports of bureaus and divisions.

Treasurer of the United States.

District of Columbia..

Comptroller of the Currency.

National banks reporting on call, June 20, 1917, with aggregate capital...

National banks organized, insolvent, in voluntary liquidation, and in oper-


Comparative statement of principal items of resources, etc., State savings

and private banks and loan and trust companies.

Mint service..

Operations of the mints..

Stock of coin and bullion in the United States.

Production of gold and silver..

Industrial arts...

Export of gold coin..

Appropriation, expenses, and income....

Deposits, income, expenses, and employees, by institutions.

Internal Revenue..

Receipts, fiscal year 1917.

Receipts from internal revenue, 1916 and 1917

Distilled spirits.

Fortified wines.

Tax on wines, cordials, etc

Fermented liquors.

Dealers in leaf tobacco.

Income tax..

Munitions manufacturers' tax.

Excess-profits tax.

Estate tax...

Work of revenue agents..

Legislation ..

Bureau of Engraving and Printing.


Office of the Supervising Architect..


Summary of acts carrying appropriations, fiscal year 1917

Summary of acts carrying appropriations, fiscal year 1918.

Statement of appropriations for public buildings, July 1, 1916, to June 30,


Contract liabilities existing at the close of business June 30, 1917.

Unencumbered balances, July 1, 1917....

Balances of appropriations sent to surplus fund, June 30, 1917.

Public Health Service..

Division of Scientific Research.

Hygienic Laboratory...

Division of Foreign and Insular Quarantine and Immigration .

Division of Domestic (Interstate) Quarantine.

Division of Sanitary Reports and Statistics.

Division of Marine Hospitals and Relief..

Division of Personnel and Accounts..

Miscellaneous Division...


Coast Guard..

Administrative measures.


Loans and Currency.

Interest-bearing debt, changes during year.

Interest on registered bonds.

Insular and District of Columbia loans, changes during year


Comparative statement showing changes in circulation.

Paper custody..

Redemption of currency and destruction of United States securities.

Custody of Federal reserve notes, series 1914.

Conversion of United States 2 per cent bonds..

Division of Public Moneys.

Division of Bookkeeping and Warrants.

General fund ....

State bonds and stocks owned by the United States.

Secret-Service Division.....

Division of Printing and Stationery

Printing and binding .



Materials for bookbinder.

Department advertising

Office of the disbursing clerk.

Tables accompanying the report on the finances.

Table A.--Statement of the outstanding principal of the public debt of the

United States, June 30, 1917...

Table B.—Statement of the outstanding principal of the public debt of the

United States on the 1st of July of each year from 1856 to 1917,


Table C.--Analysis of the principal of the interest-bearing public debt of the

United States from July 1, 1856, to July 1, 1917...

Table D.-Statement of the issue and redemption of loans and Treasury notes

and of deposits and redemptions in national-bank note account

(by warrants) for the fiscal year ended June 30, 1917.

Table E.-Sinking-fund account for fiscal year 1917..

Table F.—Population, ordinary receipts, and disbursements of the Government

from 1840 to 1917, exclusive of postal, and per capita on receipts

and per capita on disbursements..

Table G.–Statement showing the ordinary receipts and disbursements of the

Government by months; the legal-tender notes, net gold, and

available cash in the Treasury at the end of each month; the

monthly redemption of legal-tender notes in gold and the imports

and exports of gold, from July, 1896, to June, 1917, inclusive.....

Table H.-Statement of the balance in the general fund of the Treasury,

including the gold reserve, by calendar years from 1791 to 1842

and by fiscal years from 1843 to 1917.

Table 1.-Receipts and disbursements of the United States...

Table J.-Internal and customs receipts and expenses of collecting from 1858

to 1917..

Table K.-Statement of United States bonds and other obligations received and

issued by the Office of the Secretary of the Treasury from July 1,

1915, to June 30, 1917......

Table L.-Statement of the coin and paper circulation of the United States

from 1860 to 1917, inclusive, with amount of circulation per


Table M.--Statement showing the aggregate receipts, expenses, average number

of persons employed, and cost to collect internal revenue, fiscal

Table N. --Statement of business of the customs districts and ports for the

fiscal year ended June 30, 1917......

Table 0.-Statement, by districts and ports, showing total entries of mer-

chandise, receipts, and expenses for the fiscal year ended June

30, 1917...


Receipts and disbursements for 1916 and 1917.

Panama Canal.

Receipts and disbursements on account of the Post Office Department.

Transactions in the public debt..

Currency issued and redeemed..

Public debt 1916 and 1917....

Payment of interest on registered bonds of the United States.

Reserve and trust funds.....

Redemption of notes in gold..

State of the Treasury, general d-cash in the aults.

Net available cash balance, 1910 to 1917.

Gold in Treasury from 1910..

Bonds held as security for national-bank circulation and deposits.

Bonds held as security for postal savings funds.

Postal savings bonds and investments therein.

Withdrawal of bonds to secure circulation...

National banks designated as depositaries.

Public moneys in depositary banks...

General account of Treasurer of the United States.

Gold settlement fund...

Monetary stock, 1916 and 1917.

Ratio of gold to total stock of money.

Money in circulation...

Circulation and population..

Condition of the United States paper currency.

United States notes..

Treasury notes of 1890.

Gold certificates...

Silver certificates..

Changes in denominations during fiscal year 1917.

Increase in small denominations of United States paper currency.

Pieces of United States paper currency outstanding.

Denominations outstanding June 30, 1917.

Ratio of small denominations to all paper.

Cost of paper currency...

Average life of paper currency.

Paper currency prepared for issue and amount issued.

Paper currency held in the reserve vault..

Paper currency redeemed..

Standard silver dollars....

Subsidiary silver coin..

Minor coin....

Transfers for deposits in New York-money for moving the crops, etc

Telegraphic transfers for foreign coin....

Deposits of gold bullion at mints and assay offices, 1916 and 1917.

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