Licensing Digital Content: A Practical Guide for Librarians

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American Library Association, 2002 - 137 lappuses
As front line gatekeepers at the cutting edge of the digital revolution, librarians control how information is purchased, stored, and accessed. Complex laws and fast-changing practices in digital content licensing mean that every agreement starts from scratch, even as the availability of digital materials in the library increases exponentially.Covering the basics of digital licensing for librarians, this one-stop guide offers a practical, plain-language approach that demystifies the process. Copyright expert Lesley Ellen Harris shows -- step-by-step -- what it takes to negotiate and interpret solid licensing agreements with confidence, whether you're buying rights to data for library customers or selling rights to images or information from the library's collection. Breaking the process down into steps and checklists, this user-friendly book covers all the bases including: -- Three steps to negotiating a license-- Three steps to creating a licensing policy-- Twelve misconceptions about license agreements-- Five key licensing concerns-- How to negotiate like a winner-- Quick starter's tipsEntire chapters are devoted to frequently asked questions and the lingo of licensing, and "licensing tips" throughout help you to think like a negotiator while learning the basics. A detailed road map into territory for which industry standards do not exist, this guide to the digital information access frontier is a must-have for every librarian.

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LibraryThing Review

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One of the major considerations now in collection development is deciding what to own and what to provide access to. Increasingly, the later is the challenge. This reviewer has always maintained that ... Lasīt pilnu pārskatu

Licensing digital content: a practical guide for librarians

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Harris, ex-senior copyright officer in Canada and author of Digital Property: Currency of the 21st Century (McGraw-Hill Professional, 1998), has taken a complex subject and written, in lay readers ... Lasīt pilnu pārskatu

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When to License
Demystifying the Licensing Experience
Learning the Lingo
Key Digital Licensing Clauses
Boilerplate Clauses
UnIntimidating Negotiations
Questions and Answers on Licensing
Go License
Section 107 of the US Copyright Act on Fair Use
Section 108 of the US Copyright Act on Interlibrary Loan

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32. lappuse - Then you should say what you mean." the March Hare went on. "I do." Alice hastily replied; "at least— at least I mean what I say— that's the same thing, you know." "Not the same thing a bit!" said the Hatter. "Why, you might just as well say that 'I see what I eat' is the same thing as 'I eat what I see'!
119. lappuse - The rights of reproduction and distribution under this section apply to a copy or phonorecord of an unpublished work duplicated in facsimile form solely for purposes of preservation and security or for deposit for research use in another library or archives...
119. lappuse - ... solely for the purpose of replacement of a copy or phonorecord that is damaged, deteriorating, lost, or stolen, if the library or archives has, after a reasonable effort, determined that an unused replacement cannot be obtained at a fair price.
119. lappuse - ... becomes the property of the user, and the library or archives has had no notice that the copy or phonorecord would be used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship, or research; and (2) the library or archives displays prominently, at the place where orders are accepted, and includes on its order form, a warning of copyright in accordance with requirements that the Register of Copyrights shall prescribe by regulation.
118. lappuse - Notwithstanding the provisions of section 106, it is not an infringement of copyright for a governmental body or other nonprofit organization entitled to transmit a performance or...
118. lappuse - ... (2) the collections of the library or archives are (i) open to the public, or (ii) available not only to researchers affiliated with the library or archives or with the institution of which it is a part, but also to other persons doing research in a specialized field; and (3) the reproduction or distribution of the work includes a notice of copyright.
119. lappuse - Copyrights shall prescribe by regulation. (e) The rights of reproduction and distribution under this section apply to the entire work, or to a substantial part of it, made from the collection of a library or archives where the user makes his...

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