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Being the Consolidated Ordinances of the Territories 1898 and all
subsequent public general Ordinances of the Legislature of the
Territories revised as affected by Ordinances in force at

the commencement of The Saskatchewan Act.




JOHN A. REID, Government Printer


JUL 11 1938


In this edition of the Ordinances of the North-West Territories the object has been to include all Ordinances of public general utility in force at the commencement of The Saskatchewan Act.

The alphabetical arrangement of subjects has been adopted and is etrictly adhered to as the most convenient and the only practical one ja view of the mass of amendments to The Consolidated Ordinances.

Under each well known heading the Ordinances are printed chronogically. Italics distinguish the portions of the principal Ordinances affected by subsequent amending Ordinances. Ordinances subsequent to the principal are printed in ful except as to such portions as are . (xpressly amending or repealing to which effect is given in revision of the principal Ordinances. To this rule there are the two next mentioned exceptions. Under the title “Judicature” Section 2 of Chapter 5 of the Ordinances of 1899 is printed as Section 17a of the principal Ordinace. Under the title “Public Printing" Section 3 of Chapter 5 of 1901 is printed as Section 7 of the principal Ordinance.

The Chronological Table explains more fully the disposition of each Ordinance passed by the Legislature from (and including) The ('onsolidated Ordinances to the commencement of The Saskatchewan ict.

The Ippendix comprises such portions of the Dominion Statutes as are of most practical necessity in connection with the Ordinance revised.

R. R.

CHRONOLOGICAL TABLE Showing the disposition, in this Edition, of the Consolidated Ordinances 1898, and all subsequent Ordinances made by the

Legislative Assembly of the North-West Territories.



in force


of re-


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200 All printed.
383 The whole printed as amended in s. 8, cl. 19, by 1901, c.

2, s. 1, and cl. 43 by 1903, sess. 1, c. 3, s. 1.
613 The whole printed (except as to s. 1, and the schedule

superseded by s. 13 of The Saskatchewan Act and sche-
dule to that Act) as affected 1899, c. 2; 1902, c. 2; 1903,

sess. 1, c. 4; and 1903, sess. 2, c. 2.
59 'The whole printed revised as affected 1899, c. 3, and 1902,

c. 3. S. 10, par. 1, and ss. 106, 107, 108, 109, 110, 111,
and 113 repealed 1899, c. 3, and certificates to Forms B,

D, H and I in schedule 2 struck out by same Ord.
207 The whole printed.
962 The whole printed as affected by c. 3 of 1901, which sub-

stitutes a par. for par. (g) of s. 49.v.
22 The whole printed.
1163 The whole printed.
13 The whole printed.

Omitted. Repealed 1901, c. 4, s. 78.
1166 The whole printed.
961 The whole printed revised as affected 1901, c. 5 and 1901,

s. 3 of 1901, c. 5, printed as s. 7.
372 The whole printed with subsection (2) added to s. 3, by

1903, sess. 1, c. 5, s. l.
1108 The whole printed.
1245 The whole printed with words added to s. 21 by s. I of

1900, c. 2.
Omitted. Repealed 1901, c. 4, s. 78.


C. 6.

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