Conservation of Tropical Tuna, Hearings ...,87-2 ..., May 23, 24, 1962, 83. sējums

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1962 - 124 lappuses
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5. lappuse - ... the award of compensation to informers in respect of such forfeitures shall apply to seizures and forfeitures incurred or alleged to have been incurred, under the provisions of this Act...
32. lappuse - ... in such manner or in such circumstances as would tend to diminish the effectiveness of the conservation recommendations...
15. lappuse - And whereas, the Senate of the United States by their resolution of March 3, 1909 (two-thirds of the Senators present concurring therein), did advise and consent to the ratification of the said treaty...
27. lappuse - Doctor, at the bottom of page 3 and the top of page 4 of your statement...
62. lappuse - At the hearing, any interested person may be heard in person or by representative. As soon as practicable after completion of the hearing, the Secretary shall by order act upon such objections and make such order public.
15. lappuse - August 17, 1949, two-thirds of the Senators present concurring therein, did advise and consent to the ratification of the said convention ; WHEREAS the said convention was duly ratified by the President of the United States...
17. lappuse - Parties through contributions in the form and proportion recommended by the Commission and approved by the High Contracting Parties. The proportion of joint expenses to be paid by each High Contracting Party shall be related to the proportion of the total catch from the fisheries covered by this Convention utilized by that High Contracting Party, 4.
13. lappuse - Commission shall decide on the most convenient place or places for its headquarters. 6. The Commission shall meet at least once each year, and at such other times as may be requested by a national section.
15. lappuse - Now, therefore, be it known that I, Harry S. Truman, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim and make public the said...
15. lappuse - October 9, 1973 by the United States of America and by the citizens of the United States of America and all other persons subject to the jurisdiction thereof.

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