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THE motion that a committee be ap.

pointed to enquire into the official

con duet of Judge Chase


The motion to insert the name of judge


The motion to amend

Appointment of the committee of enquiry
Report of the committe
Proceedings to strike out Judge Peters. ibid.
Letter and memorial of Judge Chafe ibid.
Articles as reported by the committee
Report of the articles as amended mak-
ing eight articles.

Articles as agreed on

Appointment of Managers

1 2
Message of the Senate with the articles ibid.
Answer to the fame




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Speech of Mr. Campbell in support of

the prosecution

Mr. Clark, ditto

Arguments of Joseph Vlopkinson of Phi-

ladelphia on opening the

defence of Judge Chase 116
Of Philip B. Key of the City of
Washington, in defence of Judge
Chase as to the second, third
and fourth articles


Of Charles Lee, late Attorney

General of the United States,

as to the fifth and sixth articles

of impeachment


Some observations of Mr. Rodney
Arguments of Luther Martin, Attor-

ney General of Maryland as to
the articles fecond, third, fourth
fifth and fixth**

L Of Robert Goodloe Harper of

Maryland, as to the seventh
and eighth aricles, with a gene."
ral review of the preceding arti-
eles, both with respect to the


Articles of impeachment

Answer and pleas!

Replication of the house of representatives


Table of the votes on the different arti-

cles, with the names of

the states to which the

- members belonged

Opinion of judge Chase in the case of




John Randolph, Esq.
Joseph H. Nicholson, Esq.
Cæsar A. Rodney, Esq.

Early, Esq.
Washington Campbell, Esq. .

Clarke, Esq.

Joseph Hopkinson, Esq.
Philip B. Key, Era.
Charles Lee, Esq.
Luther Martin, Ērg.
Robert Goodloe Harper, Erg.


Be careful in collating to place a cancel leaf at page 49 ; also at page 172, and
bind up the preface and contents immediately after the title, and before the introduction.
I be opinion of Judge Chase after the lift of the votes.

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The house resumed the confideration of On a motion made and seconded, that the motion of the fifth instant, “ for the the house do come to the following reso appointment of a committee. to enquire lution :

into the official conduct of Samuel Chase,

one of the associate justices of the supreme Resolved, That a committee be appoint: court of the United States," -and the ed to enquire into the official conduct of said motion, as originally proposed, be. Samuel Chase, one of the associate jufó ing again read, in the words following, tices of the supreme court of the United to wit:States, and to report their opinion, whe. Resolved, That a committee be apa ther the said Samuel Chase hath so acted poin:ed to enquire into the official conduct in his judicial capacity, as to require the of Samuel Chase, one of the associate interposition of the conftitutional power justices of the fupreme court of the Uni. of this house:

ted States, and to report their opinion

whether the said Samuel Chase hath fo The house proceeded to consides the acted in his judicial capacity, as to require Taid motion at the clerk's table : Where the interposition of the conftitutional upon, :: :::

• power of this house." . . . A motion was made and seconded, that

A motion was made and seconded, to

amend the fame, by inserting after the the farther confideration of the said reso.

words is one of the affociate justices of lution be postponed until co-morrow.

the supreme court of the United States, Ánd debate arising thereon,

the following words, " and of Richard PeAnother motion was made, and the ters, district judge of the diftrict of Pennquestion being put, that the house do 19

fylvania." now adjourn,

And on the queftion, that the house do

agree to the said amendment, It passed in the negative - Yeas 52- It was resolved in the affirmativeNays 62.

Yeas 79—Nays 37.


yo being demanded by one fifth of the members prefent,

Those who voted in the affirmative are, Willis Alston, junior, Şeth Hafțings,

John Rea (of Pennsylvania) Nathaniel Alexander, William Hoge,

John Rhea of Tennessee) Phanuel Bishopa James Holland,

Jacob Richards,
William Blackledge, David Holmnes,

Erastus Root,
John Boyle,
Benjamin Huger,

Thomas Sammons,
Robert Brown,
John G. Jackson,

Thomas Sandford,
Joseph Bryan,
Walter Jones,

Ebenezer Seaver,
William Butler,
William Kennedy,

Thompson J. Skinner,
John Campbell,

Nehemiah Knigh', James Sloan,
Joseph Clay,
Michael Leib,

John Smilie,
John Clopton,

Joseph Lewis, jun. John Smith (of Virginia)
Jacob Crowninshield, Thomas Lowndes, Richard Stanford,
Richard Cutts,
John B. C. Lucas,

Joseph Stanton,
John Dennis,
Andrew M'Cord,

James Stephenson,
William Dickson,

David Meriwether, John Stewart,
Peter Early,

Nicholas R. Moore, David Thomas,
James Elliot,
Thomas Moore,

Philip R. Thompson,
Ebenezer Elmer,

Jeremiah Morrow, John Trigg,
John W. Eppes,
Anthony New,

Philip Van Cortlandı,
William Euftis,

Thomas Newton, jun.' Isaac Van Horne,
William Findley,

Joseph H. Nicholson, Joseph B. Varnum,
James Gillespie,
Gideon Olin,

Daniel C. Verplanck,
Edwin Gray,
John Patterson,

Marmaduke Williams,
Andrew Gregg,
Oliver. Phelps,

Richard Winn,
Thomas Griffin,

John Randolph, jun. Joseph Winston, and Tohn A. Hanna,

Thomas M. Randolph, Thomas Wynns. 794 Josiah Hasbrouck,

Those who voted in the negative are,
Simeon Baldwin,

David Hough, , . John Cotton Smith,
David Bard,
Samuel Hunt,

John Smith, (of N. York) George Michael Bedinger, Thomas Lewis,

Henry Southard, Silas Betron,

Henry W. Livington, Samuel Taggart,
Adam Boyd,

William M'Creery, Samuel Tenny,
William Chamberlin, Nahum Mitchell, Samuel Thatcher,
Martin Chittenden, Samuel L. Mitcbill, woo George Tibbits,
Clifton Claggett,
James Mott,

Abram Trigg,
Manasseh Cutler,
Bariah Palmer,

Killian K. Van Rensselaer,
Samuel W. Dana,
Thomas Plater,

Peleg Wadsworth, John Davenport,

Samuel D. Purviance, John Whitehill, and Gaylord Griswold, Joshua Sands,

Lemuel Williams.-2374 Roger Griswold,

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