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to Section 819. I ask that these proposed amendments be referred to the appropriate committee for their report upon the same next year.

The President:

They will be received and referred to the Committee on Jurisprudence and Law Reform.

Amasa M. Eaton:
I offer the following resolution and ask that it be adopted.

Resolved, That so much of the President's address as refers to a reorganization of this Association and an increase of its membership be referred to the Executive Committee with directions to report thereon at the next annual meeting.

Everett P. Wheeler, of New York:

I will second the adoption of that resolution; and, with the permission of the President, will put the question to vote.

The resolution was adopted.
The Secretary:

Mr. John R. Dos Passos, of New York, has been compelled to leave and he has asked me to present for him a report of the Committee on Proposed Lawyers' Home, to the effect that after consideration, the committee find it inadvisable to make any recommendation at present, and the committee asks to be discharged.

On motion, the report was received and the committee discharged.

The Secretary:

Mr. Florance, of Louisiana, who has also been obliged to leave, has asked me to present the following resolution:

Resolved, That the Committee on Jurisprudence and Law Reform be instructed to examine into and report at the next Annual Meeting of this Association upon the feasibility and advisability of having passed by Congress of a statute assimilating the practice and forms of procedure in federal courts in suits in equity with those in actions at law; and especially looking to the transfer of causes from the equity to the law side of the courts and vice versa, instead of the dismissal of the actions for lack of jurisdiction; and if said committee shall deem the same proper, to frame and report such legislation as may be appropriate in the premises.

The President:

This resolution will be referred under the rule to the. Committee on Judicial Administration and Remedial Procedure.

Max G. Cohen, of Oregon:

The President in his opening address recommended the establishment of a journal, which should not only be educational, but would promote a greater interest in the Association. I think it would be a good idea for the Association to appoint a committee of five or ten members to take up the matter suggested by the President. We might call the journal “ The American Bar." I would suggest that some of the older members of the Association take this matter in hand.

Amasa M. Eaton, of Rhode Island:
Does the gentleman propose any resolution on the subject ?
Max G. Cohen:

No, sir; I simply throw out the suggestion for the consideration of the older members.

J. A. Larimore, of Minnesota :
In that matter, I would submit this resolution:

Resolved, That it is the sense of this meeting that the Executive Committee be requested to consider the recommendation of the President that a law journal be established by the Association and that it employ at least one officer, who shall devote his entire time to the work of the Association and promoting its interests, and make report in this regard to the Association at its next meeting.

The resolution was adopted.
C. H. Hanford, of Washington:

If it is in order, I wish to offer a resolution which is in the nature of new business, namely:

Resolved. That the enactment by Congress of an act authorizing retired United States judges at their option, but without additional compensation, to perform such judicial duties at such place and under such regulations as may be provided, is desirable.

The President:

The resolution will be referred to the Committee on Judicial Administration and Remedial Procedure.

The election of officers is next in order.

Everett P. Wheeler, of New York:

I now renew the motion that I made on presentation of the report from the General Council.

The motion was seconded and adopted; the Secretary cast the ballot of the Association as directed, and the officers nominated were declared duly elected.

The President:

The Chair will appoint Messrs. Eaton, Peck and Taylor as a committee to escort the newly elected President to the platform. Before handing over the gavel to my successor, I wish to express to the members of the Association my appreciation for the distinguished honor that I have enjoyed as President of this Association, and to thank you for the uniform support and kind indulgence with which you have received my administration.

Gentlemen, I present to you Frederick W. Lehmann, the President-elect.

Frederick W. Lehmann, of Missouri:

Gentlemen of the American Bar Association, the rules of the Association provide that the address of the President shall be delivered when he is fully invested with the functions of his office, and it was wisely so ordained, as that enables him to maintain the favor of the members until almost the close of his term.

I shall not, alike on your account and my own, trespass upon the usages of the Association, but will simply express to you my appreciation of the honor and distinction you have conferred upon me in electing me as President, than which there is nothing more that a lawyer zealous for the good of his profession can or ought to desire. I only hope that at the close of my incumbency of the office, I shall have deserved the favor you have done me.

The President:

Having now accomplished all the purposes for which we assembled and completed the programme, if there is nothing else to be brought forward, I declare the thirty-first annual meeting of the American Bar Association at an end. The Association then adjourned sine die.




SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, August 25, 1908. The report of the proceedings of our last meeting at Portland, Maine, in August, 1907, has been printed and distributed to all members, and also to all State Bar Associations and legal journals, and to a large number of libraries in the United States and abroad on our free mailing-list.

There were 3074 members at the close of the last meeting. Three hundred and sixty-seven members were elected by the Executive Committee between meetings. For convenience, the list of members elected by the Executive Committee has been printed, and there are copies in the reception room for distribution.

The membership of the Association includes representatives from all of the states, and the territories of Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii and New Mexico.

Invitations were sent to all State Bar Associations to send three delegates to this meeting, and to all City and County Bar Associations in states having no State Bar Association, to send two delegates. There are 43 State Bar Associations, 3 Territorial Bar Associations, the Bar Association of the District of Columbia and about 469 Local Bar Associations.

The reports for this year of the Committee on Judicial Administration and Remedial Procedure, the Committee on Commercial Law, the Committee on Law Reporting and Digesting, the Committee on Patent, Trade-Mark and Copyright Law relating to Court of Patent Appeals, the Committee on Insurance Law, the Committee on Proposed Copyright Bill and the Committee to Suggest Remedies and Formulate Proposed Laws to Prevent Delay and Unnecessary Cost in Litigation, have been printed and distributed to the members by mail, fifteen days before the meeting. The reports of the Committee on Professional Ethics and of the Comparative Law Bureau have been printed for use at the meeting.

Notices were sent to all members of standing and special committees, requesting their attention to matters referred to such committees.

A register of those in attendance is kept in the reception room. Every member and delegate is requested to sign it as early as convenient. A list of those present will be printed for distribution at the meeting and will also be included in the report of the proceedings. There are copies of the Constitution and By-laws, lists of officers and members of committees, copies of committee reports and forms of nominations for distribution.

The Secretary endeavors to keep the street addresses of all members, and members changing their addresses are requested to notify the Secretary.

Respectfully submitted



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