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NAME AND OBJECT. ARTICLE I.—This Association shall be known as “The AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION." Its object shall be to advance the science of jurisprudence, promote the administration of justice and uniformity of legislation throughout the union, uphold the honor of the profession of the law and encourage cordial intercourse among the members of the American Bar.

QUALIFICATIONS FOR MEMBERSHIP. ARTICLE 11.–Any person shall be eligible to membership in this Association who shall be, and shall, for five years next preceding, have been a member in good standing of the Bar of any state, and who shall also be nominated as hereinafter provided.

OFFICERS AND COMMITTEES. ARTICLE III.-The following officers shall be elected at each Annual Meeting for the year ensuing: A President (the same person shall not be elected President two years in succession); one Vice-President from each state; a Secretary; a Treasurer; a Council, consisting of one member from each state (the Council shall be a standing committee on nominations for office); an Executive Committee, which shall consist of the President, the last ex-President, the Secretary and the Treasurer, all of whom shall be ex-officio members, together with five other members, to be chosen by the Association, but no member shall be eligible to such choice more than three years in succession; and the President, and in his absence the ex-President, shall be the Chairman of the committee.'

The following committees shall be annually appointed by the President for the year ensuing, and shall consist of five members each:

'Amended August 19, 1898, and August 30, 1899.

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On Jurisprudence and Law Reform;
On Judicial Administration and Remedial Procedure;
On Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar;
On Commercial Law;
On International Law;
On Publications;
On Grievances;
On Law Reporting and Digesting;
On Patent, Trade-Mark and Copyright Law;"
On Insurance Law;
On Taxation;" and a committee

On Uniform State Laws, to consist of one member from each state.

A majority of those members of any committee, including the Council, who may be present at any meeting of the Association, shall constitute a quorum of such committee for the purpose of such meeting

The Vice-President for each state, and not less than two other members from such state, to be annually elected, shall constitute a Local Council for such state, to which shall be referred all applications for membership from such state. The Vice-President shall be, ex-officio, Chairman of such Council.

A committee of three, of whom the Secretary shall always be one, shall be appointed by the President at each Annual Meeting of the Association, whose duty it shall be to report to the next meeting the names of all members who shall, in the interval, have died, with such notices of them as shall, in the discretion of the committee, be proper.

It shall be the duty of the Vice-President from each state and territory to report the deaths of members within the same to the said committee.

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ELECTION OF MEMBERS. ARTICLE IV.-All nominations for membership shall be made by the Local Council of the state to the Bar of which the persons nominated belong. Such nominations must be transmitted in writing to the Chairman of the General Council, and approved by the Council, on vote by ballot.

The General Council may also nominate members from states having no Local Council, and at the Annual Meeting of the Association, in the absence of all members of the Local Council of any state; Provided, That no nomination shall be considered by the General Council, unless accompanied by a statement in writing by at least three members of the Association from the same state with the person nominated, or, in their absence, by members from a neighboring state or states, to the effect that the person nominated has the qualifications required by the Constitution and desires to become a member of the Association, and recommending his admission as a member.

All nominations thus made or approved shall be reported by the Council to the Association, and all whose names are reported shall thereupon become members of the Association; Provided, That if any member demand a vote upon any name thus reported, the Association shall thereupon vote thereon by ballot.

Several nominees, if from the same state, may be voted for upon the same ballot; and in such case placing the word “No” against any name or names upon the ticket shall be deemed a negative vote against such name or names, and against those only. Five negative votes shall suffice to defeat an election.

During the period between the Annual Meetings, members may be elected by the Executive Committee upon the written nomination of a majority of the Vice-President and members of the Local Council of any state.

ARTICLE V.-All members of the Conference adopting the Constitution, and all persons elected by them upon the recommendation of the committee of five appointed by such Conference, shall become members of the Association upon payment of the annual dues for the current year herein provided for.

BY-LAWS. ARTICLE VI.-By-laws may be adopted at any Annual Meeting of the Association by a majority of the members present. It shall be the duty of the Executive Committee, without delay, to adopt suitable By-laws, which shall be in force until rescinded by the Association.

DUES. ARTICLE VII.-Each member shall pay five dollars to the Treasurer as annual dues, and no person shall be qualified to exercise any privilege of membership who is in default. Such dues shall be payable, and the payment thereof enforced, as may be provided by the By-laws. Members shall be entitled to receive all publications of the Association free of charge.

ANNUAL ADDRESS. ARTICLE VIII.-The President shall open each Annual Meeting of the Association with an address, in which he shall communicate the most noteworthy changes in statute law on points of general interest made in the several states and by Congress during the preceding year. It shall be the duty of the member of the General Council from each state to report to the President, on or before the first day of May, annually, any such legislation in his state.


ARTICLE IX.—This Association shall meet annually, at such time and place as the Executive Committee may select, and those present at such meeting shall constitute a quorum.


ARTICLE X.—This Constitution may be altered or amended by a vote of three-fourths of the members present at any Annual Meeting, but no such change shall be made at any meeting at which less than thirty members are present.

CONSTRUCTION. ARTICLE XI.-The word "state,whenever used in this constitution, shall be deemed to be equivalent to state, territory and the District of Columbia.


MEETING OF THE ASSOCIATION. 1.-The Executive Committee, at its first meeting after each Annual Meeting, shall select some person to make an address at the next Annual Meeting, and not exceeding six members of the Association to read papers.

II.-The order of exercises at the Annual Meeting shall be as follows:

(a) Opening Address of the President.
(6) Nominations and Election of Members.
(c) Election of the General Council.
(d) Reports of Secretary and Treasurer.
(e) Report of Executive Committee.
(f) Reports of Standing Committees.

On Jurisprudence and Law Reform;
On Judicial Administration and Remedial Procedure;
On Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar;
On Commercial Law;
On International Law;
On Publications;
On Grievances;
On Law Reporting and Digesting;
On Patent, Trade-mark and Copyright Law;'
On Insurance Law;'
On Taxation;

On Uniform State Laws.'
(9) Reports of Special Committees.
(h) The Nomination of Officers.
(i) Miscellaneous Business.
(1) The Election of Officers.

"Amended August 23, 1905. ? Amended August 31, 1906.

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