Common Varieties Act Amendments: Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Minerals, Materials, and Fuels...89-2, on S. 2281 and S. 3485, June 28, 1966

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97. lappuse - Where minerals have been found and the evidence is of such a character that a person of ordinary prudence would be justified in the further expenditure of his labor and means, with a reasonable prospect of success, in developing a valuable mine, the requirements of the statute have been met.
90. lappuse - That any person authorized to enter lands under the mining laws of the United States may enter and obtain patent to lands containing petroleum or other mineral oils, and chiefly valuable therefor, under the provisions of the laws relating to placer mineral claims...
90. lappuse - By general statutory provisions the execution of the laws regulating the acquisition of rights in the public lands and the general care of these lands is confided to the land department, as a special tribunal; and the Secretary of the Interior, as the head of the department, is charged with seeing that this authority is rightly exercised ' to the end that valid claims may be recognized, invalid ones eliminated, and the rights of the public preserved.
95. lappuse - A patent for any land claimed and located for valuable deposits may be obtained in the following manner : Any person, association, or corporation authorized to locate a claim under this chapter, having claimed and located a piece of land for such purposes...
95. lappuse - No lode claim shall be located until after the discovery of a vein or lode within the limits of the claim, the object of which provision is evidently to prevent the appropriation of presumed mineral ground for speculative purposes, to the exclusion of bona fide prospectors, before sufficient work has been done to determine whether a vein or lode really exists.
96. lappuse - mineral" Is a substance that (1) is recognized as mineral, according to its chemical composition, by the standard authorities on the subject or (2) Is classified as mineral product In trade or commerce; or (3) possesses economic value for use in trade, manufacture, the sciences, or In the mechanical or ornamental arts.
4. lappuse - A deposit of common varieties of sand. stone, gravel, pumice, pumicite or cinders shall not be deemed a valuable mineral deposit within the meaning of the mining laws of the United States so as to give effective validity to any mining claim hereafter located under such mining laws: Provided, however, That nothing herein shall affect the validity of any mining location based upon discovery of some other mineral occurring In or In association with such a deposit. "Common varieties...
90. lappuse - Forest during the period of 1949 to 1952. The claims cover an area of 720 acres. An application for patent was filed by Coleman in January, 1956, and a contest was commenced at the instance of the Forest Service on February 24, 1958, the charges being that! "(a) The lands embraced within the claims are non-mineral in character. "(b) Minerals have not been found within the limits of the claims in sufficient quantities to constitute a valid discovery. "(c) $500.00 has not been expended on Baldwin Lake...
92. lappuse - Act, provides for the right to set aside agency findings found to be "arbitrary, capricious, an abuse of discretion, or otherwise not in accordance with law"; or "unsupported by substantial evidence".
9. lappuse - ... the meaning of the mining laws of the United States so as 7 to give effective validity to any mining claim hereafter 8 located for such common varieties under such mining laws...

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