Study and Investigation of Housing: Hearings Before the Joint Committee on Housing ... Eightieth Congress, First Session, on the Need for Housing, Costs and Supply of Building Materials, Building Codes and Zoning Laws, Administration and Operation of Existing Federal Housing Laws, Organization and Operations of Federal, State, and Municipal Government Agencies Concerned with Housing; Private and Government Housing Finance, and Other Phases of the Field of Housing. Sept. 10 and 19, 1947. Preliminary Discussion at Washington, 3. daļa

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1948 - 138 lappuses

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6. lappuse - Home Administration Act of 1946 (Public Law 731, Seventy-ninth Congress, approved August 14, 1946) 'and (c) With respect to the liquidation and dissolution of the Defense Homes Corporation. SEC. 5. Housing and Home Finance Administrator. — (a) The Housing and Home Finance Agency shall be headed by a Housing and Home Finance Administrator who shall be appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, and shall receive compensation at the rate of $10,000 per annum.
6. lappuse - Whenever a vacancy shall occur among the members the person appointed to fill such vacancy shall hold office for the unexpired portion of the term of the member whose place he is selected to fill. Each of the members of the board shall...
6. lappuse - Board, and (3) designate the order in which the other members of the Board shall, during the absence or disability of the Chairman, be Acting Chairman and perform the duties of the Chairman. (c) Except as otherwise provided in subsection (b) of this section there are transferred to the Home Loan Bank Board the functions (1) of the Federal Home Loan Bank Board, (2) of the Board of Directors of the Home Owners...
7. lappuse - ... by the Federal Home Loan Bank Board, the board of directors of the association shall cause the remainder of the net earnings of the association for the 6 months...
57. lappuse - ... shall have been filed for use and examination by the public in the office of the clerk of such city or village prior to the adoption thereof.
8. lappuse - A loan cannot exceed 65 percent of the appraised normal agricultural value of the farm offered as first-mortgage security.
4. lappuse - Administration with the same functions as now provided by law for that agency; and (c) a Public Housing Administration to take over the functions of the United States Housing Authority and certain remaining emergency housing activities pending the completion of their liquidation. Each constituent agency will possess Its Individual Identity and be responsible for the operation of Its program.
12. lappuse - Board, and the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce of the Department of Commerce.
7. lappuse - National Housing Council. There shall be in the Housing and Home Finance Agency a National Housing Council composed of the Housing and Home Finance Administrator as Chairman, the Federal Housing Commissioner, the Public Housing Commissioner, the Chairman of the Home Loan Bank Board, the Administrator of Veterans...
3. lappuse - Mortgage insurance can be provided on loans to nursing homes that are privately owned, both profit and nonprofit and that are needed for the care and treatment of convalescents and others not acutely ill.

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