Annual Report, 1. sējums

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Vols. for 1949- issued in 2 vols: New York's health; and statistical part.

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533. lappuse - In a free country, where the government is by the people, through their chosen representatives, practical legislation admits of no other standard of action; for what the people believe is for the common welfare must be accepted as tending to promote the common welfare, whether it does in fact or not.
840. lappuse - ... members shall be reimbursed for their reasonable and necessary traveling and other expenses incurred in the performance of their official duties.
859. lappuse - Notice: These apartments have (or this room has) been occupied by a person affected with They (or it) must not again be occupied until orders for cleansing, renovation, or disinfection have been complied with. This notice must not be removed under penalty of the law. Date Health Officer.
594. lappuse - So live that your afterself — the man you ought to be — may in his time be possible and actual. " Far away in the years he is waiting his turn. His body, his brain, his soul, are in your boyish hands. He cannot help himself. " What will you leave for him? " Will it be a brain unspoiled by lust or dissipation, a mind trained to think and act, a nervous system true as a dial in its response to the truth about you?
538. lappuse - But in case of doubt or contest his decision in this class of cases may be appealed from to a board hereby constituted for the purpose, and composed of the Surgeon-General of the Army, the SurgeonGeneral of the Navy, and the Secretary of Agriculture, and the decision of this board shall be final in the premises.
537. lappuse - Act to regulate the sale of viruses, serums, toxins, and analogous products in the District of Columbia, to regulate interstate traffic in said articles, and for other purposes,
500. lappuse - Public Health is Purchasable. Within Natural Limitations any Community can Determine Its own Death Rate," — is true when applied to any community or any state.
731. lappuse - Owner or lessee of farm PO address State Total number of cows Number milking Gallons of milk produced daily Product is...
562. lappuse - ... nations in a great league to maintain order, security and freedom for every individual and for every state and nation liberty to devote their energies to the controlling of the great forces of nature for the use and convenience of man, instead of applying them to the killing of each other.
315. lappuse - ... of births and deaths as required thereby, shall be forthwith removed by the State commissioner of health, and such other penalties may be imposed as are provided by this article.

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