Dependable and Adaptable Networks and Services: 13th Open European Summer School and IFIP TC6.6 Workshop, EUNICE 2007, Enschede, The Netherlands, July 18-20, 2007, Proceedings

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Aiko Pras, Marten van Sinderen
Springer, 2007. gada 18. aug. - 152 lappuses
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The main goal of the EUNICE Summer School is to give young researchers,and particularly PhD students, the opportunity to present their work at an inter- tional level. The EUNICE Summer School also seeks to o?er comprehensive and inspiring invited talks from experienced experts in the ?eld, providing a context for discussions on ongoing research and new challenges. The EUNICE Summer School is an initiative of the European University Network of Information and Communication Engineering, or EUNICE Network for short. Although the summer school events are organized by the member institutions taking turns, submission to and participation in the events are open to researchers outside the EUNICE Network. The 13th EUNICE Summer School returned to Enschede, The Netherlands, whereitwashostedearlierin2000.Backin2000,thethemeofthesummerschool was ‘Innovative Internet Applications.’ Much has changed since then: wireless network technologies have become a constantly growing part of the Internet infrastructure, and increasingly smaller and more powerful computing devices with ?exible connectivity open the possibility of new services and applications.

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Identity as a Service Towards a ServiceOriented Identity Management Architecture
Towards a Context Binding Transparency
A Context Middleware Using an OntologyBased Information Model
Providing Movement Information to Applications in Wireless IPv6 and Mobile IPv6 Terminals
Towards a RuleBased Approach for ContextAware Applications
Semantic Context Reasoning Using Ontology Based Models
Distributed vs Centralized Performance Comparison
Decentralized Supplementary Services for VoiceoverIP Telephony
Source Traffic Characterization for Thin Client Based Office Applications
Legal Compliance in Commercial Service Provisioning Across Administrative Domains
Measurement of the SIP Parsing Performance in the SIP Express Router
A Novel LoopFree IP Fast Reroute Algorithm
A SimulationBased Study of TCP Performance over an Optical Burst Switched Backbone with 80211 Access
Towards PolicySupported Adaptable Service Systems
An Architecture for the Selfmanagement of LambdaConnections in Hybrid Networks
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Analysis of Techniques for Protection Against Spam over Internet Telephony
A ReputationBased Approach for Securing Vivaldi Embedding System

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24. lappuse - Team for helpful discussions and valuable comments on previous versions of this paper. The MNM Team directed by Prof. Dr. Heinz-Gerd Hegering is a group of researchers of the University of Munich, the Munich University of Technology, the University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich, and the Leibniz Supercomputing Center of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences.
127. lappuse - Comparative performance analysis of versions of tcp in a local network with a lossy link.
129. lappuse - The remainder of this paper is structured as follows. Section 2 discusses related work. Section 3 describes our implementation of depth peeling.
24. lappuse - The authors wish to thank the members of the Munich Network Management (MNM) Team for helpful discussions and valuable comments on previous versions of this paper.
102. lappuse - Administrative Domains and Routing Domains: A model for routing in the Internet...
60. lappuse - The E-model, a computational model for use in transmission planning,
24. lappuse - This work has been performed partially in the framework of the EU 1ST project...
51. lappuse - Freehand is sponsored by the Dutch government under contract BSIK. 03025. References [1] Meerveld, J., Schumacher, J., Krijger, E., Bai, R., Nies, H.
79. lappuse - The remainder of this paper is organized as follows: Sec. 2 gives a brief overview of Vivaldi, the embedding system on which this paper is based; Sec.
127. lappuse - Allman, M., Paxson, V., Stevens, W.: TCP Congestion Control.

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