Rehabilitation Act of 1972: Hearings, Ninety-second Congress, Second Session, on H.R. 8395 ... and Related Bills, 2. daļa

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896. lappuse - National Easter Seal Society for Crippled Children and Adults 2023 West Ogden Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60612...
991. lappuse - The study shall incorporate guidelines which are consistent with criteria provided in resolutions adopted by the Committee on Labor and Public Welfare of the United States Senate or the Committee on Education and Labor of the United States House of Representatives, or both.
1629. lappuse - Sec. 304 (a) Each recipient of assistance under this Act shall keep such records as the Secretary shall prescribe, including records which fully disclose the amount and disposition by such recipient of the proceeds of such assistance, the total cost of the project or undertaking in connection with which such assistance is given or used, and the amount of that portion of the cost of the project or undertaking supplied by other sources, and such other records as will facilitate an effective audit.
1136. lappuse - State agency; (9) provide that the State agency will make such reports in such form and containing such information as the Secretary may from time to time reasonably require, and will keep such records and afford such access thereto as the Secretary may find necessary to assure the correctness and verification of such reports...
1625. lappuse - handicapped individual" means any individual who (A) has a physical or mental disability which for such individual constitutes or results in a substantial handicap to employment and (B...
889. lappuse - Treat people as if they were what they ought to be, and you help them to become what they are capable of being.
1559. lappuse - Prepared by the National Association of Coordinators of State Programs for the Mentally Retarded, Inc...
1633. lappuse - State agency, (ii) has a full-time director, and (iii) has a staff employed on such rehabilitation work of such organizational unit all or substantially all of whom are employed full time on such work...
1113. lappuse - I am bound by my own definition of criticism; a disinterested endeavor to learn and propagate the. best that is known and thought in the world.
1171. lappuse - Adults and (2) give promise of offering the most substantial skill, experience, and capability in providing a broad program of service, research, training, and related activities in the field of rehabilitation of the deaf-blind.