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" Such a system would require the application of constitutional guarantees to education. Learners should not be forced to submit to an obligatory curriculum, or to discrimination based on whether they possess a certificate or a diploma. Nor should the public... "
Managing Information Technology in a Global Economy - 282. lappuse
autors: Information Resources Management Association. International Conference - 2001 - 1202 lapas
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Information Technology Education in the New Millennium

Dadashzadeh, Mohammad, Saber, Al, Saber, Sherry - 2001 - 308 lapas
...opportunity to make their challenge known" This statement echoes some of the key concerns of the Hornsey revolutionaries but also includes an element of public...profession is willing to put on the market. It should use modern technology to make free speech, free assembly, and a free press truly universal and, therefore,...
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