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The project principally involves the installation of the Energy Management and Control System (EMCS) which will, when complete, provide for centralized monitoring and control of the majority of the air handling equipment in all major Senate Office Buildings. The installation of the system is being performed with in house maintenance forces and is being coordinated with other on going air conditioning renovation projects. It is anticipated that it will be complete in fiscal year 1999.

Waterproofing Repairs, Senate Garage

This project is undergoing a phased development. First a study, which has been funded, is being undertaken to determine design requirements. Design funds are being requested in fiscal year 1998. Construction funds will be requested once the design is complete. The project will restore the Senate Garage, repair leaks, restore waterproofing membranes, and take steps necessary to protect structural integrity. This also provides for the renovation of all electrical and mechanical systems and equipment. The work, once commenced, will be performed via contract in a phased basis.

Modernize Russell Building Passenger Elevators

These funds were appropriated in fiscal year 1995 for the modernization of the 14 elevators in the Russell Building.
Specifications are under development to address most of these elevators. This project is expected to go through fiscal year 1998.
Modernize 3 Freight Elevators, Hart Building

These funds were appropriated in fiscal year 1995. The technical specification is in Construction Management for review, comment and development of front end of the modernization contract. This project is expected to go through fiscal year 1997.


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Frequency Inverters for VAV Fans, Hart Building

Fiscal Year 1998 Budget Estimate

This project provides for the installation of frequency inverters on all variable air volume fans in the Hart Building. Final connections are being made and the project will be completed in 1997.

Install and Modify Fire Alarm Systems, Dirksen Building

This project will upgrade the building fire alarm systems to a voice annunciating evacuation system. This will allow the broadcasting of emergency-specific instructions to building occupants. No additional funds are being requested under this particular project. The estimated completion date for this work is 1997. This project will become interconnected to the automatic sprinkler systems in the Russell and Dirksen Buildings, as well as the sprinkler system being developed for the Dirksen Building. The voice broadcast capability of these systems can also be used for other emergency management functions besides fire evacuation.

Special Furniture Allowance for Senators

This allotment is to fund acquisitions requested by Senators as approved by the Senate Rules Committee's Special Furniture Allowance policy.

Relocation of the Senate Library

This project will provide for modifications to spaces in the Russell and Dirksen buildings ro accommodate the relocation of the Senate Library from the Capitol Building. Currently, the project is on hold pending client direction. It is projected that the project will be completed two years after bidding is allowed to commence.

Modernize Dirksen Building Passenger Elevators

These funds were appropriated in fiscal year 1993. There are 13 elevators in the Dirksen Building. These funds will address 9 of the 13 elevators. Previous work on two elevators improved controllers and cabs, and door work has also been completed on six


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elevators. The contractor for this phase of work is scheduled to begin work in December 1995, and the work will continue through fiscal year 1998.

Acquisition and Renovation, Senate Page Dorm

The acquisition and renovation of the Senate Page Residence is complete. As indicated in prior years justification, the remaining
funds were to be used for the new Senate Child Care center. Bids for this project were received in early November 1996 and a contract
was awarded for construction.

Roof Repairs - Dirksen Building & Russell Building

Funding was made available to make repairs to the copper roofs on the Russell and Dirksen Buildings. Begun in fiscal year
1995, completion was originally scheduled to be a three year program. The majority of the critically compromised roof areas will be
repaired with funding provided in the first two years. A fiscal year 1998 request is being made for the remainder of this project.
Renovate Committee Hearing Rooms - Dirksen Building & Russell Building

This project was begun in fiscal year 1991 and involves the restoration, renovation and improvements to Senate hearing rooms
in Russell and Dirksen Buildings. It is slated for completion by the end of 1997, providing access to rooms is available. All Dirksen
Building hearing rooms have been renovated. The work is being accomplished by temporary employees under the supervision of the
Senate Office Buildings. Due to present efforts to cut back on costs, the scope of renovations will be reduced to that work which is
needed for basic maintenance and work which is vital for the effective use of the remaining rooms. A review of the remaining rooms,
which are predominately in the Russell building indicates that, in general, less work will be required in these spaces than the previously
renovated Dirksen rooms. This project will be completed as the Russell Rooms become available.



Senate Office Buildings

Capital Budget Projects Funded With Prior Year Funding

Replace Sections of Air Conditioning Systems - Russell Building

Fiscal Year 1998 Budget Estimate

This project replaces all of the major air handling systems in the Russell Building. This is being performed by temporary personnel under the supervision of the Senate Superintendent. Completion is anticipated in fiscal year 1997.

Replace Sections of Air Conditioning Systems - Dirksen Building

This project provides for the replacement of all committee room air handling systems and equipment in the Dirksen Building. Modernization began in fiscal year 1989 and project completion will occur in fiscal year 1997. All work is being performed by temporary craft personnel in order to accommodate Senate schedules.


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