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Communications, briefs, statements:

Motor and Equipment Manufacturers' Association, brief for...
Chadburne, Wallace, Parke & Whiteside, brief for...

Drug, chemical, and allied trades section of the board of trade, New
York, brief on behalf of __

Chamber of Commerce of the State of New York, resolution by-
Cream of Wheat Corp., brief for..

Associated Drug and Chemical Industries of Missouri, brief for....
Dunn, Mr. Charles Wesley, letter dated February 18, 1946, from
Fraser, Mr. Samuel, secretary of International Apple Association,
letter dated February 15, 1946, from --

Hanson, Mr. C. C., secretary of the Association of the Southern Com-
missioners of Agriculture, letter dated February 15, 1946, from___
Murphy, Mr. James B., letter dated February 8, 1946, from, to C. C.

National Drug Trade Conference, Mr. Ray Schlotterer, secretary,

letter dated February 5, 1946, from

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