Inhabited Information Spaces: Living with your Data

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David N. Snowdon, Elizabeth F. Churchill, Emmanuel Frécon
Springer Science & Business Media, 2006. gada 28. apr. - 329 lappuses
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In an era when increasing numbers of people are conducting research and interacting with one another through the internet, the study of ‘Inhabited Information Spaces’ is aimed at encouraging a more fruitful exchange between the users, and the digital data they are accessing. Introducing the new and developing field of Inhabited Information Spaces, this book covers all types of collaborative systems including virtual environments and more recent innovations such as hybrid and augmented real-world systems. Divided into separate sections, each covering a different aspect of Inhabited Information Systems, this book includes: How best to design and construct social work spaces; analysis of how users interact with existing systems, and the technological and sociological challenges designers face; How Inhabited Information Spaces are likely to evolve in the future and the new communities that they will create.

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WWW3D and the Web Planetarium
PlaceWorld and the Evolution of Electronic Landscapes
Using a Pond Metaphor for Information Visualisation and 9
A Mixture of Old and New Media 6 7
The Computational Interplay of Physical Space and Information Space
Virtual Conferencing
Enhancing Avatar Representations in 8
New Ideas on Navigation and View Control Inspired by Cultural 4
Presenting Activity Information in an Inhabited Information
A Programming Architecture for the Prototyping of
Communication Infrastructures for Inhabited Information Spaces 7
Peertopeer Networks and Communities 2 3
Inhabitants Uses and Reactions to Usenet Social Accounting Data
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Par autoru (2006)

Dr. David Snowdon received his Ph.D. in epidemiology from the University of Minnesota & began the Nun Study there in 1986. In 1990 he moved the Nun Study to the Saunders-Brown Center on Aging at the University of Kentucky, where he also teaches in the Department of Preventive Medicine & Environmental Health & in the Gerontology Doctoral Program. He is the author of numerous scientific articles & has presented his findings at leading scientific conferences in North America & Europe.

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