Bell's British Theatre: Consisting of the Most Esteemed English Plays

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J. Bell, 1778

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68. lappuse - But the King, of late, made a hazard of both the kingdoms, of Sicily and his own, with offering but to imprison Philaster ; at which the city was in arms, not to be charmed down by any stateorder or proclamation...
45. lappuse - I could not stay with you, I made a vow, By all the most religious things a maid Could call together, never to be known...
41. lappuse - I have wrong'd thee, and as much of joy That I repent it, issue from mine eyes; Let them appease thee. Take thy right ; take her ; She is thy right too; and forget to urge My vexed soul with that I did before. PHI.
9. lappuse - I shall be willing, if not apt, to learn : Age and experience will adorn my mind With larger knowledge ; and if I have done A wilful fault, think me not past all hope For once.
19. lappuse - If you do hate, you could not curse me worse ; The gods have not a punishment in store Greater for me than is your hate. Phi. Fie, fie, So young and so dissembling!
24. lappuse - And worn so by you ; how that foolish man, That reads the story of a woman's face And dies believing it, is lost for ever ; How all the good you have is but a shadow, I...
24. lappuse - Now you may take that little right I have To this poor kingdom. Give it to your joy; For I have no joy in it.
6. lappuse - Of which he borrow'd some to quench his thirst, And paid the nymph again as much in tears. A garland lay him by, made by himself, Of many several flowers, bred in the...
36. lappuse - Tis but a piece of childhood thrown away. Should I outlive you, I should then outlive Virtue and honour; and when that day comes, If ever I shall close these eyes but once, May I live spotted for my perjury, And waste my limbs to nothing!
33. lappuse - Stay, sir! what are you? BEL. A wretched creature, wounded in these woods By beasts. Relieve me, if your names be men, Or I shall perish. DION. This is he, my lord, Upon my soul, that hurt her. 'Tis the boy, That wicked boy, that serv'd her.

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