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Blood and Urine Chemistry By Clair E. Turner, Asst. Prof. of Biology and

By R. B. H. Gradwohl, M.D., Director of tho Public Health, Mass. Institute of Technology;

Gradwohl Laboratories, Chicago and St. Louis; Chapters by Dean Rice, Tufts Dental College;

Director of the Pasteur Institute of St. Louis; Introduction by Wm. T. Sedgwick, Sc.D., Prof.

and A. J. Blalvas, formerly Assistant in Chemiof Biology and Public Health, Mass. Institute of

cal Laboratory, St. Luke's Hospital, New York. Technology. 400 pages, 52 illustrations. Price,

418 pages, 6 x 9, 75 text illustrations and four

color plates. cloth

. $4.00

Second edition, revised and en

larged. Price, cloth.... Turner has written a book on hygiene along


This second edition represents the accumulated entirely new lines and it is different from any

literature of the past three years on blood and thing heretofore published. A valuable book

urine chemistry both as regards technic and for dentists, physicians, public health workers, and teachers in colleges.


Physiological Chemistry Practical Chemical Analysis

By Sidney W. Cole, M.A., Trinity College, Cam

bridge, England. Introduction by Prof. F. G. of Blood

Hopkins, M.B., D.Sc., F.R.C.P., Professor of Bio

chemistry, Trinity College, Cambridge. 350 By Victor C. Myers, M.A., Ph.D., Prof. of Patho- pages, 512 x 872, illustrated. 5th edition, enlogical Chemistry, N. Y. Post-Graduate Medical

larged. Price, cloth..

$4.50 School and Hospital. 125 pages, 7x 10, with 13 New fifth edition, completely revised. The illustrations. Price, cloth...


book is practical—the text was worked out Myers presents a discussion of the chemical

step by step at the laboratory bench at Camblood determinations which have been found of bridge University, England. Modern methods definite value in the treatment and diagnosis of biochemistry are given. of disease. Complete literature references, some quantitative urine methods, and lists of Physiological Chemistry standard solutions and reagents are given.

By C. J. V. Pettibone, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Physiological Chemistry in the Medical School

of the University of Minnesota 328 pages, 6 x 9, Epidemic Respiratory

with illustrations. silk cloth binding Price

.$2.75 Disease

Covers the general field of physiological chemBy E. L. Opie, M.D., Washington University Med.

istry. Gives a clear idea of the properties of School; James C. Small, M.D., Francis G. Blake, the compounds that are physiologically imM.D., Thomas M. Rivers, M.D. 402 pages, 6 x 9, portant, the action of the enzymes, composition 33 illustrations. Price, cloth....


of some common foods and important tissues, A complete discussion of the pneumonias and

composition and analysis of urine, and review other infections of the respiratory tract accom- of present status of metabolism. Including panying influenza and measles, prepared under laboratory work with experiments. Surgeon-General's direction in leading army camps.

Selected Lectures and Essays
Including Ligaments-Their Nature and Mor-

phology. By Sir John Bland-Sutton, F.R.C.S., Wassermann Test

LL.D., London. Fourth revised edition. 320

pages, with 111 beautiful and original illustraBy Charles F. Craig, M.D., M.A., F.A.C.S., Lieut- tions. Price, cloth.......

. $4.50 Col., U. S. A.; Prof. of Bact., Paras., and Prev. Med. Army Medical School, etc. 2nd revised en

The classic lectures and essays of the famous larged edition. 279 pages, illustrated with color surgeon, Bland-Sutton, covering such subjects plates. Price, cloth, 6 x 9...

...$4.25 as gizzards, ulcers, injuries to the heart, hernia Includes the modification of the complement- of uterus in men and women, tubal pregnancy, fixation test for syphilis adopted by U. 8. Public mastoid teeth, circumcision, atrocities of war, Health Service Laboratory. Used by the Sur- science of bull-ring, pulpue, medicine and the geon-General in the hospitals of the U. S. P. H. Bible, ligaments, slings, pulleys, legs, wings, Service. Entirely rewritten and revised,

flippers, muscles of the orbit, etc.

D You should order copies of these important books today through your bookseller or Ureet from the pablisher.. Also request a copy of our complete catalogue of medical, dental, scientific, pharmaceutical, and nursing publications. Mention “ Science” when writing or ordering


THE C. V. MOSBY COMPANY 801-809 Metropolitan Building



The Silverman Illuminator A New Eye for the Microscope"

8-Shows more detail.

Presents a clearer and
better defined picture
to the eye and the

-Produces several novel

methods of illumina

tion. d-Save very muoh valu

able time. e-Prevents eye strain, oyo

fatigue and brain fag. f-Can be lowered into deep,

hollow objects.
g--Gives excellent results

for very low power
work, also higher mag-
nifications, and in oil

immersion work.
b-Can be used with any

microscope, ordinary or

binocular. A small circular tube lamp surrounds the objective and furnishes diffused and uniform illumination directly where it is needed. For sale by all the better dealers


Write for Bulletin 45-B

LUDWIG HOMMEL & CO. 530-534 Fernando St. Pittsburgh, Pa.

Natural History Material

Naturalists' Supplies

We carry a stock for prompt delivery


We have been handling Natural History Material of all kinds for the past fifty years, and so have accumulated a very complete stock. Our prices are as low as the quality of the specimens will permit. We are constantly preparing, circulars and price lists covering our material in the different branches, which we will be pleased to send free of charge to the readers of Science. Some of our recent circulars :

S-121 Rare Bird Skins
S-122 Mounted Bird Skins
S-98 Material for Dissection
S-123 Philippine Land Shells
S-120 Special Minerals
S-110 Complete Trilobites
S-111 Jurassic Fossils

S-119 Cretaceous Fossils CONCHOLOGY GEOLOGY

I. Collecting Utensils.
II. Breeding Apparatus and Cages for Living

III. Preparing and Preserving Utensils.
IV. Cabinets and Insect Cases.

V. Magnifiers, Microscopes and Accessories.
VI. Botanists' Supplies.
VII. Explorers' and Collectors' Camp Outfits.
VIU. Miscellaneous Naturalists' Supplies.
IX, Oologists' Supplies.

X. Aquaria.
XI. Books and Publications.
XII. Chemicals

K-S Museum Cabinets of Glass and Metal
New Illustrated Biological Catalogue will be sent froe

of charge upon application


Ward's Natural Science

Establishment College Ave. Rochester, N. Y.

Dopt. of Natural Scionco

G. Lagai, Ph.D.

404-410 W. 27th St

Now York City

[graphic][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][graphic][merged small][merged small][merged small]

is used by thousands of Schools all over America. It is selected where the highest educational standards in equipment are observed. If interested in equipment for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Agriculture, Electricity, Domestic Science or Art, Manual Training or Kindergarten work in your school-ask for the Kewaunee Book. It is free. Address all inquiries to the factory at Kewaunee.

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618 Yongo Street

Toronto, Can.

115 Lincoln St. Kewaunee, Wis.


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Our Laboratory Spectrometers

Are sold in competition with instruments of European make

to many of the best laboratories throughout the world. WM. GAERTNER AND CO.

Physical and Astronomical Instruments 5345-49 Lake Park Avenue


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Of the above list all those distinguished by an asterisk have been prepared or purified in our laboratory.



N. Y.

VOL. LIII, No. 1376

FRIDAY, May 13, 1921


New Blakiston


1129 Cowper Street,

y Palo Alto Calif
John F. Newsom,

OOLLIS AND GREENWOOD. The Health of the Industrial W

8 Illustrations. Octavo. Cloth, $7.00 Postpaid. By EDGAR L. COLLIS, M.D., M.

fessor of Preventive Medicine, Welsh National School of Medicine; and MAJO QOD, M.R.C.P. (Lond.), Member Industrial Fatigue Research Board, London; W

on Reclama. mation of the Disabled by ARTHUR J. COLLIS, M.D., Medical Supe

Ministry of Pensions Hospital (England), and an Introduction by GEORGE N 5.C.B., M.D.

(Lond.). HOOD AND CARPENTER. • Textbook of Practical Chemistry. W. 162 Illustrations.

8vo. xii + 527 pp. Cloth, $5.00 Postpaid. By G. F. HOOD, M.A. (Oxon), B.Sc. (Lond.), Chemistry Master Nottingham High School; and J. A. CARPENTER, M.A. (Oxon), Major, Late Science Master, St. Paul's School, and Lecturer in Physics, Royal Dental Hospital,

London. MCGUIGAN. An Introduction to Chemical Pharmacology. Pharmacodynamics in Relation

to Chemistry. By Hugh MCGUIGAN, Ph.D., M.D., Professor of Pharmacology, University

of Illinois College of Medicine. 8vo. xii + 418 pp. Cloth, $4.00 Postpaid. AUTENRIETH. Laboratory Manual for the Detection of Poisons and Powerful Drugs.

5th Edition. Revised. 25 Illustrations. 8vo. XV + 342 pp. Cloth, $3.50 Postpaid. By DR. WILHELM AUTENRIETH, Professor in the University of Freiburg; Authorized

Translation by WILLIAM H. WARREN, M.D. SMITH. Priestley in America, 1794-1804. An Account of the Life and Work of the Dis

coverer of Oxygen while in America. 16mo. v + 173 pp. Cloth, $1.50 Postpaid. By

EDGAR F. SMITH, University of Pennsylvania. COPAUX-LEFFMANN. Introduction to General Chemistry. 30 Illustrations. 12mo,

* + 195 pp. Cloth, $2.00 Postpaid. By H. COPAUX, Professor of Mineral Chemistry, School of Industrial Physics and Chemistry, Paris. Translated by and with Appendix by HENRY LEFFMANN, A.M., M.D., Member American Chemical Society and of the British

Society of Public Analysts. An exposition of the principles of modern chemistry. BARNETT. A Textbook of Organic Chemistry. Illustrated. Cloth, $5.00 Postpaid. By

E. DE BARRY BARNETT, B.Sc. (Lond.), Lecturer in Organic Chemistry, Sir John Cass

Technical Institute, London, MOLINARI. General and Industrial Organic Chemistry. Part I. Cloth, $8.00 Postpaid.

By ETTORE MOLINARI, Milan; Translated by T. H. POPE, B.Sc., University of Birming

ham (Eng:). SCHNEIDER. The Microanalysis of Powdered Vegetable Drugs. 23 Edition. 237 Illus

trations. 8vo. Cloth, $5.00 Postpaid. By ALBERT SCHNEIDER, M.D., Ph.D., Professor of Pharmacology, College of Pharmacy, University of Nebraska.

P. Blakiston's Son & Co., Publishers, Philadelphia


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