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The University of Adelaide

A Weekly Journal devoted to the Advancement of Science, publishing the official notices and proceedings of the American Association for

the Advancement of Science

Published every Friday by


Entered in the post-office at Lancaster, Pa as second-class

matter, under the act of March 3, 1879

Applications are invited for the position of Professor of Zoology in the university of Adelaide, South Australia.

The Professor will be required to offer a course of Lectures and Practical Work in Elementary Animal Biology, suitable for students of Science, Medicine and Agriculture, together with an advanced course in Zoology for students in Science. A demonstrator and a collector will be provided. Salary, £1,100 per annum.

Applications with testimonials, statement of academic qualifications, experience, copies of publications, and a recent photograph, should be forwarded to the Registrar, The University of Adelaide, South Australia, to reach him not later than August 1st, 1921.

Candidates must indicate the earliest date at which they can commence duties. Further information may be obtained from : (a) The Agent-General for South Australia,

Australia House. Strand, London. (b) The Commissioner for Australia, 61 Broad

way 3012, New York City, U. S. A. (c) Any University in Australia or New Zea



The Physics of the Air

Professor of Meteorological Physics, United States

Weather Bureau
A rational and deductive treatise on the physics of
the atmosphere. Of great value to meteorologists,
physicists and the aviator.
678 Pages, Illustrated, Index, 8vo. Price, $5

Address orders and inquiries to


THE COCCIDAE SCIENCE PROFESSORS WANTED Tablos for the Identification of the Subfamilies and Some of the More Important Genera

Applications are invited for vacant and Species Together with Discussions of Their Anatomy and Life History positions in Physics, Biology, and Modern


Languages at Mount Allison University, Prof. of Systematic Entomology in the University of Ilinois

Chapters devoted to near relatives of Coccids, Prep Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada.
aration, External Anatomy, Classification, and to each
of the Subfamilies and Tribes, Twenty-seven in all.

Apply to
8vo. Cloth. IX+502. $6.00 net.
Sent prepaid upon receipt of price. Order direct from publisher

B. C. BORDEN, President SCARAB COMPANY 603 Michigan Ave.

Urbana, Illinois

The Microscope


OF PHYSICS in a University in the South. OpporBy SIMON H. GAGE of Cornell University 13th Edition, Published December, 1920

tunity for growth for a high type, trained man with in this edition, special emphasis is put upon the Dark-Field Microscope teaching experience. Address S, care of SCIENCE, Postpaid $3.00

Garrison, N. Y. COMSTOCK PUBLISHING CO., Ithaca, N. Y. Memoirs of the Wistar Institute of Anatomy and ZOOLOGIST, M.S., in Bacteriology, Entomology, Biology. No. 6, 1915

Embryology, Histology; A.M., in Cytology, ProtoTHE RAT

zoology, Neurology; (Dissertation for Ph. D. on In

vertebrate Morphology, nearly complete ), has Data and Reference Tables. 278 Pages. 89 Tables. studied abroad, seeks post as Professor or Head of Bibliography,

Department, with part time for research. Eight years Compiled and Edited by HENRY H. DONALDSON. Postpaid, $3.00.

teaching experience, (in Zoology, Comparative Ana

tomy, Histology, Embryology and Biology). AdThe Wistar Institute Philadelphia, Pa. | dress“K” care of Science, Garrison, N. Y.

The Philippine Journal of


Publications of Carnegie Institution of Washington

Published by the Bureau of Science of the Govern

ment of the Philippine Islands

A monthly periodical devoted to the scientific and

commercial interest of ths Tropics

The Journal is now being issued monthly; the former sections are discontinued. The January, 1920, number begins Volume 16. Subscription price, $5.00 per year.

A list of the publications of the Philippine Bureau of Science and a sample copy of the Philippine Journal of Science will be sent upon request.

No. 280. Benedict, F, G., W. R. Mllen, Paul Roth

and H. Monmouth Smith, Human Vitality and Efficiency under Prolonged Restricted Diet. Octavo, xi + 701 pages, 124 figures.

.Price, $9.00. No. 302. Benediet, F. and

B. Talbot, Metabolism and Growth from Birth to Puberty. Octavo, vi + 213

pages, 55 figures..

.Price, $2.00. No. 216. Carpenter, T. M. A Comparison of

Methods for Determining the Respiratory Exchange of Man. Octavo, 265

pages, 74 figures... ...Price, $2.50. No. 303. Carpenter, Thorne M. Tables, Factors,

and Formulas for Computing Respiratory Exchange and Biological Transformations of Energy. Will be issued

by May 1. Octavo. No. 279. Harris, J. A. and F. G. Benedict. А

Biometric Study of Basal Metabolism in Man. Octavo, vi + 266 pages,

30 diagrams..

..Price, $4.00 No. 309. Smith, H. Monmouth. Gaseous Ex

change and Physiological Requirements for Level and Grade Walking. Octavo..

....In Press The publications of the Institution now number over 400 volumes, the subjects including

Anatomy, Arcbæology, Astronomy, Botany, Chemistry, Climatology, Economics and Sociology, Embryology, Experimental Evolution and Heredity, Engineering, Folk-Lore, Geology, History, International Law, Literature, Mathematics, Medicine, Nutrition, Paleontology, Philology, Physics, Stereochemistry, Terrestrial Magnetism, Zoology. Classified and descriptive lists will be sent postpaid on application.

All communications should be addressed to CARNEGIE INSTITUTION OF WASHINGTON


Subscriptions and orders for publications should be

sent to


Philippine Journal of Science Bureau of Science


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W E are greatly pleased to be able to announce to the readers of Science

W and to all users of scientific apparatus and instruments in general that we have recently secured the services of

DR. PAUL E. KLOPSTEG who has already entered upon his duties as Technical Superyisor of Development and Manufacturing.

While a student at the University of Minnesota, from which he received his Ph.D. degree in 1916, Dr. Klopsteg devoted particular attention to the study of electrical measuring instruments. He served on the instructional staff of that institution for several years as assistant in the departments of Electrical Engineering and Physics, and was later promoted to the rank of Assistant Professor of Physics. In 1917 he entered the Government service, spending a year as Electrical Engineer in the Ordnance Department, during which time he aided in the development of the Aberdeen Chronograph for the measurement of projectile velocities. In the fall of 1918, as a result of his work upon this instrument, Dr. Klopsteg became identified with Leeds and Northrup, who had undertaken its manufacture. Later his activities were centered in the Sales and Advertising Department, where he has been largely responsible for the collection and preparation of technical and scientific information upon instruments and methods.

Since the organization of the Central Scientific Company it has been our ambition to produce the BEST apparatus in design, workmanship, finish, durability and adaptability to the purpose for which intended, in whatever field of trade demands might lead.

When our business was almost entirely that of a High School Supply House, we strove to realize this ambition, adding from time to time to the personnel of the organization men who were thoroughly familiar with this field and who could be trusted to intelligently guide our efforts. When the demands led us later into the field of College Physics and of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, further additions were made to the organization so that we might be equipped to render intelligent and accurate service to users of apparatus in these fields.

The European War having cut us off from former sources of supply, our Manufacturing Department was called upon to develop almost at once the manufacture of numerous physical and chemical instruments for which there was most urgent demand. Again additions were made to both engineering and manufacturing divisions of men whose training would enable us quickly and accurately to develop these instruments.

With the coordination of the technical efforts of these various groups under the supervision of Dr. Klopsteg, we believe that we are in a position to render a service to users of scientific apparatus which will justify our ambition to make the name “ CENCO” stand always and only for that which is best. As we have always been ready in the past to place upon our apparatus a guarantee of complete satisfaction, backed up in case of doubt by immediate replacement or full credit, we now repeat this guarantee with the additional promise that whether it be a simple piece of high school physical apparatus, a piece of chemical glassware, an ordinary quantitative laboratory device, or a precise measuring instrument, the name CENCO upon it will stand as evidence that the need which it serves has been carefully analyzed, the piece has been scientifically designed to meet this need, has been carefully made of the proper materials to fulfill its purpose and has met the most rigid test of its fitness when completed. This is our promise.


460 E.Ohio SI




Repeated object lessons have demonstrated that nearly all progress in science has resulted in important advances in industry

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G-E Research Laboratory

Schenectady, N. Y.

Among the many products developed by the General
Electric Company's research laboratories the following
are of special interest to manufacturers:

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For further information address Supply Department, Schenectady Office.


General Electric


General Office
Schenectady. N.Y.

Sales Offices in all large cities


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Laboratory Bottles, with flat glass stopper; these bottles are made in our own private moulds of a new formula lime glass, developed under our direction and which, while not equal to Pyrex, Nonsol or similar glass in stability, is far superior in this respect to the ordinary flint glass mostly used in the manufacture of bottles. They were the first bottles to be made in the U. S. of the squat shape, heretofore available only in imported bottles. They hold the full capacity indicated, are of excellent appearance and are suitable in every way for use as reagent bottles where labelling is done in the laboratory.

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