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33.95 131.00


Dr. To balance turned over by L.

0. Howard, April 1,

1920: Checking account . $23,692.64 Savings account

4,201.09 $27,893.73 To receipts from members: Annual dues previous to 1919 ...

$31.00 Annual dues 1919

79.50 Annual dues 1920

11,121.50 Annual dues 1921 (paid in advance)

204.18 Admission fees

230.00 Life membership fees..., 200.00 11,866.18 To other receipts : Sales of publications

$10.75 Miscellaneous receipts in

cluding postage,
change on checks, over-

payments on dues, etc. 137.43 Interest on savings account. 26.25 174.43


By miscellaneous expenses : Life membership commu

tations, to Treasurer... Travel

expenses, Executive Committee Expenses, Grants Com

mittee Refunds of overpaid dues. Refunds of payments for

old membership lists... Refunds to academies on national members having

paid dues for 1920..... Membership in American

Council on Education...
Moving to third floor
Notary fees ...
Expenses of Committee on

Permanent Secretary ..
Loss on Canadian Currency


10.00 5.00 .25



[blocks in formation]

By new balances :
American National Bank:

Checking account

Savings account
Petty cash fund

$4,344.04 4,227.34



8,584.59 $39,934.34


By Publications:

Publishers SCIENCE
By Division Expenses (re-

funds on memberships): Pacific Division .... $1,755.00

Southwestern Division 105.00 By Expenses, Washington

Salary Permanent Secre-

$1,250.01 Salary, Executive Assistant

1,195.00 Salary, Clerk

454.84 Salary, F. S. Hazard.... 200.00 Extra clerical help

400.00 Travel expenses, Permanent Secretary

120.27 Office supplies

354.75 Stationery and printing... 1,979.53 Telephone and telegraph

74.28 Furniture

219.81 Postage

545.32 Exchange on checks.... 11.72 Bad checks of members unredeemed ....

10.00 Duplicating work


I certify that I have audited the accounts of the Permanent Secretary of the American Association for the Advancement of Science for the period April 1, 1920, to September 30, 1920; that they were found correct, and that proper vouchers cov. ering disbursements were exhibited. (Signed) HERBERT A. GILL,

Auditor WASHINGTON, D. C., January 17,



and express

[blocks in formation]
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Johns Hopkins University Tulane University of


Medical School The Medical School is an Integral part of the University and is in close Affiliation with the Johns Hopkins Hospital

ADMISSION Candidates for admission must be graduates of approved colleges or scientific schools with at least two year's instruction, including laboratory work, in Chemistry, and one year each in physics and biology, together with evidence of a reading knowledge of French and German,

Each class is limited to 90 students, men and women being admitted on the same terms. Except in unusual circumstances, applications for admission will not be considered after July 18h

If vacancies occur, students from other institutions desiring advanced standing may be admitted to the second or third year provided they fulani

all of our requirements and present exceptional qualifications.

INSTRUCTION The academic year begins the Tuesday nearest October 1 and closes the third Tuesday in June. The course of instructon, occupies four years and especial emphasis is laid upon praca ucal work in the laboratories, in the wards of the Hospital and in the Dispensary.

TUITION The charge for tuition is $250 per annum, payable in threo instalments. There are no extra fees except for rental of microscope, certain expensive supplies, and laboratory breakage.

The annual announcement and application blanks may be obtained by addressing the

Dean of the Johns Hopkins Medica School Washington and Monument Sts. BALTIMORE, M.D SUMMER WORK FOR GRADUATES

IN MEDICINE Beginning Tuesday, June 6th, and ending Thursday, July 16th, a course in medical diagnosis, including laboratory exer. cises in clinical pathology and demonstrations in pathological anatomy, will be offered. The course will be limited to twenty students, fee $100. Applications should be made to the Dean's Office.


(Establishod in 1834) ADMISSION: All students entering the Freshman

Class will be required to present credits for two years of college work, which must include Chemistry (General and Organic), Physics and Biology, with their laboratories, and at least one year in English and one year in a modern

foreign language. COMBINED COURSES: Premedical course of two

years is offered in the College of Arts and Sciences, which provides for systematic work leading to the B.S. degree at the end of the second year in the medical course.

School of Pharmacy, School of Dentistry and Graduate School of Medicine also.

Women admitted to all Schools of tho

College of Medicine
For bulletins and all other information, address
Tulane College of Medicine

P. O. Box 770
New Orleans, LA,

Syracuse University College of Medicine Northwestern University

Medical School

Entrance Two year of a rooogained ogurno in arte

or in science in v registered oolloge or Requirements School of Scien00, which must include

Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and French
or German. Six and rovon year' oodabi-
pation oounes are ofterod.

Situated in Chicago in close proximity to important

Hospitals with an abundance of clinical material. The First Two are spent in mastering, by laboratory

motboda tho sioncos fundamental to Admission Requirements-Two years of College credit Years alinioul medioido.

including a satisfactory course in Physics, Chemistry, The Third Year lo qystematic and clinical and is dovoted to Biology or Zoology, and French or German. Course

the study of the natural history of disease,
to diagnosis and to thorapouties. Ia this

Course of Study-leading to the degree of Doctor of year the systematic courses in Modicino, Medicine Four years in the Medical School and a Surgery and Obstetrics are completed. fifth year either as Interne in an approved hospital

or devoted to research in some branch of Medical The Fourth is alinical. Students spend the entire foro

Year Course

poon throughout the year as clinical olorks
in hospitals under onreful suporvision. The Graduate Instruction in courses leading to the degree
olinice lork takes the history, makes the
physical examination and the laboratory of Master of Arts or Doctor of Philosophy.
examinations, arrives at a diagnosis which
he most defend, outlines the treatment Research Foundation,

The James A. Patten Endowunder his instructor and observes and ment for Research affords unusual opportunities for records the result. In case of operation or

advanced students of Medical Science to pursue of autopsy bo follows the specimon and identifies its pathological nature. Two gen:

special investigations. controlled by the University, one special Research Fellowships—Four fellowships of the value bospital and the municipal hospitals and of $500 each are awarded annually to promote Laboratories are open to our students, The

scholarly research. afternoons are sport in the Collogo Dispensary and in clinical work in medical and Tuition Fees—The tuition fee for undergraduate stusurgioal specialties and in confereDoos.

dents is $180.00 a year. Summer School summor course in pathology covering a period of six wooks during June and July will be given in For information address ange there is a sufficient number of applicants. Address the Secretary of the College,

C. W. PATTERSON, Registrar 307 Orange Street

Syracuse, N. Y. 1421 South Dearborn Street Chicago, Illinois

Marine Biological Laboratory

Woods Hole, Mass.

Zoologist, Geneticist, Ph.D.,

ten years experience in college teaching, would welcome change giving opportunity to devote part time to research. Address A, care Science, Gar rison, N. Y.

INSTRUCTORSHIP IN BIOLOGY An Instructorship in Biology in Randolph Macon Woman's College will become vacant at the close of the present session. Applicants for the position should be especially well equipped in zoölogy and must have had experience in teaching and at least a year of graduate study. Inquiries with a statement of qualifications should be addressed to J. I. HAMAKER, Randolph Macon Woman's College, Lynchburg, Va.



Facilities for research in Zoology,

Embryology, Physiology, and Bot-
Eatire Year any. Eighty-four private labora-

tories, $100 each for pot over three
months. Thirty tables are avail-
able for beginners in research who
desire to work under the direction
of members of the staff. The fee

for such a table is $50.00. INSTRUCTION

Courses of laboratory instruction

with lectures are offered in InverteJune 29 to August 9

brale Zoology, Protozoology, Em

bryology, Physiology and Morph-

ology and Taxonomy of the Algae.
Each course requires the full time
of the student. Fee, $75. A lecture
course on the Philosophical Aspects
of Biology and Allied Sciences is

also offered.
SUPPLY Animals and plants, preserved, live

ing, and in embryonic stages. PreDEPARTMENT served material' of all types of Opon the Entire Year worts and Mosses furnished for

animals and of Algae, Fungi, Liver-
classwork, or for the museum. Liv-
ing material furnished in season as
ordered. Microscopic slides in
Zoology, Botany, Histology, Bac-
teriology. Price lists of Zoological
and Botanical material and Micro-
scopic Slides sent on application.
State which is desired. "For price
lists and all information regarding

[blocks in formation]

material, address
GEO. M. GRAY. Curator, Woods Hole, Mass.
The annual announcement will be sent on application to The
Director, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Mass.

Address orders and inquiries to


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In these days of a scarcity of good instructors, school authorities generally realize the importance of providing proper scientific equipment as a means of attracting and holding the better grade of teachers.

Inadequate equipment does not give the teacher an opportunity for efficient work; and it robs the scholar of what he has a right to expect.

You cannot afford to equip with anything less than Kewaunee.

The Kewaunee Book will interest Superintendents and Teachers who are thinking of installing Laboratory Equipment for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Agriculture, Electricity, Domestic Science or Art, Manual Training or the Kindergarten. Ask for a copy, indicating the subject in which you are interested. Address all inquiries to the factory at Kewaunee.

[blocks in formation]


The new Acree Apparatus with Pyrovolter Potentiometer is a unit outfit (not assembled), offering greater convenience and higher accuracy than any heretofore available. Even from a cost standpoint, it is worthy of your close investigation,

Ask us for our New Price List of Apparatus for Pa

Measurements, requesting CS-18

[merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][graphic][subsumed]

We are now in position to again invite orders for high-class instruments made by the British firm of Adam Hilger, Ltd., including Spectroscopes, Spectrographs, Spectrometers, Spectrophotometers, Interferometers, Polarimeters, Refractometers, etc.

This will be welcome news to those Scientists who are in need of such equipment, and are familiar with "Hilger quality.


1211 Arch St., Philadelphia

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