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fication schemes at home and abroad the increasing cost
of printing and diminishing appropriations make it im-
possible to supply other libraries with printed copies of
many of the schemes. At present no less than nine
classes of the classification are reported as out of print by
the Superintendent of Documents with several manu-
script schemes for which there is a constant demand yet
to be printed. Of the nine schemes reported out of
print a few copies of some classes may still be supplied to
libraries by our publication section.

During the coming year it is hoped that the printing of
subclasses P-PA, General Philology and the Classics,
may be completed and that the third edition of class Z,
Bibliography, may also be printed, the second edition
having been out of print for several years. It is also
hoped that we may be able to print the scheme for
Religion (BL-BX) which has been for some years in

As evidence of the growing interest in our classification
system we have pleasure in reporting the libraries of the
following institutions as recently adopting the system
and reclassifying according to its principles:

Bucknell University, Lewisburg, Pa.

Emory University, Emory University, Ga.

London School of Economics and Political Science,
London, England (For all classes, previously for class Z

Louvain University, Louvain, Belgium.

San Diego Scientific Library, San Diego, Calif.

Swift & Co., Chicago, Ill.

United States Field Artillery School, Fort Sill, Okla.
United States Military Academy, West Point, N. Y.
University of St. Andrews, St. Andrews, Scotland.
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Requests for the classification schemes printed or type-
written have been unusually numerous and they have
been lent to libraries in the United States, Great Britain,
and China. The Librarian of the Stockholm Technical
Institute (Kungl. tekniska hogskolan) wrote for permis-
sion to translate the schemes, with some modifications
and abridgments, into Swedish.


(From the report of the chief, Mr. Hastings)

During the year the number of subscribers to printed
cards has increased from 3,374 to 3,593. Fully 75 per
cent of the new subscribers are libraries of colleges, high
schools, and teachers' colleges.

The value of the cards shipped, exclusive of those
supplied to libraries of the United States Government,
was $146,429.27, an increase of more than 201⁄2 per cent
over the shipments of last year. About 15 per cent of
this increase was due to the increase in the price of the
cards, effective July 1, 1924. The cash sales, repre-
senting cards sold and paid for during the year, amounted
to $140,701.99.

The sale of cards to libraries of the departments of
the United States Government, paid for by transfer of
credits, amounted to $3,927.93.

Cards for 37,005 different titles were added to the stock
during the year, including 2,545 cards printed for libra-
ries in the District of Columbia and 1,077 printed for
other cooperating libraries.

The whole number of different titles represented in the
stock on June 30, 1925, was 964,488. The average stock
of each card is estimated at 70 copies, making the total
number of cards in stock about 67,514,160.

A depository set assigned early in the year to North
Carolina University library is about two-thirds with-
drawn from stock and will be shipped this fall. A de-
pository set was also assigned to Toronto University
library. The revised list of depositories is appended.
The list of partial depository sets assigned to libraries
maintained by the United States Government, as printed
in the report for 1923, remains unchanged.

A provisional issue of the fifth edition of the pamphlet,
L. C. Printed Cards, was issued, a permanent issue being
impracticable until the corresponding sixth edition of
the Handbook of Card Distribution can be printed.
Not less than 1,000 copies of the smaller pamphlet are now
required annually for the use of students in library

schools and training classes. The leading schools evidently include instruction in the ordering and use of the L. C. cards as a part of the regular curriculum.

The hope expressed in my report last year that arrears in printing and reprinting of cards would be avoided in the future were only partly realized. The number of entries on hand awaiting printing and reprinting at the close of this fiscal year were about one-half as large as at the end of last year, being approximately 10,000 new entries and 1,000 reprints. The branch printing office, located in the Library, had the force and equipment necessary to overcome the arrears entirely and was working very efficiently to that end, but owing chiefly to the substantial increase in the wages paid in the Government Printing Office and the failure of Congress to grant a corresponding deficiency appropriation we were again prevented from reaching the goal. The output had to be sharply curtailed during the last quarter.


American Antiquarian Society, Worcester, Mass.

Bowdoin College Library, Brunswick, Me.

Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Brown University Library, Providence, R. I.

Buffalo Public Library, Buffalo, N. Y.
California State Library, Sacramento, Calif.
California University Library, Berkeley, Calif.
Chicago University Library, Chicago, Ill.
Cincinnati Public Library, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Cleveland Public Library, Cleveland, Ohio.
Columbia University Library, New York City.
Connecticut State Library, Hartford, Conn.
Cornell University Library, Ithaca, N. Y.
Dartmouth College Library, Hanover, N. H.1
Harvard University Library, Cambridge, Mass.

Hebrew University Library, Jerusalem, Palestine.

Illinois University Library, Urbana, Ill.

Indiana State Library, Indianapolis, Ind.

Institut International de Bibliographie, Brussels, Belgium.

Iowa State College, Ames, Iowa.

Iowa State University Library, Iowa City, Iowa.
John Crerar Library, Chicago, Ill.

Johns Hopkins University Library, Baltimore, Md.

1 Proof-sheet depository only.

Kansas State Historical Society Library, Topeka, Kans.
Kyoto University Library, Kyoto, Japan.1
Los Angeles Public Library, Los Angeles, Calif.1
McGill University Library, Montreal, Canada.
Massachusetts State Library, Boston, Mass.
Michigan University Library, Ann Arbor, Mich.
Minnesota University Library, Minneapolis, Minn.
Missouri University Library, Columbia, Mo.1
Nebraska University Library, Lincoln, Nebr.
New York Public Library, New York City.
New York State Library, Albany, N. Y.

North Carolina University Library, Chapel Hill, N. C.
Northwestern University Library, Evanston, Ill.
Ohio State University Library, Columbus, Ohio.
Oklahoma University Library, Norman, Okla.
Peking University Library, Peking, China.
Pennsylvania University Library, Philadelphia, Pa.
Philadelphia Free Library, Philadelphia, Pa.
Philippine Library and Museum, Manila, P. I.1
Pittsburgh Carnegie Library, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Princeton University Library, Princeton, N. J.
St. Louis Public Library, St. Louis, Mo.
Seattle Public Library, Seattle, Wash.

Stanford University Library, Stanford University, Calif.1
Syracuse University Library, Syracuse, N. Y.

K. Tekniska Hogskolans Bibliotek, Stockholm, Sweden.
Texas University Library, Austin, Tex.

Tokyo Imperial University Library, Tokyo, Japan.1
Toronto University Library, Toronto, Canada.
Virginia State Library, Richmond, Va.

Wesleyan University Library, Middletown, Conn.1
Wisconsin State Historical Society, Madison, Wis.
Yale University Library, New Haven, Conn.

1 Proof-sheet depository only.



(From the report of the chief of the division of accessions and publications)

The following table exhibits the comparative statistics of the distribution of publications of the Library of Congress for the past three fiscal years:

[blocks in formation]

1 Includes separate numbers of State publications (monthly check-list).

* Includes copyright publications.

The publications of the Library during the past year have been as follows:


Report of the Librarian of Congress for the fiscal year ending
June 30, 1924. 290 p. Plates. 232 cm.


Cloth, 60 cents.

Orientalia: Added; by Walter T. Swingle, chairman library committee, Department of Agriculture. (Reprint of Appendix III of the Report of the Librarian of Congress for 1924.) 1924. p. 258-279. 23 cm.

Classification: Outline scheme of classes. 1925. 25 p. 252 cm

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