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All conversion or replacement activity is performed to the extent possible in accordance with the General Accounting Office (GAO) conversion model outlined in the GAO's guidance document titled "Year 2000 Computing Crisis: An Assessment Guide” dated September 1997. The conversion or replacement activity should follow all appropriate phases in the GAO guide.

Year 2000 Program activities are given top priority. All new system development activity should be assigned lesser priority unless it replaces a non-compliant application or is needed to fulfill lega statutory, or mission-critical office requirements. Similarly, existing system modification/enhancement activity should be limited to production problems, or to fulfill legal, statutory, or mission-critical office requirements.

Organizations are provided adequate resources to meet deadlines, including interdepartmental reassignment of resources or contracting out if necessary.

New information technology productivity tools are acquired to facilitate and expedite the conversion, replacement, and testing activities, if applicable.

Each organization establishes a validation phase testing group(s) which is different than the one(s) that performed the renovation, including any work that was contracted out; and that the validation groups certify applications for year 2000 compliance.

All GPO organizations providing information processing services to various customer entities shall develop software bridges to accommodate non-compliant data exchanges with their external customer entities.

Responsibilities.—The GPO Year 2000 Program will be administered through a closely coordinated network of management and supervisory officials, with the Director of the Policy Coordination Staff serving as the Year 2000 Program Manager. The principal management official responsible for overall GPO Year 2000 Program is the Deputy Public Printer. Policy guidance provided by the Deputy Public Printer through the Year 2000 Program Management Office, GPO's executive management, managers in core business areas, and personnel involved in the year 2000 conversion/replacement effort will work together in harmony and bring GPO's Year 2000 Program to a successful conclusion by October 1, 1999.

The following is a detailed description of the various duties and responsibilities for the GPO Year 2000 Program.

- Deputy Public Printer:--The Deputy Public Printer is responsible for ensuring the development, implementation, and maintenance of a GPO-wide Year 2000 Program and ensuring compliance with applicable Federal laws and regulations

and internal GPO policies and procedures. -Policy Coordination Staff (PCS).—The Director of PCS will serve as the Pro

gram Manager for the GPO Year 2000 Program and provide oversight and administration to the GPO Year 2000 Program Management Office. The Director is responsible for communicating GPO Year 2000 policy guidelines, coordinating the year 2000 activity at the agency-wide level, and preparing status reports for GPO executive management and other agencies, as required. The Year 2000 Program Management Office, under the direction of the PCS Director, is responsible for: -Coordinating the planning and development of the GPO Year 2000 Program; -Serving as the liaison to the various designated year 2000 coordinators for all

of GPO's Year 2000 Program activities to ensure requirements and needs are addressed by GPO organizations to certify that GPO is year 2000 compliant

by October 1, 1999; Serving as the principal advisor to the Public Printer and the Deputy Public

Printer concerning year 2000 policy and direction; and -Developing and recommending GPO's Year 2000 policy, standards, and proce

dures for the Public Printer's and the Deputy Public Printer's approval. Office of the Inspector General (OIG).-In carrying out its statutory requirements, the OIG may conduct periodic reviews as desired to ensure that the project activity is following the best program management practices, conforms

to the policy guidelines, and is on target to meet the project deadline. -Department/Service / Staff/ Office Heads.-Department/Service/Staff/Office

heads will carry out the intent of this Instruction within their areas of responsibility. For the Year 2000 Program to be successful and accomplished in a time and resource constrained environment, it will require the total support and commitment of management and transcend organizational boundaries. In that regard, Department/Service/Staff/Office heads are responsible for certifying that all GPO and/or external major systems/components supporting core business activities or processes within their areas of authority are in compliance with year 2000 requirements or are converted or replaced to become year 2000 compliant by October 1, 1999. This responsibility can best be accomplished by:

-Appointing an employee(s) as designated contact point(s) for all year 2000-re

lated matters to assist in the overall assessment, renovation, validation, and

implementation of the program in their specific areas of responsibility;
-Actively participating to resolve any year 2000 problems;
-Elevating the visibility of the program within their organizations;
-Adhering to status and compliance reporting;
-Providing full cooperation with the Year 2000 Program Office;
-Ensuring that year 2000 requirements and needs are properly defined, includ-

ing reviewing and maintaining an inventory of existing hardware, software,
and support agreements for their specific areas to make certain that year
2000 compliance is accomplished by October 1, 1999;
- Monitoring the effectiveness of the Year 2000 Program efforts in their area

of responsibility; -Developing realistic contingency plans, including the development and activa

tion of manual or contract procedures, for all mission-critical systems/applica-
tions which are not year 2000 compliant by March 1999, to ensure the con-
tinuity of GPO's critical products and services; and
- Identifying and reporting the cost of all efforts and resources used to achieve

year 2000 compliance for their systems and applications. Effective Date.--This Instruction effective upon issuance.

Inquiries.- Inquiries concerning this Instruction should be directed to the GPO Year 2000 Program Manager on 202–512-0263.


Public Printer.

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19,288,185 Cost figures for fiscal year 1996 include funds for internal costs for the Integrated Processing System (IPS) and the Work In Process (WIP) system.

2 Cost figures for fiscal year 1997 and fiscal year 1998 include funds for Integrated Processing for Documents ($7 million) and the conversion of the Regional Printing Procurement Offices from system 36's to a PC based network ($1.5 million). These projects were planned before Y2K efforts but are included in the Y2K Program as replacements.


(As of March 19, 1998]

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(Targot Dates For Y2K Compliant Implementation)

Milestone Chart

Calendar Year 1997

Calendar Year 1998

CY 1999
1st Q 2nd Q 3rd Q 4th Q1st Q 2nd Q3rd Q 4th Q1st Q 2nd Q




ATTACHMENT #3 (Target Datos For Y2K Compliant Implementation)

Milostono Chart

Calendar Year 1997

Calendar Year 1998

CY 1999
1st Q 2nd Q 3rd Q 4th Q 1st Q 2nd Q 3rd Q 4th Q 1st Q2nd Q

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