Lapas attēli

woody fibre (cellulose). Any food containing it is injurious.


PAN-AMERICAN EXPOSITION, BUFFALO. ceptable; a strongly conservative commis,

sion to draw up an electoral law is appointed May 1 to November 1, 1901.

by the Cuban Constitutional Convention. “Picturesque Pan-American Route to Buffalo ” is a July 13.- Porto Rico : It is stated that Governor beautifully illustrated and comprehensive publication

Allen, who is on his way to the United issued by the “Grand Trunk Railway System,” giving

States with the Porto Rican free-trade resoaccurate information of the Exhibition with plan of the

lution, will resign soon after his arrival, and grounds, also map giving complete information of Buffalo, probably be succeeded by William H. Hunt, and will be sent free on receipt of two cents postage.

secretary of the insular government. Those planning a trip to Buffalo and Pan-American Exposition this year should make arrangements to take in one of the popular side trips offered by the Grand Trunk Railway to the most beautiful and healthful sum

CHESS. mer resorts, situated in the Highlands of Ontario," lo. cated 1000 feet above sea level, a few hours' run' from [All communications for this Department should Buffalo. Good hotel accommodation, magnificent scenery, be addressed : "Chess Editor, LITERARY perfect immunity from Hay Fever; a place where Health and Pleasure go hand in hand The Highlands of Ontario

DIGEST.") include the foPowing well-known and popular districts :"Muskoka Lakes, "Lake of Bays," "Magnetawan

Problem 573. River,"

," * 30,000 Islands of the Georgian Bay," "Kawartha Lakes" and the region around "Lakes Simcoe

By E. J. WINTER-Wood. and Couchiching."

Black-Five Pieces.
Illustrated descriptive publications, maps and all in-
formation can be had free by applying to FRANK P.
Dwyer, Eastern Passenger Agent, 290 Broadway, New

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If your grocer does not keep it, send
us his name and your order-we will
see that you are supplied.

The genuine made only by

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White-Eight Pieces.
8; 8; 4 P P P1; 2 P 5; P 2 k 2 K 1; 1 p 6; 1 P 5 B;
7 Q.

White mates in three moves.
These problems received the prizes for the best

and best three-mover in the half-
yearly competition of Cricket and Football Field,
Bolton, Eng.



Bought and Sold.
1125 Broadway, New York.

The Natural Body Brace advertised in this paper in the Arst issue of this month, is a delightful, certain remedy for allments peculiar to women and girls. It makes walking and work easy: gives good figure and light step. Write the Natural Body Brace Co., Box 713, Salina. Kan., for free illustrated book.


sore te fed, witb} Thompson's Eye Water Men:

ky. Salary

who are competent to earn regularweekly

We manufacture a full line of Buggies, Carriages and Harness, all of latest styles and addross Colonial Spice Mills GISHudson St. N, Y.

superior quality and finish, with or without rubber tires. The entire product of

two enormous factories from which to select. ADDISON'S With an Introduc


Prices defy' competition. Every carriage guaranteed. Sent on approval. Your Winchester. 12mo. Cloth, 75 cents.

money back if not satisfied. Write immediately for SPECIAL OFFER.


Readers of THE LITERARY DIGEST are asked to mention the publication when writing to advertisers.

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B-B 5


42 BXR


49 B-RÓ

53 PXP
54 K-K2

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29 P x P


No. 569.

B-B 7 Kt x P, K1-B 5, inate
The Game and Analysis from the Steinitz Memorial


English Hymns: Their
Kt-Kt 4
R-K 2, mate

Authors and History

White. Black.
White. Black.
K-K 5 K-K 6 (must)

It cites in alphabetical order the first lines of IP-KA P-K4 35 R-Q R sq K-K4

Solved by M. W. H., University of Virginia ; over 1,500 hymns. Under each is given a brief 2 Kt-KB 3 Kt-2 B 3 36 P-KR 3(k) R-R 5 the Rev. I. W. B., Bethlehem, Pa.; C. R. Oldham, biographical sketch of the author, circumstances 3 Kt-B 3 P-K Kt 3 37 P-B 3

Moundsville, W. Va.; M. M., Worcester, Mass.; attending its composition, and incidents in con4 P-Q.4 Рx P 28 B-B2

the Rev. G. D., New Orleans; the Rev. J. G. L., nection with its use. American as well as Eng. 5Kt XP B-Kt 2 39 P-Kt 4 (1) P-R 5

Walhalla, s. C.; C. Q. De France, Lincoln, Neb.; lish hymnology has been drawn upon. By REV. 6 Kt x Kt(a) Kt Px Kt 40 P-R4

R-Kt3 W. W. S., Randolph-Macon System, Lynchburg, SAMUEL W. DUFFIELD. Kt-K2 7 B-Q3

8vo, 675 pp., Cloth. 41 R-Q Kt sq RxR

Va ; J. E. Wharton, Sherman, Tex ; G P., Winni. Price, $3.00. 8 Castles

B-B 8
peg, Can.; W. C. W.R., Boyce, Va.; W. J. Leake,

This is by far the most complete, accurate, and thor9 Q-K sq Castles 43 K-B 3 P-Kt 4 (m) Richmond, Va.; L. A. Gouldie, Brooklyn, N. Y.

ough work of its kind on either side of the Atlantic."10 P-B 3 P-KR 3

44 B-R 2

P-B 3 11 B-K 3

Theodore L. Cuyler, D.D.
45 B-B7

Comments: "A genuine masterpiece"-M. W.

B-Q6! 12 Q-Q2 P-KB 4 46 K-B 2(n) K-B 5 (0)

H.; "Finely spun"-I. W. B.; "I have great admi13 OR-K sq P x P (b)

Latin Hymn Writers and 47 P-R 5 B x P (p)

ration for this, from the fact that it seems the Kt 14 PxP RxRch 48 B-B 4

(94) must move, and also the surprising position 15 RxR

Their Hymns

P-B 4

after Kt-B 5 mate"-M. M.; “A profound key 1€ Kt-K 2 P-B4 50 B-B 8 P-B 5 followed by a charming variation "G. D.; "Not

A companion volume to "English Hymns: 17 Kt-B 4 B-Kt sq 51 B-R6 K-K4 very difficult, but interesting "-J. G. L.; "Not

Their Authors and History." By the late SAM18 P-Q Kt 3 Q-Q 2 52 B-Kt 7

P-Q 5
half as easy as it looks"-W. W. S.; "Difficult, and

UEL W. DUFFIELD, D.D. 8vo, Čloth. Over 500 19 R-B 3 R-KB sa

as smart as it can be "-J. E. W.; “Very fine.

pp. Price, $3.00.
26 R-R3 B-B2
B-Q 6 ch Thought it was unsound ">W. J. L.

"It is a book which fills a gap hitherto yawning, and 21 Kt-Q 50) P-K R 4(d) 55 K-K sq P-B 6

This is a very remarkable problem: first, it lays claim to literary graces that were absent from all 22 Kt x kt Rx Kt 56 B-B8 K-K6 looks necessary to stop the K from going to B 6;

previous volumes upon hymnology.”The Independent,

New York.
K-Kt sa 57 K-Q sq K-B7 second, the key-move seems to take the B entirely
58 B-B 5 BXP

out of play, and third, hardly anything could be
25 B-R6
R-K sq (f)

Library of Sacred Poetry 59 K-B2 B-B 8

finer than the mate by Kt-B's. The Chess-editor 26 B x B Kх в

Вх Р

of The Nebraska Independent informed us that, 27 Q-B 4(g) QxQ 61 K-Q4

and Song B-Kt7

when he published it, only one person, Dr. Dalton, 28 RXQ P-B 5 (h) 62 K-K 5 P-R6 solved it.

A delightful collection of the best poems of all
R-K 63 K-B

R-O $ 4 (i) 64 KAP

In addition to those reported W. J. Funk, Brook30 R-B sa

ages and all lands. Edited by Philip Schaff, P Queens lyn, got 551 ; WW. Stevens, B.A., Youngstown, D.D., and Arthur Gilman, M.A. Nearly 2,000 31 K-B 2 Вх Р 65 K-Kt 6 K-B6

0., 565; Prof. M. A. T., Wood berry Forest High poems, representing ?16 authors, cloth with gold 32 K-K3 B-K3 66 P-Kt 5 K-B 5 School, Orange, Va., 567.

borders. Royal 8vo, 1,049 pages, full indexes, $6. 33 R-Q Kt sq K-B 3 Resigns.

- Examination shows it to be singularly complete in its 34 P-Q R3 R-R4

fulfilment of its comprehensive purpose."--The Evening A “Pat on the Back."

Post, New York. (a) Winawer hardly ever misses an opportunity to double a Pawn, hence this exchange in prefer- braska Independent, writes as follows to the cor

Mr. C. Q. De France, Chess-editor of The Ne. Sermons in Songs ence to P-Q 4.

Valuable sermons on the Psalms, hymns, and (b). This isolates the K P, but he subjects him. respondent who asks, "Which is the best Chess

spiritual songs, including The Magnificat'of column?"

Mary," "The Benedictus 'of Zacharias," self thereby to a vehement attack.


Gloria in Excelsis," "The 'Nunc Dimittis, of (c) The sacrifice of the Kt which he threatened "This is a hard question to answer : Are you Simeon," "The Singers in Prison," etc. By is no longer feasible after Black's last move: 21 Kt able to trot in the :0212 class? Can your gray

CHARLES S. Robinson, D.D. 12mo, Cloth, $1.25. x P, Kt « Kt; 22 B x RP, R-KR 8.

matter stand the strain of 23-nove suiinates and "His sermons are always seriptural, derse, compact,

all sorts of direct mates from two to umpty-steen brief, and full of pertinent illustration."-Church Guard(d) His only move. Kt-Kt sq would prove moves? If so, then for you the New York Clipper

ian, Montreal. fatal because of 22 B x RP. has the best Chess-column. ...

FUNK & WAGNALLS COMPANY, NEW ORK (e) If Q--Q 2, then 25 B-B 6.

“But if you don't care for such brain-rackers,

and can content yourself with two-ers and three(f) To arrive at a true appreciation of the situa

ers, you will find the cream of every good thing tion one must bear in mind that Steinitz had to in that line in THE LITERARY DIGEST ; besides win this game at all hazards, as a Draw would you will be one of the largest corps of solvers CHRISTIAN SCIENCE? Is It True ? Or have left Winawer sole winner of the first prize. anywhere in existence. Aliho they are not all All False, or Partly True and Partly To accomplish this task seems next to impossible. represented each week, I know that 'THE DIGEST'S False ? But few Chess-players would take white for list of solvers runs above the two hundred mark.

Read Theodore F. Seward's new book, choice, as Black is on the defensive and dare not Typographically the page is almost perfect (and play to win the Pawn :

this is also true of The Clipper, and the Chess-
editor has a knack of selecting the best games and

SPIRITUAL KNOWING 25 ..... Q-R 8ch 28 Q-B 3 ch K-Kt sq the best problems going, keeping always right up

12mo, Cloth. Price, $1.00.
26 R-B sq
QXRP 29 R-R sq

to date."
Kx B
Wins the Queen.

Funk & Wagualls Co., Pub'rs, 30 Lafayette Pl., New York.
Mr. De France gives a list of almost all the
In this predicament Steinitz formed one of the papers in the United States having, a Chess de-
meest profounidh and angenis use to mainations on tics, and speaking words of praise for the good | CURIOSITIES OF LA CROARE JANSERS

“Innumerable good things relating to the legal (g) With the position perfectly even, to say the Democrat, New Orleans, and The Times, Philadel

profession. We know of no volume better adapted least, with to all outward appearances nothing at phia, is unfortunate. The first of these is edited

to amuse and edify both the lawyer and the layall threatening, why should not White exchange with great ability, while the latter reveals the Queens, when a Draw means first prize? But that versatility and humor of the distinguished

man."--Green Bag, Boston.

8vo, Cloth, $8.00. was just what Steinitz had expected, desired, and Reichelm.

FINK & WAGWALLS 00., Pub., NEW YORK. figured upon.

(h) A thunderbolt from out the blue ! White can not help his Pawns being broken up; the goal within reach vanishes away, and he has to struggle anew, with defeat staring him in the face. (i) Black never relaxes. R-R 4 were decidedly

WHITE PLAINS, NY. inferior.

BUFFALO, N. Y. 31 R-Kt sq K-B 3 35 P-K 5 Px P 32 R-Kt 7 P-B4 36 B-K 4 with 33 R-7 K-K 3

The disease yields easily to the OGDENSBURG, N. Y. a powerful

Double Chloride of Gold Treat34 R-B 7 RxP attack.

ment as administered at these LEXINGTON, MASS.

KEELEY INSTITUTES. (k) P-B 3 deserves preference.


Communications confidential. (1) White is limited in the choice of his moves,

Write for particulars

WEST HAVEN, CONN. which threaten to become exhausted. The above is not good, for the reason that all his Pawns are on squares bearing the color of the hostile Bishop.

27 B x B


Alcohol, Opium,
Drug Using.



(m) The fruit is not ripe yet. B x P? 44 B-Q 3.

(n) No use trying to defend the Pawn; 46 B-Kt 6, P-Q 4.

(0) Black is in no hurry to capture the Pawn, as it can not be saved.

(p) At last he reaps the reward for his grand combination, initiated a score of moves before. The game is now won without further difficulty.

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Opium habits permanently cured at home. No loss of

time from business -no relapses. Free sample and book (in plain sealed envelope). Describe case. DR. PURDY, Room 6, Binz Building, Houston, Texas.

Readers of THE LITERARY DIGEST are asked to mention the publication when writing to advertisers.

shines brigh Hy in a house

where SAPOLIO abolishes dirt, but “Dirt and despair are close of kin"-Try it in your next house-cleaning.pojo



PROBLEMS OF CAPITAL AND LABOR. What is the average result of strikes? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Labor Union? How have the conditions of wage-earners improved ? What a re the latest results of cooperation ? All these and other live questions on the present important questions involving employer and employee are fully treated in

The Encyclopedia of Social Reforms


Edited by W. D. P. BLISS.

With the Cooperation of the Highest Authorities in England and the United States.

Col. Albert Shaw, Editor of Review of Reviews : “It will stand in years to come as an epitome of social and economic con-
ditions and the state of human progress in the last decade of the nineteenth century.”
Benjamin Kidd: "I have read through many of the important articles, and am struck with their excellence and completeness.
The plan adopted of setting forth the case from both sides has been admirably carried out.”

Facts about Strikes.

all described, with de:scriptions of trade unions the United States and Great Britain, its present Full information is afforded on the important in foreign countries.

distribution and its probable future distribution. subject of strikes, the information including sta- Theory and Practise of Cooperation. tistics showing the number of disputes, persons

Valuable Information About Wages. affected, percentage of successful and unsuccess- The present development of this theory can be Under wages is full information regarding the ful strikes, etc. Some of the most important clearly understood from the Encyclopedia. Under wage-fund theory, wege production, statistics of strikes in history are described.

this topic we find cooperation described in detail, wages in all lands, conditions of wage-earners, etc All About Trade Unions.

its history given, specific experiments cited,
methods described, and difficulties shown. The

Labor 'and the Laborer.
This increasingly important subject in capital information on this subject, as on all others, is
And labor is thoroughly treated. Arguments are furnished by experts.

Under this subject labor bureaus are described, presented in favor of the trade unions and against

facts are given relative to labor colonies in all them. Their effect on wages, their present de

The Distribution and Increase of Wealth. countries, and labor exchanges, and legislation velopment, expenditures, and achievements are The fullest statistics are recorded of wealth in fully described.

Other subjects fully treated include: Immigration, Apprenticeship, Profit Sharing, Tenement-House Reform, Single Tax, Factory Systems, Civil Service Reform, Poor Laws, etc., etc.

Franklin H. Giddings, Columbia University School of Political Science: "The work is one of very great value, filling a place hitherto unoccupied. A great many topics have been treated, and on the whole successfully and ably.”

Large Octavo, 1,447 pages. Prices: Cloth, $7.50 ; Sheep, $9.50 ;

Half Morocco, $12.00; Full Morocco, $14.00. Sold by Subscription. FUNK & WAGNALLS COMPANY, Publishers, 30 Lafayette Place, NEW YORK.

The favorite book of Quotations among the leading Writers, Speakers, Editors, Lawyers, and other Professional Men

(NOTE THE DISTINGUISHED NAMES BELOW) The cyclopedia is so absolutely indispensable. We rejoice in it."-SPRINGFIELD REPUBLICAN. There is a place for it in every school, home, and public library, and it should fill that place at once.”—EDUCATION, Boston.

“The wisdom of the wise and the experience of ages may be preserved in a quotation"

Cyclopedia of Practical Quotations

Compiled by J. K. HOYT Over thirty thousand choice quotations, embracing a comprehensive list of subjects, with eighty-six thousand lines of concordance; also an Appendix containing quotations from the modern foreign languages, Latin law terms, etc. Every quotation is selected with discrimination as to its pertinence to the subject of which it treats, the prominence and authority of its author, and its probable usefulness to the user. The wide popularity of the cyclopedia among literary and professional men and the emphatic commendations from high authorities have abundantly attested the value of the work to writers, speakers, lawyers, ministers, teachers, and others who have occasion to strengthen or beautify their written or spoken words by apt quotations.

SOME OF ITS EMINENT USERS AND THEIR EMPHATIC OPINIONS AS TO ITS WORTH Hon. Horace Porter, U. S. Ambas-, Ex-Pres. Benjamin Harrison Goldwin Smith, D.C.L., LL.D. Hon. Abram S. Hewitt sador to France

“The cyclopedia will be of great val- “The claim to a novelty in the abun- "The work is indispensable to the "A work which will commend itself ue and usefulness to many persons. dance of its matter and to be arranged scholar and the author." to all scholars. No library will be comWm. Cleaver Wilkinson, D.D.,

on a new principle is well founded." plete without it."

Hon Geo. F. Edmunds
University of Chicago
W. J. Rolfe, M.A., D.L., Harvard

“It is the best work of the kind Hon. Joseph H. Choate, U. S. Min. “It is an extraordinary rich the


with which I am acquainted." ister to England

saurus of choice quotations, selected "By far the most complete and sat Prof. Wm. Hand Browne, Johns I have always found this cyclo- from a vast range of literature." isfactory work of its class.

Hopkins University
pedia the most complete and useful Judge Albert Haight, Court of Ap- Hon. Samuel J. Randall, ex-Speak-
book of the kind ever published.”

peals, State of New York
er of the House of Representatives

* Remarkably copious and accu.

rate in its extracts, and is admirably Gen. Stewart L. Woodford

“ As an aid to the scholar and as a "I consider it the best book of quo- arranged for convenience of refer** It has been to me a practical help." book of reference it is of rare value." tations which I have seen."

William Hayes Ward, D.D., Editor Pres. Francis L. Patton, Princeton Hon. Wallace D. Bassford, House Noah Porter, D.D., LL.D., ex-Pres.

The Independent

of Representatives of Yale University

"Invaluable to the writer who has "It is prepared with very great care "I am much impressed with its " It is a belp and pleasure to many.' | constantly to verify quotations." and is very complete."

usefulness and general excellence." Buckram. Cover Design by George Wharton Edwards, Price $6.00; Law Sheep, $8.00; Half Morocco, $10.00;

Full Morocco, $12.00. 8vo, 6 1-2 Inches Wide, 10 Inches Long, 2 1-2 Inches Thick. 1205 Pages FUNK & WAGNALLS COMPANY, Publishers, 30 Lafayette Place, New York


Readers of THE LITERARY DIGEST are asked to mention the publication when writing to advertisers.

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