Lapas attēli

MacDonald Heyward Co.,

New York City.

in Watches, Diamonds, Rich Jewelry, Clocks, Silverware, Opera Classes, Masonic and Society Pins


ing out her chief objection-that it was really an allegory, whereas he had treated it purely as if it were a story. In the first draft, Jekyll's nature was bad all through, and the Hyde change was worked only for the sake of a disguise. She gave the paper to her husband, and left the room. After

Successor to WM. MOIR a while his bell rang; on her return, she found him sitting up in bed (the clinical thermometer in his 26 West 23d Street (opposite Horth mouth), pointing, with a long, denunciatory finger, to a pile of ashes. He had burned the entire draft. LARGE AND ELEGANT SELECTION OF ORIGINAL Having realized that he had taken the wrong point

AND UNIQUE DESIGNS of view, that the tale was an allegory and not another · Markheim,' he at once destroyed his manuscript, acting not out of pique, bnt from a fear that he might be tempted to make too much use of it, and not rewrite the whole from a new standpoint. It was written again in three days (“I drive on with “Jekyll,” bankruptcy at my heels ') ; but the fear of losing the story altogether prevented much further criticism. The powder was condemned as too inaterial an agency, but this he could not eliminate, because in the dream it had made so strong an impression upon him. Of course it must not be supposed that these days represent all the time that Stevenson spent upon the story,

JEWELERS for after this he was working hard for a month or six weeks in bringing it into its present form."

Fine Watches, Diamonds, and


Have Removed to the Longer Than Ever Before.—“Do we live longer?" inquires an esteemed contemporary.

Washington Life Insurance Building “We are almost sure of it. We never lived so long

141 BROADWAY before in all our life.”The Kansas City Journal.

Corner of Liberty Street,


The Stone Method. Waiter's Arithmetic.—“Waiter, I find I have just enough money to pay for the dinner, but I TRY OUR PATENT COLLAR BUTTON

If you want-to be able to forget that you have have nothing in the way of a tip for yourself."

any internal organs; a skin that shows in its every

inch that you have a perfect circulation; a step that “Let me add up the bill again, sir.”—Moonshine.

is ligh and elastic; an eye that is bright and spark

lingi fungs that are large and expansive; a stomach 1ock


that is strong: a superb, erect, muscular bearing, Ne Go

write us. Our correspondence course will put you in The Only Way.-EXCITED YALE SYMPA

possession of all thigophysical wealth in the most THIZER: “Can you imagine what Yale would do if

pleasant, natural, common-sense way possible. It

will require only 15 to 20 minutes of your time each Harvard should win ?"

day, in your own room, just retiring, or upon

arising, with no apparatus whatever. Not one bit of CALM SENIOR : “Lose, probably."- Harvard

guesswork about it. Your individual condition will Lampoon.

be considered and instruction given as your particular requirements demand. Mr. Frederick W. Stone, our Director of Physical Culture, har

been a man of mark in the Athletic world for 31 A Darwinian.-ISOBEL : “How perfectly your

years, and has helped to put in perfect physical confrock fits, dear. I thought you college girls


dition every type of man and woman our modern

high-strang civilization has developed. Both sexes. soared above such trifles."

all ages, 12 to 85. HYPATIA: “Oh, no! We believe in the survival

Professional People.

Illustrated booklet, testimonials and of the best fitted."-Life.

Attorneys, Physicians and Clergymen are relieved of the many details connected with their

measurement blank SENT FREE profession and business by using

The Stone School of Scientific Physical Culture, Sayings of English Children.-Dr. MacnaThe Locke Adder.

1662 Masonic Temple, Chicago. mara, M.P., who has been a school-teacher, gave a It is particularly adapted to their requirg- Bee ads Dec. number of Rev.of Revs., Everybody's, Success, ota.

ments as well as to the busy business man lecture on “Children's Witticisms" in London re

The Locke Adder is the fastest, simplest, cently in which he told a number of new stories handiest, most practical and durable low priced as well as many old ones. The really funny say

calculating machine.

No business or professional office complete ings are usually unconscious. Some have arisen without it. Adds, subtracts, multiplies, divides.

Easily learned-lasts a lifetime. from a misconception of first impressions; others

It's more

rapid than you and always accurate." from taking literally what was intended meta

Quickly Pays for Itself. phorically. The question, “What is Parliament ?" Ensures accuracy ,releases from mental strain. obtained the answer, “A place where they go up

Adds all columns simultaneously. Capacity

999,999,999. An unsolicited letter : to London to talk about Birmingham.” “What is * When one cannot afford to pay several hundred a heretic?" was another question. "One who

dollars for an adding machine, the Locke Adder is

a most satisfactory substitute. would never believe what he was told, but only It is a valuable aid to the busy accountant, and as after hearing it and seeing it with his own eyes."

this useful machine can be had for only $6.00 one

should be in every business office.” "Define Court of Chancery," said a teacher. “It

Very respectfully, is called this because they take care of property

JOE LEE JAMESON, State Rev. Agent, Austin, Tex. there on the chance of the owner turning up." "A

Price $5.00 prepaid. Descriptive booklet FREE.

Agents Wanted. vacuum," said another child, “is nothing shut up

C. E. LOCKE MFG. CO.. 8 Walnut St., Kensett, ia.

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THE ART STUDENT A Handy File for Private Papers Bausch & Lomb

Plastigmat f-6.8

Contains elementary illustrated instruction in Learning to Draw, Learning to Illustrate, and Book Cover

PREPAID Designing, by the editor, ERNEST KNAUFFT, Di- $1.00 rector of the Chautauqua Society of Fine Arts.

The November and December numbers will contain invaluable instruction for making artistic Christmas presents at home. Special offer not good after February 1.

The Perfect Photo Lens, as the above picture 24 consecutive back number (November, 1899, to October, 1901) and 1 year's subscription from No

made with it shows, is fast enough for the fastest vember, 1901, *8.25.

work, and in addition, has the proper length of THE ART STUDENT,

focus for the best pictorial results, the highest 132 West 23d Street, NEW'YORK. Enameled steel covers. Automatic cord binderno knots.

optical corrections and either combination may Adjustable snap fastener. 25 heavy manilla pockets, 4 1-8x9 1-2 be used separately for long distance or portrait DESK EXTENSION. inches, with metal eyelets. Classifies clippings better than a

photography. Booklet with five difficult pictures scrap-book. Free circular Illustrates larger sizes. Attached to desk, table or wall, holds

mailed free. Buy your camera with it. Buy it for A. C. BARLER MFG. CO., 109 Lake St., Chicago reference, account or reading books

your camera. in any position. Increases desk room 4 ft., saves time, money, eyes. Send LEARN PROOFREADING, Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. for circulars and testimonials from literary, business and professional men.

If you possess a fair education, why not utilize it at a genteel
and uncrowded profession paying $15 to $35 weekly? Situations

New York ROCHESTER, N. Y. Chicago
Desk Extension Co., Auburn, Me. always obtainable. We are the original instructors by mail.
M'I'rs neat, cheap, sectional bookcase HOME CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOL, Philadelphia

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Grand Winter Cruises

in a box.” “An optimist,” according to another,
"is a man who attends to your head. A pessimist
is a man who attends to your feet.” Among musi-
cal instruments were included "funny bones."
Fort and fortress had no difficulties for one little
fellow. "Fort is a place for soldiers to live in.

Fortress is where they put their wives."
Questions in history drew forth the following

information : "The fire of London, altho looked
upon at first as a calamity, really did a great deal

THE SPANISH MAIN AND TO MEXICO of good. It purified the city from the dregs of the plague, and burnt down eighty-nine churches."

By the Specially Constructed, Magnificent, New, Twin-Screw Cruising Yacht "King James I. was very unclean in his habits.

Prinzessin Victoria Luise
He never washed his hands, and married Anne of
Denmark." One on the Salic law said : “Edward
III. would have been king if his mother had been a

man." ... “The marriage custom of the ancient
Greeks was this, that a man married only one

Leaving New York Jan. 4th, 1902; Feb. 8th, 1902. wife, which was called monotony." "Faith is that

These cruises offer unparalleled opportunities to visit—under the most favorable quality which enables us to believe what we know

auspices, and upon a specially designed and perfectly equipped steamship—the new to be untrue." Some sayings of children were possessions of the U.S. in the West Indies, the neighboring islands, the Spanish Main, very suggestive, as for example: “Grass is what

and Mexico. you have got to keep off."

The late Bishop of London gave a prize entitled "Our Feathered Friends." He asked who our feathered friends were, and one little girl replied, "Angels." Nor was this one apocryphal. A small boy being told of Jacob's ladder, asked why the angels wanted a ladder when they had wings. The teacher, as teachers sometimes did when they were in a fix, referring the question to the other boys, one of whom replied, "Because they was a-moultin', sir.” Last Christmas Dr. Macnamara was at a meeting of school children at Kennington. Before going away he said to them, "Now

The New Twin-Screw Cruising Yacht PRINZESSIN VICTORIA LUISE boys, mind you don't get into mischief or trouble between now and next Christmas," to which the children replied, “Same to you, sir !” Mr. Tiller, headmaster of Boundary Street

ITINER AR Y school, East London, communicated a paper by a

FIRST CRUISE from New York to San Juan (Porto Rico); St. Thomas; St. Pierre (Martinique);

Port of Spain and La Brea (Trinidad); La Guayra; Puerto Cabello (Venezuela); Curacao; Kingston (Jaboy on the question what he would do with his

maica); Santiago and Havana (Cuba); Charleston, s. C., and return to New York. A total distance Whitsuntide holiday. One of the statements in it of 5,320 miles, occupying 30 days. WITH SIDE TRIPS to CARACAS and VALENCIA, VENEZUELA. was this : “I shall put a parcel on the pavement,

SECOND CRUISE from New York to San Juan (Porto Rico); Domingo City (Santo Domingo);

Kingaton (Jamaica); Santiago de Cuba; Vera Cruz (Mexico): Havana (Cuba); Charleston, s. C., fastened to a string that I shall hold, and when

and return to New York. Å total distance of 5.510 miles, occupying 28 days. WITH SIDE TRIP somebody comes to pick it up lo! it has vanished. TO MEXICO CITY. Not lost, but gone before."

For further information, rates, etc., apply to Dept. 18 of the The question, "What was the general character

HAMBURG-AMERICAN LINE of Moses?" drew from one child the reply : “A gentleman.” Not understanding the meaning of 35-37 Broadway, New York 159 Randolph St., Chicago 106 N. Broadway, St. Louis the answer the inspector asked why. "Please, sir,

1229 Walnut St., Philadelphia 70 State St., Boston 401 California St, San Francisco when the daughters of Jethro went to the well to draw water the shepherds were in the way, but Moses helped them, and said to the shepherds, 'Ladies first, please.'” Just before Christmas one teacher got her pu

RAYMOND Q WHITCOMB'S pils to write letters to their fathers and mothers which they might take home. One little girl of nine concluded, “And please, ma, don't, have a baby this Christmas; I do so want to have a Mexico, California, happy time!" Wesleyans will appreciate the re

Parties of limited numbers will leave New mark of the child who when writing of the birds Grand Canyon of Arizona. York on the dates named below for a series said : “Do you know the swallows go away in the

of HIGH-CLASS TOURS through winter, but the sparrows belong to this circuit."

NINTH SEASON Purity was the subject which occupied the pen of

Leaves New York and Boston Feb. 5, 1902. the child who ended her essay, “Oh, please, may I Ist Tour

Leaves Chicago and St. Louis Feb. 6, 1902. be pure, absolutely pure-like Epp's cocoa."The

Leaves New York and Boston Feb. 18, 1902.
New York Sun.

2d Tour
Leaves Chicago and St. Louis Feb. 19, 1902.

All Traveling Expenses Included
Leaves New York and Boston Feb. 25, 1902.
3d Tour
Leaves Chicago and St. Louis Feb. 26, 1902.

to ,

Constantinople, Greece and
Current Events.
MEXICO.-The Egypt of the New World, Land

of the Toltecs and Aztecs, novel, romantic, delightful,
mysterious; scenes of tropical beauty and historic March 29th

For Austria, Bavaria, The
interest. Climate, customs, language and landscape

Tyrol, the Italian Lakes,
wholly unlike our own. Beautiful Lake Chapala (5000

Paris, France, London, etc.

feet altitude) and unique ruins of Teposteco.

Other Tours Leaving in April, June and
December 2.–The tariff debate begins in the

July, through France and
Santa Fe Most wonderful scenic panorama in the

the British Isles; also Nor-
Reichstag with a statement in defense of the world. 217 miles long, 13 miles wide, more than a way and the Land of the Midnight Sun, Central Europe,
proposed measure by Count von Bülow.
mile deep. The only scenery in America that comes

including Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Northup to its brag. Railroad now completed to the rim.

ern Italy, Holland, France, Belgium, England, and SwitzerA pleasant winter trip. Edward J. Eyre, ex-governor of Jamaica, dies

land and its Grandest Alpine Scenery, including the Rhine CALIFORNIA.-Special arrangements for visit- country, Holland, Belgium, France and rural England. in London.

ing the noted California resorts. Tickets good to
The Chinese government troops are badly de-
return independently on any train within nine months.

Send for our general announcement circular,
SPECIAL TRAIN.-Equipped with compart-

containing brief outline of tours throughout the feated in North Chi-Li by Boxers.

ment cars, drawing-room Pullmans, dining car, and United States, Europe and all parts of the world.
observation car. Large observation parlor for ladies,

Railroad and steamship tickets by all lines to all
December 3.—The tone of comment on the Presi- and smoking, parlor for gentlemen. In service for points, as explained by our Travelers' Condensed

Guide. dent's message in London is favorable, and entire railroad portion of each tour. All expenses in

cluded. Number of passengers limited. Send for the views in regard to anarchists are espe

RAYMOND @ WHITCOMB co. itinerary describing these ideal winter tours. cally commended.


25 Union Square, New York December 5.-The City of London entertains the W. H. EAVES,

Toledo, Ohio.

296 Washington St., Boston Prince and Princess of Wales at a luncheon New England Agent,

1005 Chestnut St., Philadelphia 201 Washington St., Boston, Mass. at the Guildhall, at which speeches are made

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Gates' Tours



January 18th Egypt

, Palestine, Syria, with

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by the Prince, Lord Salisbury, Lord Rose

bery, Mr. Chamberlain, and others. The capture of 250 Boer prisoners is reported

from South Africa. The surrender of the Liberal commander, Gen.

Domingo Diaz, to General Alban is reported from Colon, South America ; the trains

crossing the Isthmus are no longer guarded. A bill for the payment in gold of the customs

duties on imports of grain, coal, oils, and other specified materials is réjected by the Spanish Chamber at Madrid, and an arrangement has been arrived at to exempt the payment of duties on articles of food, and extend. ing the measure to luxuries.

Type Same Size in Both

Which Size Volume
Appeals to You?

Nelson's India Paper is used in the “new size." It is the thinnest printing paper in the world, and makes possible the beautiful pocket size volumes of the

New Century Library

Book users in England and America are greatly attracted by this edition in which are published the works of the great novelists



Each novel is complete in a single volume, size 43 x 64 inches, and not thicker than an ordinary magazine, yet contains from 556 to 1000 pages.

The type is as clear and as easily read as that you are now reading.
These volumes are as handsome as they are convenient, and make a choice library

Thackeray's Works, 14 volumes ; Dickens' Works, 17 volumes; Scott's Works, 25 volumes.

Handsomely bound in the following styles : Cloth, gilt top, $1.00 a volume; Leather Limp, gilt top, $1.25 a volume ; Leather Boards, gilt edges, $1.50 a volume. Also sets in cases in special bindings. For sale by all booksellers or sent postpaid on receipt of price by publishers. Descriptive lists on application to THOS. NELSON & SONS, Pubs., Dept. H, 37-41 E. 18th St., New York

December 6.- Major Van Tets, who was reported

injured in a duel with Prince Henry, of Holland, the result of the latter's alleged ill

treatment of the Queen, dies in Amsterdam. The estimates for revenue and expenditure

provided for in the Budget bill submitted to

the Reichstag balance at 2,349,742,456 marks. December 7.-General Alban, the Colombian

commander, returns to Colon from Boca del Toro, having reached a settlement of the British grievances with the commander of

the British cruiser Tribune. British trade statistics for November show a

marked decrease in imports and exports. An outbreak of Arabs, near Tripoli, growing

out of French military requirements and
taxes, is suppressed by troops, a number of

Arabs being killed.
December 8.- Under the new industrial arbi-

tration law of Australia, a court is created
having power to enforce its decrees, even to
creating a standard wage.

December 2.–The Fifty-seventh Congress holds

its first session.
Senate: Four new members are sworn in and

the death of Senator Kyle is announced. House : The House is organized by the reelec

tion of Speaker Henderson and all the other

officers of the last House. December 3.-President Roosevelt's message is

read in both houses. December 4.–Senate : The new Hay-Pauncefote

Canal Treaty is received from the President and referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations; a Philippine tariff and revenue bill is introduced by Senator Lodge, and a bill for the protection of Presidents by Sena

tor Hoar. December 5.-Senate: A bill extending the life

of the Industrial Commission is passed ; Senators McComas of Maryland and Hoar of Massachusetts discuss measures for the sup

pression of anarchy. December 6.- House : The Republican members

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826 pages.

By WILLIAM HENRY P. PHYFE, author of " 7000 Words Often Mispro

Remington nounced” (50,000 copies sold), etc. A


Other standard makes,

lowest prices, strongest book of various and useful information

MONEY Entertaining

guarantee. Many machfor all educated persons. 12 leather.

the Public. Nothing affords better opportuni

ines good as new, at half

the cost. You pay no

ties for men with Large 8vo. Net $5.00.

small capital.

agent's profit. Write for Wo

catalog E and will tell why we can sell war

start you, furnishing (By Mail $5.40.)

ranted machines 50 per cent, less than factory.
complete outfits and
explicit instructions


30% in wide polished. J. R. Spiegel, of the Pennsylvania State

at a surprisingly low

Top drawer locks other three.
The Field is

Has carved pulls, extension slides, casters.

cost. Association of School Directors, writes :

When closed the top has even surface. Can be used as desk and locks in Large comprising the

machine. Closes by single action. Accommodates any machine. Very • There has not come to my notice in twenty

regular theater and

best made. Sent on approval. Ask catalog Desks No. 91.

lecture circuit, also E.H. Staford & Bro. 18-20 Van Buren St. Chicago, years a book that has enlisted my interest so

localfields in Church

es, Public Schools, Lodges, and General Public Gatherings. Our intensely as '5000 Facts and Fancies.' It is

Entertainment; Supply Catalogue and special offer fully explains the best book in its line published. It should everything. Sent Free. CHICAGO PROJECTING CO.,

ARE YOU A WIT? 825 Dearborn Street, be in every private library, as well as in every

Dept. 167, Chicago, ni You can become one by quoting school library in our State.”


or Fun Without Vulgarity. Bound in silk cloth, 750. G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York AUTHORS!

The N.Y. Bureau of Revision, est'd 1880. Unique
in position and success.

Revision and criticism NEW AMSTERDAM BOOK COMPANY, 154 Fifth Ave., New York
of MSS. Circular b. DR. TITUS M.COAN, 70, 5th Ave. N.Y. City.
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December 2.- The United States Supreme Court

with inferior or needlessly expensive decides the last two insular test suits, hold

illumination in your home. There is

absolutely no occasion for it. Thouing, in the fourteen diamond rings case,”

sands of housekeepers throughout the that duties on goods coming into the United

country have removed this annoying States from the Philippines were unconstitu

problem entirely by acquainting

themselves with the ideal light tional, and, in the "second Dooley case,”

furnished by us. It is in all rethat duties collected in Porto Rico on goods

spects the only perfect light for

the home. It is as brilliant as from the United States were legal.

gas or electricity, never smokes, The South Carolina Exposition is formally

smells or gives any trouble, is opened at Charleston.

lighted and extinguished as easily

as gas and burns but 18 cents The "Practical" Trousers Hanger and Press

worth of kerosene oil per month. December 3.-A shortage of $100,000 in accounts

Our catalogue W. shows all styles Doubles the capacity of closet, is substantial and of the First National Bank of Ballston, N.

from $1.80 up and is sent for elegant and keeps the trousers Smooth as if Ironed.” A set of 6 Trousers Hangers and 3 Closet Y., results in the closing of the bank; the

the asking. Rods sent express paid for $5.00. Single Trousers

teller is under arrest, accused of the defalcaHangers, 750. Single Rods, 25c., postpaid. For One tion.

THE ANGLE LAMP COMPANY Dollar we will send one trousers hanger

and one rod, and afterward the balance of the set for Four Dollars.

76 Park Pl., New York December 4. - Secretary Gage's annual report is We refund your money any time within 60 days if you are not satisfied; goods being re

made public. turnable at our expense.

Several appointments are made by the PresiOur 100-page illustrated booklet FREE on request.

dent; George W. Lieberth is appointed Col. PRACTICAL NOVELTY CO., 439 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa.

lector of Internal Revenue for the Sixth Dis-
trict of Kentucky. Cornelius Van Cott is $45 Tolman Range $ 75
reappointed postmaster at New York,

The Ideal Present
Did You Ever

Dwight H. Bruce postmaster at Syracuse, For CHRISTMAS

and W. H. Smyth postmaster at Owego, because it means cheer and happiness for every member Enjoy a Meal

of the family, and a saving of fuel all the year. Worth

845 Direct from foundry, only 821.75. With reservoir and IN BED? December 5.– The text of the new canal treaty high closet. Great Holiday Sale. We ship range for Not unless is made public.

examination without a cent in advance. If you like it, pay

821.75 and freight and take range for
the meal was
served upon
December 6.- The Gathmann gun is condemned

a table so ar-

If not satisfactory we agree to
ranged as to extend
as practically valueless by the board which

refund your money.
recently conducted tests at Sandy Hook.

Tolman Ranges are made of best wrought steel. Oven

17x21 in Six 8 in. holes.
over the bed and still

Best bakers and roasters

on earth. Burn anything.
not touch it. Most

Asbestos lined flues. convenient in the sick

December 2.-Philippines : It is believed that de-
room, Excellent sew

Guaranteed 5 years.
ing.cutting and read-
serters from the Ninth Cavalry, colored, are

will save their cost in fuel
ing table. Various kinds of wood. Beaull-
fully finished. Write for circulars

causing the trouble in the province of Ba- in One Year. Write today

for our new catalogue. and testimonials. Size of top,


JUDSON A. TOLMAN CO. 18x 36 inches. NO AGENTS.

December 3.-General Luckban, the insurgent Dept. 119, 66 Lake St., Chicago. INVALIDS TABLE COMPANY,

Made or saved 337 Rose Building, leader in Samar, has offered to surrender to

Print your Cleveland, Ohio. the American forces if satisfactory terms

own cards, &c. with a 85 Press

Larger size for circular, can be made.

books, newspapers, $18. Type

setting easy, printed rules Catalog 3000 MAGAZINES AND FREE

Send stamp for samples, crte December 5.–General Chaffee has ordered the

logue of presses, type, paper, OUR PRICES ARE SURE TO INTEREST YOU. closing of all ports in the Laguna and Ba

&c., to factory J. M. Hanson's Magazine Agency, Lexington, Ky. tangas provinces in Luzon.

The Press Co.. Meriden, Conn. Roaders of The LITERARY DIGEST are asked to mention the publication when writing to advertisers.

(All communications for this Department should
be addressed : "Chess Editor, LITERARY


A Loaf for
a King

Problem 616.

The best lamp in the world is not best, without the chimney I make for it.



From Rigaer Tageblatt.

All the Wheat that's
Fit to Eat Goes into

There is a part of the wheat which is not fit to
eat and this part-the outer, woody, covering of
the berry-goes into most so-called “whole
wheat" flours. There is a part of the wheat, how.
ever, lying between the outer covering and the
starchy interior which contains the gluten-tho
perve, brain, bone and muscle nourishing por-
tions of the grain. In the milling of white flour
this, the best part of the wheat, is discarded be.
cause it is of a brownish color

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My name on every one.

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If you'll send your address, I'll send you the Index to Lamps and their Chimneys, to tell you what number to get for your lamp.

MACBETH, Pittsburgh.

[blocks in formation]

A FINE FLOUR OF THE ENTIRE WHEAT except the woody, indigestible outer covering is the only entire wheat flour which contains all of the nutriment of the grain without the flinty hull.

From it is made golden brown bread and pastry of that rich, nutty flavor imparted by the glutinous portion of the wheat. Leading grocers everywhere sell it in original packages containing from 6% lbs. to full barrels of 196 lbs. It is manufactured only by THE FRANKLIN MILLS CO,



3 B 4; 2 P 5; 2 pi K3;8; 5 kp1; 2 p 5; 2 P 3 pi; 1Q 1 S2 S 1.

White mates in two moves.

Problem 617.

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From Academische Schachblatter.
rk 2 K 3; 1 P R 5; 8; 1 S2 P 3; 8; 8; 3 P 4; 1 R 6.
White mates in two moves.

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Problem 618.

From Wiener Schachzeitung Tourney.

Black-Seven Pieces.



Delivered free at any express

USD) office in the United States.

These trade-mark crisscross lines on every package. You need not write a letter. Your calling card with address will suffice. We originated toilet

AND paper in rolls.


Perfect Breakfast Ad Deert Health Cereals.
PANSY FLOUR (or Bicu, Cake and Pastry.
Unlike all other ods. Ask Grocers.

For books ample, write
White-Eight Pieces.

FARWELL & RHINES, Watertown, N. Y., U.S.A. THE

Money refunded

7Q; P 7; 2 p 1 B 3; 1 P p 4K; 3 Sk 3; 5 RP1; if not satisfac

IP 3P 2; 2 b 2 S 2.

tory. Write
for booklet

White mates in three moves.

on econ

omy in will do it.

Solution of Problems. heat

Requires only TWO-THIRDS the Cost $2.00 and up. ing

regular quantity. Always packed HT" ROCHESTER RADIATOR CO.

No. 609.

in 1-lb. trade-mark red bags.

5 Furnace St., Rochester, N.i.
Key-move, B-Kt 2.

Good Coffees, 12c. and 150.
No. 610.

Good Teas, 30c. and 35c.

For special terms address
Q-R 7
Q-Kt 8 ch

Kt-K 7, mate

The Great American Tea Co.,

Κx P on your kitchen stove furnishes

31 & 33 Vesey St., New York. P. 0. Box 289. plenty of distilled aerated water at trifling cost. Simple as a tea kettle. MRS. JOHN ADDISON POR

A GOOD TYPEWRITER TER, widow of the late Secretary

IN YOUR OFFICE to the President, writes: "I have used one of your Sanitary Stills in

will demonstrate my home; the water distilled by it

its advantages. is absolutely pure and wholesome. I take pleasure in recommending it

Send for samples of writing, with to all who desire pure water.". The

prices, etc. Largest and most Sanitary Still used in the WHITE

complete stock of second-hand Typewriters of any house in the trade. Ma

chines shipped, privilege of inspection. Title to every machine guaranteed Write for Booklet. HOUSE. Highest award at Paris DURABILITY UN

1% Barclay Street, New York. 5 N. Calvert Street, Baltimore, Ma EQUALED. AVOID CHEAP AND FLIMSY STILLS.


88 Bromfield Street, Boston, 817 Wyandotte Street, Kansas City Cuprigraph Co., 68 N. Green St., Chicago

STORES 124 LaSalle St., Chicago, Ill. 208 North Ninth Street, St. Louis.

482 Diamond St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 586 Californla St., San Francisco, Cal. Readers of The LITERARY DIGEST are asked to mention the publication when writing to advertisers.

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