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Coilet Paper 16


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Our family case containing
enough (3,000 sheet

rolls) for

1 Year's Supply

for the average family

on receipt of


One Dollar


Delivered FREE at any express office

in the United States

Sample shiets and uniqué booklet sent on request.


29 Colonie Street, Albany, N. Y.

Fone Beam

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The KLIPS and the Cover form the KLIP
BINDER. You can cover a magazine or
bind a volume in ten seconds. Instantly
removable. Sample dozen Klips, with keys,

Guaranteed good for any place. Sells on
mailed for 75 cents. Cover price-llst free.

sight. Write for agency.
H. H. BALLARD, 327, Pittsfield, Mass. Brilliant Gas Lamp Co., 42 Stato St., Chicago

Christian Cleanliness

Why do you permit a custom at the communion table which you would not tolerate
in your own home? Would you like to know where Individual Communion Cups are
used? Send for our free book-it tells all about it. A trial outfit sent free.

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IN YOUR OFFICE will demonstrate

its advantages.
Send for samples of writing, with

prices, etc. Largest and most
complete stock of second-hand Typewriters of any house in the trade. Ma-
chines shipped, privilege of inspection. Title to every machine guaranteed
1 Barclay Street, New York. 5 N. Calvert Street, Baltimore, Ma
89 Bromfield Street, Boston, 817 Wyandotte Street, Kansas City
124 LaSalle St., Chicago, Ill. 208 North Ninth Street, St. Lonis.
482 Diamond St.,

Pittsburgh, Pa. 636 California St., San Francisco, Cal.


Teach your children to use me—youth's and child's size.

WANTED-Active, educated men. Weekly
Sold Only in a Yellow Box-for your protection. Curved handle and face to fit the mouth. Bristles in salary, or guarantee paid. Give age, experi-

irregular tufts- cleans between the teeth. Hole in handle and hook to
hold it. This means much to cleanly persons-the only ones who like our

ence, and references. DODD, MEAD &
brush. Adults' 35C. Youths' 25c. Children's 25c. By mail or at dealers'.
Send for free booklet "Tooth Truths."

COMPANY, New York City.
FLORENCE MFG. 00., 14 Pine St., Florence, Mass.



WALTER R. BENJAMIN, LETTERS 1125 Broadway, New York.

SEND FOR PRICE LISTS, Readers of THE LITERARY DIGEST are asked to mention the publication when writing to advertisers.

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Catarrh, Bronchitis,

La Grippe

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For Prolapsus
Stooping Posture,
Internal Pains,
Tired Feeling,
Weak Lungs,
It will make you


comfortable, buoywith an ordinary pen in the ordinary way, without

ant, happy - give press, brush or water. Simply slip your paper

you ability to work into the clip, which holds it firmly, and write, and

and enjoy life. It

is simple, wholly our PEN-CARBON LETTER BOOK has your

external, adjustaletters perfectly copied. Can be used anywhere ;

ble to any figure. it never blurs Infringers are imitating the Pen

Worn with or withCarbon Letter Book. Do not be deceived. If your


corset. Enstationer does not keep it, write for free spec.

dorsed by eminent

physicians and imens of work. Address, Dept. L

medical Pon-Carbon Manifold Co., 146-9 Centre St., New York

text books.
We have over 15,000 letters like this:

Chandler, Okla., July 27, 1899.
Your Brace did all you said about it and more for
me. It has saved me a big expense and brought
me good health, which I had not had before in 25
years. My troubles were dropsy, headache, lung
disease, stomach and other ills to which women are

Write today for particulars and illustrated book

mailed free in plain sealed envelope. Address HAIR ON

The Natural Body Brace Co., Box 713, Salina, Kansas.

Every woman should have this Brace.

Medicated Dry Alr

Efficient in all disorders of the respiratory tract. Cures ARMS

Sore Throat, Hay Fever, Asthma, Headache and Deaf

ness when caused by catarrh and prevents the dreaded INSTANTLY Don't do it Yourself-Don't


No sprays, vapors or douches, simply medleated WITHOUT

Let Anybody do it

dry air, agreeable and a positive cure. Complete INUURY TO

for You.

outfit, atomizer, and Vaporium for 6 months' treat


$1.50 DELICATE SKIN What man or woman

Try it ten days, and if not satisfactory, return it and suffering with painful

your money will be refunded. References : Any bank and annoying corns

in Battle Creek. VAPORIUM CO.,

88 W. Main St., Buttle Creek, Mleh. will not give 25 cents to N COMPOUNDING, an incomplete mixture IN was accidentally spilled on the back of the

have them removed ? hand, and on washing afterward it was dis

For 25 cents you get covered that the hair was completely removed. We named the new discovery MODĚNE. It is absolutely harmless, but works sure results, LEONARD'S Apply for a few minutes and the hair disappears as if by magic. It Cannot Fail. If the Hamburg

The STALLMAN DRESSER growth be light, one application will remove it;

TRUNK is constructed on new the heavy growth, such as the beard or growth

principles. Draws instead of trays. on moles, may require two or more applications,

A place for everything and every. and without slightest injury or unpleasant feel

thing in its place. The bottom as ing when applied or ever afterward. sent to your house, postpaid, which

accessible as the top. Defies the Modene supersedes electrolysis. will remove every corn you have,

baggage-smasher. Costs no more


than a good box trunk. Used by people of refinement, and recommended by

no matter where it is, how long you
all who have tested its merits
have had it or how torturing it is.

C.O.D., with privilege of examina

tion. Razors

are dangerous; pastes, salves Modene sent by mail, in safety mailing-cases

Send 20. stamp for illus.

trated catalogue. (securely sealed), on receipt of $1.00 per and plasters are worthless. Send 25 c.


to-day for this article of genuine bottle. Send money by letter, with your full Clean, Painless, merit-the only one that will do

4 W. Spring St. Columbus, O. address written plainly. Postage-stamps taken.

Certain and the work quickly and properly-it

"Acts Like Lightning." Rids

feet of corns, soit, hard or otherDept. 29, Cincinnati, Ohio

wise; on the joints, between the toes, or on the soles COLLAR * 1 goes with our one-piece col

of the feet. Your money refunded if it does not do all Every Bottie Guaranteed We Offer $1,000 for Failure or the slightest Injury this. Sent prepaid on receipt of 25 cents by


lar button,
LEONARD & co., 847 Unity Bldg., Chicago, Ill. INSURANCE Krementz & Co., Kehark, N.S:

Be sure to write to-day.
Readers of THE LITERARY DIGEST are asked to mention the publication when writing to advertisers.

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Forty-eight Volumes will be sent to you on receipt of $2.00

Payment thereafter to be at the rate of $2.00 per month for

eleven months; cost to you per volume 50 cents. COTT'S classic works will be read as long as the English language endures,

combining, as they do, the thrilling interest of romance with historical instruction. No library is a library without them. Here are some facts about this great offer:

1. There are forty-eight separate books in the set.
2. They occupy over four feet of space in a row. Size of cover, 5 x 772 inches.
3. Each volume contains many pictures—there are over 2,000 illustrations in all.
4. The books are printed on fine paper from large, new type.

5. They are bound in excellent cloth in permanent style, and should last a century.

This set is copied from the first complete edition of the Waverley Novels in 1829, revised and corrected by Scott himself-his own edition, perfect and representative of his genius.

OUR OFFER: We will send you the entire set of forty-eight volumes, charges prepaid, on receipt of $2.00. If you do not like the books when they reach you, send them back at our expense, and we will return the $2.00. If you do like them, send us $2.00 every month for eleven months.

In order to keep you in touch with us during these months, on receipt of your request for these books we will enter you as a subscriber to either HARPER'S MAGAZINE, HARPER'S WEEKLY, or HARPER'S BAZAR, for one year, without any additional cost to you.

. In writing, state which periodical you want. If you select the Bazar, a 280-page, cloth bound book on beauty "The Ugly Girl Papers" will be added free. Address


This same set is also bound in half-leather, with gold stamping on side and back. The price in this binding is $48. It will be sent on the same terms for $4 a month.

Readers of THE LITERARY DIGEST are asked to mention the publication when writing to advertisers.

Vol. XXIII., No. 14

New YORK, OCTOBER 5, 1901.,


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Published Weekly by

communities they seek to plunge into chaos. When the fact is FUNK & WAGNALLS COMPANY,

distinctly grasped that every anarchist is an assassin in his ten30 Lafayette Place, New York.

44 Fleet Street, London.

dencies and propaganda, the hardpan of truth in his case will be Entered at New York Post-Office as Second-Class Matter.

reached and the remedy applied will be adequate. Banishment TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION.

and exclusion are the only effective resources. The disease must PRICE.—Per year, in advance, $3.00; four months, on trial, $1.00; single

be cut out with a steady, resolute hand." copies, 10 cents.

Mr. John R. Dos Passos, a New York lawyer who is regarded RBCRIPT and credit of payment is shown in about two weeks by the date on the address label attached to each paper,

as an authority on constitutional law, urges in a communication POST-OFFICE ADDRESS.-Instructions concerning renewal, discontinu- to the New York Times that alien anarchists be banished, that ance, or change of address should be sent two weeks prior to the date

"societies which advocate such doctrines must be exterminated,” they are to go into effect. The exact post-office address to which we are directing paper at time of writing must always be given.

and that the Government "make it a misdemeanor for any person DISCONTINUANCES.-We find that a large majority of our subscribers

in public or private to profess anarchist principles as defined by prefer not to have their subscriptions interrupted and their files broken in case they fail to remit before expiration. It is therefore law, or to counsel, advise, direct, command, or incite any one assumed, unless notification to discohitinae is received, that the sub

or more persons to become anarchists and commit the crimes of scriber wishes no interruption in his series. Notification to discon. tinue at expiration can be sent in at any time during the year.

anarchy." As a part of this program he would "extinguish their PRESENTATION COPIES.-Many persons subscribe for friends, intending

journals and literature.” The idea of banishing the anarchists that the paper shall stop at the end of the year. If instructions are given to this effect, they will receive attention at the proper time.

seems to meet favor in many quarters. Dr. I. K. Funk, in a

letter to the New York Sun, makes the picturesque suggestion TOPICS OF THE DAY.

that they be deported "to some one fruitful island, distant from land and from the usual roads of the sea, sufficiently large to

comfortably hold and support all of this class of anarchists who HOW TO DEAL WITH THE ANARCHISTS.

may be found in the different civilized countries of the world; HE editorials and communications that are appearing in the that this island be strongly guarded to prevent escape, otherwise

newspapers on the problem of the anarchist and what to these people to be allowed absolute freedom, free from all law do with him afford an interesting variety of remedies for what is and all control, free to practise anarchy and work it out to its universally conceded to be a pretty grave problem. It seems logical results. It would be interesting,” he remarks, “to see likely that Congress will take up the matter at its coming ses- what these anarchists would do with the thief, the murderer, and sion, and Senator Allison, of Iowa, is quoted as saying that “a other criminals who may rise up among them. The whole exstatute prohibiting gathering of anarchists is not improbable.” periment would be educative, and to no one more so than to the "It is to be hoped,” says the Washington Star, “that before the anarchist." winter closes Congress will have passed a law to strike directly Not a few journals of considerable weight, however, seriously at the root of the evil and put a stop to the assemblage of persons doubt whether harsh treatment of the anarchists will do any preaching and entertaining views inimical to the institution of good. The Philadelphia Press, Postmaster-General Smith's government in general, under as heavy a penalty as may safely paper, notices briefly the rernedies proposed by Mr. Dos Passos, be imposed.” Such a law, the San Francisco Call observes, was and remarks that “it must be remembered that all [the restricprepared in 1894 by John G. Carlisle, then Secretary of the Treas- tion) now proposed in this country has existed for a decade in ury, but failed of passage because Congress was so taken up every continental country in Europe, without effect." And Al. with the discussion of the tariff bill of that year. Information bert Shaw says, in The Review of Reviews: "After all, no direct for the use of Congress is being collected, it is said, by post-office measures taken by national or state lawmakers can accomplish inspectors all over the country, who will obtain lists of all the very much. The best safeguard lies in our greater devotion as a anarchists in their districts and forward them to Washington, .nation to all the best ideals of a democratic republic. As to the where Chief Wilkie of the secret service will have them printed personal safety of our high officers of state, and of other men in a “Red Book.” In Rochester, N. Y., Justice Davy of the conspicuous in the world of affairs, we may indeed exercise a state supreme court, according to a despatch to the New York little more care ; but we can not provide such safeguards as are Sun, has ordered a searching investigation of the group of one thrown about a European monarch without such changes in our hundred anarchists in Rochester, and ordered that every person methods as are not feasible.” So, too, thinks Mr. Bryan, who found to be a member of the local society be indicted for con- says, in his Commoner: “We can not give full protection to our spiracy to overthrow the government. The Seattle Post-Intelli- officials merely by passing laws for the punishment of those who gencer says: “An avowed anarchist has no civil rights superior assault them; neither can we give them adequate protection by to those of the avowed thief. The community can be rid of one closing our gates to those known to advocate anarchy. These as readily as of the other. Every anarchist nest in the United remedies, good as far as they go, are incomplete. We can only States can be broken up and its members dispersed, every public bring absolute security to our public servants by making the anarchist meeting or parade can be prevented, and the entire Government so just and so beneficent that every citizen will be anarchistic propaganda checked, if not suspended, by local police willing to give his life if need be to preserve it to posterity." regulations, and a few general state statutes, which will not con- “Rash or radical measures might do infinitely more harm than flict with the provisions of the Constitution.” And the St. Louis good,” thinks the Chicago Tribune, and it believes that "it would Globe-Democrat adds similarly: "Civilization has been tardy be unfortunate if too sweeping a law should be enacted against and weak in dealing with these demons. They should be de- immigrants." Charities (New York), whose editor has a close prived of a citizenship they denounce and denied a place in the acquaintance with slum conditions in the metropolis, declares

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