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New International Shakespeare


The Voice of the Sea.

Thus spake to Man the thousand-throated Sea :
Words which the stealing winds caught from its

lips :
Thou thinkest thee and thine, God's topmost

I Complete Sets Sent on Approval
But hearken unto me and humbly learn
How infinite thine insignificance. ..
Thou burrow'st through a mountain, here and

Work'st all thine engines, cutting off a speck ;
I wash their rock-foundations under ; tear
Turret from turret, toppling thundering down,
And crush their mightiest fragments into sand :
Thou gravest with thy records slab and spar,
And callest them memorials of thy Might ;-
Lo! not a stone exists, from that black cliff
To that small pebble at thy foot, but bears
My signature graved there when Earth was young,
To teach the mighty wonders of the Deep.
Thy deeds-thyself-are what? A morning mist!
But I! I face the ages. Dost not know
That as I gave the Earth to spread her fair
And dew-washed body in the morning light,
So, still, 'tis I that keep her fair and fresh ?-
That weave her robes and nightly diamond them?
I fill her odorous bowers with perfumes rare;
Strew field and forest with bee-haunted stars;
I give the Morn pearl for her radiant roof,
And Eve lend glory for her rosy dome;
I build the purple towers that hold the West
And guard the passage of Retiring Day.

Shakespeare's House at Stratford-on-Avon.
Yon fleecy continents of floating snow,

The Best Edition of Shakespeare
That dwarf the mountains over which they sail,
Are but my bales borne by my messengers,

In accuracy, clearness, convenience of arrangement, and in all that goes to To cheer and gladden every thirsty land.

constitute a perfect set of Shakespeare, the New International Edition holds first place. The Arab by his palm-girt desert pool,

This is the ideal edition for those who would read the great Poet with understandThe Laplander above his frozen rill,

ing and pleasure. Every obscure passage and every obsolete word is fully explained The Woodsman couched beside his forest brook, The International Edition reproduces the famous Cambridge text, which has been for The shepherd mirrored in his upland spring,

forty years the standard text of Shakespeare. Shakespeare's Works are given absoDrink of my cup in one great brotherhood.

lutely complete, including the Sonnets and Poems. All recognized Shakespearean 'Tis, nay, not man alone - thou art but one

authorities are represented in the Notes and Critical Comments, among them being Of all the myriads of life-holding thing,

Furness, Lamb, Coleridge, Goethe, Tennyson, Gollancz, Dowden, White, Victor Hugo, Brute, beast, bird, reptile, insect, thing unnamed, Heine, Johnson, and many others. Whose souls find recreation in my breath :

The sets are in 13 handsome volumes (6,500 pages), bound in cloth or halfNay, not a tree, flower, sprig of grass or weed, leather. Size of volumes, 8 x 54 inches — 1} inches thick. But lives through me and hymrs my praise to God :

A Complete Shakespearean Library I feed, sustain, refresh and keep them all :

Each play is preceded by Critical Prefaces giving the history of the play, and by Mirror and type of God that giveth life :

Critical Comments drawn from the works of great Shakespearean scholars. FollowI sing as softly as a mother croons

ing each play are full Glossaries and Critical and Explanatory Notes. There are Her drowsy babe to sleep upon her breast.

200 illustrations, rare woodcuts of Shakespeare's times, photogravures and full-page -In September Scribner's. chromatic plates in color. The Life of Shakespeare contains the facts actually

known about him, and is interestingly written by Dr. Israel Gollancz. There are The Sapling.

Critical and Literary biographies by Leslie Stephen and Walter Bagehot. A set is a

complete Shakespearean Library.
When I was but a sprig of May,

With wonders to command,
Above all else I loved most well

The coupon below, if cut out and mailed to us promptly, will secure a set of-tne first

edition at half the regular price. The first edition is now being printed, What none could understand; And dear were things far off, far off, but nothing

from new plates, never before used for printing. To secure a large number

of orders before publication we will make unusual concessions to advance subnear at hand.

scribers. The first thousand sets will be sold for $18.00 in cloth and Oh, now it was the sunset isle

$22.00 in half leather binding, and you may pay at the rate of $1.00 Beyond the weather-vane;

a month. To obtain a set on the best terms it will be necessary to
And now it was the chime I heard

order at once, for the price will be advanced as soon as this “ Before
From beifry-towers of Spain ;
Publication" sale is over. We send the books to you without cost

The But never yet the little leaf that tapped my win. or obligation on your part, and you do not buy until you see them.

Shakespeare dow-pane. If they are not satisfactory, they may be returned at our


78 Fifth Avenue,
Heigh-ho, the wistful things unseen

New York
That reach, as I did then,
FREE Each subscriber will receive free, a complete

To guess and wear the heart of youth

Topical Index, handsomely bound, also a

send me on approval, preWith eager Why and When! Method of Study, arranged for students, with selected

paid, a set of the New In

ternational Shakespeare And never eye takes heed of them, in all the world lists of questions on each play. The index is prac

in half leather with Index and of men. tically a Shakespeare Concordance, such as sells for

Method of Study. If satisfactory - In September Harper's Magazine. $6.00 everywhere.

I agree to pay $1 within 5 days

and $1 per month thereafter for 21 WANTED—Active, educated men. Beautiful Specimen Pages Sent on Receipt

months; if not satisfactory I agree to Weekly

return them within 5 days.

of Fostal. salary, or guarantee paid. Give age, experi- We Pay Transportation. No Risk Incurred. Signed ence, and references. DODD, MEAD &

Address COMPANY, New York City.

The Shakespeare Club,

In ordering cloth, change 21 months to 17 months. AUTHOR'S REVISED, CRITICIZED, PLACED on rea

78 Fifth Avenue, New York. WRITE PRIZE STORIES

L. D. 9-28-01.

UNDER OU'R DIRECTION. Send stamp for
booklet to Hawthorne Agency, 70 5th Ave. N.Y.

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Half Price Before Publication Sale


sonable terms

MORE OR LESS PUNGENT. Evidence.—“How do you tell the age of a tur. key?” “By the teeth.” “A turkey hasn't got teoth !" "No; but I have."— Tit-Bits.

SHUSHINE Shoe Polish

A Perfect Dressing

Fishing.-HE: “What kinds of men do you think make the best husbands?”

SHE: “Bachelors and widowers."Harlem Life.

MOST UP-TO-DATE PACKAGE ON THE MARKET. Can be carried in your grip, trunk or pocket, you can't spill it. Shushine is a paste put up in tubes, each tube in an individual carton. It makes

Checked.-SMITH (bent on a little Airtation): “Ah, excuse me, but is this seat engaged?"

FEMALE OCCUPANT (coldly): "No, sir, but I am !"— Tit-Bits.

In the Art-Gallery.-“Who is she, Ezra, they've forgot her label ?" “T'other one's Apollo, and this here one is Apollinaris, his wife."-Index of Pittsburg Life.




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How True.—“Young lady, don't you know that every time you smoke a cigarette you drive a nail in your coffin?” “Oh, nonsense! A woman can't drive a nail."- Moonshine.

all black leather look like Patent Leather. Keeps Patent Leather, Progress.-CALLER: "How is your servant do

Enamel and Corona Kid looking just as good as new. It never cracks or forms a

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shoe--no matter what the price--and there is no shoe made that wears

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New catalogue telling how to order by mail and fully illustrating

fall styles now ready. Sent postpaid on application. Daisy-crowned meadows and larks flying over, Have a love scene between Silas and Sue.

L. C. BLISS & CO., M. O. Box 205, Boston, Mass. Sing without mention of grief or of sadness. Pleasures of home life be free to rehearse,

00 Make the rimes ring with an echo of gladnessThen you'll have what is styled “newspaper

and upward, according to style and

finish, buys the verse." Take something dreary which you may hang Care

on, Stygian blackness, remorse, and regret.

SECTIONAL BOOKCASE Do not forget to make mention of Charon,

the only kind having absolutely Keep feet warm and

NON-BINDING and Sing something eerie of ghosts you have met.

SELF-DISAPPEARING Write so no reader can quite catch your meaning, dry on cold wet days.


Shipped "On Approval,” subLet your rime go then for better or worse, Different from

ject to return at our expense if not Top-heavy stanzas with madness careening

found in every way the most perfect

and the handsomest sectional bookThen you'll have what is styled "magazine every other

case ever offered. Ask for CataNO MORE

logue No. P). verse."

shoe. -ROY FARRELL GREENE, in Puck.


The FRED MACEY CO. Ltd. Makers

of High Grade Office & Library Furniture, Grand Rapids, Mich. Designed

Branches : New York, 293-195 Broadway; Boston, 17 Federal St.;

Philadelphia, 1413 Chestnut St.; Chicago, N. Y. Life Bldg. for those

Pan-American Exposition Exhibit, Section 0 0, Manufacturers' Bldg Current Events. who like

For Business and Informal Foreign. comfort

wear the neat and dressy

2 fold collar is preferred by CHINA. with style


many. We have a large 254

variety of shapes and September 17.. - The Chinese troops reenter Peking, which is handed over to them by the

heights in these goods with --no

varying space in front for American and Japanese authorities. "break

large and small ties. Our

new fall and winter booklet SOUTH AFRICA.

Sold by our

shows all the popular styles September 19.-A British force is ambushed by


and gives valuable hints reBoers led by General Botha, the British loss

garding correct dress. A

agents, in killed, wounded, and prisoners being 200

copy is yours for the asking. men, besides three guns; in Cape Colony

we can fit you by

Your dealer can supply you the Boers break through a British cordon,

mail. Send for

with our goods; if he will not

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agent or measurement


Dept. J. TROY, NY

For General Debility

Our handsome book of latest styles is mailed free. JENNICO 2 1-4 IN
Use Horsford's Acid Phosphate
Ralston Health Shoemakers, Campello, Mass.

Dr. W. L. SEVERANCE, Greenfield, Mass., says:
years I have prescribed it in general debility, nervous ex-
haustion and insomnia, with the happiest results.”


" For



SERVICE. Churches intending
Hand down to your children what you know of them.

All ean Learn Music without a Teacher.

SYSTEM. to adopt can secure complete trial outfit upon request. Address,

Cope's Ancestral Chart ($1.00, postpaid) is for making Rapid, Correct. Notes, Chords, Accompaniments, Harmony. Tbomas Communion Service family records. Ask about it. Aim Publishing Com- Established 12 Years. Simple Lesson 10 cents. Cireulars Free. Co. Box 828, Lima, Oblo. pany, 709 Drexel Building, Philadelphia.

G. S. RICE RUSIC CO., M-241 WABASH AVE., CHICAGO, ILLS Readers of THE LITERARY DIGEST are asked to mention the publication when writing to advertisers.

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27 Rx B

island lying north of Iceland, part within the Arctic circle. It is about four miles long by about a mile and a half in breadth. It was peopled in the thirreenth and fourteenth centuries by a dozen families, the descendants of whom still inhabit it. They live on the proceeds of the birds


lofty cliffs, the plumage ERS MAKERS of they export. They have a tiny church


OF OF OF OF OF OF 0 with a poorer-paid pastor than any in Iceland. From time immemorial they have been Chess-DRY HISTORY

HISTORY HISTORY HISTORY HISTORY RISTORY HISTORY HIST players, and many stories are told in Iceland of their devotion to the game."

A Pillsbury Brilliant.
Marshall beat Pillsbury in the Paris Tourna-

BBOTT ABBI meat last year. They met again in the recent New York State Chess-Association Tourney, and Pillsbury turned the tables in the foilowing manner: Queen's Pawn Opening.


PILLSBURY White. Black

White. Black. 1 P-Q.4 P-Q 4

18 B-R 3 В x Kt ? 2 Kt-KB 3 P-Q B 4

B-B 3

These thirty-two important and interesting volumes provide the way for all to become ac3P-K 3 P-B 5 (a) 20 B-QB 5 Kt-B 2

quainted with the makers of the World's History. They are not dull hard-to-read books, but, on the 4 Kt-B 3 P-B 4 21 P-R4 5 Kt-K 5 Kt-KB 3

22 K-B 2

Kt-R są contrary, most instructive, and written in an exceptionally entertaining manner. The value and 6 P-Q Kt 3 PxP 23 P-Q Kt 4 P-Q Kt 4(e) 7 RPP P-K 3 24 R-R5 B-Kt 2

interest of the work offered, in combination with the low price and easy terms of monthly payments, has resulted in 8 B-Kt 5 ch B-Q2 25 KR-QRsq R-QB sq 9

an enormous sale-probably the largest ever recorded, in so short a time, in the book-world. Castles P-Q R 3 26 RxR P(f)

BR 10 B-23 Kt-B 3 (b) R-B 2

This work, “Makers of History," is an 11 Kt-K 2 Kt x Kt 28 B x P ch

K-B 2 12 Px Kt Kt-Kt 5 29 R-R8 K-Kt3

authority, and has been adopted by the Boards 13 P-K B 4 B-B 4 30 B-K 8 ch K-R 2

THE BOOKS. of Education of many States. Each volume THE BOOKS. 14 Kt-Q4 Q-R 5

31 P-Kt 5

Kt-Kt3 15 P-R 3 (c) P-K Ř 4!

contains the complete narrative of the life of a
32 P-Kt 6
R-Kt 2
Alfred the Great

Charles I. 16 Q-K sq!(d) QXQ 33 P-Kt 3(g)Resigns.

man or woman who has made important his-
17 RxQ
t-R 3

Margaret of Anjou
tory ; who were, at the time of their existence,

Notes from The Times-Democrat, New Orleans.

Richard I.

a power that was felt. There is not a single Josephine (a) A novelty at this stage, taking the opening

Richard II.

set of books in the world to-day-no matter Madame Roland at once out of the books. In kindred but some

William the Conqueror
how costly—that compares with these volumes

Marie Antoinette what later positions, Steinitz showed strong pre

as an entertainer or instructor. They afford dilection for the maneuver. Whether it be not Alexander the Great

Henry IV.

the opportunity for evening after evening of premature here, is a very open question, indeed.

Cyrus the Great

pleasure and profit. These books have given Hernando Cortez (b) Black's development seems to have resulted simply in a poor form of the "Stonewall Opening." Darius the Great

satisfaction to thousands,-we believe they Joseph Bonaparte (c) The best method, considered with his next

Genghis Khan
would to you ; therefore we will. upon request,

King Philip move, to break up the ingenious attack of Black.

send the entire set for your inspection and con(d) Of course, not 16 P x Kt, for then 16.., RPX Peter the Great

Louis XIV.

sideration. We prepay all delivery charges. P; 17 Q-K sq, P-Kt 6! and wins.

If you like the books, keep them ; if not, re-

Louis Philippe (e) Weak; it loses the Q R P and practically, the

turn at our expense.

Charles II.
game. 23.., R-Q sq, seems his only, tho far from
satisfactory, resource, as if then 24 P-Q Kt'5, PX

Julius Caesar

The workmanship of the books is excelP; 25 B x 0 Kt P, P-Q2, etc.

Mary Queen of Scots Nero

lent; well printed, profusely illustrated, dur(f) This pretty sacrifice of the exchange was

ably and artistically bound. The cloth book

Queen Elizabeth quite surely not forecast in Black's calculations. Pyrrhus

is dark-red buckram with appropriate design

Richard III. It is, we believe, perfectly sound. (g) A rather remarkable coup de répos to occur


stamped in two colors upon cover. This style Cleopatra in a match game, and giving quite a problem-like

of binding costs you only 50 cents a volume, aspect to the finish. Black must now move, and

you pay but $1.00 a month for 16 months. any move, obviously, is instantly fatal !

The Special Library Binding-leather back, stamped in gold, with cloth sides—is but 75 cents a volume, payable

at the rate of $1.50 a month for 16 months. As the sets remaining to be distributed are quite few, it is well to write Another Fox Game.

at once for us to forward the work for your inspection. Center Counter Gam bit.

The value of the work, the small price per volume, the easy monthly payments combined, make the present SEGEL,


White. Black,

opportunity an exceptional one; and all who enjoy good books, of the most interesting nature, should not neglect

White. Black.

15 P-R 4
P-K Kt 4

to request us to forward the work for their inspection. Do not send any money until the books have been P-K 5 B-B 4

16 R PxP BPxP 3 P-Q3

Bx Kt P

delivered and you are satisfied with them. P-KR P-KR 3

18 B x Kt Рx В SB-K 2 P-B 4

19 Kt-Q 6 ch Rx Kt o P-Q Kr 3 Kt-Q B3

20 PXR

B-K 6 ch 7 B-Kt 2

21 K-Kt 2 Qх Р 8 P-KB 4 B- K 2 22 Kt-B 3 Kt-K2 9 P--Kt 3 Kt-Kt 5

23 P-B 3 Qx Pch 10 Kt-QR 39-R4 24 KxQ

R-Kt sq ch
IK-B 2
25 K-R 4

Kt-Kt 3 ch
12 Kt-QB4 Q-B 2 26 K-R5 Kt-B 5 ch
13 B-KB 3 P-B 3
14 Q-K 2 Castles

128 Q x B

R mates
The World's Champion, Lasker, recently re-


F OF marked : "If Mr. Fox is not a myth living in some



DF one's mind, he gives evidence of a most brilliant ORY HISTORY

a volume. Complete set,Y STORY LUIS Chess-career."

32 books, delivered at once. Scores of the Masters.

Payable $1.00 a month. Reichelm has an article in Chockmate, the Cana

We prepay all delivery charges. dian Chess-monthly, in which he gives the total OTT: "ABBOTTscores of leading Chess-masters in the last eleven international tourneys : Hastings 1895; St. Petersburg 1895, Nuremberg 1896, Buda-Pesth 1896, Berlin 1897, Vienna 1898, Cologne 1898, London 1899, Paris 1900, Munich 1900, Monte Carlo 1901.


Wins, Losses. Per ot. Lasker..

7774 2212 77.50 Pillsbury.



6014 27% Scheve.



67.30 Charousek

65.62 Marshall.


OHARLES II. PARKHURST, D.D., says: "An interesting, stimulating, startling, and, all in all, wonderful book." Schlechter.


EDWIN MARKUAM says: “It has style, insight, high seriousness, spiritual passion. It is a great book.”


61.81 JULIAN HAWTHORNE says. "He is a voice speaking unfamiliar things, with good emphasis and discretion." *Burn.


61.38 Tschigorin.

12MO, CLOTH. PRICE, $1.00, POSTPAID 11712

59.94 Janowski


59.69 FUNK & WAGNALLS COMPANY, Publishers, 30 Lafayette Place, NEW YORK Steinitz...

79 57 58.08
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P-Q 4


P-K 3

17 PxP



HARPER'S HISTORY CLUB, 156 Fifth Ave., New York

P-Q 5

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The Thousandth Anniversary

of the death of


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During the past few days a festival in honor of
King Alfred has been held at Manchester. British
and American educators and public men have joined

in honoring the memory of the great Saxon King. At CHICAGO & ALTON the unveiling of the colossal monument, Lord Rose

bery said in his speech : 'King Alfred 'wrought im-
mortal work for us and for our sister nation across

the sea, which in supreme moments of stress and sor-

row is irresistibly joined to us across the centuries
and across the seas," and as the New York Times

remarks: “The celebration at Winchester is well IN ADDITION TO BEING DECORATIVE, THE DESIGN adapted to stir the blood and excite the imagination IS SIMPLE AND INSTRUCTIVE. THE HELMET AND all Americans." The Society of American Authors,

of every English-speaking man. It should inspire SHIELD SUGGEST PROTECTION; THE CREST HOLDS in connection with other literary associations, are THE HEADLIGHT FOR SAFETY; THE WINGS SUGGEST seeking to have fitting tribute paid to King Alfred's

memory in America. Under the auspices of the SPEED; AND THE RIBBON OVER THE SMOKESTACK Society an address on King Alfred will be given in IS THE ALTON'S" MOTTO, THE ONLY WAY."

St. Paul's Chapel, New York ; teachers of the Public

Schools of the United States will be requested to give THE DESIGN WAS MADE BY ONE OF THE LEADING talks to their pupils on the important lessons of King DESIGNERS AND ENGRAVERS IN THE UNITED STATES. Alfred's life, and the trustees of the New York Public

Library will be asked to set aside an alcove in their IMPRESSIONS FROM STEEL PLATE WILL BE MAILED new building to be known as the Alfred Memorial. FOR TEN CENTS IN STAMPS. Geo. J. CHARLTON,

At the Lenox Library, New York, an exhibition of

the books and manuscripts relating to King Alfred GENERAL PASSENGER AGENT, CHICAGO, ILL.

will be held next month.


A Syringe

The life of King Alfred, soldier, statesman, scholar, educator, reads like a romance. We publish what is considered to be the standard biography entitled **Alfred the Great,” by Thomas Hughes. The Price, bound in manila paper, Postpaid is only 20 cents. Order at once.




FUNK & WAGNALLS CO., Pubs., New York

Such as physicians use is now offered direct. It consists of two nickel cylinders, with air pumps between to create compressed air in one cylinder and vacuum suction in other. 'Open valve and compressed air forces liquid from one cylinder in six streams through top of nozzle. Send to-day for our booklet. Sent free on request.

Sipho Syringe Co. 843 Chatham Street, RACINE, WISCONSIN or, 2020 J., Amer. Tract Bldg., New York.



Oolonge. Japans, Young Hysons, Gunpowders, English

Breakfasts, Souchougs, Congous, Assams 27c to 57c por
and Ceylons from......
VERY BEST ROASTED COFFEES from.. 10c to 29c per
The Goods are mold on their merits, NO PRESENTS

P. 0. Box 290

66 Church Street, New York




Hirch's Digest of Divorce Laws. 1901 BUTTON BREAK

You get a new one without cost ing chart." ' Cloth cover, $1.50 net, postage 3 cts. C A N C E R

in case of damage from any cause
KREMENTZ &C. NEWARK.N. KLIPS u. a. perioder dericia, Maas


1877 FOR 24 YEARS

Wo Havo Successfully Treated

THE BERKSHIRE HILLS SANATORIUM has no rivals. Describe your case,

and we will send prepaid the most complete treatise on the subject of Cancer and Tumors ever published, and will refer you to persons whom we have successfully treated that were similarly afflicted. DRS. W. E. BROWN @ SON, No. Adams, Mass.


The Niagara Clip holds securely FAC SIMILE. from the thinnest sheet of paper up to % inch in thickness, and can be used over and over again, Better than pins for filing letters, records, cards, etc. Avoid unsightly pin-boles in at. taching second letters, business cards, checks, drafts, invoices, etc.

Put up in boxes of 100 especially for desk con

Agents venience. Sample box 20 cts. postpaid.

Wanted. NIAGARA CLIP CO., 123 Liberty St., N.Y. City.

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The disease yields easily to the OGDENSBURG, N. Y.
Double Chloride of Gold Treat-
ment as administered at these LEXINGTON, MASS.

Communications confidential.
Write for particulars.


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If afdicted with } Thompson's Eye Water

Readers of THE LITERARY DIGEST are asked to mention the publication when writing to advertisers.


“I wish to give my experience with coffee for the benefit of other people. I used coffee for several years and was a terrible sufferer from dyspepsia. The doctor told me not to use coffee or tea and put me on a light diet, and I felt better.

Then I commenced to drink coffee again and had the same trouble come on.

One day I told a friend about it, who said if I would stop drinking coffee altogether I would feel better, and advised me to use Postum Food Coffee in its place.

I tried the Postum but did not like it, so I told him about it and he said I didn't cook it right, that is, didn't boil it enough and that I should use cream instead of milk, and to make sure I would use it, he sent a package to the house.

After I used that package, I would have no more coffee in the house. Now I don't know what it is to have dyspepsia and I can eat anything. I also give Postum to my two children and they are the healthiest children you could find anywhere. The youngest is a bey 13 months old and we have been giving him Postum for seven months, three times a day. He weighs 30 pounds, and I know that Postum is what keeps both of them so healthy.

I think all people who have dyspepsia get it from coffee drinking

Yours truly,” Mrs. Jno. Stringer, 29 S. Florida Ave., Atlantic City, N. J.


At McCutcheon's Silk, Satin, Sateen and Silkoline covered, these comfortables show a wide range of attractive designs and colorings.

The wool filled comfortables are especially desirable and are more popular than ever. They are light in weight, give a great deal of warmth and are without odor.

Wool Filled. Silkoline covered, silk border; $4.00 and $4.50. Silk covered, $10.00, $12.50, $14.00, $17.50 and $20.00.

Down Filled. Sateen covered, $4.50, $5.00, $6.00, $7.50 and $9.00. Silk covered, $12.00, $15.00, $17.50 and $20.00.

We also have a splendid line of California and Eastern Blankets, Bed Spreads and Quilts of every description.

Mail orders will have prompt attention. James McCutcheon & Co.,

14 West 23d Street, New York.


MANY ADVANTAGES. Perfect in fit, never ragged or uncomfortable. Very convenient, stylish, economical. Made of fine cloth and exactly resemble linen goods. Turn-down collars are reversible and give double service.

NO LAUNDRY WORK. When soiled, discard. Ten collars or five pairs of cuffs, 25e. By mail, 30c. Send 6c. in stamps for sample collar or pair of cuffs. Name size and style. REVERSIBLE COLLAR CO., Dept. 19, Boston.

Readers of THE LITERARY DIGEST are asked to mention the publication when writing to advertisers.

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