Lapas attēli


-Fold Sorrow's children, soothe the hurts of fate,
Lift the down-trodden, but with the hand of steel

Stay those who to thy sacred portals come
To waste the gifts of freedom. Have a care
Lest from thy brow the clustered stars be torn
And trampled in the dust. For so of old

The thronging Goth and Vandal trampled Rome,
• dress well at moderate

And where the temples of the Cæsars stood cost should write for

AS INSTRUMENT BY MEANS OF WHICH our new Fall and Winter The lean wolf unmolested made her lair.

Catalogue, together with
samples of materials from
which we make our gar-

England's Tribute.
ments. They are now
ready, and will be sent free

on request. Our prices are
the lowest you have ever Once at the black gate of our wo you stood,
known. You take no risk

And watched with us the watching that devours.
in purchasing from us, be-
cause you may send back

Bone of our bone, blood of our very blood,
any garment you do not like Your grief is ours.
and are will refund your

London Outlook.
money. We keep no ready-
made stock, but make every-
thing especially to order.
Our Catalogue illustrates:

At the Zoo.
New Cloth Gowns,

$8 up.
Jaunty Cloth The sky is gray with rain that will not fall,

The clayey paths are oozing ghostly mist.
$15 up.
Lined throughout

Reeking with sadness immemorial,
with fine quality

The gray earth saps the courage to exist. taffeta silk. Suits of Wide Welt Corduroy, $20 up.

Poor tropic creatures, penned in northern land,

1, too, desire the sun and am a slave.
The latest material — with the soft lustre of silk
velvet, and of splendid wearing qualities.

My heart is with you, and I understand
Separate Skirts, $4 up.

The lion turning in his living grave.
Rainy-Day and Golf Suits and Skirts,

Playing Grand Piano with the aid of the Pianola

-In September Lippincott.
Suits $8 up. Skirts, $5 up.
Long Outer Jackets, $10 up. Jaunty Short

With the aid of the Pianola you can play
Jackets, $7 up.

Current Events. We Pay Express Charges Everywhere.

upon your piano any selection ever comThe Catalogue and samples will be sent free by

posed for it. return mail. Be sure to mention whether you wish


No practice is required. samples for suits or cloaks, so that we will be able to send you a full line of exactly what you desire. SOUTH AFRICA.

No technical execution is necessary. This THE NATIONAL CLOAK CO., September 10-Lord Kitchener's weekly report part is performed by the Pianola! All your 119 and 121 West 23d Street, New York.

shows important gains for British forces. time can be given to “expression.” This September 11. -Small British successes are re

the instrument leaves entirely within your ported in the Transvaal and Cape Colony. control, and you are therefore free to give September 12 - Lord Kitchener reports the sur- full display to your own individuality of in

render of one of President Kruger's sons to terpretation of the selection being played.
the British ; in Lord Methuen's fight with
General De la Rey in the Great Maries Val-

You are invited to hear the Pianola.

A call need not imply a purchase. ley, the British lost twenty-five killed.

If unable to call, send for catalogue E, and we will
September 14.-A British transport lands 969 advise you where the Pianola can be seen in your

Boer prisoners at Bermuda ; on the voyage vicinity
from the Cape twenty-three died.

Price $250.

May be purchased by moderate monthly payments.
September 9.–The report of an attack on Rio THE AEOLIAN CO.,

Hacha causes inhabitants of Panama to make
a demonstration against the Venezuelan

18 West 23d St., New York

500 Fulton St., Brooklyn

124 East 4th St., Cincinnati, O. 109 W.Larned St.

September 10.— The Machias returns to Colon,

having found all things quiet at Boca del
Toro. The United States consul announces
his intention to permit no interruption in the
traffic on the isthmus.

Decorate your Home

These reproductions are made September 11.-Hostile expeditions of Venezue.

No. 800 lans and Colombians are converging on Rio

of Papier Mache, which takes

a more artistic finish Hacha, in Colombia, where a battle is im

than either iron or minent; martial law prevails at Colon, where an attack on the town by rebels is expected.

plaster. Being extre

mely light in weight September 14. — The Ecuadorian Government

they can be held in place with denies that they are engaged in hostilities

a small tack. Just the thing

for cozy corners, dens, halls, etc. with Colombia; it announces that it would THE Money refunded be neutral in the event of war between

iron finish. Size, 44x24 if not satisfac. ROCHESTER

in., wt. 3 lbs. Ex. paid.. neighboring republics. tory. Write for booklet

For other designs of Armor, IndRADIATOR

on econ-

lan Heads, Busts, etc., at 60c to bio, omy in

Bee our ads. in other magazines. will do It.

September 9.-Chili's Congress approves the

Il your dealer has done in stock send us his inst $2.00 and up.

nomination of two delegates to the Pan.

Dame and we will see that you are supplied. EAT ROCHESTER RADIATOR CO. homes

Write for "Artistie Decorations," a booklet American Congress.

many other pieces. 5 Furnace St., Rochester, N.Y.

Reference, First National Bank, Milwauker.

Milwaukee Papler Mache Works, 400 East Water Street, Mlwaukee, Wis
Price, 25 cents
has all the brilliancy and lustre of

I Print

Card Press $5 a genuine diamond. Difference Learn at home to earn mones at home, or in

My Own Larger, 18 could only be distinguished by an a good salaried position, making designs for

Money saver, maker, carpels, wall paper, book covers, advertise. expert. Satisfaction guaranteed or

Cards Type setting easy. ments, menus, dress goods and decorating Write for free circular:

rules sent. Write for
money refunded.
china and porterr.

Circulars, catalog, presses.type,
"Ornamental Design containing students' work,
International Correspondence Schools,


paper, &c. to factory. Bor 1202 Scranton, Pa.

THE PRESS CO., 150 Nassau St., Dept. 7, N. Y.


Meriden, Conn. Readers of THE LITERARY DIGEST are asked to mention une vuducation when writing to advertisers.

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September 10.-The Sultan settles one of the

French claims, and it is believed that diplo-
matic relations between Turkey and France
will soon be resumed.


September 11.-The British Association of scien

tists commences its annual meeting in Glas

September 12.–The European powers in a joint

note to Morocco support the demand of

Spain for the release of Christian captives.
September 15.-Owing to the death of President

McKinley, extraordinary precautions are be-
ing taken by the French authorities to pro-

tect the Czar during his visit to France.
The royal yacht Ophir, with the Duke and

Duchess of Cornwall and York on bcard, ar-
rive and anchor a little below Quebec.






For Turkish


September 9. - The President's condition shows

a steady improvement, and the doctors have

hope of his recovery.
September 10.—President McKinley's doctors

announce that he is practically out of danger,
unless unfavorable complications set in ;
Vice-President Roosevelt, Senator Hanna,

and Judge Day start for their homes.
Emma Goldman and other Anarchists are ar-

rested in Chicago.
September 12.-The President has a relapse and

his condition causes the gravest apprehen-


September 13.- John Most, the New York An

archist, is arrested.

JHE RacineCABINET is a strong

double-walled room, rubber-
coated inside and outside
and fitted with a door.

When ready for use, the walls are rigid, yet by merely tipping the cabinet you fold it in a second into a 6-inch space.

A patent alcohol store heats the cabinet to 150 degrees in three minntes. For a vapor bath, pour a pint of water into the vaporizer. For medicated baths, put the proper drugs in the water. We send 35 formulas with the cabinet.

The Racine cabinet places in your home all the benefits of the best Turkish bath rooms. Not an essential feature is lacking. You save breathing hot air, save the risk of exposure afterward, save time and expense. The cost is but 3 cents per bath.

For the cure of rheumatism, kidney and blood diseases, no other treatment can approach it. The hot-air bath forces the impurities that cause the disease out from five million pores at once. In all sanitariums the Turkish bath is the most important treatment, All who value cleanliness, complexion and health will eventually own one of these cabinets. The quieting, refreshing, invigorating effects of the bath are the pleasantest sensations possible. One bath will always stop a cold.

September 14.—The President dies early in the

morning at the Milburn House.
Theodore Roosevelt takes the oath of office as

President before Judge John R. Hazel in
Buffalo. Mr. Roosevelt announces his inten-
tion to continue President McKinley's policy
unbroken, and expresses his wish that the
present members of the Cabinet should re-

main in office.
Arrangements for the funeral of President

McKinley are being made by the members of

the Cabinet in Buffalo.
September 15.—The President's body lies in

state in the City Hall, and is viewed by
nearly 100,000 people.

Pose by
Prof. von BOECKMANN.


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but soap.

Pears" soap is nothing

ARE YOU DEAF ? There is hearing for you in using

Wilson's Ear Drums Pure soap is as gentle as oil to the living skin.

Pears' is the purest and
best toilet soap in all the

Write for price-list.
Sold all over the world.


II. H. Ballard, 327 Pittsfield, Vans, Readers of THE LITERARY DIGEST are asked to mention the publication when writing to advertisers.

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Black-Nine Pieces.

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Hair Insoles

First Mortgage FARM
LOANS, Southeastern
North Dakota. 20 years
Tesidence. 17 years active
banking and real estate

business. Personal knowledge of every loan. Never made a foreclosure. Have not a dollar's worth of delinquent interest. References gladly furnished.


solicited. Interest at the rate of 3 per A system of units-ten to thirty books, one unit;

cent allowed on daily balances on even

$100, on funds left with us for investmore books, more units,and get them as wanted. Fitted with our perfection roller bearing,dust.

ment. Interest computed monthly. proof doors. Grades and prices to suit alltastes


and requirements. Carried in stock by dealers
in principal cities. Also Filing Cabinets and
Card Indexes built on sa nie plan.

White -- Eight Pieces.
"G.W" pays the freight Ask for Catalog 101-K
The Globe:
Wernicke Co.

8; 1 p i Sap 1; 1 Prip 3; 1 bik P 3; 2 p 1 R 3;

S4R 2; ISP i Q 3 ; 5 K 2.

White mates in three moves.
Fulton & Pearl Sts. NEW YORK. 224-8 Wabash Av. CHICAGO
64-66 Pearl St. BOSTON 7 Bunhill Row, E. C., LONDON.
The first Tournament of the United Chess-Asso-

Keep the feet warm ciations of Sweden, Norway, and Denmark was and dry. Make walking a pleasure. Relieve ter der, callous, recently finished in Gothenburg. In the first class

perspiring feet, or rheumatism. Do not crowd the shoe. THE SANITARY STILL

10c. pr.; 3 prs Dc. Better grade, crocheted, 15c. pr.; 2 prs. e.
the two distinguished problem-composers, Möller If not at your aruggist's or shoe dealer's, send to us with size.
on your kitchen stove furnishes
plenty of distilled aerated water at
and Fridlizius, took respectively first and second

The Wm. M. Wiley & Son Co., Box 68 Hartford, Conn.
trifling cost. Simple as a tea kettle. prizes with a score of 8 and 72.
Ex Sec'y of the Navy, writes: "The

Sanitary Still has been used with suc-
cess in my family, and I consider the
Solution of Problems,

use I have made of it shows that it

will afford a good supply of abso-
lutely pure water for drinking and

No. 585.

other purposes." The Sanitary Stili

used in the WHITE HOUSE.
Key-inove, R-R sq.

Highest award at Paris Exposition.
No. 586.

THE GENUINE Write for Booklet.



R-K sq, ch

Q-K B8
Cuprigraph Co., 68 N. Green St., Chicago

Q-Kt 4, mate

K-K6 Any

R--Q B sq, ch Q-B 4. mate





TRUNK is constructed on new

If your dealer does not handle
Kt-B 3 ch
principles. Draws instead of trays.

R-K sq, mate


RANGES we will ship the first one A place for everything and every


Warp thing in its place. The bottom as

ordered from your community at Kt-B 7 K-K 6 or 7

the wholesale price; saving you accessible as the top. Defies the baggage-smasher. Costs no more

from 810.00 to 825.00. Freight

pa'd 400 miles.
than a good box trunk, Sent
C.O.D., with privilege of examina- CHEAPER THAN A CANDLF

SENT FREE-Handsome catation. Send 2c. stamp for illus

logue with wholesale prices and

AND trated catalogue.

full particulars. F. A. STALLMAN,



Malleable Iron Range Co. 4 W. Spring St, Columbus, O.


132 Lake Street, BEAVER DAM. WIS. FROM THE


Recently St. Louis, Mo. MAKE MONEY EVENINGS.

BRILLIANT AND HALO Men employed during the day can make money even

GASOLINE GAS LAMPS Every Man that Shaves informed about pathe elemente

owes it to himself to be fully ings giving publio exhibitions with Magic Lan

Guaranteed good for any place. Sells on tero or Stereopticon. Little capital needed Write for particulars. 900-page Catalogue FRCE.

sight. Write for agency.

of our Masterpiece razor, which we sell in pairs, ready for

use for 85.00. Our pamphlet, All about Good Razors" mailed MCALLISTER, Mig. Optician, 49 Nassau St., N. 8. Brilliant Gas Lamp Co., 42 Stato st., Chicago

free. C. klauberg, 173 William St., New York. Readers of The LITERARY DIGEST are asked to mention the publication when writing to advertisers.




A New Idea in Trunks








Hay Fever Cured




Why Be Fat

Malaria Has You

Q-QB 8, mate

R-Q B sq, mate About the New Catarrh Cure.

3. K-B6

The new Catarrh Cure is a new departure in soWITH VAPORIUM,

Q-B 4, ch R-Q B sq, mate called catarrh cures because it actually cures, and is Medicated Dry Air


not simply a temporary relief.
P-Kt 5
K-B 6

The new Catarrh Cure is not a salve, ointment,
Both problems solved by M. W. H., University powder nor liquid, but a pleasant tasting tablet con-
of Virginia; the Rev 1. W. B., Bethlehem, Pa.; C. taining the best specifics for catarrh in a concen-
R. Oldham, Moundsville, W. Va.; M. Marble, Wor- trated, convenient form.
cester, Mass.; the Rev. G. D., New Orleans; the The old style of catarrh salves and ointments are
Rev. J. G. Law, Walhalla, s. C.; A Knight, Hills- greasy, dirty and inconvenient at the best; the new
boro, Tex.; W.R. Coumbe, Lakeland, Fla.; W. W preparation being in tablet form is always clean and
S., Randolph-Macon System, Lynchburg, Va.; W.

H. Sexton, Detroit, Mich; W. J. L., Richmond,
Va.; G. Patterson, Winnipeg, Can ; 0. C. Brett,

The new Catarrh Cure is superior to catarrh pow.
Humboldt, kan.; 0. C. Pitkin, Syracuse, N. Y.; L. ders because it is a notorious fact that many catarrh
R., Corning, Ark.; Dr. H. Sleeper, Meriden, N.'H.; powders contain cocaine.
C. B. E., Youngstown, O ; Dr. E. E. Harvey, Nor-

The new catarrh cure is called Stuart's Catarrh wich, Can.

Tablets, a wholesome combination of bloodroot, 585 (only): The Rev. S. M. Morton, Effingham, cures by its action upon the blood and mucous mem.

beachwood tar, guajacol and other antiseptics, and Ill; Dr. H. W. Fannin, Hackett, Ark.; J. H. B., Chicago; F. L. Hitchcock, Scranton, Pa.; the Rev.

brane, the only rational treatment for catarrhal A De R. Meares, Ronda, N. C.; W. B. De J., Co- trouble. lumbia, Mo.; H. M. Coss, Cattaraugus, N. Y.; L. You do not have to draw upon your imagination H. R., Bennington, Vt.

to discover whether you are getting benefit from Comments (585): “Very ingenious"-M. W. H.; Stuart's Catarrh Tablets ; improvements and relief “A fine example of the cut-off theme"-G. D.; “Of are apparent from the first tablet taken. unusual merit"--J. G. L.; "Great variety woven All druggists sell and recommend them. They

into strong texture"-a K.; "Appears to me to be cost but 50 cents for full sized packages, and any Simple, inexpensive home treatment for the champion 2-er of the win-by-waiting class”.- catarrh sufferer who has wasted time and money on

W. R. C.; -. Nechin,' good "-W. H. S.; “Remark- sprays, salves and powders will appreciate to the Catarrh, Bronchitis, Asthma, Sore Throat, Headache and Deafness when

able for having every piece brought into use "-H. caused by catarrh. Almost immediate relief, and S.; "I think I counted as many as 19 variations - full the merits of Stuart's Catarrh Tablets. S. M. M.; “Black's formidable forces are so ar.

A little booklet on cause and cure of catarrh sent Positivo Cure for Hay Fovor. No moist vapor or spray, simply dry, medicated, ranged as to be of little use "-Dr. H. W. F.; "The

free by addressing F. A. Stuart Co., Marshall, Mich. fresh air, agreeable and efficient. Complete out- fine disposition of Black's pieces prevents White fit, rubber bulb atomizer and vaporium for six forcing mate except by a waiting move "-J. H. B.; months' treatment $1.50

“Notable for number and variety of mates"-F. Try it 10 days, if not satisfactory, return it and L. H. get your money. References: Any bank in Battle

(586): “A beautiful composition "-M. W. H;
Creek, VAPORIUM CO., 22 N. Jotterson St.,
Battlo Creok, Mich,

“Very fine "-M. M.; "Lacking both in ingenuity
and variety"-G. D.; "Capital combination "-J.
G. L.; "The key-the Q lying in wait-shows a
beautiful ambush "-A K.; "Pretty, but simple;
hardly up to prize-class"-w. R. C.; "Chunechin, When There is a New Home Treatment
very good "- W. H. S.

that Quickly Reduces Weight to
In addition to those reported, Dr. A. H. Brown,
Hamilton, Mo., got 583 and 584 ; Dr. L. E. Holmes,

Normal Without Diet or Bozeman, Mont., 584 ; Dr. E. E. H., 582; the Rev. in its grip. Chill now and then; fever oc- A. De R. M., 583.

Medicine and is casionally. No matter where you got it or Mr. Otto Würzburg writes us that he is the

Absolutely how long you have had it,

author of the beautiful and difficult 3-er, No. 580.
We gladly make this correction. The problem

came to as we published it.
The Forsyth Notation.

Very many inquiries are received concerning

These will effect a sure and speedy cure.

Don't be too fat; don't puff and blow; don't enthe notation used in THE LITERARY DIGEST. danger your life with a lot of excess fat; and furtherpills are purely vegetable-gentle action,

We have given an explanation of this, but either more, don't ruin your stomach with a lot of useless wonderful in result. Drive the poison out of this explanation was not satisfactory or our cor- address to Prof. F. J. Kellogg, 38 W Main St., Battle

drugs and patent medicines. Send your name and your blood, and give healthy tone to liver,

respondents did not see it. However, we give it Creek, Mich., and he will send you a free trial packstomach and bowels. Testimonials from

again, as clearly as we can, and as fully as our age of his remarkable treatment that will reduce your hundreds. Ask your druggist, or sent by

space permits: ist, Capital letters are used for weight to normal. Do not be afraid of evil conse mail--25 cents a bottle.

quences, the treatment is perfectly safe, is natural white pieces, small letters for black pieces; 2d, aud scientific and gives such a degree of comfort as A. N. ROMAINE, 337 Washington St., New York. Squares not occupied are designated by numbers; to astonish those who have panted and perspired 3d, The Knight is indicated by S; 4th, Begin on the stomach, gives the heart freedom, enables the lungs

under the weight of excess fat. It takes off the big upper left-hand square (White's Q R8), and count to expand naturally and you will feel a hundred across the board. Let us take Problem 587: there times better the first day you try this wonderful

home treatment. is a black Knight on the upper left-hand square,

Send your name and address for a free trial pack Don't do it Yourselt-Don't

and the other squares on that row are vacant, age sent securely sealed in a plain wrapper, with full Let Anybody do it

hence, s 7. The next row shows a vacant square, directions how to use it, books and testimonials from for You.

1," then the white King, “K," a vacant square, “1," hundreds who have been cured. black Pawn, "p," two vacant squares. 2," black brighten the rest of your life.

Send for the free trial package to-day. It will What man or woman

Pawn, "p," and one square, “1," hence this row suffering with painful

reads : 1 Kip 2 p 1. On the next row there is only and annoying corns

A RARE TREATIN one piece, a white Pawn, or “P," so we read 3 P 4. will not give 25 cents to

The next row shows i, a black Pawn, i, black have them removed?

King, black Pawn, 3; or i pi k p 3. On the next
For 25 cents you get
row there are three pieces: 1, white Pawn, Knight,

3, white Queen, i, or 1 PS 3 Q 1. Only a black
Pawn on the next row, hence, 2 p 5. The next row

reads 2 S 1 P 3; and the last row, 5 S 2.

Oolonga, Japans, Young Hysons, Gunpowders, Englisb

Breakfasts, Souchongs, Congous, Assams 27c to 57c per

and ('evlons from ... Hamburg

Here is a Cure.

VERY BEST ROASTED COFFEES from.. 10c to 29c pour Buffalo N. Y., September 2, 1901.

The Good are sold on their merits, NO PRESENTS Publisher of LITERARY DIGEST,

CONSUMERS IMPORTING TEA CO., sent to your house, postpaid, which

New York City.

P. 0. Box 290

66 Church Street, New York will remove every corn you have,

Dear Sir:-We cure every case of catarrh, stomach no matter where it is, how long you have had it or how torturing it is.

trouble, constipation, kidney disease, congested or torpid Razors are dangerous; pastes, salves

liver and inflammation of bladder or prostate gland. One COLLAR * goes with our one-piece coland plasters are worthless. Send 25 C. dose a day of our Vernal Saw Palmetto Berry Wine does BUTTON

lar button. to-day for this article of genuine Clean, Painless, merit-the only one that will do

We prove above statements, and will send a trial bottle INSURANCE Krementz & Co., 58c Chariti, N.S. Certain and the work quickly and properly-it

of this remedy to those of your readers who write for it. GUARANTEED. Acts Like Lightning." Rids feet of corns, soft, hard or other

We will send every bottle free, safely packed in plain box, wise; on the joints, between the toes, or on the soles charges prepaid. We would like to hear promptly from

Individual Communion of the feet. Your money refunded it it does not do all all those who suffer from any of the troubles mentioned. this. Sent prepaid on receipt of 25 cents by We cure the most stubborn cases.

Outfits. Send for free catalogue LEONARD & co., 847 Unity Bldg., Chicago, Ill. Please give this a prominent place in your publication. Be sure to write to-day. Very truly yours,


Box L Rochester, N. Y.
Vernal Remedy Company,

1053 Ellicott Square, Buffalo, N.Y.
Rovolving Temple-Clasp Eyeglasses.
Briggs patent with Electric
Attachment. For..

New thing in Diamonds.

Ilustrated catalog on request. convenience, comfort and cure, no invention The Natural Body Brace advertised in this paper in the

For beauty, fire and brilliancy

Any goo is bent prepaid for exof the past 100 years equa's it.

first issue of this month, is a delightful, certain remedy for Fit by mail

equals genuine, 1.20 the cost. ailments peculiar to women and girls. It makes walking and Good solicitors make great inguaranteed.

Latest 14-k solid gold setting.

00.,646 Welle Street, Chlongo work easy: gives good figure and light step. Write the comes. Exclusive territory a signed.

Natural Body Brace Co., Box 713, Salina. Kan., for free BlusRovolving Spoctacles Co., 323 Cox Bldg., Rochoster, N. Y. trated book.

Readers of THE LITERARY DIGEST are asked to mention the publication when writing to advertisers.


Romaine's Pills

Don't Cut Corns




amination. TWO. R. FIELD

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“Is a gallery of wondrous pen pictures, superfinely produced.”

-Brooklyn Eagle.

Many critics agree with Gen. Lew Wallace that it is

“One of the six greatest English novels ever written.” 20 FULL-PAGE ILLUSTRATIONS BY T. de THULSTRUP

12mo, Cloth, 622 Pages. Price, $1.40, net.

All Bookstores. Postage, 19 cents


In Deep


An index to “The People's Bible," of which 8,000 sets have been sold in America. It
is more than an ordinary index of subjects, topics, and texts. It is also an index to all the
expositions, thoughts, and illustrations found in "Parker's People's Bible. This index
makes a volume in itself, and it is bound in the same style and size as the other volumes of
the work. Rev. HENRY T. Page, Compiler. 8yo, Cloth, about 450 pages. '$1.50.
FUNK & WAGNALLS COMPANY, Publishers, 30 Lafayette Place, NEW YORK



Intense Dramatic Interest "No work in recent years surpasses this story in intense dramatic interest. Though often to the highest degree sensational, it is never commonplace, which is a combination of traits very rare in this sort of literature. The characters are numerous and well drawn, and the scenes, which follow in rapid succession, are dashing and picturesque."-The Springfield Union. A Masterpiece of Story

Telling "The plot is well woven, and the interest is maintained throughout. Georges Ohnet has again proved that he is a past master in the art of telling a story."-Daily Evening Telegraph, Philadelphia

Mystery, Passion, Intrigue "It has an atmosphere of mystery and a plot full of passion and intrigue."- Detroit Free Press.

A Stirring. Charming Story "The story is emotional and stirring. Those who have read Georges Ohnet's The Ironmaster' will be charmed with his latest work.".Burlington Hawk-Eye.


Christ and His Friends

Paul and His Friends
Thirty-one revival sermons (texts from

Thirty-one revival


from the life of Paul. 12mo, cloth, $1.50. St. John's Gospel). 12mo, cloth, $1.50.

Lutheran Observer: "Replete with wonIndependent, New York: “This volume derful presentations and illustrations of truth." fairly thrills and rocks with the force injected into its utterance."

David and His Friends

Thirty-one revival sermons (texts from The Fisherman and His Friends Samuel and the Psalms). 12mo, cloth,

$1.50. Studies from the life of Peter. 31 ser

The Outlook: "Evangelical, ethical, pointed mons (texts from John, Matthews, Acts). with apt personal interest and narrative." Cloth, $1.50.

The Saloon-Keepers' Ledger David Gregg, D.D., Brooklyn: " It throbs with intellect and heart.".

Temperance revival discourses. Cloth, 75 cents.

Christian Herald, Detroit: " The disJohn and His Friends

courses are masterpieces of an expert." Thirty-one revival sermons (texts from Seven Times Around Jericho the Gospel of John). 12mo, cloth, $1.50.

Seven Temperance discourses. 12mo. 75 The Burlington Hawk-Eye: “A very cents. gracious revival of religion was awakened by their Herald and Presbyter, Cincinnati: "The delivery."

book is sure to be a power for good." FUNK & WAGNALLS COMPANY, Publishers, 30 Lafayette Place, NEW YORK


12mo, Cloth, 421 Pages. Price, $1.20 net. All Bookstores. Postage, 13 cts.


30 Lafayette Place, New York

Readers of THE LITERARY DIGEST are asked to mention the publication when writing to advertisers.

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