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English Synonyms
Antonyms, and Prepositions


"No work in recent years surpasses this story in in. tense dramatic interest. Though often to the highest degree sensational, it is never commonplace, which is a combination of traits very rare in this sort of literature. The characters are numerous and well drawn, and the scenes, which follow in rapid succession, are dashing and picturesque."-The Springfield Union.

By JAMES C. FERNALD, Editor Syn., Ant., and Prep. Department

Standard Dictionary. Over 7,500 Classified and Discriminated Synonyms. Nearly 4,500 Classified Antonyms. Correct use of Prepositions clearly shown by illustrative examples. Hints and Helps on the accurate use of words, revealing surprising possibilities of fulness, freedom, and variety of utterance.

Pres. Cochran, Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute : " This book will do more to secure rhetorical perspicuity, propriety, and precision of expression than any other text-book of higher English yet produced.

13mo, Cloth, 674 pages. Price, $1.50


TELLING "The plot is well-woven and the interest is maintained throughout. Georges Ohnet has again proved that he is a past-master in the art of telling a story."-Daily Evening Telegraph, Philadelphia.


"It has an atmosphere of mystery and a plot full of passion and intrigue.”—Detroit Free Press.

The New Cyclopedia

of Practical Quotations


“The story is emotional and stirring. Those who have read Georges Ohnet's The Ironmaster' will be charmed with his latest work."-Burlington Hawk-Eye.

12mo, Cloth, 421 Pagos. Price, $1.20 not. All Bookstoros. Postage, 13 cts. FUNK & WAGNALLS CO., Publishers, New York

By J. K. HOYT.
Thirty Thousand Choice Quotations with
Eighty-six Thousand lines of Concordance.
An Appendix containing Proverbs from
the French, German, and other modern
foreign languages, each followed by its
English translation. Also a full list of
Latin law terms and their translations.

Highly Commended by
Ex-President Harrison Gen. Horace Porter
Gen. Stewart L. Woodford Prof. Goldwin Smith

New York Herald : "By long odds the

best book of quotations in existence." Cover Design by Geo. Wharton Edwards. 8vo, 1905 pp. Buckram, $6.00; Law Sheep,

$8.00; Half Morocco, $10.00; Full Morocco, $13.00.

"This delightful little book ought to be read aloud, that it may contribute to the

common enjoyment of the family. It is too good to be enjoyed
selfishly alone.”Christian Register, Boston.

English Compound

Words and Phrases





Editor of " Compound Words" in the Standard

Author of " Titus," " Stephen," "Prisoner of the Sea," etc.

A Captivating Story Woven Around the Christian Science and other Valuable principles and rules for com

" New Thought" Ideas pounding, together with a list of 40,000 compound words.

"It is a dainty little story, and quite out of the common. It New York State Educational Journal: This

furnishes an hour's enjoyable reading, and can not fail to move book may be considered a final authority."

8vo, Cloth, leather back, 311 pp. Price, $2.50.

graph, Phila. 99 “You can read it through in half an hour, and then you will

want to read it again, because it is such a clever little picture FUNK & WAGNALLS CO., Publishers,

of life from the most modern standpoint."- St. Louis Post

Dispatch. 30 Lafayette Place, New York.

The story is very bright, cheery, and original.”—PresbyterHerald, Cincinnati, O.

"It is bright and racy.”Lutheran Observer, Phila. "A precious little story that leaves a pleasant mem.

" --Cleveland Dealer.

Very bright and captivating." —Brooklyn Eagle.

> By A. T. SCHOFIELD, M.D., M.R.C.S.E.


"It is delicious reading. A delicate and demure humor Author of The Unconscious Mind."

is its dominant characteristic."-St. Louis Republic. A study of the sources and qualities of character, the object being to show the tran

Ornamental Cover. Frontispiece. 60 cents net. Postage, 3 cents. scendent importance of character, its scientific foundations, and the soundest principles

ALL BOOKSTORES for development and improvement. The reader is taken into the most fascinating

FUNK & WAGNALLS COMPANY, Pubs., New York realms of psychology, education, ethics, and mental physiology. It is a personal message of tremendous importance to every man,


IS woman, and child. All that concerns the

By H. 8. POMEROY, A.M., M.D. 35 cts. "It is a stimulating, startling, wonderful book." training of the young and the perfecting of

FUNK & WAGNALLS COMPANY, Pubs., NEW YORK THE RELIGION OF DEMOCRACY our own lives in every-day professional or

"It is a great book of a great epoch.". business life is treated by a master hand. DICESTS WANTED.

-Edwin Markham, Cloth,' 8vo, 259 pages, Topical Index and list of

For back numbers of Volume 1, for January 6, 1894, "It is a clarion call to a higher civilization." books on the subject. Price, $1.30 net. Add posand indexes for Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 16, and 18,

- Ella

eeler ilcox tage, Il cents.

forwarded to us at once, we will pay 20 cents per FÜNK & WAGNALLS CO., 30 Lafayette PI., New York. copy. Publishers THE LITERARY DIGEST, 30 Lafayette

12MO, CLOTH. $1.00. POSTPAI Place, New York City.

Funk & Wagnalls Co., Pubs., 30 Lafayette Pl., N, Y. Readers of THE LITERARY DIG EST are asked to mention the publication when writing ty advertisers.

The Springs
of Character

“WHOLESOME" ory: A. Peeteland rain"Weater


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150 Fifth Avenue, New York.

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A LYDDITE SHELL IN WOMAN'S STRONGHOLD Woman's | In managing servants and children, Woman's Failures house tidy, wasting food, ignorance Blunders

of money matters, etc., etc. Send for a Copy and Join the Merry Fray

12mo, Cloth. Price, 81.00 Funk & Wagualls Co., Publishers, 30 Lafayette Pl., New York



This is not a book on elocution, but treats, in a new and original way, public speaking. The author devotes particular attention to the use of the will in public speaking, and emphasizes creative rather than imitative speaking. By NATHAN SHEPPARD. 12mo, Cloth, 152 pages. Price, 75 cents. The Literary World, Boston: "We advise every public speaker to read at least the opening chapter of this book; the rest will follow."

The Sun, New York: "He writes in a pungent and sometimes colloquial style, and illustrates his 1deas by an abundance of anecdotes." THE ESSENTIALS OF ELOCUTION

Novel ways by which to perfect every gesture and articulation to that high degree of art where the art itself is concealed and the hearer is made oblivious of everything but the sentiments uttered by the speaker. These talks are radical departures from old-time methods. By ALFRED AYRES, author of “The Orthoepist," “ The Verbalist," etc., etc. 12mo, Cloth, Deckle Edges, with Frontispiece. Price, 75 cents.

Richard Henry Stoddard: "It is brightly written and original.'

The Lutheran Observer: "It is worth more than all the ponderous philosophies on the subject." THE DRILL BOOK IN VOCAL CULTURE

A comprehensive study of the fundamental constituents of effective, graceful speaking. By EDWARD P. THWING, M.D., Ph.D. 16mo, 111 pages. Illustrated. Paper Covers. Price, 25 cents.

The Independent, New York: Compact and inexpensive, but it omits nothing essential."

New York Witness: “ An invaluable treat

By GLENTWORTH R. BUTLER, A.M., M.D. Physician to St. Mary's, St. John's, and Methodist Epis

copal hospitals, Brooklyn, N. Y., etc., etc. Practical descriptions of the body and its functions. Simple rules and suggestions for immediate treatment of sudden afflic. tions of all descriptions. Index of 300

subject references. The Sun, New York: “A valuable book of reference in any household."

Boston Post: "An excellent summary of good and quick methods."

Lutheran Evangelist : “A compendium of practical knowledge." 12mo, Cloth. 18 Original Illustrations; over 100

pages. Price, 50 cents, post-free. FUNK & WAGNALLS CO., Publishers,

30 Lafayette Place, New York.

“Almost Like a Voice from Heaven."-Chioago Herald. The Ethics of Marriage.

Vital Suggestions Toward Making the
Marriage State Both Sacred and Happy

By H. S. POMEROY, M.D. The Family and the State-All that Concerns Woman's Education and Employment in their Bearings on the Questions of Marriage and Maternity-The Perversion of Marriage - The Mission of the Child Heredity-Bars to Parenthood-Suggestions.


ROUND OF SOCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Rt. Hon. W. E. Gladstone says: (In a four-page letter to the author concerning

this book) "In your griefs and denunciations I sympathize and share to the full, and so much as this you are at liberty to state when and where you will."

Rev. Joseph Cook writes: "A subject of great delt. cacy and yet of commanding present importance 18 treated with the utmost propriety of tone and expresslon; with adequate knowledge.'

12mo, Cloth, 197 pp., price, $1.00; postage free. FUNK & WAGNALLS CO., Publishers, New York.

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THE AMERICAN COLONIAL HANDBOOK. A ready referencehand book of interesting and useful facts and figures, historical, geographical commercial and political, about our new possessions. By THOMAS CAMPBELL COPELAND. 16mo, Cloth, 50 cents. FUNK & WAGNALLS CO., 30 Lafayette Pl., New York.


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Principles and exercises, followed by a copious selection of extracts in prose and poetry, classified and adapted for reading and recitations. By Prof. Chas. BELL and ALEXANDER M. BELL, F.E.L.S. 12mo, Cloth, 563 pages. Price, $1.50.

Prof. T. C. Trueblood, Department of Literature, Science, and the Arts, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich.: " of the book by Bell, I have nothing but praise. It is standard,

and contains many valuable hints and exercises for the young student who desires to perfect his style of delivery preparatory to the higher art of oratory." FUNK & WAGNALLS COMPANY, Pubr's

30 Lafayette Place, New York


Horses shoes

the more worn-o-the brighters Busy wives who use SAPOLIO never seem to grow old. Try a cake...

Readers of THE LITERARY DIGEST are asked to mention the publication when writing to advertisers.

THE MOST COMPLETE AND HELPFUL CONCORDANCE FOR PROFESSIONAL MEN. The Episcopal Recorder, Philadelphia : It is unquestionably the best and most complete work of the kind ever published.

The New York Observer: This monumental work has been made as complete and perfect as could be desired. It has stood the test of the severest criticism. It is adapted to the wants of students of every class. A standard book of reference.

Young's Analytical Concordance to the Bible

Author of a New Literal Translation of the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures, Concise Critical Comments on the Same, Etc., Etc.

Seventh edition, thoroughly revised and containing 8,000 changes. It includes 311,000. references, making 30,000 New Testament Readings. It gives the original Hebrew or Greek of any word in the English Bible with the literal meaning of each, together with reliable parallel passages.

Christian Standard, Philadelphia : “ It enables every one to be his own commentator. He can at a glance find out three distinct points : First, what is the original Hebrew or Greek of any word

in his English Bible ; second, what is the literal and primitive meaning of every word; and third, what are proper and reliable renderings as well as parallel passages. It is undoubtedly best that Scripture be made its own interpreter, and this is effected by Young's Concordance."

SOME SPECIAL AND EXCLUSIVE MERITS Its Analytical Character.-It gives at a glance the various shades of meaning of related words represented in the English by one word. Arrangement of Proper Names. The proper names of all persons and places, unlike most Concordances, are given in their alphabetical order with meaniugs. Dates and eras of all persons are also given, so that they may be distinguished from others of the same name, Useful Features for Students. It enables every student to be his own commentator even if he has no knowledge of the Greek or Hebrew languages. Especially Helpful Arrangement. -Every word is given in alphabetical order, and arranged under its Hebrew or Greek original, with the literal meaning of each, and its pronunciation, Valuable Complementary Articles.--Helpful supplemental articles add value to this Concordance. The Rev. Thomas Nicol, B.D., of Edinburgh, contributes" A Sketch of Recent Explorations in Bible Lunds,"outlining the results of recent topographical and archeological investigations in their bearing upon Scriptures. There are also 71 instructive " Hints and Helps on Bible Interpretation.' It Meets the Wants of the Most Profound Scholar as well as the Simplest Reader of the English Bible

Robert Rainy, D.D., Professor of Church History, New College, Edin- A. H. Charteris, D.D., Professor of Biblical Criticism, Edinburgh Uniburgh: A work of great labour and pains, fitted to be useful to all Bible versity : "I venture to express my hope that no minister's library will be students, and especially ministers."

without this unique and original work." Rec. James Buchanan, of Glasgow : "A work which will be greatly William P. Dickson, D.D., Professor of Divinity, Glasgow University : helpful to the critical study of the Sacred Scriptures."

It will furnish a material aid to the accurate understanding and right exPhilip Schaff, D.D., LL.D.: "The most complete Concordance in the

position of Scripture." English language."

William Milligan, D.D., Professor Biblical Criticism, Aberdeen UniJohn Hall, D.D., said: “Young's Analytical Concordance is worthy

versity : "The work will supply very valuable help to all, whether ministers of the life-time of labor spent upon it."

or lay members of the church, in their Bible study.' 4to, 1,108 pp. Price, Cloth, $5; tan sheep, $7.80; half morocco, $9; full morocco, $12. With the Denison Patent Thumb

Reference Index, 75 cents extra. Carriage prepaid.

FUNK & WAGNALLS COMPANY, Publishers, 30 Lafayette Place, NEW YORK


The Work of the Holy Spirit.

Christ. By Prof. Franz Delitzsch. 12mo, Cloth,

91 pp., 75 cents; Paper, 15 cents. The Holy Bible, consisting of the Old and New Covenants. Translated according to the letter This great work constitutes almost an encyclo

Throws much light on the character of the age and idioms of the original languages. By Rob

pedia of inspiration and discussion on the Holy

and people in which Jesus lived.-Good Litera. ert Young, D.D. 8vo, Cloth, 780 pp. $4.00. Spirit. It embraces a comprehensive survey

ture, New York. Second Revised Edition.

of the entire system of Christian Faith and The style throughout is strikingly picturesque TeachingIt emphasizes the immense impor: Royal Houses of Israel and Judah. and frequently dramatic, while many of the

tance and the personal efficacy of the Work of emendations are peculiarly felicitous. – Rev. the Holy Spirit, and points out that this is the

It is the first and only interwoven history of Adam Stuart Muir, D.D., Leith. heart and soul of the church. By Abraham

this period, containing all of the two Samuels, Kuyper, D.D., LL.D. Translated from the

the two Kings, and the two Chronicles (except Church History.

Dutch with explanatory notes by Rev. Henri de

Genealogies in 1 Chronicles), and parts of four Vries. Introduction by Prof. Benj. B. Warfield,

other books arrar.ged in one comprehensive By Prof. John H. Kurtz. Translated and edited by Rev. John Macpherson, M.A., and specially D.D., LL.D., Princeton Theological Seminary.

story of the Hebrew Monarchy. By Prof. Geo. 8vo, Cloth, 703 pp. $3.00.

0. Little. 8vo, Cloth, 355 pp.$3.00. revised by the author. In three volumes. 12mo, Cloth, 1,650 pp. $2.00 per volume. We know of nothing at once so complete and

The volume altogether is an important contri“Kurtz's Church History” is a work of high so entirely satisfactory. Its style is clear and

bution to Biblical literature.-The Presbyterian,

Philadelphia. scholarship, thorough grasp of details, and es

simple. The skill of the author is unsurpassed. pecially adapted for historical students. ---Prof.

It will greatly further the interests of evangelical

truth and life. It is the book on the “Work of the Henry A. Buttz, D.D.

Theology of the Old Testament. Holy Spirit."- Francis R. Beattie, D.D., LL.D., Outlines of the History of Dogma. Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Louisville,

A scholarly and comprehensive exposition. By

Dr. Gustav Friedrich Oehler. Edited by Prof. By Adolph Harnack, D.D. Including a discus

Geo. E. Day, D.D., of Yale University. 8vo, sion of * The Rise of Ecclesiastical Dogma," Forward Movements of the Last

613 pp. $3.00. "The Development of Ecclesiastical Dogma,"

Oehler's " Theology of the Old Testament" has etc. Translated by Edwin Knox Mitchell, M.Á. Half Century.

for a generation been considered as at the head 8vo, Cloth, 567 pp., large type, etc. $2.50.

of all treatises on the subject-a subject which Prof. Mitchell's translation of Harnack's “ His

The social and religious evolution of the last

just now has assumed unusual prominence, es.

half century considered with a view to future tory of Dogma”, is sure to command attention.

pecially to those who are persuaded that the Old Harnack is an inspiring teacher and easily the

progress. By Arthur T. Pierson, D.D. 12mo,

Testament and the New stand or fall together. first living church historian of Germany.-Philip

Cloth. $1.50.

T. W. Chambers, D.D. Schaf", D.D., LL.D.

The book is to be commended to the student of

social affairs, the minister and religious worker, Typology of Scriptures.

Institutes of the Christian Religion. and those engaged in reformatory work.- New A standard work dealing with typology not York Times.

A new work on systematic theology. only as a Bible and theological subject simply,

Emanuel V. Gerhart. D.D., LL.',. With an inbut in connection with all Christian doctrine, Christian Sociology

troduction by Philip Schaff, D.D., LL.D. Comand all the dispensations of religion from the

plete in two 8vo volumes, Cloth, 1,744


with Adamic to the Christian. By Patrick Fair- Including a discussion of: Christian Society ; index to each volume. Per volume, $3.00. bairn, D.D. 2 volumes, 8vo, Cloth, 904 pp. $5.00. Genesis of Christian Society ; Social Teaching

A very valuable addition to the science of Chris. The most systematic, and satisfactory work of

of Christ; Christian View of Humanity ; Rela

tian theology.-The Lutheran Otserver, Phila. its kind. - The Church English Quarterly Review.

tion of Church Members ; Self-love and Society ;
Christian Self-culture. By J. H. W. Stucken-

delphia, Recent Explorations in Bible Lands berg, D.D. 12mo, Cloth, 379 pp. $1.00,

Life of Christ. A bible class text-book. By T. Nicol, D.D. 12mo, Flexible Cloth, 76 pp., with map and

Jewish Artisan Life in the Time of Every important event and era in the Savior's complete index 50 cents.

life is fully considered. By Dean Frederick W.

Jesus. I do not know of any other work which at

Farrar, D.D. 2 volumes. Paper, each, 25 cents. tempts to cover the same ground.-A. H. Char- Helpful sketches of the handicrafts and public He brings out salient points, and shows depth teris, D.D, University of Dublin.

and private life of the Jews in the time of and grasp of thought.-The Churchman, N. Y.


FUNK & WAGNALLS COMPANY, Publishers, 30 Lafayette Place, NEW YORK.

Readers of THE LITERARY DIGEST are asked to mention the publication when writing to advertisers.

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