Lapas attēli



We are ill at building? Yet have we at least
Destroyed to better purpose than we knew.
We have raised up heroes where we found but

We have ravaged well, our rapine is not vain.
Redder from our red hoofprints the wild rose
Of freedom shall afresh hereafter spring,
And in our own despite are we the sires
Of liberty, as night begets the day.
Sufficient claim to memory this I deem,
Title enow, were other passport none.

-In the London Speaker.


Send us a money order for $2.00, and we will send you by registered mail a Splendid Lady's SOLID GOLD

RING, Set with Birthstone (or imitation diamond, if you so order). If you are not absolutely satisfied with the same, return it and we will refund to you EVERY CENT of your money. Gentlemen's SOLID GOLD-RING, $3.00. We can supply solid gold rings from $1.00, and gold-filled rings for 25 and 50 cents each.

WATCHES from one dollar.

Rep When ordering, state it' for lady, gentleman, or child.
Send for ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE of Watches, Jewelry, and also an Imitation
Diamond Stick Pin, mailed for 10 cents.
JEWEL SPECIALTY CO., Room 1918, 150 Nassau St., New York

Current Events.

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Foreign. CHINA. June 25.-A claim of 400,000 taels against the

United States is made by the China Mer

chants' Company for looting at Tien-Tsin. June 27.- Mr. Rockhill notifies the State Depart

ment that he will leave Peking for home in August, by which time, it is hoped, Mr. Conger will have nearly reached his destina

tion. June 28.-Fresh uprisings in Manchuria are re

ported; the whole province is reported to be affected and the Russian soldiers are powerless to maintain order ; M. de Giers, Russian minister at Peking, is appointed Russian

minister at Munich, Bavaria. June 30.—The Empress-Dowager, fearing a trap

to capture her, declines to return to Peking, and announces her intention to make KaiFeng-Fu, in the province of Ho Nan, her

future capital. SOUTH AFRICA. June 29.-Lord Kitchener reports an attack of

Boers on two blockhouses on the Delagoa Bay line, which was repulsed with loss to the Boers; a field-cornet and forty-four men surrender to the British at Petersburg in the Northern Transvaal; a mutiny on the Boer transport at Bermuda is suppressed, and the

ringleaders placed in irons. OTHER FOREIGN NEWS. June 24.--Further anti-clerical riots occur at

Madrid and Alicante.
The King and Queen of Portugal arrive in

June 25.-D. B. Henderson, the speaker of the

House of Representatives, is presented to
King Edward; the King reviews the yeomen

of the guard at Marlborough Gardens.
Three Japanese torpedo-boats collide at the

naval maneuvres, and several lives are lost in British artillery practise off the Isle of Wight a gun explodes, killing two and

wounding eight men. June 26.-Ex-President Kruger is welcomed at

Rotterdam with great enthusiasm by the

inhabitants. The Marquis de Lur-Saluces, tried for treason

before the French High Court of Justice, is found guilty and sentenced to five years'

banishment. The Orient line steamer Lusitania goes on a

rock north of Cape Race and, it is believed,

will prove a total wreck. June 27:— The Paris-Berlin autocar race attracts

wide attention; the first day's run is won by

M. Fournier.
King Edward announces that his coronation

will take place in June, 1902.
June 28.- The Cabinet of Holland resigns, in

consequence of recent elections by which the

Government lost thirteen seats. J. Pierpont Morgan, and other leaders of FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND CLAIMS

PAID, The Prudential Insurance Company of America has recently paid its five hundred thousandth claim. The Prudential" is the only life insurance company confining its operations exclusively to the United States ihat can pointto such a record.

These claim payments show a total amount of over $45,000,000 paid by The Prudential on Industrial claims alone, the daily number of payments now averaging over 200.

The Prudential has liberalized its Industrial policies very materially since the organization of the Company twenty-five years ago, by arranging for the payment of all just claims immediately upon receipt of proofs of death. This practically doubles the value of life insurance, particularly among those holding Industrial policies, where there is frequently no other ready money at hand.

Another feature is that of addi ional benefits, by which an Industrial policy, after it has been five years in force, is credited with an additional amount of insurance, without any additional expense whatever to the insured

Considering both Ordinary and Industrial The Prudential has paid over $50,000,000 to its policy-holders since its organization.

Readers of THE LITERA.




“ Elastic" Book-Case

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n writing to advertisers.


The University Preparaioiy School, THE WESTERN,

finance, sail from. Southampton on


Deutschland for America.
June 29.- M. Fournier wins the Paris-Berlin

automobile road race, reaching the German

capital at 11.38 A.M. American athletes win many honors at the

ITH..CA., . Y.

À COLLEGE AND SEMINARY FOR WOMEN sporcs vitae London Atnietic Ciud. Prepares for all courses of Cornell University.

OXFORD, OHIO. June 30.-A conflict between Mussulmans and Certificate has been accepted since 1895. Christians, resulting in the death of ten of

Beautiful and healthful location, one the latter, is reported from the Albanian- Boarding and Day Departments. Complete Home.

hour from Cincinnati, on Monon and Montenegrin frontier. Regents Certificates in Law and Medicine. Sum-i

Vandalia Express routes. Fuii CiassA street conflict takes place in Lyons between mer Term from july 16:h to September 15th. i ical courses


many Ciectives; Socialist and members o: the Leaglie di Patriots.

Faii Term opens September 26th for year 1901-02. Large Faculty and non-resident lec-
Of the school, President Schurman

turers, Campus of 65 acres; and

“I give most cheerful testimony to the high quality of

Special attention to physical culture. DOMESTIC NEWS. work done in your school. The excellent management

Forty-seventh year begins Sept. 11, June 24.-The loss of life and property by the and complete curriculum render it a most desirable pre- 1901. Number limited. Address

West Virginia floods is said to have been paratory school for the University." greatly exaggerated; the number of missing

Send for illustrated catalogue.

LEILA S. McKEE, Ph.D., President. persons is about 75 and the property damage about $500,000. CHAS. A. STILES, B.S., Headmaster,

On one The Ohio State Republican convention meets

Avenue F, Ithaca, N. Y. in Columbus, and Senator Foraker is elected

of the

large temporary chairman. June 26. - The Ohio Republican State convention

INCREASE YOUR Farmhouse, near Deep Pine Woods and renominates Governor Nash; Senator

Mountain Streams, is a Hanna makes a speech as permanent chair

man. The funeral of Adelbert S. Hay takes place in

Cleveland; Grant Gillespie, of Missouri, is to be appointed consul at Pretoria in his place.

We are preparing thousands in all parts of

Girls and boys needing home comforts The Rev. Joseph Cook, well known as a lec

the world, in their spare time, to turer, dies at Ticonderoga, N. Y.

increase their incomes and oppor

have the free, wholesome, outdoor life of

tunities. Our method of teaching techJune 27.-At the Harvard Commencement a gift

nical subjects BY MAIL enables our

a "College Camp."

students to earn good salaries while of $1,000,000 from J. Pierpont Morgan for the

learning Civil, Mechanical or Electrical Medical School is

A Kindergartener and Teacher of ten years' announced ; Matthew Engineering or Architecture. Our

experience in charge. Borden, Frederick Vanderbilt, and James J.

bookletHill give $100,000 each to Yale University. SALARIED POSITIONS


REFERENCES A train accident near Peru, Ind., results in


EXCHANGED. the loss of thirteen lives.

MONTEREY, MASS. explains our plan. We also teach by mall Yale defeats Harvard in the annual 'Varsity

Steam Engineering; Drawing; Chemistry; Telegra.

KINGSLEY SCHOOL for Young Boys boat race on the American Thames.

phy: Teaching: Stenography: Book-keeping: English
Branches. State subject in which interested.

Commissioner Evans and General Daniel E.

INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOLS, Sickles become involved in a controversy

Our aim the best in the boy-body, mind, and character. Schools open all summer. Box 1202 , Seranton, Pa.

Summer Session-June-September. Study, out-of-door life. over the administration of the Pension

New building containing gymnasium, bowling, alleys, and Bureau.

school rooms, ready next Fall.





The Seventh National Bank of New Yorknia Miss C. E. Mason's School for Girls. Linden Hall Seminary



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closed by order of Contioller Dawes, and Forrest Raynor is placed in charge as tem


LITITZ, Lancaster Co., Pa. porary receiver,


A Moravian boarding school for girls and young women, son, N. Y. An ideal

founded 1794. A safe and thorough Christian home June 28.--Secretary Wilson explains the work of

school, Advantages school. Pupils received at any time. Correspondence the Agricultural Department at the Cabinet


Rev. CHAS. D. KREIDER, Prin. meeting ; Secretary Hitchcock announces

ments. Endorsed by that he is preparing to establish a forestry

Rt. Rev. H.C. Potter, bureau in the Interior Department.

Hon. Chauncey M. BLAIR PRESBYTERIAL ACADEMY The brokerage firm of Henry Marquand & Co.

Depew. For illus:

John I. Blair Youndation. Fifty-third Year.

circular V. address is involved with the Seventh National Bank,

Co-educational, Prepares for any American College. New Miss C. E. MASON, LL.M.

buildings. and fails with heavy liabilities.

Campus 40 acres. Liberal endowment justifies

moderate rates. For catalogue address June 29.-A strike of twenty thousand sheet

John C. Sharpe, M.A., D.D., Prin., Blairstown, N. J. steel workers is ordered by the Amalga- The Hudson River Institute. mated Association, on account of the refusal A College Preparatory School and Seminary for young THE PRATT TEACHERS' AGENCY of the American Sheet Steel Company to sign men and women. Location beautiful and healthful. A

70 Fifth Avenue, New York the wage scale.

Christian school home. Music, Art, Elocution, Military Recommends teachers to colleges, schools, and families. The excursion steamer Mohawk, with nine hunDrill Physical Culture. Address

Advises parents about schools. Wm. 0. Pratt, Mgr. dred passengers aboard, sinks in Long J.O. ŚPENCER, PH.D., Principal, CLAVERACK, N. Y.

Mention THE LITERARY DIGEST Island Sound in shallow water; no lives are

lost. June 30.-General Shafter surrenders his com

mand at San Francisco to General Young, and goes on the retired list.

We ship our wheels anywhere on ap

proval without a cent deposit and allow AMERICAN DEPENDENCIES.

10 K

10 days free trial. You

take absolutely June 25.-Cuba : General Wood is reported to be


no risk in ordering from us. suffering from a severe attack of malaria at

bent makers $10 to $18 Havana.

'99&'00 MODELS
high grade

$$ 7 to $12 Philippines: General Cailles, with 600 men, sur

1000 SECOND HAND WHEELS, renders to General Sumner at Santa Cruz, ONE PIECE COLLAR BUTTON

all makes and models, good as new, and takes the oath of allegiance.

*3 to 8. Great factory cleaning sale Has the name "Krementz" stamped on the back, show

ut half factory cost. June 27.-Lieut. Edward E. Downes, of the First ing quality, whether solid or plate, as our plate outwears

AGENTS WANTED in every some solid buttons. Beware of imitations. You get a

town. We furnish wheel and catalogs new one without charge in case a genuine krementz

to distribute. You can make $10 to PAN-AMERICAN EXPOSITION, BUFFALO. button is damaged from any cause. Special styles for

$50 a week as our Agent. Write at Ladies' Shirt Waists and

once for catalogs and our Special Offer.

Children's Dresses. Sola
May 1 to November 1, 1901,

MEAD CYCLE CO. Dept. 86M Chicago. by all jewelers. The story

of a Collar Burton free " Picturesque Pan-American Route to Buffalo " is a beautifully illustrated and comprehensive publication PERLIS

on request. issued by the “Grand Trunk Railway System,” giving


A RARE TREAT IN accurate information of the Exhibition with plan of the

63 Chestnut St., Newark, N.J. grounds, also map giving complete information of Buffalo, and will be sent free on receipt of two cents postage. Those planning a trip to Buffalo and Pan-Åmerican Where's the Key?

BEST IMPORTED at almost Exposition this year should make arrangements to take in one of the popular side trips offered by the Grand

You don't need to ask this

HALF PRICES. Trunk Railway to the most beautiful and healthful sum

question if it's on an Im- Oolongs, Japans, Young Hysons, Gunpowders, English

Breakfasts, Souchongs, Congous, Assams 27c to

Ic per mer resorts, situated in the “ Highlands of Ontario," lo

and Ceylons from...

Key cated 1000 feet above sea level, a few hours' run from

ist to

VERY BEST ROASTED COFFEES from.. 10c to 29c per

you Buffalo. Good hotel accommodation, magnificent scenery,

nor e Goods are sold on their merits, NO PRESENTS perfect immunity from Hay Fever ; a place where Health

nts. and Pleasure go hand in hand. The Highlands of Ontario

CONSUMERS IMPORTING TEA CO., include the following, well-known and popular districts :

P. 0. Box 290

66 Church Street, New York. Muskoka Lakes, “Lake of Bays," Magnetawan

shRiver," "

30,000 Islands of the Georgian Bay," wartha Lakes" and the region around “Lakes Simcoe and Couchiching.”

of FAMOUS PERSONS Illustrated descriptive publications, maps and all in

AUTOGRAPH Bought and Sold. formation can be had free by applying to FRANK P.

WALTER R. BENJAMIN, DWYER, Eastern Passenger Agent, 290 Broadway, New



1125 Broadway, New York.


hen writing to advertisers.







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ISSUE of One Hundred and
Fifty Thousand

Thousand Dollar
($150,0 0 0) Five Per
Cent. (5%) Thirty (30)

[All communications for tais Department should
De aadressed : "Caess Editor, LITERARY


Problem 570.
Black-Six Pieces.

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Principal payable January ist, 1931. In

terest payable July 1st and January ist. Both payable in Gold Coin of the United

$ States, of the present standard of weight and fineness, FREE FROM ALL TAXA

Makes Bone, Muscle, Brain. TION, EITHER STATE OR FEDERAL.

It is nutriment and all nutriSECURED by Mortgages on Land Colo

ment, with most delicious flanies of THE SALVATION ARMY


vor. No breakfast is complete SINKING FUND OF TWO PER CENT.

without it. (2%) is deposited annually with the

For Sale By Grocers Everywhere. Trustee, with the ADDED SECURITY

Manufactured only by that the PRINCIPAL and INTEREST

White-Eight Pieces.

The Franklin Mills Co, Lockport, N Y. are unconditionally guaranteed by THE

8; 3 P S 3; S 3 P 3; 1 P 6; p 2 S 2 P 1; 1 pk B2 R 1;


White mates in three moves. Coupon Bonds of $500.00 each,

Solution of Problems, bearing interest from July, 1901

No. 566. The money is required for the settlement


Kx Kt mate of worthy city families and making them

2. home-owners on the Land Colonies of the

Kt x Kt (B 6) ch Salvation Army.

Cheaper than Kerosene It will be noted that the payment of the

Handier than Gas interest on and principal of these bonds is

Better than Electricity based upon a DOUBLE security, which cannot fail to be regarded as amply sufficient to

3 cents per week secure the full payment on the day the

for average use money is due. This double security places these bonds on a par with the best that are

No smoke; no smell offered to investors, with the added advan

One match does it tage that they pay a higher rate of interest

Handsome Fixtures than most other first-class bonds. THE SALVATION ARMY Corporation is in

Single, double, all most excellent financial condition. They

styles. For own equity in New York City property, and

homes, halls, shops property throughout the United States, and an amount of excess of assets over liabilities

From $3.50 up amounting to $686,420.63. All their accounts are carefully examined by an expert account

Send for catalogue to ant and public auditor in detail, and the

Canton locandescent truth of this statement attested to after careful examination. This, together with

Light Co. their most able business management, makes

Box C, Canton, O. their guarantee of these Bonds a security beyond question.

The investor has the added satisfaction of knowing that his money is put to the best

ARTISTIC HOMES A (NEW) 608 possible use and will be handled by men who

PAGE BOOK are honest, capable, and thoroughly understand their business, and who are willing to

of 800 low-cost houses, $1 do the work, receiving in compensation just

THE money enough to pay for the most modest

"COTTAGE-BUILDER" living expenses. Thus their services are

Issued Monthly. rendered to those in interest—the lender and

$1 #

with new 608-page the borrower—at actual cost.

Book, Sample copy, 10c. Among the subscribers of these bonds are

WHEN ORDERING the following named gentlemen, who give us Rev. G. Dobbs, New Orleans; W. R. Coumbe,

It is best to send a rough Lakeland, Fla.; Dr. J. H. Stebbins, Geneva, N. Y.;

sketch of the kind of buildpermission to say they feel confident that

ing wanted with probable the interest will be paid as agreed, and the

cost, etc.

Buffalo, N. Y., July 1st, 1901. principal on the day it is due :


Suite 316
Publisher of The LITERARY Digest,

St. Louis, Mo.

Wainwright WASHINGTON E. CONNOR, Esq.,

New York, N. Y. Hon. MYRON T. HERRICK,

Dear Sir: -We cure every case of catarrh, stomach
trouble, constipation, kidney disease, congested or torpid

A Substantial Investment
Hon. JOHN E. MILHOLLAND, liver and inflammation of bladder or prostate gland. One
Hon. BENJAMIN F. TRACY. dose a day of our Vernal Saw Palmetto Berry Wine does

Accumulative Full Paid Stock
the work quickly, thoroughly and permanently.
We offer, subject to sale, the above described Bonds We will prove above statements, and will divide two Dividends paid in cash semi-annually or allowed to com-
Copies of prospectus and other information desired

thousand ounces of this remedy among those of your read- pound. Never failed to pay interest promptly in ten years. may be had upon application at the Headquarters of ers who write for it. We will send every package free, Reputation established by years of fair dealing. Under super: the Salvation Army, 120 West 14th St. New York, safely packed in plain box, charges prepaid. We would vision of the Auditor of State.

( or at our office

like to hear promptly from all those who suffer from any Most popular association in Iowa. For further information, of the troubles mentioned. We will cure the most stub- address,

lowa Business Men's Building and Loan Association, NORTH AMERICAN TRUST COMPANY, born cases.

Please give this a prominent place in your publication.
135 Broadway, New York City.

Very truly yours,
Vernal Remedy Company,

If a flicted with

1053 Ellicott Square, Buffalo, N. Y. sore eyes, use
Readers of The LITERARY DIGEST are asked to mention the publication when writing to advertisers.

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A Good


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A Knight, Hillsboro, Tex.; D. G. Harris, Mem-
phis, Tenn.; L. A. Gouldie, Brooklyn, N. Y; R.
H. Renshaw, Boyce, Va., Dr. J. T. Glass, Wo-
mack, Tex.; G. Patterson, Winnipeg, Can.; '0. C.
Pitkin, Syracuse, N. Y.; the Rev. F. A. M., Hin-
ton, W. Va.; T. Hilgers, Paterson, N. J.; W. J.
Leake, Richmond, Va.

566 (only): Dr. H. W. Fannin, Hackett, Ark; F.
L. Hitchcock, Scranton, Pa.; Dr. Hazlewood.

wood, Grand Rapids, Mich.; the Rev. J. G. Law,
Depends on Good Digestion.

Walhalla, S. C.; C. Q. De France, Lincoln, Neb.,
C, N. Hartt, Brooklyn, N. Y.; J. E. Wharton, Sher-

man, Tex ; H. M. Coss, and H. E. Davis, Cattaraii-
This is almost an axiom although usually we are gus, N. Y.; W. W. S. Randolph-Macon System,
apt to think that cosmetics, face powders, lotions, Lynchburg, Va.; L. H. R., Bennington, Vt.; W. H.
fancy soaps, etc., are the secrets for securing a clear McMillan, Allegheny, Pa.; Prof. J. A. Dewey,
complexion. But all these are simply superficial Wanainie, Pa,; Č. E. Lloyd, Washington C.H., O.;

G. Middleton, Savannah, Ga.; J. T. Graves,
Chicago, N.; H. V. Fitch, Omaha, Neb.; Dr. J. M.
Diaz, Santa Fe, N. M.; G. C. Spencer, Greenwich,

567 (only): T. J. Merrifield, St. Louis, Mo.

Comments (566): "Most excellent and novel.
Avoidance of duals a remarkable feature. This
should be classed highly "-M. M.; "Highly ingen-
ious"-W. W.; "I admire it, but do not agree with
The B. C. M."-G, D.; "Some of the mates are
most ingenious"—W. R.

C.; "Refreshingly
original and brilliant"-J. H. S.; "Most remark-
able"-A K.; "It stands alone for beauty"-D. G.
H.; "A gem"-R. H. R.; "One of the few, the im-
mortal few, that were not born to die "-H. W. F.;
"Exquisite"-F. L. H.; "Very pretty ambuscade"
-Dr. H.; “Key-move quite obvious, but varia-
tions troublesome "-J. G. L.; "A decided novel-
ty"-C. Q. De F.; "Very neat little study”-C. N.
H.; "Extraordinary"— J. E. W.; "A chef-d'æuvre"
-H. M. C.; "Very fine"-H. E. D.

(567): Some fine points in this, but somewhat
disappointing on account of some imaginary
glimpses of beauty that the solver thinks he sees,
but which are not there. On the whole, a very
creditable composition"-M. M., “Has soine very
good mates"—W. W.; “Very fine indeed "-G. D.;

Seems to have an attacking or aggressive key,
and to be of simple construction "_W. R. C.; " An
abstruse study, as full as a porcupine of sharp
points"-J. H. S.; "Difficult; one of the greatest
-A K.; “More difficult than 566"-L. A. G.

In addition to those reported, T. J. M., and H.
It is impossible to have a good complexion unless Ketcham, Vergennes, Vt, got 565; the Rev. N. H.
the digestive organs perform their work properly. Smith, Morrisdale, Pa., 564.
unless the stomach by properly digesting the food
taken into it furnishes an abundance of pure blood, sound, and well worth studying.

Problem 569. by A. H. Robbins, is perfectly
a good complexion is impossible.

This is the reason so many ladies are using Stuart's
Dyspepsia Tablets, because they promptly cure any
stomach trouble and they have found out that per-
fect digestion means a perfect complexion and one
that does not require cosmetics and powders to
enhance its beauty.

Many ladies diet themselves or deny themselves
many articles of food solely in order to keep their
complexion clear. When Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets
are used no such dieting is necessary, take these
tablets and eat all the good wholesome food you
want and you need have no fear of indigestion nor
the sallow, dull complexion which nine women out of
ten have, solely because they are suffering from
some form of indigestion.

Bear in mind that beauty proceeds from good
health, good health results from perfect digestion
and we have advanced the best argument to induce
every man and woman to give this splendid remedy
a trial.

Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets can be found in drug
stores and costs but 50 cents per package.

If there is any derangement of the stomach or
bowels they will remove it and the resultant effects
are good digestion, good health, and a clear, bright

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A Strengthening Tonic

Horsford's Acid Phosphate,
Especially recommended for the relief of nervousness and
exhaustion so common with the grip patient. Nourishes
and strengthens the entire system by supplying the needed
tonic and nerve food. induces restful sleep.

If afflicted with
sore eyes, use

Thompson's Eye Water

I ought to be in everybody's mouth, adults and children, three times a day.
Sold Only in a Yellow Box-for your protection. Curved handle and face to fit the mouth. Bristles in

irregular tufts - cleans between the teeth. Hole in handle and hook to
hold it. This means much to cleanly persons-the only ones who like our
brush. Adults' 35. Youths' 25c. Children's 250. By mail or at dealers'.
Send for free booklet "Tooth Truths."

FLORENCE MFG. 00., 14 Pino St., Florence, Mass.
The KLIPS and the Cover form the KLIP
BINDER. You can cover a magazine or
bind a volume in ten seconds. Instantly
removable. Sample dozen Klips, with keys,

mailed for 75 cents. Cover

price list free.
H. H. BALLARD, 327, Pittsfield, Mass.

Readers of THE LITERARY DIGEST are asked to mention the publication when writing to advertisers.

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