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For Well People.

No. 579.




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Solution of Problems.

Va.; R. H. R., Boyce, Va.; G. Patterson, Winnipeg,
Can.; H.M. Coss, Cattaraugus, N. Y.; Dr.J.M Diaz,
Santa Fe, N. M.; J. T. G., Womack, Tex.; Dr. G.

S. Henderson, Jackson, Mo.; the Rev. P. Read,
Key-move, Q-R 4.

Des Moines, la.; J. H. Louden, Bloomington, Ind.;
No. 580.

Dr. W. B. D. Manitou, Col.; W. H. Sexton, De-
troit, Mich; Dr. W. Petry, Newark, N. J ; the

An Easy Way to Keep Well.
B-B 2
Q x P, mate Rev. S. M. Morton, D.D., Effingham, 11l; the Rev.

A. De R. Meares, Ronda, N. C.; J. F. Dunn,

Ocala, Fla.; 0. C. B., Humboldt, Kan; Dr. E. E. It is easy to keep well if we would only observe
P-Kt 3, mate

Harvey, Norwich, Can.; C. D. Whipple, Bear, each day a few simple rules of health.

Idaho. 3.

The all important thing is to keep the stomach

Comments (579): “Very nice, with pretty mates”
B-B 2
Q-R 5, mate

.-M. M.; "A gem of purest ray serene”-G. D.; right and to do this it is not necessary to diet or to

“Remarkable for beauty and skill"-A K.; “Very follow a set rule or bill of fare. Such pampering K-R7 Рx P

simple”- J. G. L.;." Masterful. Equal to the best simply makes a capricious appetite and a feeling

2-er I ever met with”-F. H. J.; "Excels in those Q-B 2, ch Q-B sq, mate many details which, when combined, constitute a that certain favorite articles of food must be avoided.

masterpiece. Key-move, economy, balance, and P-R 7 K-R8 (must)

moderate difficultness all contribute to make this Q-R 5!

Q-Q sg, mate a worthy prize 2-er"_W. R. C.; "Not difficult for

Ist prize"-Dr. H. W. F.; "Very fair"-W. J. L.
Рx P
K-B 8

(580): “A beautiful problem. The fine 'try' B -
B-B 2, mate B? nearly caught me. T method of defending,

this 'try is one of the fine points of the problem Other

-M. M.; "One of the hardest nuts of the season

G. D; “A real problem puzzle"-A K.; “A peer-
Both problems solved by M. W. H., University less problem. The trouble is with the second
of Virginia; the Rev. I. W. B., Bethlehem, Pa.; C. move”-J. G. L.; “After the key-move if P x P,
R. Oldham, Moundsville, W. Va.; M. Marble, the problem is similar to the Little Teazer 'No.
Worcester, Mass.; the Rev. G. D., New Orleans; 557 " – Dr. B. J. B.
A Knight, Hillsboro, Tex.; the Rev. J. G. Law,

The “joke" of this problem, by which so many
Walhalla, s. C.; Dr. B. J. B., Webster Groves,
Md.; C. K. Stewart, Montgomery, Ala.; T. Hil-

were caught, is the Knighting of the P. as follows: gers, Paterson, N. J.; 0. C. Pitkin, Syracuse, N.

B-B 7

B-Kt 3 Y.; L. R., Corning, Ark.; Prof. A. Thompson, Cal

Now 3 Q-B 2 is not mate, vert, Tex.; Dr. T. H. C., Philadelphia ; D. G. Har


P-R 8 (K) ris, Memphis, Tenn.

for Ktx Q.
579 (only): The Rev. F. H. Johnston, Tarboro, In addition to those reported, Dr. G. S. H., the
N.C.; W. R. Couin be, Lakeland, Fla.; Dr. H. W. Rev. P. R., J. H. L., Dr. W. B. D., S. M. M., got
Fannin, Hackett, Ark.; W. J. L., Richmond, Va.; 577; J. T. G. 575 and 577; C. D. W., and J. F. F.,
W. W. s., Randolph-Macon System, Lynchburg, 577 and 578 ; W. H. S., 578.

Twenty-four States and Canada are represented
this week.
No. 582 is puzzling our soivers. Only two per-

Prof. Wiechold gives pretty good advice on this sons, thus far, have found the solution.

subject, he says: “I am 68 years old and have never

had a serious illness, and at the same time my life Morphy and the Modern Masters.

has been largely an indoor one, but I early discov. TORONTO, KAN., August 17, 1901.

ered that the way to keep healthy was to keep a CHESS-EDITOR LITERARY DIGEST :

healthy stomach, not by eating bran crackers or On reading in the current number of THE DI-dieting of any sort; on the contrary I always eat sale in the 18th century,

GEST an article headed "Morphy or Lasker," by vhat my appetite craves, but for the past eight Franz Drobny in the Schachzeitung, I was struck years I have made it a daily practice to take one or by the unreasonable conclusion to be drawn from two of Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets after each meal statements made by the author. Drobny says: "I and I attribute my robust health for a man of my am confident that if Morphy, with his Chess- age to the regular daily use of Stuart's Tablets.

strength of 1859, were to be pitted to-day, not “My physician first advised me to use them beand is selling in the 20th. merely against Lasker, but against any one of the

cause he said they were perfectly harmless and were

not a secret patent medicine, but contained only the modern masters, he would be beaten uncondition- natural digestives, peptones and diastase, and after Sells all over the world.

ally." Further along he refers to "the enormous using them a few weeks I have never ceased to thank disparity between Morphy and the other masters

him for his advice.

“I honestly believe the habit of taking Stuart's of the very first rank of his day.” This latter state-Dyspepsia Tablets after meals is the real health habit, ment is true, for the records of Morphy's play because their use brings health to the sick and ailing prove it ; but if Drobny's first statement is correct,

and preserves health to the well and strong. Is a portable 100 candle power light, cost

Men and women past fifty years of age need a safe ing only 2 cts. per week. Makes and burns that any of the masters of to-day could beat Mor-digestive after meals to insure a perfect digestion Its own gas. Brighter than electricity or acetylene, and cheaper tian kerosene. No phy unconditionally, what then may we conclude and to ward off disease, and the safest, best known Dirt. No Grease. No Odor. Over 100 styles.

to be the relative strength of the masters of to-day and most widely used is Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets. Lighted instantly with a match. Every

They are found in every well-regulated household lamp warranted. Agents Wanted Everywhere.

and such players as Anderssen, Lowenthal, and from Maine to California and in Great Britain and THE "BEST” LIGHT CO. Horrwitz, since there was an “enormous dispar - Australia are rapidly pushing their way into popular 92 E, 5th Street, CANTON, OHIO. ity" between them and Morphy? Why, the infer


All druggists sell Stuart's Dyspepsia 'î'ablets, full ence is plain that such players were not masters sized packages at 50 cents, and for a weak stomach at all, according to the present standard, because a fifty cent package will often do fifty dollars worth any of the modern masters could give them odds.

of good. If Showalter, for instance, could beat Morphy (and Drobny says he could) as easily as Morphy 1877 FOR 24 YEARS 1901 beat Anderssen, then certainly Showalter could

We Have Successfully Treated give Anderssen at least Pawn and move AndersSuch as physicians use is now offered direct. It consists of two nickel cylin

sen would not be strong enough to play at the

last board in the cable-match. Does anybody who ders, with air pumps between to create is familiar with Anderssen's Chess believe this? compressed air in one cylinder and Hardly. There is not such a great disparity be THE BERKSHIRE HILLS SANATORIUM vacuum suction in other. Open valve tween the masters of forty years ago and now.

has no rivals. Describe your case, and we will send preand compressed air forces liquid from In 1866, when Steinitz reached the zenith of his paid the most complete treatise on the subject of Cancer and one cylinder in six streams through top Chess-powers, he won his match against Anders

Tumors ever published, and will refer you to persons whom sen by a score of only 8 to 6. The truth is, An

we have successfully treated that were similarly afflicted. of nozzle. Send to-day for our booklet. derssen and the others would play just

DRS. W. E. BROWN Q SON, No. Adams, Mass. Sent free on request.

creditable Chess now as they did then, and the
disparity between Morphy and the other masters
of his day would very likely apply equally as well If afflicted with
with the modern masters.

C. A. BUCK. sore eyes, use
843 Chatham Street, RACINE, WISCONSIN
or, 2020 J., Amer. Tract Bldg., New York.


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Opium habits per

WHITE PLAINS, Y. manently sured at home. No loss of

• BUFFALO, N. Y. time from business -no relapses. Free sample and book (in plain sealed envelope). Describe case.

The disease yields easily to the OGDENSBURG, N. Y. DR. PURDY, Room 6,

Double Chloride of Gold TreatBinz Building, Houston, Texas.

ment as administered at these LEXINGTON, MASS. KEELEY INSTITUTES.

PROVIDENCE, R. I. Sold on commission; prepared

Communications confidential. for publication. Short story in.

Write for particulars.

WEST HAVEN, CONN, struction by mail. Send stamp for booklet to HAWTHORNE AGENCY, 70 Fifth Ave., New York.

Readers of THE LITERARY DIGEST are asked to mention the publication when writing to advertisers.



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