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A wide-awake intelligent man or woman wanted in every city and town to organize branches of The Parmelee New Book Home Delivery Library. A magnificent opportunity to enter into an up-to-date work

of great importance, which appeals to every Book Lover.

HE munificence of Andrew Carnegie has led to the establishment of Public Libraries

throughout the country. The interest created in this library movement has spread over
the entire land and there is scarcely a town where the subject of organizing a public
library has not been agitated. It is not practicable, however, in every town to erect a
building and go to the expense of purchasing and caring for a large collection of books.

The beginning must be small and the interest of the people in the library movement increased until the public library becomes the outgrowth. With this idea in mind an organization was started in 1882 for the purpose of forming library clubs of those who would purchase their own books and circulate them among the members. This concern, known as The Parmelee Library, has from this beginning, developed a New Book Home Delivery System which now covers all sections of the country and is rapidly growing, rivaling the famous Mudie Library of London, The growth of this work has been phenomenal.

The Parmelee Library wishes to extend the service until there is a Parmelee New Book Home Delivery Station organized in every city and village in the United States. The adaptability of the system to the needs of even the greatest cities having the best of public library facilities, as well to the community with inferior public service, is shown through the registered circulation in Boston and Chicago since November of last year of over 25,000 volumes of the popular new books. None of the following advantages are afforded under the usual public library service.

1. Members can get the books they want in every branch of literature, without delay or inconvenience. No book is too new to be included in the library. Thus in fiction we find “The Helmet of Navarre, “The Crisis," "The Octopus," "Graustark,” “The Puppet Crown,' etc. No waiting for a book. The Parmelee Library buys enough copies to meet the demand.

2. The books are always neat, clean and in viting. As soon as a book is soiled it is replaced by a clean copy.

3. The books can be kept as long as desired. No fines. Andrew Carnegie.

No red tape. 4. Members can take one, two, four or more books a week; also copies of any of the sixty leading magazines;

thus supplying the entire reading for the family: 5. The books are delivered at your door and called for in a very pleasing way. 6. A weekly book list, giving names and descriptions of new books added to the library, is regularly sent to members. 7. A 250 page catalog, itself a work of typographical excellence, is furnished members free.

In the usual public library none of the above advantages are offered, and, as a necessary sequence, the perfected Parmelee Libraries are meeting with extraordinary success in the largest cities, having the best public library facilities.

we WANT A REPRESENTATIVE IN EVERY CITY AND TOWN. The work is one of refinement and affords an agreeable occupation for any man or woman who seeks a high-class appointment. To enroll names of those interested who wish to join, to superintend the weekly receipt of books, and their delivery by messengers to the patrons' homes-these are the duties. We do not need experienced men or women, but those with education and refinement, as well as grit and energy, and who will follow our instructions to the letter. If a person can only give a portion of his or her time, the work can be confined to managing the Library in one's own town. Ladies of the highest standing in cities all over the country are organizing clubs of 25 to 100 members and rendering a favor to their friends. We shall be glad to hear from any persons possessing these qualifications and who are open for an engagement, either as a local Organizer or as traveling Director.

These positions are open to only one person in each town. It will be necessary, therefore, for any reader of this notice who may be interested to make application at once. Such an opportunity to secure a permanent and desirable position is seldom offered.

THE PARMELEE LIBRARY, Main Office, 1841 & 1843 Wabash Avenue, CHICAGO. PAID UP CAPITAL $76.000.00.



American $10 Typewriter


She, pretending not to hear,

Stokes, and rakes the ashes clear:

“Warm yourself, my soldier, ay !" By MARIAN WARNER WILDMAN.

Hey, old mother, I've enough! Tuis much I know. Before the sky grew dark,

Keep your wine and ham and stuff : When died the sunlight like a candle blown,

I had some soup upon the way :
And left my soul to strain and grope and hark,

Won't you clear the cloth away?
A captive, locked in some black tower aione;
It's all too good and fine for me!

We will give you THE

LITERARY DIGEST Free for one year if you Before the curtain fell that shut me out

Still she let's my protest pass,

order the From all that I had been-all I hoped to be,

Cuts my bread and fills my glass : There was a glad green world, a joyous shout

"Eat you well, my soldier, see !" Of strong winds blowing o'er a laughing sea;

Why these sheets, good mother, why? And there were green-fold fields of heading wheat,

No, my faith, you mustn't! I That ran and rippled in the passing breeze ;

Said the stable--where's the trussAnd there were frail pink roses, wild and sweet ;

The bed we make the size of us? And there were misi-blue hills and tossing trees ;

I'll sleep there like a king right through-,

before Sept. 15, 1901, cash with order. This And over all, a brooding heaven blue,

is an unusual mid-summer opportunity and

But no refusal will she take, Where martins circled in the sunset light,

should be accepted at once. The American

And smooths the sheets, the bed to make : And where the crying killdees flashed and flew,

Typewriter is the first requisite of a successful And great stars shot their glory through the “Go to bed, my soldier, do!”

business career, and for eight years has been night.

Time to march-the day is clear.

che only high grade, low-priced typewriter. All this I know. And for the power divine

So, good-by. But what is here?

It is as well made as the high-priced maTo dream such pictures on the midnight walls My knapsack's heavier than human

chines, but more simple in construction and Of this unwindowed prison-tomb of mine,

Ah, good hostess, dear old woman!

operation. Both the I bless the Hand from which the blessing falls. Why do you spoil me as you do?

American Typewriter and Literary Digest I am content, O God, content to know

Then said the good old woman, half

are too well known to need further comment. The sky still shines above iny sightless eyes;

Inclined to cry, and half to laugh":

Hundreds of THE DIGEST subscribers are That tho my feet down darkened pathways go, Unseeni, the Brightness round about me lies.

“My boy, my boy's a soldier too !”

using the American.

- Translated by Bernard Miall. This offer is strictly limited to September -In August Harper's Magazine.

15, 1901. In Tune.


Hackett Building, Broadway, By VIRGINIA WOODWARD CLOUD.

Bet. Warren & Chambers Sts., New York (From the French of Paul Déroulède.)

Like to the bee that saves its harbored sweet
Hey, old mother, steady, steady!
From summer's feet,

Prompt examination given
I was warm enough already!
I fain would draw anew from every flower

all BOOK MS. submitted, You may let the fire go down : My little hour;

When appropriate for

cloth or better bindings, Save a stick, you save a brown ! Like to the tree that cradles sons of spring

capital will be invested on the issue. Cold I was, but now l'm dry !

Yet sees each thing

EASTERN PUBLISHING CO., 61 Court St., Boston, Mass. Readers of THE LITERARY DIGEST are asked to mention the publication when writing to advertisers.


Fly hence and leave it voiceless, stripped to stand
'Neath the wind's hand,
I, treasuring some harmony once strong-
Even unspoken song-
Tho fluted reed be silent, June be past,
Would keep the heart in tune until the last.

- In the August Cosmopolitan.

Story Tellers'

The University Preparatory School,

The Awakened Giant.

“I see Chaldean shepherds count the stars,

And Cheops rear his royal pyramid;
The Roman drive his clanging battle-cars
To wreck the wonders that the Grecian did.

31 Cash Prizes 8100, $125, $150, $200, 8300, 8500, and $1,000.

Tour of the World, consuming 179 Days, costing $2,100 Cash : “I watched them grow to glory and decline, They drink the common cup of pygmy men.

8 Other Prizes

Aut mobile, $1,300; Round-Trip to California, $350 ; Round

Trip to Cuba, $150, etc. But, ah! Another destiny is mine!"

The Story Telling Contest of The Black Cat, now open, presents an opportunity for known and (So laughed the giant-giant even then!)

unknown Writers such as has never occurred. The Prizes are the most liberal, the Conditions the most

reasonable ; merit of matter, not name or fame of writer, will govern. Serene within his armor of Conceit,

No story will be considered at all unless submitted strictly in accordance with the conditions published in The Black

Cat for September and following months. Of neinsdealers and booksellers, 5 cents, or of us.
And stupefied by Flattery and Power,

The Shortstory Publishing Company, High and Oliver Sts., Boston, Mass.
Three thousand years he lay in slumber sweet,
While crafty enemies abode their hour.


EDUCATIONAL The Bear, soft creeping through the unguarded

Has clutched a province with his greedy paw,
The Eagle hovers o'er the palace hall,

And cities vanish in the Lion's maw.
He slumbers? No! he wakes in wild surmise

Of peril imminent from hidden foe.
Suspicion glitters in his narrow eyes,

Essex Fells, Caldwell, N. J. And Hatred lightens with a baleful glow.

The home life, study hours. school routine and Will withes subdue the Samson of the East,

outdoor sports are adapted to the needs of young Anywhere you

boys. Our first aim is character building Special Diplomacy avail to hold him thrall?

can get a technical

attention paid to teaching a boy how to study. education and in

Classes small Golf and all healthful sports pro • Beware, O Revelers at the Nations' Feast,

crease your earning

vided. New gymnasium ready, next session. Lest he pull down the Temple on ye all!

capacity. You can

For catalogue and fuil particulars, address. earn while learning.

J. R. CAMPBELL, A. M., Headmaster.
-In Harper's Weekly.

Write for free circular: Salaried Positions for
Learners. It shows how you can become a Civil,
Electrical or Mechanical Engineer or Architect

Schools open all summer.

International Correspondence Schools,


Box 1202, Scranton, Pa. The Exception. — “When a thing is ended, it's

A COLLEGE AND SEMINARY FOR WOMEN ended," said I, “and that's all there is to it!” My

OXFORD, OHIO. friend smiled. “You forgot," said he, "the revolution in the Philippines!"- Harper's Bazar.

Beautiful and healthful location, one

hour from Cincinnati, on Monon and Why He Wept.-FIRST OFFICE BOY: “Wot's


Vandalia Express routes. Full ClassChimmy crying fer?" Prepares for all courses of Cornell University.

ical courses and

many electives; SECOND OFFICE BOY: "His grandmudder's dead Certificate has been accepted since 1895.

Large Faculty and non-resident lecand going ter be buried on a holiday !"- Puck. Boarding and Day Departments. Complete Home. turers, Campus of 65 acres; and

Regents' Certificates in Law and Medicine. Sum- Special attention to physical culture. Overheard After Meeting.–“De preacher say mer Term from July 16th to September 15th.

Forty-seventh year begins Sept. 11, dat de worl' comin' ter a end in thirty days." Fall Term opens September 26th for year 1901-02.

1901. Number limited. Address "Dat bein' de case, dey ain't a nigger in de counOf the school, President Schurman says :

LEILA S. McKEE, Ph.D., President. try dat 'll pay house rent in advance."-Atlanta Constitution.

“I give most cheerful testimony to the high quality of work done in your school. The excellent management

ACADEMY Not Unusual.—“A problem novel? What's the and complete curriculum render it a most desirable preparatory school for the University."

We prepare for any college, government academy, or problem?" "There are several, but the one that

Send for illustrated catalogue.

business. Small classes. Large gymnasium, Healtharrests the attention of the thoughtful reader is,

ful location. Address for catalogue CHAS. A. STILES, B.S., Headmaster, How in the world did the author ever manage to

JOHN G. MacVICAR.A.M., 9 Walden Place, Montclair. N.J.

Avenue F, Ithaca, N. Y. get a publisher?'"- Life.

BLAIR PRESBYTERIAL ACADEMY Miss C. E. Mason's School for Girls. A Gentle Hint.-"I hope you appreciate the

John I. Blalr Foundation. Fifty-third Year.

THE CASTLE, fact, sir, that in marrying my daughter you marry

Co-educational. Prepares for any American College. New Tarrytown-on-Hud.

buildings. Campus 40 acres. Liberal endowment justifies a large-hearted, generous girl?” “I do, sir (with

son, N. Y. An ideal moderate rates. For catalogue address

school. emotion); "and I hope she inherits those qualities

Advantages John C. Sharpe, M.A., D.D., Prin., Blairstown, N. J.

of N.Y.C. All departfrom her father."- Tit-Bits.

ments. Endorsed by
Rt. Rev. H.C. Potter, The Hudson River Institute.

Hon. Chauncey M.
What We are coming To.-WORKINGMAN'S

A College Preparatory School and Seminary for young

Depew. For illus. WIFE (in 1910): “What's happened, Danny?"

circular V. address :

men and women. Location beautiful and healthful. Å

Miss C. E. MABON, LL.M. Christian school home. Music, Art, Elocution, Military HER HUSBAND (desperately): “Well, I've been

Drill, Physical Culture. Address fired by J. P. Morgan, and there's nobody else in

J.O. SPENCER, PH.D., Principal, CLAVERACK, N. Y. the world to work for!"-Brooklyn Citizen.

New York Sixty-seventh year opens Oct. 1,

1901. Day lasses with sessions
from 3 : 30 to 6 P. M. (LL B. after STAUNTON MILITARY ACADEMY,

STAUNTON, two years.) Evening Classes,

VIRGINIA, A Fallacy.-" There is a great deal to be said on

sessions 8 to 10 P. M. (LL.B. after Preparatory to any college. university, or government

lead to LL.M. minded man. “My dear, sir," answered Mr. Meek

, $100. Valley of Virginia. Superb climate; individual instruction. For circulars address

Charges, $300.00. Handsome catalog free. ton, “it is very plain that you have never engaged

L. J. TOMPKINS, Registrar,

Capt. WM. II. KABLE, A.M., Principal. in an argument with Henrietta."- The Washington

Washington Square, N. Y. City. Star.

THE PRATT TEACHERS' AGENCY Clinton Preparatory School

70 Fifth Avenue, New York Neoded.-“I recommend to future generations." CLINTON, N.Y. (9 miles from Utica). 15 Boys.

Recommends teachers to colleges, schools, and families. said Uncle Nathaniel, as he put away his bandana

6 Teachers. Prepares for any College. Boys 10 to 14

at time of entrance preferred. References:- Advises parents about schools. Wm. 0. Pratt, Mgr. handkerchief, "that they encourage the growth of


BIBHOP HUNTINGTON, BISHOP WHITEHEAD, FOUR two noses-one to take cold in, the other for gen- COLLEGE PRESIDENTS. J. B. WHEELER, A.M., Prin. eral use."- Harper's Bazar.


y If you want exceptional adTarrytown-on-Hudson, HOME INSTITUTE,

, N.Y. A Boarding School for vantages for your boy send for its Prospectus. Separate His Audience. -Being unable to fulfil an en- I girls. College preparation. Miss M. W. METCALF. Principal. school for very young boys. JAMES DOBBIN Rectori

Readers of THE LITERARY DIG are asked to mention the publication when writing to advertisers.


University both sides of every question,” said the broad- Law School three years. Graduate Ciastes acadengravida home his for barnet icated in Famous


want exceptional ad

gagement at a certain town, a lecturer wired :
"Impossible to come to-night; give the audience
back their money." He received back the follow-
ing reply : “We have given the audience back his
money, and he has gone home perfectly satisfied."


He was a Policeman.-"I overheard that man who calls on you say something about betting, Bridget; I hope he doesn't frequent pool-rooms?” "Sure, ma'am, he doesn't know there's such a place in New York. He's a policeman, ma'am.”— Yonkers Statesman.

How He Did it.-MOSES : “How did you make
your fortune?"

LEVI: “By horse-racing."
MOSES : "Not betting?"

LEVI: "No, I started a pawnshop just outside
the race-course for the people who wanted to get
home when the races were over."- The Philadel-
phia Press.

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An Interlude.-On a hot summer day, the Rev.

Silver or Stamps
Pettit, one of the best-known priests in Milwaukee,
was preaching in St, Raphael's Church, while in
an aljoining lot a number of boys were playing
base ball. He had taken “Heaven and the Means

of Reaching There" as the subject of his sermon,
and when he came to the end of a passage, he

The unrivalled success of THE Post in

handling questions of national import is due paused in a solemn manner and asked : “How,

chiefly to the fact that its contributors are the then, shall we reach heaven?” Just then came men who mould the policy of the nation, and

who stand at the head of our greatest and most floating through the church window, in a high

successful business enterprises. Such men as: keyed voice : “Slide like the devil, slide!” It was

HONORABLE GROVER CLEVELAND one of the boy baseball players coaching a base



A Milliner's Advertisement.-


Sweeping reductions in horses' hats,

Bonnets, turbans, gypsies and flats;

Fine-trimmed shapes, with a sponge within,

And strings to tie beneath the chin.

THOMAS W. LAWSON, Boston Banker
Nobby sailors with ribbons wide,

CHARLES M. SCHWAB, Am. Steel Corpor'n
Made to be worn with the ears outside.

CHARLES R. FLINT, Am. Rubber Co.
An especial bargain for sorrel mares,

S. R. CALLAWAY, Pres. Am. Loc. Co.

Panama straw with a brim that flares;

ROBERT C. OGDEN (Wanamaker's)
Another lot turned up in the back,

JAMES J. HILL, Pres. N. P. R. R.
Just the thing for a weary hack.

Gay little ponies' coquettish capotes,


Of Marshall Field & Co.
Smooth fine straws to match bays' glossy coats;
Brown old hats showing signs of age,
Fit for the horse of an avenue stage.

The End of the Deal, by Will Payne. A
Every kind, all kinds, - great sale to-day,-

story of love and business which vibrates

between the Chicago wheat pit and an old Come, horses, come, and buy while ye may !

broker's pretty daughter. -CAROLYN WELLS, in Puck.

A Most Lamentable Comedy, by William
Allen White. A four-part novel dealing with
the game of politics in Kansas.

The Fire-Fighters, by H. E. Hamblen.
Current Events.

An exciting series of stories of the life of the
old volunteer fireinen who ran with the ma-

chine before the war.

Tales of Old Turley, by Max Adeler.

Six new stories by the author of “Out of the

Hurly-Burly"- the first humorous work he
August 19.-Emperor Kwang-Su issues a decree

has done for twenty-five years. A country
postponing the return of the court to Pe-

town just before the war is the scene. king until September 6.

The Diary of a Harvard Professor, by

C. M. Flandrau. A new series of deliciously

clever little tales in which the author of

The Diary of a Harvard Freshman views
August 20.- Lord Kitchener reports the capture

college life through the spectacles of Pro-
of Commandant de Villiers, and other pris-

fessor Fleetwood, August 23.-Lord Kitchener reports the capture

The Curtis Publishing Company, Philadelphia
of a Boer envoy of eighty-six wagons and

eighteen prisoners.
August 25.-General De la Rey, the Boer leader,

issues a counter proclamation to Lord Kitch-
ener's, announcing the intention of the Boers
to continue the struggle.


August 19.-Armed soldiers raid the station of

Emperador, on the Panama Railway ; con-
tinued engagements between Venezuelan

and Colombian troops are reported.

August 20.—The battle-ship Iowa sails from San

Francisco for Panama.
August 21.-President Alfars, of Ecuador, says

We give reduced rates
QUISISANA Nature Cure Sanitarium, California Cheap Rates. on Household Goods to
For Dyspepsia

all points in California, Take Horsford's Acid Phosphate (Mere you will grow well) Asheville, N. C. A quiet you stomp, sehun uro Maporcherosnia and Los Angeles FREE: Dr. T. H. ANDREWS, late of Jefferson Medical College, family Sanitarium, surrounded by 300 acres of woods and TRANS-CONTINENTAL FREIGHT CO., 38 Market Street, Chicago, M. Philadelphia, Pa., says : gave me most gratifying results in the worst forms of therapeutic treatment. Massage, electricity, Swedish move

First genuine air baths in U.S. Head Physician, Dr. dyspepsia."

KLIPS H. H. Ballard, Pittsfield, Mass.

Readers of THE LITERARY DIGEST are asked to mention the publication when writing to advertisers.





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It is made with a reservoir into which all the poisonous nicotine flows.

The siphon makes it impossible for the nicotine to be drawn into the mouth. Prevents the saliva reaching the tobacco. Bowl always dry.

Blowing through the stein removes the nicotine. It can be done while smoking. It makes pipe-smoking non-injurious because it affords a clean, wholesome, enjoyable smoke, without that "old pipe" odor and taste.

Made of French Brier, with Aluminum
Siphon and American Amber, Horn or Rubber
Stem. A handsome pipe in every way.
81 00 by mail. Money cheerfully re-

funded if not satisfactory.

If in doubt, write for booklet.
Room 556 D, 11 Broadway, New York

August 19.-

Details of the sinking of the Cana-
dian-Pacific steamer Islander near Lynn Canal
show a loss of about fifty lives and of $250,000

in gold.
August 20.- A great fire destroys 500 houses and

some of the public buildings of Grand Bourg,

French West Indies.
American locomotives show their superiority

over English-built engines in hauling heavy

loads in Jamaica.
August 21.- The French Ambassador at Con-

stantinople breaks off diplomatic relations
with the Porte, alleging duplicity on the part
of the Ottoman Government in the dispute
over the quays concession; the Bulgarian
forces on the Turkish border have been rein-
forced, and a collision with the Ottoman

troops is feared.
The Chilian Congress has refused to grant the

money for the representation of Chile at the
Pan-American Congress, and it is likely that

Chile will not take part.
August 22.- The French Foreign Office expects

an amicable settlement of the French claims,
and there is a general feeling in Paris that
there will be no hostilities and no naval de-

August 24.--Friction between France and Tur-

key is allayed by the Porte yielding to the
most important of M. Constans's demands, in
the matter of the quays concession at Con-

August 25 --Holbein, a cyclist, attempts to swim

the English Channel by night, and is taken
from the water in a perishing condition six
miles from Dover.

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OK in your home is utterly and on.

EVERY CENUINE tirely unnecessary. It is absurd to THE STEEL STRIKE. struggle a long with a smoky, troublesome, unreliable and expen

August 19.– The Steel Corporation succeeds in

opening several of its mills with non-union sive method of illumination, when

men, and clashes take place at several points ;

ONE PIECE COLLAR BUTTON we can demonstrato very easily

the Duquesne plant, at first claimed by the

strikers, continues at work ; 600 emplovees of Has the name "Krementz" stamped on the back, showthat it is possible to secure illumi.

the Pennsylvania works of the National Tube ing quality, whether solid or plate, as our plate outwears nation with none of these faults.

Company join the strikers.

some solid buttons. Beware of imitations, you get a

new one without charge in case a genuine krementz There is perhaps no problem of the

August 22 – The Steel Corporation succeeds in button is damaged from any cause. Special styles for home more persistently worrisome partially manning the Star Tin-plate Works,

Ladies' Shirt Waists and in Pittsburg, with non-union men; Presi

Children's Dresses. than that of illumination, and as

Sold dent Shaffer expresses willingness to submit we have solved the question for

by all jewelers. The Story the strike to arbitration of Bishop Potter,

of a Collar Button free

on request. so many people, we should like to

Archbishop Ireland, or Seth Low.



PLATE send you our booklet W, which tells August 23.- A conference of Amalgamated Asso

63 Chestnut St., Newark, N.J. all about the best light in the world.

ciation officials and John Mitchell, and other It's free for tho asking.

labor leaders, takes place in Pittsburg, with-
out result.

For Personal Comfort,
August 24.-A despatch from Pittsburg declares

Use the Improved Wash-
that a committee of the National Civic Fed-

burne Patent Cuff Holders. eration will carry to officials of the Steel

They cannot slip. Instantly 76 Park Placo,

New York
Corporation conciliatory proposals that may

released. By mail, 20 cents the
end the strike.

pair. Catalogue of scarf hold

ers and other novelties made OTHER DOMESTIC NEWS.

with Washburne Fasteners,

Our unique method August 20.-An armed mob drives all the negroes

of selling may, in-
out of Pierce City, Mo., after lynching a man

Box 55, Waterbury, Conn.
terest you. Where

accused of outrage, shooting another negro,
no dealer sells our
pianos we sell

and burning another in his home.

direct; practically bring our large Boston establishment, 'Factory and August 21.-Señor Vicuna, minister from Chile

A New Idea in Trunks Warerooms to your door. We will quote you our

to the United States, dies in Buffalo. lowest prices, explain our Easy Pay System, as avail

The STALLMAN DRESSER Iowa Democrats meet in state convention able in the most remote village in the United States

TRUNK is constructed on new as if you lived in Boston or New York, More than and nominate Thomas J. Phillips for gover

principles. Draws instead of trays. this, if our careful selection of a piano fails to please

A place for everything and everynor. you, in other words, if you don't want it after seeing

thing in its place. The bottom as and trying it, it returns to us and we pay railroad August 22.-President McKinley issues a procla

accessible as the top. Defles the freights both ways. We solicit correspondence. mation inviting all the nations of the world

baggage-smasher. Costs no more to take part in the Louisiana Purchase Ex

than a good box trunk. Sent

C.O.D., with privilege of examinaposition, to be held at St. Louis.

tion. Send 20. stamp for illus

trated catalogue, 121 Boylston St., Boston, Mass. Secretary Hay arrives in Canton and confers

F. A. STALLMAN, with the President on international ques

4 W. Spring St., Columbus, O.
THE SANITARY STILL August 24.- Treasury officials discover an ex-

tensive conspiracy to smuggle Chinese into
on your kitchen stove furnishes
plenty of distilled aerated water at

the United States from Mexico.
trifling cost. Simple as a tea kettle.

August 25 - Henry Noles, a negro convicted of
ER, U.S. Supreme Court writes: "I

rape and murder, is burnt at the stake in
have used your Sanitary Still. It has

Winchester, Tenn.
furnished wholesome water, and I
take pleasure in recommending it
to all who desire pure water. The

Still is simple and easy to operate."
The Sanitary Still" used in the
August 25.— Philippines: Four companies of

WHITE HOUSE. Highest award
troops are added to the garrison at Manila ;

75¢ 654th St. Detroit, Mich At Paris Exposition. DURABILITY

the Filipino General Coreel, with seventeen Write for Booklet. UNEQUALED, AVOID CHEAP AND

officers and seventy-three men, surrenders; FLIMSY STILLS.

F. W. Atkinson's annual report on educaCuprigraph Co., 68 N. Green St., Chicago

If afflicted with
tional conditions in the islands is made public.

sore eyes, use
Readers of THE LARY DIGEST are asked to mention the publication when writing to advertisers.




(All communications for this Department should
be addressed : "Chess Editor, LITERARY

Problem 585.

Contributed by S. W. Bampton, Franklin C.C.,

Black-Seven Pieces.


A Shakespearian Classic FREE

If you do not own a complete Shakespeare, or if you own a complete set and the Notes are not sufficiently full and clear, if there are no satisfactory Glossaries, no Critical Comments, or no Helps to the study of the plays, send us your name and address and six cents in stamps to pay postage, and we will forward to you an elegantly printed copy of

“ Shakespeare, The Man," by Walter Bagehot. This brilliant and unique essay makes a booklet of nearly 100 pages. With it we will send a fine photogravure plate, and a colored chromatic plate, representing scenes from the plays, and hints regarding the study of the plays. We make this offer to enable us to give you some information regarding the best Shakespeare ever published, and it is made only to reliable men and women. Send pame and address and six cents in stamps to pay postage. Mention this paper when writing.


New York.

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White-Ten Pieces.
3 brrbi; 2 S 4 B; 8; 2 P4Q; 2 p 2 k 2; 5 P 2;
4 PKR; 2 S 2 R Bi.

White mates in two moves.



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Mr. Taverner is the Chess-editor of The Football
and Field, and a “specialist in two-movers." The
B. C. M. (August) publishes his latest problem

601; 6 r 1; 4 p 2 b; 1 P5S; 1 R 1 Pk 2 S; 19 p
IP 3; 2 K 2 Pri; 4 R 1 B B.
White mates in two moves.

Problem 586.

Tie for Second and Third Prizes Canterbury Times

Jubilee Tourney.
Black-Eight Pieces.




One in each town to ride and exhibit
sample 1901 Bicycle. BEST MAKES

1901 Models, $10 to $18
'99 & '00 Models, high grade, $7 to $12.
500 Second-hand Wheels
all makes and models, good as new,
*8 to $8. Great Factory Clearing
Sale at half factory cost. We ship
anywhere on approval and ten days
trial without a centin advance.

EARN A BICYCLE distribut-
ing Catalogues for us. We have a
wonderful proposition to Agents for

1901. Write at once for our Bargain List and Special Offer. Address Dept. 86 M MEAD CYCLE CO., Chicago


White-Four Pieces. The Niagara Clip holds securely

FAC SIMILE. Q7; 8; 1 p 6; 1 pip 4; 3 S 4; 3 p 2 p1; K 2 k 2 P from the thinnest sheet of paper up

1; 6 Rs. to 4 inch in thickness, and can be

White nates in three moves. used over and over again. Better than pins for filing letters, records, cards, etc. Avoid unsightly pin-holes in at

Correspondence Chess. taching second letters, business cards, checks, drafts, invoices, etc. Put up

Thus far only two persons have sent their names in boxes of 100 especially for desk con

for our Correspondence Directory: H. M. Coss,

Arents venience. Sample box 20 cts. postpaid.


Cattaraugus, N. Y.; R. J. Williams, Ashland, NIAGARA CLIP CO., 123 Liberty St., N.Y. City. Pa.

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Oolongs, Japans, Young Hysons, Gunpowders, English
Breakfasts, Souchongs, Congous, Assams 27c to 57c per
and Ceylons from ....
VERY BEST ROASTED COFFEES from.. 10c to 29c per
The Good are sold on their merita, NO PRESENTS


66 Church Street, New York

The Natural Body Brace advertised in this paper in the Arst issue of this month, is a delightful, certain remedy for allments peculiar to women and girls. It makes walking and work easy: gives good_figure and light step. Write the Natural Body Brace Co., Box 713, Salina. Kan., for free illustrated book.

shines brighty in a house where SAPOLIO abolishes dirt, but"Diri and despair are close of kin”-Try it in your next house-cleaning.

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