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Volume One Now Ready-Join the Thousands of Eminent Men Already

Subscribers and Add this Masterpiece to Your Library

Daily Chronicle, London: "It proves itself indispensable." Mail and Express, New York: "A monumental addition Indianapolis Sentinel : "Will stand as the greatest thorough and many-sided as a broad scholarship, a wide

to the world's library of useful books. as complete, monument of Jewish erudition published in hundreds of years. This work is the most satisfactory ever published.”

outlook, an unbiased attitude can make it." The Springfield Republican : “An authoritative and Detroit Free Press : “The greatest Jewish undertaking indispensable work."

since the publication of the Talmud.”

The Jewish Encyclopedia

After three years of research and labor by the editors and collaborators, who now include more than 400 scholars and specialists

throughout the world, and after an immense financial outlay Estimated cosi $600,000

the first of the 12 volumes of the great Jewish Encyclopedia
has been published and is now ready.

12 Superroyal 8vo Volumes Over 30,000 Topics

The Encyclopedia embraces the complete and accurate 8,000 Pages, 2,000 Illustrations record of the Jewish people from the time of Abraham down

Over 400 Collaborators to the present day, including the History, Religion, Literature, Three Editorial Boards and Customs of the Jews. It is being prepared by over 400

3,500 Years of History collaborators including three Editorial Boards, made up of over 50 illustrious men of learning, representing the United States, the British Empire, Russia, Germany, France, Austria, etc.

A Few of the Valuable and Interesting Features of the First Volume Superroyal octavo, 725 pages. 250 illustrations, including many antique and quaint illustrations from the medieval literature of the Jews; pictures of synagogues, portraits, maps, etc., and

including two plates of Amulets from the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, printed in tint ; a facsimile reproduction of a fragment of the Ahaba Rabba presented by Prof. Schechter, of Cambridge University, and obtained from the Geniza at Cairo, Egypt; a lithographic

plate in color of the Animals of the Bible, prepared by William Frank, under the direction of Prof. Theodore Gill, LL.D., Smithsonian Institution, Washington, and a lithographic plate of the Ark of the Law.


The Jewish Spectator, New Orleans, says: “It is a storehouse of knowledge. It fills the most sanguine anticipation, ... A fit companion to the Bible and the Talmud. ... A living monument of the genius and learning of this century.”

Chicago Record-Herald: “It will appeal hardly less Boston Transcript: “Facts concerning Jews and Juto Christian students than to Jewish readers. Never before daism in the new world are for the first time adequately prehas any single publication represented in a more signal manner sented." the sympathy and fellowship of modern scholarship.”

San Francisco Chronicle: “It has been prepared in The Outlook, New York: “Not only a great but a

a broad spirit, which makes it appeal to readers of the Bible.” timely book.”

Philadelphia Times: “The first systematic attempt Pittsburg Commercial Gazette: “The complete to explain the Jew. In the sphere of theology it is likely to ness and correctness of the present volume are matters for prove most useful and valuable.” marvel."

Buffalo Express : "An undertaking worthy of this The Interior, Chicago : "The spirit in which the work age, of great enterprise and of specialization." is done is at once líberal and devout."

Philadelphia Record: "Will hold a unique place in The Presbyterian, Philadelphia: “It is valuable and the literature of the world.” comprehensive. . . . Calculated to remove much prejudice.” The News-Tribune, Duluth : “It is a book to instruct Springfield Union, Springfield, Mass: "Most com

and interest all peoples. . . . The literary surprise of the era. plete and excellent in every detail."

The Albany Press : Nothing that time, talent, or

money could contribute to such a production has been withThe Advertiser, London: It is quite impossible for the held or denied." ordinary reviewer to do justice to this remarkable work. It is a marvellous production.”

Detroit Free Press: “Especially valuable to students

of theology. ... The first volume is typographically perfect.” Detroit News-Tribune: “One of the most valuable and remarkable additions to the literature of the present time.”

The Jewish Ledger : The undertaking is the most

gigantic that has ever been contemplated in the history of JuThe Cleveland World: “One of the most notable daism. The magnitude and magniticence of the work can only works of the times."

be inferred by the splendor of Vol. .""

A $600,000 Work Within Reach of All Every Literary Digest Reader May Secure This

Colossal Work on the Easy Payment Plan ... We have arranged to enable every Literary Digest reader to add one of the greatest reference works in all the world's literature to his library. The Jewish Encyclopedia can be purchased on the instalment payment plan by those of our readers who do not find it convenient to pay cash.



and upon receipt of it with $6 we DELIVERED FOR $6 DOWN

Gentlemen ---I here with subscribe for the entire Jewish Encyclopedia (12 will send you Volume I. The re

volumes) and enclose 86 for which you are to send me Volume I. I ngree maining volumes will be published at from two to four volumes per year, and you to send you 86 when you nouly me that each

of the remaining eleven volcan obtain them by paying $6 for each volume as issued.

umes is ready. It is understood that the volumes will be issued at the rate


Signed..... FUNK & WAGNALLS COMPANY, Publishers, NEW YORK. Date...


Readers or THE LITERARY DIGEst are asked to mention the publication when writing to advertisers.


A great deal in a little space."-The Press « THE FOURTRACK SERIES"

Slightly Damaged Sets

This is the title of a series of books of travel and education issued by the Passenger Department of the

NEW YORK CENTRAL & HUDSON RIVER RAILROAD. These small books are filled with information regarding the best modes of travel and the educatlon that can best be obtained by travel.

They relate specifically to the great resorts of America-to trips to the islands of the sea and around the world.

They also contain numerous illustrations and new and accurate maps of the country described

A copy of the 40-page Ilustrated Catalogue of the Four-Track Series" will be sent free, post-paid, upon receipt of postage stamp by George H. Daniels, General Passenger Agent, New York Central and Hudson River Railroad, Grand Central Station, New York.

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After the closing of our Shakespeare Club we find that we have on hand a few slightly damaged sets. For all practical purposes these sets are as good as new. Occasionally a leaf is slightly soiled, or a binding a little rubbed. To close out these few remaining sets we offer them, as long as they last, to DIGEST readers at the bare cost of making and handling. The coupon below will bring you a set for examination.

You do not buy until you see the books.

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"The great figures who pass across the stage constitute an ever-changing panorama of enthral ling interest. It is one of those productions that can be picked up at any time and in almost any place, and rivet the attention of the reader." — Sheffield (England) Telegraph.

“For beauty of description the book is unequaled. All through the story there are pauses in which there are jewels of thoughts introduced; scintillations from Salathiel's philosophy of life" - Minneapolis Journal,

“The pages are crowded with adventure, an ever-moving panorama that pictures the many colored life of that ancient world "-The Epworth Herald, Chicago.

"This book is, by all means, the most striking publication of the year. The story is grand, inspiring, and superb. The graphic and clear description of the death-struggle of the Jewish people against the power and majesty of Rome has been never so clearly and so faithfully told elsewhere."The Home Advocate, Philadelphia. 20 Full-Page Drawings by T. de Thulstrup, including

a Beautiful Frontispiece in Colors. 12mo, Cloth, 622 Pages. Cover Design by George Wharton Edwards. Price, $1.40 net.

Postage 19 cts.



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Richard Grant White has made of this a complete Shakespearian Library. The text is founded on the best authority. The introductions to each play, the notes, analyses, and glossaries are full and scholarly. The life of Shakespeare and the history of the older English drama are probably the best ever written. One volume is given to a complete Topical Index of Shakespeare.

This limited edition in thirteen volumes, bound in half-leather and in cloth with gilt tops, has been sold for $21 to $25 a set. Digest readers can now secure one of the slightly marred sets at the low price of $15 for the half-leather and $12 for the cloth binding. This is an exceptional book bargain. Books are sent on approval, and may be returned if not satisfactory. We pay expressage. A Souvenir

In all essential respects the best edition of Shakespeare ever published.

consisting of four
large photogravure
reproductions of

U pertaining to the
CUP plays of Shake-

speare and made
especially for fram-
ing will be sent
with this edition.
These plates are
such as would sell
in the art stores
for about $6 per

Size of volume, 7% x 5% inches-more than one inch thick,

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30 Lafayette Pl., New York.

First Folio Shakespeare

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A facsimile of the first folio edition, with an introduction by J. O. HALLIWELL PHILLIPS, the celebrated English archeologist and biographer of Shakespeare. This is the only facsimile edition of the famous First Folio Edition of Shakespeare's Works which was published in 1623.

The Sun, New York, says: “This book will prove a boon to the Shakespearian scholar."

8vo, Cloth, over 1,000 pp. $2.50 Funk & Wagnalls Co., Publishers, New York

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} Thompson's Eye Water


If afflicted with

sore eyes, u86

Readers of THE LITERARY DIGEST are asked to mention the publication when writing to advertisers.

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