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quality and Kodak film quality have made the Kodak way the sure way in picture taking.



Boy, Muscle, and the Peas.. Bog Myrtle and Peat.
Worcester's Diseases of the Worcester Diocesan Calen-

Photo Franies, 1895..... Photograms, 1895.
Guide u the Aerated Waters Guide for Manufacture of

Aerated Waters.
Nobody Born....... Nobly Born.
Stories from a Diary Adopt- Stories from the Diary of a

Aces and the Aposites of Acts of the Apostles, Cam-

bridge Bible.
God Aim us by a Farmer ... Gaudeamus. By FARMER.
Jewel Logs by Simpsons.. Duologues. By SIMPSON,
'Thoughts for Washing Days Thoughts for Working

Gourdals Cart in Lecture ... Caudle's Curtain Lectures.
Nancy's Voyage to Green- Nansen's Voyage to Green-

and Unsteeped Lands. and Sunsteeped Lands.
Carbonical Club.

Carbuncle Clue.
Murray's Handbook to Al- Murray's Handbook to A.
gebra and Tunics.

giers and Tunis.
Play Actress, and Cricket Play Actress. By Crock-

in the Pandemonium Li- ETT. Pseudonym Li-

Charlotte in Loveliness. Charlotte's Inheritance.

How to Make a Hand Camel How to Make a Hand Cam-
Haugh's Harrow Arith Haugh's Higher Arith.
Alice and her Mistress. BU'L-

Alice, or the Mysteries,
Birth and Growth of Worms Birth and Growth of

Founders and Heretics. By Frondes Agrestes. Rus-

Key to Carving and Analysis Key to Parsing and Analy-

Harry Stockle's Masterpiece Aristotle's Masterpiece.
Pharaoh's Life of Christ.... Farrar's Life of Christ.
Frenchie Owen....

French Heroines.
Shakespeare's The Felon... Shakespeare's Othello.
Across the Russian's Nose.. Across Russian Snows.
Oxford and Cambridge Glad- Oxford and Cambridge Ga-

Can Bridge of The Timothy Cambridge Bible, Timothy
and the Titus.

and Titus.
C. B. Genius, or Generous,

or some such thing.... Cambridge Bible, Genesis.
Marbles of Modern Specula- Miracles of Modern Spiri-
tion. By A. RUSSELL... tualism. By A. Russell

Think of the Mighty, or

Sinks of the Mighty...... Seats of the Mighty.
Boy Hero of Walthamstow.. Boy Hero. By WALSHAM

Improver's Story

Sweet Story of the Piptua- Swete's Story of the Septu-

Handbook to Orkneys Short- Handbook to Orkneys and

Telephona in Love

Tryphena in Love.
Greatest of the Easiest Char-

Greatest of these is Charity.


Catalogue free at the
dealers or by mail.

Rochester, N. Y.

Cheap, Compact, Sate Wonderful, Powerful.



If it isn't an Eastman, it isn't a Kodak

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No. 103 STOVE.
The type used by Nansen, the Explorer.
No smoke, no odor, no wick, no soot. Burns any

kind of Kerosene. Always ready for use.
Nothing like it for Boating and Camping.

Always ready for use; made in different sizes and shapes Send for new illustrated catalogue free.

THE PRIMUS Co., 292 Johnston Ave.,


'99 & '00 MODELS, $7 to $12
Good Second Hand Wheels, $!
best makes in perfect rid-
ing order. Must be closed out.

We ship anywhere on 10 days trial without a cent in advance.

EARN A BICYCLE distributing catalogs for us. You can make money as our agent.

Write at once for our Bargain
List and Special Offer.
MEAD CYCLE CO. Dept. 86 M. Chicago.



Well Equipped.-"Aunt Priscilla, what is a


ON centipede?" “It's a bug, with nearly as many


feet as I thought I had the first time I wore a

rainy-day skirt."Puck.

THE GENUINE Oolongs. Japans, Young Hysons, Gunpowders, English

Breakfasts, Souchongs, Congous, Assams 27c to 57c per and Ceylons from ...... VERY BEST ROASTED COFFEES from.. 10c to 29c per

Microscopic Metaphysics.-Mrs. HOYLE: "I The Goods are sold on their merits. NO PRESENTS

can read my husband like a book." CONSUMERS IMPORTING TEA CO., MRS. DOYLE: "You must have good eyes to read

Write for price-list. P. 0. Box 290 66 Church Street, New York such a small type."-Smart Set.

H. H. Ballard, 327 Pittsfield, Mass. Readers of TøE LITERARY DIGEST are asked to mention the publication when writing to advertisers.

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The University Preparatory School,

St. Agnes School,

Albany, N. Y.


The Long List.-JUDGE : “We are now going


EDUCATIONAL to read you a list of your former convictions."

PRISONER: "In that case, perhaps your lordship will allow me to sit down.”- Tit-Bits.

ITHACA, N. Y. If.—HE (cautiously): "If I should propose, would you say 'yes'?"

Prepares for all courses of Cornell University. SHE (still more cautiously): “If you knew I

Certificate has been accepted since 1895. would say 'yes,' would you propose ?"Tit-Bits.

Boarding and Day Departments. Complete Home. With the buildings

Regents Certificates in Law and Medicine. Sum

renovated and reHumorously Handicapped. - BIBBS: "It is

furnished, and

mer Term from July 16th to September 15th. very amusing to watch Sellers play golf."

course of study Fall Term opens September 26th for year 1901-02. GIBBS : “Why?"

carefully revised

in accordance with Of the school, President Schurman says :BIBBS : “He has an impediment in his speech."

the most approved Smart Set.

methods, begins its

"I give most cheerful testimony to the high quality of

work done in your school. The excellent management

31st year, October The Joys of Touring.-TRAVELER: "I say,

, under the new

and complete curriculum render it a most desirable preprincipalship of Miss CATHERINE Ř. SEABURY, late

paratory school for the University." your razor's pulling most confoundedly!" of Wellesley.

Send for illustrated catalogue. LOCAL TORTURER: "Be it, Zur? Wull, 'old on For a generation recognized as one of the best schools tight to the chair, an' we'll get it off zummow!"

in the country for the physical, moral, intellectual,

CHAS. A. STILES, B.S., Hoadmaster, domestic, and religious training of girls, and their pre

Avenue F, Ithaca, N. Y. London Punch.

paration for college or a post-graduate course, it is be

lieved that the rearrangement of study upon the newer Her Iuference.-FARMER GRAYNECK (in the lines, and other improvements, will largely increase


CORRESPONDENCE midst of his reading): "It seems that they have its advantages The high standards in Art and Music

INSTRUCTION. will be maintained. A laboratory for scientific work public baths down to the city, and—"

Establisbed ia 1892. has been added, and separate sleeping-rooms provided. MRS. GRAYNECK (virtuously): "The shameless The school commands a view of the historic Hudson, Prepares for bar in any State. Combines critters!”Puck.

and the hygienic conditions and environment are un

theory and practice. Text books used are same

as used in leading resident schools. Teaches excelled. Rt. Rev. Wm. Crosweli. DOAJE, D.D.,

law at your home. Three Courses-Regular LL.D., President of the board of trustees. Send for College Course, Post Graduate and Business Its Pauses. -FARMER STACKPOLE: "How many Prospectus.

Law Courses. Approved by the bench and bar. stops has that 'ere new organ that ye bought for

Full particulars free.
Chleago Correspondence Fehool of

CNICAGO. your daughter got?"

Law, Reaper Block, Chicago. FARMER HAWBUCK (grimly): "Three-break

Self-Study, fast, dinner, and supper."-Puck.

Use || New York Sixty-seventh year opens Oct. 1, Etc.

1901. Dny Classes with sessions Not Quite the Same Thing.-SENTIMENTAL Cortina's Method (complete)

from 3:30 to 6 P. M. (LL B. after

two years.) Evening Classes, AND-AHEM-THIRTY: "Did he say he knew me French, Spanish, etc., in 20 LENNONA, 1.50.

sessions 8 to 10 P. M. (LL B. after Awarded First Prize Columbian Erposition. Law School three years. Graduate Classes when I was a girl?” French Sample, 8 Lessons, 30c.

lead to LL.M.

! 10 Records, any language, SWEET AND TWENTY : "Oh, no! He says he re- PHONOGRAPH

Tuition, $100. $10.

For circulars address 20


L. J. TOMPKINS, Registrar, members you when he was a boy!"- Tit-Bits.

Circulars, etc., on application
Cat, of other text and imported Spanish Books,

Washington Square N. Y. City.
R. D. Cortina Academy of Languages, 41 W. 34th St., N.Y.
When She Dances. --SHE: “How beautifuliy

ILLINOIS, CHICAGO. 112 Clark Street.
Miss Heavyweight dances! She doesn't seem to

ILLINOIS COLLEGE OF LAW. touch the floor sometimes !" Miss C. E. Mason's School for Girls. Open all year. Autumn quarter begins September 23

Both day and evening school. Scholarships for College HE (whose feet are still suffering from the last

THE CASTLE, graduates. 3 years J.L.B. Course. Graduate courses leading polka with her): “She doesn't !'- London Punch.


to LL.M. and D.C.L. degrees. 250 students last year. Send son, S. 1. An ideal

for Catalog. Howard N. Ogden, Ph.D., LL.D., President. school. Advantages

of N.Y.C. All depart-
Current Events.

ments. Endorsed by Clinton Preparatory School
Rt. Rev. H.C. Potter, 'CLINTON, N.Y. (9 miles from Utica). 15 Boys.
Hon, Chaunc-y M. 6 Teachers. Prepares for any College. Boys 10 to 14
Depew. For illus,

at time of entrance preferred. References:Foreign.

circular V. address :


Miss C. E. MABON, LL.M. COLLEGE PRESIDENTS. J. B.WHEELER, A.M., Prin. August 1;: -Senator Beveridge arrives in Peking, after an extended tour through Manchuria

The Hudson River Institute. with the Russian commander-in-chief.

A College Preparatory School and Seminary for young SCHOOL

men and women. Location beautiful and healthful. A August 15.-Bishop F. R. Graves, of China, ex

Christian school home. Music, Art, Elocution, Military President Schurman of Cornell says :-"I believe this Drill, Physical Culture. Address presses the opinion that the war in China is to be one or the best preparatory schools in the country.” by no means over.

J.V. SPENCER, PH.D., Principal, CLAVERACK, N. Y.
Model recitation and residence buildings. Complete
He thinks that Kwang

Su will occupy the throne upon the with- C. V. PARSELL, A.M., Principal, Ithaca, X, Y.
drawal of the foreign Powers, and that civil
war will ensue.

LITITZ, Lancaster Co., Pa.
A Moravian boarding school for girls and young women,

founded 1794. August 16.-Russian suzerainty is proclaimed


A safe and thorough Christian home

school. Pupils received at any time. Correspondence over New-Chwang, China. We prepare for any college, government academy, or invited.

Rev. CHAS. D. KREIDER, Prin. business. Small classes. Large gymnasium. Health



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August 18.–Edwin H. Conger, United States JOHNG. MacVICAR.A.M., 9 Walden Place, Montclair, N... STAUNTON MILITARY ACADEMY,




STAUNTON, Minister to China, arrives in Peking.


Preparatory to any college, university, or government SOUTH AFRICA.

BLAIR PRESBYTERIAL ACADEMY desde Virginia. Superb climate: individual instruction. August 12.-General Kitchener, in his weekly John I. Blulr Foundation. Fifty-third Yeur.

Charges, $300,00. Handsome catalog free.

Capt. WM. II. KABLE, A.M., Principal. report of operations in South Africa, says 39 Co-educational. Prepares for any American College. New Boers were killed, 20 wounded, 685 made

buildings. Campus 40 acres. Liberal endowment justifies
moderate rates. For catalogue address

FARIBAULT, MINNESOTA. prisoners, and 85 surrendered ; General John C. Sharpe, M.A., D.D., Prin., Blairstown, N. J.

- If you want exceptional adFrench is reported driving bands of Boers

vantages for your boy send for its Prospectus. Separate in Cape Colony northward.

school for very young boys. JAMES DOBBIN, Rector. August 14.-Commandant Pretorius, Boer

If you possess a fair education, why not utilize it at a genteel leader, dies at Jägersfontein from wounds and uncrowded profession paying $15 to $35 weekly? Situations HOME INSTITUTE, N.Y. A Boarding School for

alwars obtainable. We are the original instructors by mail. received in battle.

HOME CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOL, Philadelphia girls. College preparation. Miss M. W. METCALF, Principal. August 16.-The Boers surround and capture a

party of fifty of General French's scouts in WANTED—Active, educated men. Weekly Cape Colony ; the Boer and British forces salary, or guarantee paid. Give age, experi

I Print Card Press $5

My Own Larger, 18 are massing on the frontier of Zululand.

Money saver, maker, ence, and references, DODD, MEAD &

Cards Type setting easy. OTHER FOREIGN NEWS.

rules sent. Write for COMPANY, New York City.

Circulars, catalog presses.type. August 12.-The trial of members of the Mace


paper, &c. to factory. donian committee, accused of capital crimes,


THE PRESS CO., Sold on commission; prepared

Meriden, Conn. begins at Sofia, Bulgaria.

for publication. Short story in.

AUTHOR'S MSS. struction by mail. Send stamp for The corporation of the city of Glasgow decides

booklet to HAWTHORNE AGEN.

CY, 70 Fifth Ave., New York. to confer the freedom of the city on Andrew


Playing the regulir Eolian and Pianola Music, BarAUTHORS! The N. Y. Bureau of Revision, est d 1880. l'nique gains in several special slightly used instrumen s from

in position and success Revision and criticism $65.00. A rare opportunity. Write for particulars to-day. August 13. -- The body of the Dowager-Empress fus. Circular D. DR. TITU'S M.COAN, 70,5th Ave. N.Y. City. | LYON & HEALY, 22 Adams Street, CHICAGO, ILL.

Readers of THE LITERARY DIGEST are asked to mention the publication when writing to advertisers.

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Frederick is buried at Potsdam, in presence of the Kaiser and King Edward. The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York

Try reach Durban in the Ophir, and are cordially greeted. Renewed fighting is reported from Colombia

N and Venezuela. August 14.-Sir Thomas Lipton leaves London

for America, making a brief address to en

thusiatic friends in Euston Station. Funeral services for ex-Premier Crispi are held at Naples, and his body is taken to

Sicily. August 15.-Disorder and unrest prevail on the isthmus of Panama, and Venezuela is invaded

IS THE by Colombian troops.

HIGHEST In the British House of Commons Mr. Cham

PEAKIN berlain defends his South African policy and declares that reports of Lord Kitchener's

VELLOWearly return are without foundation.

STONE August 16.--Continued fighting is reported be

tween Venezuelan and Colombian forces;
the rumored death of General Uribe is not


E given wide credence.

in its chapteron the Park, has an account of an ascent of the Peak.

D. The new census of Canada sets the population at 5,338,883.

Send SIXCENTS for the BOOK to CHAS.9. FEE, BEN.PA55 AGENT.ST.PAUL.MINN. Lord George Hamilton, Secretary of State for

India, makes the best financial statement in the British Parliament for that country since

For 50 CENTS we will send a it has been a colony of the crown.

beautiful book August 17.-Conditions continue very disturbed

containing 10 specimens of natural Pressed on the isthmus of Panama, and several

Wild Flowers from Yellowstone Park. clashes between Colombian and Venezuelan troops take place ; General Plaza is elected President of Ecuador by a large majority.

coast, causing great damage and cutting off Bands of marauding Kurds destroy twelve

all communication with Mobile. villages in Armenia.

The Pennsylvania Democrats hold their state August 18. - A force of Ecuadorians is ready to convention in Harrisburg; their platform

invade Colombia, and a battle is believed to makes no mention of Bryan. be imminent; Emilio Fernandez, the leader

Who prefer secure investments and a fair rate August 16. – Rear-Admiral Schley goes to Wash- of interest to an income that jeopardizes their of the Venezuelan revolutionists, leaves

ington to confer with his counsel, and will principal should Curaçoa for the scene of the fighting.

remain there until the court of inquiry comThe royal yacht Ophir, with the Duke and pletes its investigations.

Investigate Duchess of Cornwall and York, arrives at

The cruiser Ranger is ordered to Panama, to Pearsons-Taft Land Credit Bonds Cape Town.

join the gunboat Machias, which has been
despatched to Colon.

These bonds are secured by first lien mortgages

on the best farms in the famous “Corn Belt."

August 17.—Bay View Lodge of the Amalga- The Mortgages are deposited with the Illinois DOMESTIC NEWS.

inated Association, in Milwaukee, and steel. Trust and Savings Bank, Chicago, as Trustee,

workers in Duquesne and Wheeling, vote to making absolutely secure investment netting August 12. The second strike order fram Presi

join the strikers. dent Shaffer brings out comparatively few men; about 60,000 men are now on strike, as

The Ranger and Machias of the nited States the result of both strike orders,

navy sail for Panama and Colon respective payable semi-annually, March 1st and Septem

ly, as the result of the South American dis- ber ist. We offer the remainder of our issue of Rear-Admiral Johnson is appointed to succeed


September 1, 1900, maturing September 1, 1920, Rear-Admiral Sampson as commandant of August 18.--Clashes between union and

in amounts of $500 and up. These are
the Boston navy yard on account of the lat.
ter's ill health.

union men in the steel strike are reported
from Wellsville, O., and Monessen.

August 13.-The failure of the Western mills to

The Civil Service Commission makes its sevenrespond to President Shaffer's strike order

without loss of interest. Correspondence 'so

teenth annual report to the President, deal- licited from Banks, Trustees and individual inis regarded as a serious blow to the strikers'

ing with Philippine conditions.

vestors. prospects; efforts are being made by the strike leaders to change their decision. A statement by Commissioner Evans of the

* $46,519,350.00 loaned in 36 years, and never a Pension Bureau shows the number of pen

customer lost by reason of a poor loan.". The police scandal in New York assumes large

Our treatise on "Farm Mortgage Invest

sioners to be 997,735,-a greater number than proportions; Justice Jerome continues his

ments" mailed free.

ever before. examinations of witnesses and draws many damaging confessions; Police Captain Dia

The transport Sheridan arrives at San Franmond is indicted for neglect of duty and is

cisco from Manila, with General MacArthur PEARSONS-TAFT LAND CREDIT CO., suspended from the force.

and the staff of the Fourteenth Infantry on 142 Dearborn St., Chicago, III., U. S. A.

board. August 14.–The strikers succeed in closing the National Tube Works in JcKeesport and the

AMERICAN DEPENDENCIES. manufacturers reopen the Painter mill in August 14.- Philippines: A pamphlet issued in

YEAR. Pittsburg and the Crescent plant in Cleve- Manila purporting to be signed by the THE STANDARD MINING REVIEW. land; President Shaffer addresses a big

Centro Catholics, fiercely attacks Judge Discriminating investors, especially those thinking of demonstration in Wheeling, W. Va.

Taft on religious matters; the Centro Catho- buying mining stocks and who desire the very best obThe Virginia Democratic state convention at

lies repudiate the pamphlet.

tainable, should send at once for this paper free for one

year. Address Norfolk nominates a ticket headed by A. J. August 15.-Col. Martin Cabrera, a Filipino in

HATHAWAY & CO., 19 and 21 Park Row,

New York City. Montague as candidate for governor.

surgent leader, is captured by Lieutenant

Grant of the Sixth Cavalry, in Batanzas August 15.- The employes of the Joliet mills re

Province ; several more bands of Filipinos

PAN-AMERICAN ROUTE consider their previous decision to remain

surrender. at work, and join the strikers; the South Chicago and Milwaukee mills continue at If you Feel Irritable

Steamers work, in spite of the efforts of the strike

“” & Take Horsford's Acid Phosphate. leaders.

General Office, Desbrosses St. It makes a refreshing, cooling beverage, and is an

Pier, New York. A severe tropical storm is raging on the Gulf | invigorating tonic, soothing to the nerves.

Leave New York 8:10 A.M., Albany 8:30 A.M. Sunday excepted. Readers of The LITERARY Digest are asked to mention the publication when writing to advertisers.







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before Sept. 15, 1901, cash with order. This is an unusual mid-summer opportunity and


30 should be accepted at once. The American



DAY Typewriter is the first requisite of a successful

If your dealer does not hanTRIAL

dle MONARCH MALLEABLE IRON business career, and for eight years has been


& STEEL RANGES we will ship

the first one ordered from the only high grade, low-priced typewriter.

your community at the whole It is as well made as the high-priced ma

sale price ; saving you

from $10.00 to $25.00. chines, but more simple in construction and

Freight paid 400

miles. SENT FREE-Handoperation. Both the

some catalogue with whole

sale prices and full particAmerican Typewriter and Literary Digest

ulars. ए

50 are too well known to need further comment.


132 Lake St., Beaver Dam, Wis. Hundreds of THE DIGEST subscribers are

Recently at St. Louis, Mo.

Do Not Crack Nor Warp. using the American. This offer is strictly limited to September 15, 1901. White-Ten Pieces.

THE SANITARY STILL AMERICAN TYPEWRITER CO., 8; 8 ; p 2 S S 1 P1; 3k 3 P; P p 6; 5 P Q P; 1 P 3

on your kitchen stove furnishes

plenty of distilled aerated water at Hackett Building. Broadway, P 2; 5 K 2.

trifling cost. Simple as a tea kettle. White mates in three moves.

ADMIRAL DEWEY writes :") Bet. Warron & Chambors Sts., New York

join with my friend Hon. Hilary A. These problems took first prize in The Canter

Herbert, ex-Sec'y of the Navy, in

recommending your Sanitary Ftill. bury Times Jubilee Problem Tourney. Mr. Kus

The water from the still is absolutely kop also received second and third prizes in the

pure and palatable.” The Sanitary

Still used in the WHITE HOUSE. A DOLLAR RATE BOOK FREE Two-mover section, tied for second and third

Highest award at Paris Exposition.

DURABILITY UNEQUALEI). TO ADVERTISERS. prizes in the Three-mover section, and received


STILLS We will send postpaid, entirely withhonorable mention for two other problems.

Write for Booklet. Cuprigraph Co.,68 N. Green St., Chicago out charge to any business house that is interested in the subject of advertising,

Concerning Problem 573. a copy of a bound volume we have recently issued entitled "Current Rates

Mr. Winter-Wood has a letter in The B. C. M. of Live Publications,” giving list of leading towns throughout U. S., popu

(August), in which he states that he never saw lations, principal papers, circulations

Chess Chips or the Pierce problem. He also says: Don't do it Yourself-Don't and publisher's rates for advertising "My prize problem is, however, in my opinion, Let Anybody do it space on small or large contracts. Regular price of this volume is $1.--we vastly superior to the other in every respect."

for You. will send free on request. FULFORD,

Solution of Problems.

What man or woman

suffering with painful

and annoying corns ADVERTISING AGENTS

will not give 25 cents to

Key-move, Q-Kt 8. N. W. Cor. Wabash Ave. and Randolph Street,

have them removed? CHICAGO, ILL.

No. 578.

For 35 cents you get
Kt-K 6 Q x B ch

B x Q BP, mate

Kx Kt KxQ (must)
B-Q 6 ch
7, mate


3. A Perfect Steam Cooker

В x Kt

Κx B With doors. Don't miss it.

Q-K 7, mate Large meal cooked over one bur.

sent to your house, postpaid, which

3. ner. Wonderful saving of fuel

will remove every corn you have, and labor. Get it for your home

K-B 3

no matter where it is, how long you and summer cottage. Special

Bx K B P, dis. ch Kt-Kt 7, mate.

have had it or how torturing it is. rate for ten days. Agents

Razors are dangerous; pastes, salveg

3. wanted salary and commission

K-B 4 (must)

and plasters are worthless. Send 25 c. Write for descriptive matter to-day.

Clean, Paioless, merit-the only one that will do

to-day for this article of genuine OHIO STEAM COOKER CO.,50 Ontarlo Bldg., TULEDO, 0.

Q-Q 4 ch Q-B 6, mate

Certain and the work quickly and properly-it

Px R
Kx Kt (must)

GUARANTEED. Acts Like Lightning." Rids

feet of corns, sort, hard or other COLLAR goes with our one-piece col

wise; on the joints, between the toes, or on the snles Other variations depend on those given.

of the feet. Your money refunded if it does not do all BUTTON lar button,

this. Sent prepaid on receipt of 25 cents bv

Both problems solved by M. W. H., L'niversity INSURANCE Krementz & Co., WeCherb,

LEONARD & co., 847 Unity Bldg., Chicago, II. of Virginia ; the Rev. I. W. B., Bethlehem, Pa.; C.

Be sure to write to-day.
Readers of THE LITERARY DIGEST are asked to mention the publication when writing to advertisers.


Don't Cut Corns


No. 577













Tourist Rates

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drew 5.

Big Four.

East, North, West.

R. Oldham, Moundsville, W. Va.; M. Marble, | Napier divided the second and third prizes, $40
Worcester, Mass.; the Rev. G. D., New Orleans; and $20. Howell got fourth prize, $12. Marshall
A Knight, Hillsboro, Tex.; the Rev. J. G. Law, took fifth prize, $8. The score :
Walhalla, S. C.; W. R. Coum be, Lakeland, Fla.; B.

W'. L. D.

Il'. I. 1. Mann, Brownsville, Tenn.; Dr. S. R. C., Chicago; Pillsbury.. .8


.3 4 3 O. C. Pitkin, Syracuse, N. Y.; W. J. Leake, Rich. Delmar..


Marshall. mond, Va.; D. G. Harris, Memphis, Tenn.; W. W. Napier...

3 Karpinski... S., Randolph-Macon System, Lynchburg, Va.; W.

In the first class, George H. Thornton, of BufC. W. R., Boyce, Va.; I. C., Philadelphia; J. E.

Mountains, Wharton, Sherman, Tex.; G. P., Winnipeg, Can.; falo, took first prize, $25, with 7 wins, 1 lost, and 1

draw. He also holds the Farnsworth cup for the Dr. M. K. Thompson, Muscogee, I. T.; Prof. A.

Lakes, ensuing year. A. E. Swaffield, of Brooklyn, took Thompson, Calvert, Tex.; Dr. E. E. Harvey, Nor

Seashore wich, Ont.; L. R., Corning, Ark.; T. Hilgers, Pat- second, $12, with 6 wins, 1 lost, and 2 draws.

Weeks of Long Island City, third, $8, won 4 and erson, N. J.

via 577 (only): W. H. Sexton, Detroit, Mich.; Dr. H. In the second class Charles Curt, of Brooklyn, Sleeper, Meriden, N. H.; C. K. Huston, Selma,

won first prize, with 6 straight wins. Messrs. Ala.; Dr. W. Petry, Newark, N. J ; the Rev. F. H. Boehm and Lyon divided second and third prizes, Johnston, Tarboro, N. C.

3 wins, 2 lost, and I draw. Comments (577): “A tine study in pinning"-M. In the third class Messrs. Gould and Barber W. H.; “Very good "-M. M.; "Merits a first prize" were tied for first and second, with a score of 4 - K.; “A prize problem "-J. G. L.; “Very in- wins and draw.

Magnificent through train service teresting "-W. R. C.; “Tip top "-B. M.; "Intri

maintained in connection with the cate"-S. R. C.; "Good variety "-W. J. L.;

Chess-Nuts. "Splendid combination"-D. G. H.; "If easy to

NEW YORK CENTRAL, professional solvers, it gave me just enough hard Bardeleben won first prize in the recent tourney

BOSTON & ALBANY, study to be pleasing "-W. H. S.; "Good, skilful of the Berlin Schachgesellschaft. work"-F. H. J.

CHESAPEAKE & OHIO. There is a club of deaf-and-dumb players in (578): "Main variations good, but duals spoil the Hamburg. The B. C. M. speaks of them as enjoyeffect"-M. M.; “One of the most intricate and ing “the silent game." difficult problems you have give: us"--G. D.; “Wrought by a master workman"-A K.; “A fine

Pillsbury is studying law, and, in about two years, will give up professional Chess.

We hope

W. J. LYNCH, study"-J. G. L.; "Quaint with the power of the


Gen. Pass, and Tkt. Agt. Asst. G. P. and T. A. Bishops. Rather easier than 577 "--W. R. C.; that, in the interim, he will meet Lasker for the “Beautiful"—B. M.; “Remarkably complex"-0. Championship of, the World.

CINCINNATI. C. P.; "Quite difficult "-W.J. L.; Deserves first

Mr. J. F. Barry, in his Notes on the Youngprize with honor "-D. G. H.

Johnston game, says that, in the Berlin defense of 577 proved too difficult for the solvers who the Ruy Lopez, 4 P-Q 4 is "the only correct move tackle only 2-ers. The "tries" Q-Kt 6 and Q x B for White" and that 4 Castles is “weak." C. S. Astronomy Without a Teacher caught a number.

Howell asks Mr. Barry to "enlighten a few ignor. "All that is needed to identify easily all the leadIn addition to those reported, Dr. W. P, got 575; ant Chess-masters and amateurs, by informing us

ing stars and constellations."-Prof. C. A. Young,

Princeton University. G. Middleton, Savannah, Ga., 576.

how Black can take advantage of the weak move

of White's and secure a good playable game?" THE STARS Problem 580 is O. K., with only one solution.

The “Third Grand Tournament of the Ohio AND CONSTELLATIONS
A Dadian Brilliant.

Chess-Association " is to be held in Put-in Bay,
beginning September 2. “Chess-friends" of Ohio,

An easy method by which anybody may learn

names of the leading stars and constellations. Prince Dadian, of Mingrelia, has a world-wide Indiana, and Michigan are eligible to play in this By Royal Hill. 4to. Cloth, $1.00. reputation for doing startling things. The Field, tourney. Among the "hints " given i. the circu. “I have examined 'The Stars and Constellations.' London, calls him “the Greco of our day.” The lar are these : “If your wife objects, bring her

I heartily recommend it."- Prof. S. P. Lang.

ley, Director of Allegheny Observatory. following game was played with Michael Sicard, along. If you are rusty, don't be uneasy ; plenty in Russia : of petroleum at a neighboring island."

Funk & Wagnalls Co., Pubs., New York. Center Gambit.



White. Black.

For back numbers of Volume 1, for January 6, 1894, Black. 1 P-K 4 P-K4

20 PxQ R-R8 ch for every stomach trouble, including ah forms of indiges- and indexes for Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 16, and 18, 2 P-Q.4 Рx P 21 K-B2

K1-Kt 5 ch

tion or dyspepsia, catarrh of stomach and flatulence in forwarded to us at once, we will pay 20 cents per K-Q B 3 22 K-Q 2 R-Rych

stomach and bowels. This remedy has never failed to copy. Publishers THE LITERARY DIGEST, 30 Lafayette 4 Q-K3 P-K Kt3

Rx Bch 23 B--B2

Place, New York City. cure the most distressing and stubborn cases. 5 B-Q2 B-Kt 2 24 K-Q sq B XP

This remedy will cure any case of constipation, to stay 6 Kt-Q B 3 Kt-B 3

Individual Communion 25 Kt-02 R-Q sq

cured, so that you are free from that trouble in a week.
7 B-K
2 Castles 26 K-K2

B-B 6
The name of this remarkable remedy is Vernal Saw

Outfits. Send for free catalogue 8 Castles P-24

B x Kt
27 K-B 3
Palmetto Berry Wine.

and list of users. Kt XP 28 B x B

SANITARY COMMUNION OUTFIT CO, Q R x B Any reader of THE LITERARY DIGEST may have a 10 Kt x Kt Q x Kt

Dept. L, Rochester, N, X. B-K 3 ch 29 K-Kt 4

sample bottle of Vernal Saw Palmetto Berry Wine sent 11 K-Kt sq(a)B-K 3 30 K-R4 QR-Q6 free and prepaid by writing to Vernal Remedy Company, 12 P-Q Kt 3? B-Q 5

The Natural Body Braco advertised in this paper in the 31 R-K3 KR-Q4

Buffalo, N.Y. It cures catarrh, indigestion, constipation first issue of this month, is a delightful, certain remedy for (b) 32 Q-B 3 P-Kt 4 ch

of the bowels, congestion of the kidneys and inflammation allments peculiar to women and girls. It makes walking and 13 Q-Kt 3 Q-Q B 4

KR-Q 5 ch of the bladder. One dose a day does the work quickly, work easy gives good figure and light step. Write the 14 P-KB4? Q-Kt 3

B-Ktsch 34 K-R 5

Natural Body Brace Co., Box 713, Salina, Kan., for free illusthoroughly and permanently.

trated book. 15 KL-B 3 B-Kt 2

RXQ 16 B-Q 3 (c) P-Q R 4

36 R XR


Kt-B 7 ch 18 B-K3 PxP! (d)

IN YOUR OFFICE 38 Resigns. 19 B PxP Q x P ch!!

will demonstrate

Its advantages. Votes (abridged) from The Field.

Send for samples of writing, with

prices, etc. Largest and most

complete stock of second-hand Typewriters of any house in the trade. Ma(a) Better would be 11 P-Q B 4, Q-Q 5; 12 Q x

chines shipped, privilege of inspection. Title to every machine guaranteed Q, Ktx Q; 13 B-R 3, etc.

1% Barclay Street, New York, 8W. Baltimore Bt., Baltimore, Md

EIGHT (b) P-Q B 4 is, again, preferable.

88 Bromfield Street, Boston, 817 Wyandotte Street, Kansas City

STORES 124 Lafalle St., Chicago, Ill. 208 North Ninth Street, St. Louis. (c) White should have played a defensive game

482 Diamond St.,

Pittsburgh, Pa. 586 California St., San Francisco, Cal. by trying to exchange the attacking pieces. For instance: 16.., Kt-K 5 etc.

(d) Here comes the brilliant termination begun on his 16th. The position is worthy of study.

After the sacrifice of the Q, the position demands exact play on Black's part.

* The New York State Chess-Association.

PILISBURY TAKES FIRST PRIZE. The Annual Tournament was held in Buffalo, beginning on August 13. The Masters' class was represented by Pillsbury, Delmar, Napier, Howell, Marshall, and Karpinski. As expected, Pillsbury won the first prize, $100. Delmar and

Readers of THE LITERARY DIGEST are asked to mention the publication when writing to advertisers.





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35 Q x B

37 KR

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