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rain, such objections could be made by the author fren where the author hes perted otth the copyright. Since the invo'l chen close examination of the mon richu Question ander United Suala las benan it has beca argued that night substantial gutt. Went to moral righu u they entot ta States of the Beme Union are provid.

for in . mariety of lan considered lacether. The Lanham Act, rules of unfair competition, certata of the too samke richu under copyright and the coordon las of the 50 suala. There is do doubt that the Berne Convention requiry recognition of theue michu The question whether such nahu archet with the degree of national unl. fonally and predictability which should be provided in order fairly to comply sith Berne requiremenu. I therefore propose I provision reconta. ing mond richu. Whoe staternanship and the spirit of political compromise buy. In the final rectoning. Fort • difierent solution to the mon nichts Question. I wo reluctant to reject at the outset the neocasity of recognition of more nights shich may be meas Interest to authors and antius. U not to those who deal sith their rortus

A second major change in current Las oocurs in the complete revision of section 116, dealing with the jukebox "compulsory license." Sections of the DIDI srites subsections () through (e) of current law. A net section 116 makes the present jukebox compulso ry Icense system-that seems clearly Incompatible with Beme-subordinate to negousted licenses where such U. censes come into force. The new providons vould authorize where ruch . censes us they come into force and vould formalize a negotiating process that could totally supplant the com. pulsory license. II, where yeur, negotialons (w to provide consensual wænses for virtually a music, or I de collations are terminated at some future deve then a compulsory license substanudly the supe me that in the present section 116 1 "standing by to ensure that Jukebox music w ways be avulable to the public. The Copy. nicht Royalty Tribund ould retain jurisdiction over nulemaking and die tribution functions only to the extent thul ocolations tal or consensuu QEDSA capire or are terminated I isure that the provisions of the Berde Coovention do not allor expressly for compulsory Licensing of sonbroadcast public performances of music vi done presently in the jukebox bust. ness. The oulricht elimination of the

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na that at least on an 100s by providing that they are freely be the tnformation utility llenable and subject to raive, in notice MIDID of caveateade Leeping with traditional property doe. tinguishine the protected from the trine in this country. Ner section 110, protected i mithicleotiy mestul uso provides that, unless otherwise nunint encouraging tune. It provided traditional editing, adapting. tirely posible that elimination of the and wringing practices of publishers, notice formality may not to the broadcasters, motion picture studios, curtall its use. Old hablu de hand it and the Uke shall not infringe a au

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Copyright Convention; and. It ta forth a net section 120, which cantiles probability, the cheapest deterrent to the scope of copyright in architecture Infringement which I copyright holder vorlu by Limlung protection to the v.

may take. The propriety and efficacy Ustke chancter and artistic design of

of these incentives can be considered buldine. rather this to its processes

in the course of hearings on the bill. methods of construction Ner vac

In new section 403. the Copyright ton 10 uso permius other to make

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and therefore freely copiable. for another's construction of an in.

The bill reperls section 104, since no fringing bullding are unalted. Il con

notice whatsoever need appen on . Kruction of an infringing buOding has collective work, or on contributions substantially begun tbatt, Ustruc thereto. tunl work has been at least partially Sections 405 and 406, which deal completed, no Injunctive rellel 6111 be with omissions of and erron in the aradable to stop construction, nor copyright notice, are uended touto shall an infringinc buuding be subject apply only to wores published in the to demolition or keizure. Uneald. but United States-with or without copy worth aoting. u the fact that architec. right notice-subject to mandatory de tunl Fortu would be subject to all of

posit in the Library of Congreas. This the Ilmilations and exceptions found should have little functional effect in the present copyright las, most pur. since virtually all publications in uculely to use. Further, orden of which the Library is interested nos buildings embodstos uchitecturu bear copyright notice, und it seems vortu are closed to modity such likely that the Library's compliance structures siithout feu of violating activities will remain

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Section 11 of the bill contains •

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ndust jurebox compulsory a fode, it shall give meat relah both to Ita final" nata prior to Imple

tation of net section 110 and to the rate contained in any per conosc rual Woenses that are negotiated.

Section 19 clarified that title 17. United State Code, Maended by thu act, does not provide copyright protection for my vort that is in the public domain in the United States.

Section 10 provides that this act, and Any umendments made thereby, shall take effect on the day after the date on which the Beme Convention enter into force with respect to the United Stata. Section 16 deo specifies that any cause of action arising under title 17. United States Code, before the ef fective date of the act shall be gov. erned by the provisions of such title w in effect when the cause of action arone. In other words, the act is not retroactive

It may be useful to explain why cer. tain provisions which might have been included in the bill were not. To reiterate, the approach of the legislation is to include. nither than exclude. proposals where the plain meaning of the convention and the practices of Berne Union states-particularly those shar. ing our legal tradition-Appear to require changes in current copyright la.. Nonetheless, the elimination or modification of the provisions of the 1970 Copyright Act which cover the renewal of copyright which were in their first term of protection when the ner law came into effect is not pro posed. The renewal provisions of the 1970 Copyright Act are essentially transitional in nature, they do not apply to works which acquired copy. right protection under Peden las after the effective date of the 1976 sct. The renewu system is replaced by the wholly new approach of the 1970 act: A unitary term of protection, and pro

doo for the new low watercom Coprichte ne people have tempt to long effect would confundon nad to rotato abo pred muda wale s lencse ha i background of may years of totamottattoo wond prador (in Supplementary Report of the Reglater on Copyright Lao Movies N.j

Additionally, the ou dou not Dove the retroactive protection ports which may have talea toto 0.8. public domain due to re other than the expiration at terms of copyright Then neem to be General greement wmong those who have examined the question that iti cle 18 of the Berne Convention leaves considerable scope to national dieere. tion in dealing with the retroactive protection of the convention. Because the public domain is precisely what it says it is the common property of the people to use us they see fit, in or out of commerce w strongly disin. clined to restore control over this her. ilage to proprietary Interesta.

This brief summary. Mr. Speaker. suerests that even under the best of circumstances, Bere adherence face an uphill climb. I have highlighted some of the dangers off the besten track, and I urge all of my colleagues to study the bw closely. It could be one of the most historic elforu ve un. dertake in the 100th Congress, or it could be a difficult endeavor to start. Let us commence.

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To amend title 17 of the United States Code to implement the Berne Convention

for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, as revised at Paris on July 24, 1971, and for other purposes.


JULY 15, 1987 Mr. MOORHEAD (for himself and Mr. Fish) introduced the following bill; which

was referred to the Committee on the Judiciary

A BILL To amend title 17 of the United States Code to implement the

Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, as revised at Paris on July 24, 1971, and for

other purposes.

1 Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa2 tives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,

3 That this Act may be cited as the “Berne Convention Imple

4 mentation Act of 1987".


SEC. 2. (a) The Congress finds and declares that


(1) the Berne Convention for the Protection of


Literary and Artistic Works (the Berne Convention) is



not self-executing under the Constitution and laws of

[blocks in formation]


(2) the obligations of the United States under the


Berne Convention may be satisfied only by appropriate


domestic law;


(3) title 17 of the United States Code does not


provide copyright protection for any work that is in the


public domain in the United States; and


(4) title 17 of the United States Code does not


provide an author with the right to be named as a


work's author or to object to uses or changes to the

[blocks in formation]



(1) any obligation of the United States to provide the author with the right to be named as a work's author or to object to uses or changes to the work as a



consequence of adherence to the Berne Convention be


satisfied by United States law as it exists on the effec


tive date of this Act whether such rights are recog


nized under any relevant provision of Federal or State



statutes or the common law and such rights shall neither be enlarged nor diminished by this Act;

(2) the United States, by the amendments made by this Act together with existing law, meets its obli



HR 2962 IH

[blocks in formation]


(3) the provisions of the Berne Convention shall


be given effect solely under title 17 of the United


States Code, as amended by this Act, and any other relevant provision of Federal or State law, including



common law, and shall not be directly enforceable in


any action brought on the provisions of the Berne


Convention itself.


SEC. 3. The instrument of accession by the United

12 States to the Berne Convention shall specify that the Con

13 vention will enter into force for the United States three

14 months after the Director General of the World Intellectual

15 Property Organization has notified other member countries of

16 the deposit of the instrument of accession.


SEC. 4. Chapter 1 of title 17 of the United States Code

18 is amended


(a) in section 101, by


(1) inserting between the definition of "anon


ymous work" and "audio visual works" the

[blocks in formation]

"An 'architectural work' is a work such as a


building or other three-dimensional structure and relat


ed works such as plans, blueprints, sketches, drawings,

HR 2962 IH

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