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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1907
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Reports, Documents, and Journals of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

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Removal of obstructions from paved sidewalks and alleys in D C
To consider value of land given for public street when assessing benefits 6726 Maintenance of stock yards etc in D
To prohibit kindling fires within 200 feet of any premises in D C
To change name of National Safe Deposit Savings and Trust Co of D C
Dam across Mississippi River in Morrison County Minn
Bridge across Mississippi River in Morrison County Vinn
To amend act to authorize Balt Washington Transit o to enter D C
Appropriations for Army 1908
Transfer of jurisdiction of Washington Aqueduct etc 0744 To amend Code of D C relative to salaries in office of recorder of deeds 6745 To incorpor...
Bridge across Mississippi River Iowa
Circuit and district courts at Bellingham Wash
To amend and consolidate acts respecting copyright 2 pts 7086 To permit holders of medals of honor to retain 2 for same service 7088 Appointment...
To provide for refund of stamp taxes 7093 Repair of Treasury building D C
Patents etc on lands formerly in Fort Berthold Reservation N
7035 Tax on bay rum from Porto Rico 2 pts 7096 Additional land districts in Alaska
Withdrawal from bond tax free of domestic alcohol 7099 Changes in postal laws 7101 To annul certain titles to lands in Tex acquired by judicial pro...
To amend act for protection of game in Alaski 7107 Extending time for dam across Mississippi River in Morrison Co Minn 7108 Benton Water Co...
Patents granted to officers and employees of Government
Sale of certain timber on Menominee Reservation
Extending time for Valdez Marshall Pass and Northern R R 7282 Land district in Valley County Mont
Allotment of lands to Indians of La Pointe Reservation Wis 7288 Enlargement of military reservations by exchange of lands 7289 Protection of publi...

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26. lappuse - Whatever subjects of this power are in their nature national, or admit only of one uniform system, or plan of regulation, may justly be said to be of such a nature as to require exclusive legislation by Congress.
17. lappuse - No reason is perceived why, if Congress chooses to provide that certain designated subjects of interstate commerce shall be governed by a rule which divests them of that character at an earlier period of time than would otherwise be the case, it is not within its competency to do so.
16. lappuse - Hence, inasmuch as interstate commerce, consisting in the transportation, purchase, sale and exchange of commodities, is national in its character, and must be governed by a uniform system, so long as .Congress does not pass any law to regulate it, or allowing the States so to do, it thereby indicates its will that such commerce shall be free and untrammelled.
14. lappuse - In so doing, Congress has not attempted to delegate the power to regulate commerce, or to exercise any power reserved to the states, or to grant a power not possessed by the states, or to adopt state laws. It has taken its own course, and made its own regulation, applying to these subjects of interstate commerce one common rule, whose uniformity is not affected by variations in state laws in dealing with such property.
13. lappuse - July first, nineteen hundred and four, the provisions of law restricting to vessels of the United States the transportation of passengers and merchandise directly or indirectly from one port of the United States...
27. lappuse - That all those powers which relate to merely municipal legislation, or what may perhaps, more properly be called internal police, are not thus surrendered or restrained; and that, consequently, in relation to these, the authority of a state is complete, unqualified, and exclusive...
25. lappuse - ... the sole right and liberty of printing, reprinting, publishing, and vending...

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