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6053. Bridge across Bayou Bartholomew, La.

6055. To amend act to adopt regulations to prevent collisions at sea.

6120. Lands in Yakima Reservation.

6121. Appropriations for fortifications, 1908.

6202. Extending time for final proof in desert-land entries.

6203. Revision and codification of laws, etc.

6204. Additional district judge, southern district Ohio.

6206. Acceptance of sailboat for use of midshipmen at Naval Academy.

6207. Purchase and distribution of digest of reports of Supreme Court.

6208. New division of southern judicial district of Iowa, etc.

6209. Bridge across Tug Fork of Big Sandy River, W. Va.

6210. Bridge across Tug Fork of Big Sandy River near Devon, W. Va.

6211. Vacating Alexander place and poplar street, D. C.

6212. Pensions for certain officers of Metropolitan police, D. C.
6213. Prohibiting sale of liquors to minors in D. C. by unlicensed persons.
6214. Extending time for highway bridge across Potomac River, D. C.

· 6215. To prevent commodities being sold for less than standard measure in D. C.

6377. Appropriations for District of Columbia, 1908.

6378. Dams and power stations on Bear River, Tishomingo County, Miss.

6379. Dam across Savannah River at Gregg Shoals.

6380. Extending time for dam across Mississippi River, Scott County, Iowa.

6381. Bridge across Ashley River, S. C.

6382. To quiet titles to lands on Jicarilla Reservation.

6383. Chicago, Lake Shore and South Bend Ry. Co. to bridge Calumet R., Ind.

6392. Bridge across Columbia River bet. Benton and Franklin counties, Wash.

6393. Bridge across Columbia River bet. Walla Walla and Benton counties, Wash.

6394. Clay County, Ark., to bridge Black River at or near Bennetts Ferry, Ark.

6396. Proposed addition to Rock Creek Park, D. C.

6397. To prohibit money contributions to political elections by corporations.

0398. Norfolk and Western Ry. Co. to bridge Tug Fork of Big Sandy River.

0399. Extending time for bridge across Mississippi River, St. Louis, Mo.

6100. Furnishing cannon to South Dakota.

6101. Condemned cannon for University of Idaho.

0102. Loan of condemned field pieces to Petoskey, Mich.

6103. Furnishing 2 condemned cannon to Preston, Iowa.

6405. Disposition of useless papers in Executive Departments.

6406. To abolish licensed officers of vessels.

6107. To make Brunswick, Ga., port for immediate transportation.

6408. To provide for investigation of water resources of U. S.

6109. Obsolete cannon for University of Idaho.

6415. Bellingham, Wash., port for immediate transportation of dutiable goods.

6421. To open for settlement certain lands in Pennington County, S. Dak.

6422. Assay office at Salt Lake City, Utah.

6127. Appropriation for Military Ac my, 1908.

6428. Appropriations for diplomatic and consular service, 1908.

6429. To increase efficiency of artillery of Army.

6430. Commissioners of Lake County, Ind., to bridge Calumet River, Ind.

6131. Expatriation of American citizens and their protection abroad.

(432. Dam across Flint River at Porter Shoals.

0433. To regulate sitting of courts within district of S. C.

6434. Right of way for railroad through Fort Wright military reservation, Wash.

0435. Appropriations for urgent deficiencies.

(436. Bridge across Potomac River at or near Shepherdstown, W. Va.

6437. Vacancy in Board of Regents, Smithsonian Institution.

6439. Transferring Phelps Co. to eastern division of eastern judicial district, Mo.

6440. Agreement between New Jersey and Delaware as to territorial limits, etc.

6441. Resurvey of land in Fremont County, Colo.

6442. Development of Amer. merchant marine and American commerce. 2 pts.

0584. Appropriations for invalid and other pensions, 1908.

6585. Lower Colorado River and Salton Sea.

6595. To remove Sturgeon Bay, Ill., from list of navigable waters.

6597. Appropriations for Department of Agriculture, 1908.

6598. Authorizing Apache County, Ariz., to issue bonds.

6599. Repair of Territorial bridge across Gila River at Florence, Ariz.

6600. Bonds for erection of court-house and jail, Mohave County, Ariz.


6601. Sale of certain lands to Buffalo, Wyo.

6602. Additional division for northern judicial district of Miss.

6603. Additional judge for northern and southern districts of Cal.

6706. Extension of time to certain homestead entrymen.

6707. Changing time for terms of court in northern district of Iowa.

6708. Regulating interstate commerce as to intoxicating liquors, etc. 2 pts.

6711. Burial of wives of deceased enlisted men in national cemeteries.

6713. Appropriations for naval service, 1908.

6714. Prohibiting sale of intoxicating liquors near certain institutions in D. C.

6715. Sale of public lands for cemetery purposes.

6716. Atlanta, Birmingham and Atlantic R. R. Co. to bridge Coosa River, Ala.

6718. Authorizing Washington Market Co. to manufacture ice, etc.

6720. To amend act relating to service on foreign corporations.

6721. Widening of Mills avenue NE., D. C.

6722. Fixing compensation of inspectors of customs.

6723. Virginia military, continental, or State land warrants.

6724. Removal of obstructions from paved sidewalks and alleys in D. C.

6725. To consider value of land given for public street when assessing benefits.

6726. Maintenance of stock yards, etc., in D. C.

6727. Extension of Albemarle street NW., D. C.

6728. To prohibit kindling fires within 200 feet of any premises in D. C.

6729. Extending time for bridge across Monongabela River, Pa.

6730. Bridge across Missouri River at or near Kansas City, Kans.

6731. Free evening lectures in D. C.

6732. To change name of National Safe Deposit, Savings and Trust Co, of D. C.

6733. Extension of School street NW., D. C.

6734. Dam across Mississippi River in Morrison County, Minn.

6735. Bridge across Mississippi River in Morrison County, Minn.

6736. To amend act to authorize Balt. & Washington Transit Co. to enter D. C.

6737. To provide for incorporation of banks in D, C.

6738. To amend act to incorporate Supreme Lodge of Knights of Pythias.

6739. To amend act regulating retent on contracts in D. C.

6740. To provide for registration of nurses in D. C.

6741. Recopy of old records in office of recorder of deeds, D. C.

6742. Practice of veterinary medicine in D. C.

6743. Transfer of jurisdiction of Washington Aqueduct, etc.

6744. To amend Code of D. C. relative to salaries in office of recorder of deeds.

6745. To incorporate International Sunday School Association of America.

6746. Shipment of explosives on railroads engaged in interstate commerce.

6748. Appeal cases from district court, Alaska.

6749. Two additional assistant appraisers at port of New York.

6750. To amend act to incorporate Protestant Episcopal Church, Wash., D. C.

6752. Appropriations for rivers and harbors, 1908.

6893. Conveying strip of ground for school purposes, St. Augustine, Fla.

6894. Grant of lands to University of Oklahoma.

6901. Pensions for certain enlisted men, etc., in civil and Mexican wars.

6904. Pend d'Oreille Development Co. to dam Pend d'Oreille River, Wash.

6905. Bridge across Chattahoochee River between Alabama and Georgia.

6906. Additional term of court at Quincy, Ill.

6908. Bridge across Mississippi River, Iowa.

6909. Circuit and district courts at Bellingham, Wash.

7083. To amend and consolidate acts respecting copyright. 2 pts.

7086. To permit holders of medals of honor to retain 2 for same service.

7088. Appointment of former West Point cadets as 2d lieutenants in Army.

7089. To fix boundaries of lands adjoining Ceur d'Alene Reservation.

7091. Commutation for town-site purposes of homestead entries in Oklahoma.

7092. To provide for refund of stamp taxes.

7093. Repair of Treasury building, D. C.

7094. Patents, etc., on lands formerly in Fort Berthold Reservation, N. Dak,

7035. Tax on bay rum from Porto Rico. 2 pts.

7096. Additional land districts in Alaska.

7097. Withdrawal from bond, tax free, of domestic alcohol.

7099. Changes in postal laws.

7101. To annul certain titles to lands in Tex. acquired by judicial proceedings.

7103. To confirm lease with Seneca Nation of Indians.


2d Session


DECEMBEB 7, 1906–Referred to the House Calendar and ordered to be printed.

Mr. SAMUEL W. Smith, from the Committee on the District of

Columbia, submitted the following


[To accompany H. R. 20178.]

The Committee on the District of Columbia, to whom was referred the bill (H. R. 20178) in relation to the Washington Market Company, report the same back to the House with the recommendation that it do pass.

The purpose of the proposed legislation is to permit the Washington Market Company to manufacture ice at any suitable place within the District of Columbia. There is some doubt as to whether the company has authority to do this under the powers granted in the act approved May 20, 1870, incorporating the Washington Market Company, and your committee can see no objection to allowing the company the privilege of manufacturing ice at some place away from the present grounds and buildings. The quantity of produce now stored in the market buildings is very large and constantly increasing, and the space now used for making ice is wanted for the storage of produce, while the ice needed can be more advantageously manufactured elsewhere.

This measure has the approval of the Commissioners of the District of Columbia, as will be seen by the following communication: OFFICE COMMISSIONERS OF DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA,

Washington, June 18, 1906. DEAR SIR: The Commissioners of the District of Columbia have the honor to submit the following on House bill 20178, Fifty-ninth Congress, first session, “ In relation to the Washington Market Company,” which you referred to them for examination and report.

The object of the bill is to authorize the Washington Market Company, in addition to its other corporate powers, to manufacture ice in connection with its market business.

The Wasington Market Company was incorporated by an act of Congress approved May 20, 1870, to carry on a market business and the powers granted in the act of incorporation are generally those pertaining to market companies. The Commissioners are informed that there being some doubt as to the right of the company under its present charter to manufacture ice this legislation is desired. It is stated that a great deal of ice is needed for market purposes, which can be more adeguately and economically furnished to dealers by the market company than could otherwise be obtained.

The Commissioners know of no objection to the granting of the additional privilege contemplated in the bill to the market company. Very respectfully,

President of the Board of Commissioners

of the District of Columbia. Hon. J. W. BABCOCK, Chairman Committee on the District of Columbia,

House of Representatives.

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