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New Hampshire:

Commission, in blank, for an officer in the militia, 179-.

By exchange from New Hampshire state library.

Fast day, 1758.

Thanksgiving day, 1763.

Treasurer's warrants, 1760, 1763. 2 pieces.

Nine broadsides, 1779-1808.

New Jersey:

Resolutions of the Legislature condemning South Carolina nullification.

New Mexico:




Mourning for President William McKinley, 1901.
Thanksgiving day, 1902, 1903.

Memorial day, 1903.

Memorial of death of William G. Ritch. 1904.

New Mexico day at World's Fair, 1 for October and I for

New York:

Executive. Thanksgiving day proclamations, 1900, 1902, 1903.
Gage, Thomas. Pay for services rendered the Army, Feb. 17, 1769.
Croton Aqueduct, Completion of. 1842.

National Union Executive Committee.

menced," etc. [Oct.? 1864.]

"How the war com

New York city political broadsides relating to the Anti-Tammany campaign of 1903. 4 posters, lithographed in colors.

North Carolina:

Executive. Proclamation convening the legislature, Apr. 17, 1861. North Dakota:

[blocks in formation]

Resolution of the Legislature condemning the South Carolina nullification. 1833.

Executive. Proclamation for Thanksgiving day, 1904. (Typewritten copy.)


[blocks in formation]

Executive. Proclamations. Thanksgiving day, 1903, 1904.


Fêtes, General orders, Proclamations, Addresses, etc. 1895-1905. 33 pieces.

Rhode Island:

Resolves and votes of the Council of war. June 4, Aug. 2, Aug. 17, 1778; Mar. II, 1779. 4 pieces.

Four broadsides relating to militia and currency. 1778-1781. South Carolina:

Stateburg, St. Mark's parish. Printed copies of documents relating to the Holy Cross church. Nov. 1, 1895.

South Dakota:



Death of President William McKinley, 1901.
Death of Attorney General of the state, 1902.
Arbor day, 1902, 1903.

Thanksgiving day, 1903, 1904.


Executive. Proclamations for Thanksgiving day, 1903, 1904.




Proclamation for Thansgiving day, 1904.

"The Black vomit; or, The bottom rail on top.” West Virginia:

Executive. Proclamations for Thanksgiving day, Labor day and
Arbor day, 1904.


American Protective Tariff League.

"That terrible eclipse." 1900.

Brief account of execution of six militiamen. [Jackson political broadside.]

With photo

Continental Congress. Fast day, Mar. 16, 1776.
Inaugural ball invitation. Engraved card. Mar. 4, 1865.
Lincoln, Abraham. Reward for arrest of assassins.
graphs of Surratt, Booth and Harold. Apr. 20, 1865.
Playbills. 50 posters of Ford and National theatres, Washington,
D. C. 1874-1876.

Shakespearian playbills of performances held in England. 17861848. 1809 pieces.

[blocks in formation]

Weidensall, Robert. Poem-"The Construction Corps, U. S. M. R. R." 2d ed. Autograph signed explanatory note. 1864. (2 copies.)


Declaration of Independence. (With reproductions of Carpenter's hall, the Liberty hall, etc.)

Facsimile of Jefferson's draft of the Declaration of Independence.

Clarke, Adam. Letter to American Methodist Clergymen. Feb. 6, 1832.

Appendix VIII




[From the collection of Richard Howe, 1st Earl Howe, 1726-1799]

Bermuda islands.

[A map of the Bermuda islands. 1760?] 28 x 574.


NOTE. A colored map showing forts and parishes. A note gives information concerning tides and soundings.

Cape Breton island.

A chart of the east coast of Cape Breton. [1760?] A scale of five
English leagues. 21 x 292.

NOTE.-Gives soundings and fortifications.

Gaspee basin.

A chart of Gaspee bay. Cape Gaspee in 48°: 56′ n. variat" 16°: oo' west. [1760?] 161⁄2 x 2234.

NOTE.-Gives soundings.

New Brunswick.

Miramische bay. [Signed] I. P. [1760?] 22 x 30.
NOTE.-Colored. Gives sailing directions and soundings.

Nova Scotia.

[Communication from Halifax to Colquid bay. Comm. Duncan. 1760?] Scale one inch to a mile. 50 x 244.

NOTE.Partly colored.

Shows land grants and Land assigned to Colonel Small and the late disbanded 84th. regiment."

A map of the harbour of Halifax. [1760?] Scale of three miles. 261⁄2 x 1734.

NOTE.-Partly colored. Gives soundings and location of fortifica


Part of the peninsula of Nova Scotia from Halifax across to Minas bay. [1760?] 291⁄2 x 212.

NOTE.-Shows camps and roads.

[blocks in formation]

A plain chart of the sea coast of Nova Scotia from Port Senior to Shezelcook. [1760?] Scale of 12 miles. 184 x 252. NOTE.-Partly colored. Gives soundings and location of fortifica


St. John river.

[St. John river from Fort Howe to lake Timisquata with portages to the St. Lawrence. 1760?] 55 x 12%.


Contains table of distances and notes describing the river and land.

St. Lawrence river.

[St. Lawrence river extending to Quebec. 1760?] 571⁄2 x 25%.

NOTE. "All ledges, soundings, islands &c. mark'd with a B are copy'd from a cart publish'd in Boston 1732. The figure of the shore from Quebec to Cow Point on the north & to Vincetat on the south shore and of the ledges within that distance are laid down from different maps & surveys of mr. Bellin & others. The bearing's & distance of the different points & islands of the ledges, rocks, anchorages, soundings withe the setting of the tides & the land marks for avoiding the ledges &c. are plan'd from a manuscript found of board the Alcide taken in June 1755. By admiral Boscowen entitled Remarques & observations pour la navigation de France a Quebec trées de memoires & journaux. Qui sont aux depòt de cartes de la marine 1737."

Inset map of the river from Hog Falls to Quebec. 12 x 172. Soundings are only given in the upper part of the river.

Central America. Honduras bay.

[Bay of Honduras. 1760?] A scale of 60 miles or 20 leagues. 26 x 36.

NOTE.-Coast line colored.

Gives: Latitudes in the bay of Honduras.-Some remarks on the navigation in the bay of Honduras.

Draught of the bay of Honduras and the Musqueto shoar. By George Robertson, master of his majestys ship the Prince Edward. Variation 6°-30m easterly in the year 1764. Scale of nine leagues. 41 x 29.

NOTE.-Partly colored.

Table of "Latitude of the different points of land in the bay of Honduros & the Musqueto shoar. . . The above is agreeable to my observations when I surveyed this coast. George Robertson."

A draught of the bay of Honduras and part of the Musquetto shore, corected, the variation to be allowed at Balliez 6 river, 7.0 e'erly at Bonacre 6.30 e'erly by George Robertson. [1764?] A scale of twenty leagues. 294 x 42.

NOTE. -Coast line colored.

Contains descriptive notes and soundings.

Inset plan: A large draught of Truxillo bay in lattid 10°.14′ no.. variation 6°. 30' et erly.

[blocks in formation]

A draught of the island of Bonacre in latta 16: 34n° longd 86: 22 wt from London, variation 6:30e. [1755?] A scale of three English miles. 144 x 21.

NOTE.-Partly colored. Gives soundings.

"This is an uninhabited island, all covered over with woods of various kinds, there is excellent good water here & plenty of fish; as to directions for sailing into this harbour, the best I can give is the draught, the dotted line to the etward is the direction for sailing in, the same line continued to the w'ward is the direction for sailing out of the harbour."

The island of Rattan. [1760?] A scale of three English leagues.

20 x 29.

NOTE.-Colored. Contains descriptive note.

Inset plans of: Dixon's cove.-Port Royal harbour.-French harbour. A draught of the harbour of Rattan commonly cald Port Royall harbour where his majst fleet under commnd of sir Willm Burnaby anchored on there expedition to the the bay of Honduros in the year 1765. N: B: all the soundings in this draught is fathams. Very good wooding & watering here. A scale of 300 fatham. 144 x 184.

NOTE.-Coast line colored. Gives soundings.


Plano del Rio Chagres, delineado por Fransisco Mathias Celi. [1760?] Escala de mil pies del rin. 1834 x 12.

NOTE. Gives soundings.

Plano del Rio Chagres, dilineado por Fransisco Mathias
Celi. [1760?] Escala de mil pies del rin. 1834 x 12.
NOTE.-Partly colored. Gives soundings.

Similar to the above with the exception of the lettering.

A draught of the harbour of Porto Bello in latta 9: 4 0
London. In July 1765 I found the
Scale of one English mile. 17 x 222.

no longd 79: 3 0 w. from
variation 13°: 00 e'erly.

NOTE.-Partly colored.

Contains an extensive descriptive note of the forts.

Chesapeake bay.

A sketch of the navigation from Swan pt. to the river Elk at the head of Chesapeak bay. . . . Scale of 12 estimated miles.— Sketch of the river Elk at the head of Chesapeak bay. The soundings are in feet. Eagle Augt & Sep" 1777. 21 x 272. NOTE.-Partly colored. Gives soundings.

'By Mr. Hunter master of the Eagle'

Shows: Landing of the kings troops.-Head qurs-Cecil courthouse.

Delaware bay.

A draught of Delaware bay. Drawn by Richard Taylor for capt: Jann. Philadelphia. A scale of miles 69 to a degree. [177075?] 2034 x 441⁄2.

NOTE.-Colored. Gives soundings.

Inset: A tide table.

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