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Washington, D. C., December 4, 1905

SIR: I have the honor to submit my report as Librarian of Congress for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1905.


The following table exhibits the appropriations and expenditures of the Library proper and of the Copyright Office for the fiscal year, and the appropriations for the year now current. Details are given in Appendix Ia. Included also are the appropriations for the equipment and care of the building and grounds, expended by the Superintendent. The allotment for printing and binding (during the past year $185,000) is not included.

Object of appropriation

Library and Copyright Office:
Salaries, general service.....
Salaries, special service.
Salaries, Sunday service

Salaries, distribution card in-

Appropria- Appropria- Expendi- Appropria- Appropriations, 1904 tions, 1905 tures, 1905 tions, 1906 tions and expenditures

[blocks in formation]

Salaries, Copyright Office.

€ 70, 440.00

Increase of Library..

d 99, 800. 00

[blocks in formation]

b 6, 800.00
74, 700.00
d 99,8 800.00 d

b 6, 799.94 € 74, 662. 46 99, 784.29 7,298.90

7, 300.00

[blocks in formation]

b This expenditure is offset by subscriptions covered into the Treasury during the past year $15,496.55 actually applied.

c This expenditure is offset by fees covered into the Treasury during the past year $78,058.

d Exclusive of $1,500 to be expended by the marshal of the Supreme court for new books for that body.

e Increased from $30,000 by act of February 18, 1904.

[blocks in formation]

Of the $311,360 appropriated for salaries, exclusive of the Sunday and special services, $932.30 were unexpended and remain in the Treasury. This sum represents not a surplus provision for service, but salaries for a time undrawn, those of employees temporarily absent without pay, or of new appointees who failed to qualify promptly after appointment.

As will be seen, the appropriations for the past year were substantially identical with those for the preceding. In the general force the increase was merely of a thousand dollar employee. The only other increases in the appropriations under my control (those for the Copyright Office and the Card Section) were to meet the increasing business in two divisions of our work which are selfsustaining; and were more than offset by the receipts.

For the coming year there has been provided no increase except of $1,000 for service in one of these two divisions-the Card Section. I asked for none other, except the following, all in repetition of previous requests:

I stenographer and typewriter for the Periodical Division, at..
I clerk, Copyright Office, at

Certain increases of salary in the nature of adjustments,

amounting to

Additional for increase of the Library
Index to comparative legislation...



2, 500 IO, 000

28, 000

These are also the limit of my requests in the estimates recently submitted for the fiscal year 1906-7. If I go no further it is not because there is not useful work on hand and in prospect exceeding the capacity of our present force, but because I wish to keep the estimates within the dimension which five years ago I stated to be necessary for a reasonable progress with the work then seen to be absolutely necessary. In point of numbers the force is now as I planned for then; but the organization is not, nor will it be, until there shall be granted the increases in salary

which are necessary to adjust fairly the salaries of certain employees doing equivalent work without equivalent pay.


(Noting only changes prior to June 30, 1905)

Among the resignations of the past year has been that Resignations of Mr. J. Christian Bay, of our Catalogue Division, a welltrained specialist in certain branches of science, particularly natural history and biology. He left us to become chief classifier of the John Crerar Library of Chicago. In exchange, however, Mr. Clarence W. Perley has returned to us from that very position. His specialty is rather the applied sciences. In these also the division has been strengthened by the appointment of Mr. H. H. B. Meyer, late of the New York Public Library. Mr. Alexis V. Babine, our specialist in Russian literature, resigned last spring to become a member of the office of the Associated press at St. Petersburg. Miss Laura Hammond, of the Catalogue Division, accepted the post of librarian of the Georgia School of technology.

Another government library has been supplied from our service, that of the Naval War College at Newport, to the librarianship of which Mr. Frederick C. Hicks, late of our Map Division, was appointed after competitive examination.

The Copyright Office has lost the exceedingly efficient services of Mr. Leonard B. Cool, its chief clerk, who resigned last March to accept a business position of promise, requiring initiative and executive ability.

The conduct of the Division of Documents, from which Mr. Falkner resigned a year ago, has been assigned for the present to Mr. James D. Thompson, who has been with us for several years, rendering important service in the cataloguing and classification of scientific literature, and of late designated as in charge of the "Science Section"

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