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ISSN: 0091-2972

6 January 1976

The President
The White House
Washington, D.C. 20050

Dear Mr. President:

I have the honor of transmitting to you the fourth Annual Report of the National Commission on Libraries and Information Science. The report is submitted in accordance with Section 5(a)7 of the National Cornmission on Libraries and Information Science Act (P.L. 91-345 as amended by P.L. 93–29, Section 802). The Commission's activities this year were marked by a significant milestone with the publication of the official program document, "Toward a National Program for Library and Information Services: Goals for Action.” During the more than two years that this document has been in preparation, NCLIS has widely disseminated various drafts and solicited comments and criticisms from anyone and everyone interested. The program, as finally published, reflects inputs from institutions, associations, and individuals from every segment of the library and information community, as well as from executives, administrators, legislators, and members of the general public of all ages, from many walks of life, representing almost every conceivable group, and from all over the country. It lays the foundation and provides a framework for a balanced, evolutionary approach to achieving adequate library and information services for all, as required by law. While the main thrust of the year's activities was completion of the program document, the Commission was also active on other fronts. Among our activities and milestones of this year were: - Publication and distribution of “Library and Information Service Needs of the Nation,” a comprehensive NCLIS report based on analyses by a number of specialists representing individual

user clienteles. —The commissioning of 27 specialists in various fields to prepare a

series of Related Papers to amplify points in the program or address the positions and roles of various constituencies. - The completion of the first round of regional hearings with hearings in Denver for the Rocky Mountain Plains States and in Philadelphia for the Middle Atlantic States.

-NCLIS sponsorship of two conferences directed toward developing

plans for implementing a Continuing Library Education Network and Exchange (CLENE) project, based on the final report of

an NCLIS study. --Cosponsorship with the Copyright Office of a continuing ad hoc

Conference on Resolution of the Copyright Problem, which includes representatives of both the library community and the

author/publisher community. -Cosponsorship with the Office of Science Information Service

of the National Science Foundation (OSIS/NSF) and the Council on Library Resources (CLR) of a permanent Advisory Group on Bibliographic Control, which is charged with developing standards for document description necessary for national networking - The commissioning of several studies to develop needed information in such varied areas as: the role of the Library of Congress; the interactions between traditional library services and new information services; the special library and information problems of Native Americans; and the status of current library resources (an update of the 1965 National Inventory of Library Needs). - Maintained extensive and intensive two-way communication with: professional and trade associations; Federal Library and other agencies; state and local library agencies; and other individuals, institutions, and organizations with an interest in

the national program. -The enactment of Public Law 93-568 authorizing a White House

Conference on Library and Information Services, to be held not

later than 1978. All of these activities are discussed in our Annual Report, along with plans and recommendations for activities to be undertaken

next year.

Thank you for your continued support.
Frederick Burkhardt

Alphonse F. Trezza
Executive Director



The Nationwide Network Concept-Continued




Responsibilities of State Governments.
Responsibilities of the Private Sector...
Responsibilities of the Library of Congress.
Proposed Legislation..-




[blocks in formation]

The Role of the Library of Congress in the National



[blocks in formation]

Continuing Library Education Network and Exchange




National Bibliographic Control.--
Resources and Bibliographic Support.-





Conference on Resolution of Copyright Issues.-
White House Conference on Library and Information





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