Legislative Branch Appropriations for 2007: Fiscal year 2007 legislative branch appropriations requests

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1995
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190. lappuse - Act; and (3) as a guide to the several committees of the Congress dealing with legislation relating to the Economic Report, not later than March 1, of each year (beginning with the year 1947) to file a report with the Senate and the House of Representatives containing its findings and recommendations with, respect to each of the main recommendations made by the President in the Economic Report, and from time to time to make such other reports and recommendations to the Senate and House of Representatives...
815. lappuse - Congress created the Bureau of the Budget (now the Office of Management and Budget) to review the morass of agency budgetary information and to approve agency budget requests.
354. lappuse - Extensive hearings followed before the House Committee on Ways and Means, and the Senate Committee on Finance.
348. lappuse - Members of the Senate Committee on Finance and the House Committee on Ways and Means...
96. lappuse - If I can be of further assistance to you in this matter, please do not hesitate to call on me. Sincerely yours, CB JONES, Rear Admiral, US Navy, Chief of Legislative Affairs. Costs of nuclear propulsion in the "Enterprise...
264. lappuse - I will be pleased to respond in detail to questions regarding any of the specific items that you wish to pursue. The justifications have been prepared, Mr. Chairman, to include all items pertaining to the 'Architect of the Capitol," including House items, Senate items, joint items, and the Botanic Garden.
173. lappuse - Mr. Ward M. Hussey, the legislative counsel of the House, is here today to discuss his office with the subcommittee. Mr.
120. lappuse - ... without regard to political affiliation and solely on the basis of fitness to perform the duties of the office...
181. lappuse - Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I have a prepared statement which I will not read to the members of the committee.
353. lappuse - House resources for information, including the Congressional Research Service, the General Accounting Office, and the Office of Technology Assessment...